Best Star Wars Original Trilogy Soundtrack Songs

The Top Ten

1 Binary Sunset (Ep.4)

For me this is the greatest part of the whole trilogy it's a simple scene but with the music it makes the scene a million times better - DonCorleone

2 Final Duel (Ep.6)
3 The Clash of Lightsabers (Ep.5)
4 Imperial March (Ep.4)

AKA the Darth Vader theme. - Cyri

No question. Dark. Melodic. Iconic.

5 Main Titles (Ep.4)
6 Yoda and the Force (Ep.5)
7 Cantina Theme (Ep.4)
8 Across the Stars (Ep.5)
9 The Asteroid Field (Ep.5)
10 The Force Theme (Ep.4)

The Contenders

11 Victory Celebration (Ep, 6)
12 The Battle of Yavin (Ep.4)
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