Top Ten Best Superpowers


The Top Ten

1 Time Control

I've been thinking about this power for a LONG TIME!
It is just OP to other powers.

World w/ super heroes and super villains:
You can fight like Neo from Matrix. (No time to explain)
World w/ other super powers:
No one can outmatch you and you can do almost anything they can do.
World w/ normal people:
I'm gonna go through almost all of the good things. You can Freeze time and do whatever you want, you pervert. (This should keep you occupied for a couple of months. ) You can, and you will always be right, win arguments, know answer to every question, always hit the ball, always dodge attacks of any sorts, and look like a smart and badass at the Same time! (Now that's cool. You do all this with slow-mo and rewind abilities. )
You can go to your past and be a better person. You can work out, study, do homework, sleep and stay in your room for decades, and never lose time!

Now for the more arguable abilities: you can survive a deadly fall by slowing ...more

It is one of the most powerful powers, but that doesn't make it cool! Everyone would be scared of you! And you'd get bored eventually with that much power. This power is too powerful to be cool and too weak to be useful. If you're one of those POWER IS EVERYTHING people you should have just put omnipotence. Please look at gravity control. This makes you awesome because you're not stuck as a God!

This power is so OP it is ridiculous

Imagine fighting someone who is omnipotent, you would still win because you would just pause time not allowing them to do anything then just destroy them

It can be useful in everyday life, no-one will ever be able to touch you because if they did you can just rewind time and know exactly what to do

You can:

. Make yourself immortal

. Don't everything perfectly by reversing time and trying again

.make it impossible for any number of people to beat you

.revive yourself if someone somehow does kill you

.do what ever you want however you want

Some would say that if the enemy is indestructible no matter what then you loose but I disagree because you could just freeze time for his/her body so they can never move again (assuming you can't just speed up time for them and make them rapidly age)

Even in everyday life you can know all questions and answers to a test or know if a girl will ...more

Time Control scares me. There are too many variables to destroying the existence of everything.

However; to me, this power has to be seriously limited for me to possess. For example, I want to consciously exist, in real-time, up to 60 minutes in the future which means I can see whats going to happen in every second up to 1 hour before it happens. I would also need the ability to turn this off and on at will since people are consistently plagued with decisions. I would be making hundreds of decisions based on what I see and then seeing all these scenarios for this 1 hour future change based on those decisions.

To stop time means to exceed the constant of time... which is theoretically impossible, even for a superpower. I like to think of time as a million mile wide, infinitely long cord made of an indestructible material that no creature in the universe can stop from moving in one direction.

I would never travel back in time for fear of erasing my existence or the ...more

One of the best Super powers.

There are many uses.

First, You can stop time which is more than you think. You can obviously dodge a bullet and do that 30 letter essay in one second, but you can also make yourself immortal. Assuming you have total control over it, you can make it so you're body never runs out of energy by freezing it in place. Freeze you're memories in place so you remember it. Make people immortal. Revive people. Get to be able to see the big bang if you desire (Not my fault if you accidentally die while watching it, although theoretically if you have COMPLETE CONTROL you could REVIVE yourself) You also could just freeze time around your body so it the blast doesn't come in contact with you.. You can save everyone. You can be anywhere at anytime as long as you know how to get there. You've got over 5000 life times to do anything. Bored? Simply travel 100 years in the future for the latest games. Play pranks on each other. Get your body in perfect shape ...more

2 Invisibility

Invisibility is the worst super power, here's why.

In order for you to see, light needs to hit your eyes then bounce off. So when you are invisible, you basically you become blind so you can't do anything fun with this power.

That would be cool to turn invisible and prank people in a good way, I would never do bad things when invisible I wouldn't rob bank or do anything else bad if I could turn invisible - trains45

you can look at some one and they wont know

That would be cool if you're a detective and finding more info about them without even knowing - BloodFang

U could pull so much pranks on people this power is awesome

3 Telekenesis

What the crap is wrong with you time control people, You can do basically everything, I'll tell you why all the others stink, or that telekinesis can do it better. Time control, if you go back in time you will probably kill yourself or just make yourself just not exist, what if you go forward in time to get something, and you land in the middle of a gun fight, the possibilities are endless-for killing yourself. Teleportation-great you can get any where, on earth, what if you mess up and teleport yourself into a wall, your atoms mix and you die or you have a wall in you forever, plus, with telekinesis we can stop you, stop your heart, stop the signals from firing in your brain so that you cannot use your powers. Sadly I cannot argue with omnipotence or reality warping as it is sometimes known but maybe, as someone pointed out for telekinesis, you might not be able to control it and could, conceivably, cause you to kill yourself. Plus, if you are faster at all and you are more creative ...more

Assuming the use of this ability doesn't negatively impact your physical and mental state through the stress of exerting your powers, telekenesis is a power with infinite possibilities. The ability to control any element, influence any force or movement, and manipulate any physical action is far better than any other power. Imagine being able to cure cancer by destroying cancerous cells in a person's body, or influencing a sports match from miles away while watching it on television. Better yet, why not use the ability to change your own physique? Telekenesis implies the ability to control kinetic energy, which would allow you to work out muscles and direct nutrients to replenish them without ever having to go to a gym. You could even theorectically control and/or defy gravity, using this ability to fly or give yourself super strength. The potential here is limitless.

Taking into account that its the movement of anything with your mind then flying is the first other power you could do because all you would need to do is move yourself. The second is invisibility, due to current theories that say that light is part particle so you could control the direction of light and bend it around you resulting in people only seeing light that has come from behind U. Super strength is possible but that depends on how strong the TK ability is. You could "stop" time due to just "freezing" everything around you. The ability to control the atoms within your own body would mean, with the right training, that you could refresh your cells inevitably, resulting in as long a life as desired. Mind control wouldn't be necessary due to just controlling the persons body voice box and all. It simply isn't just one power it is practically is all ability's mixed together and simplified into one name. I mean whats cooler?

1. You could rip the fabric of reality apart and destroy everything that ever existed if done wrong.
2. It has a VERY high chance of failing. Example: You try and pick up a building with your mind, but then it falls on you and kills you.
3. Telekinesis is too unbalanced. Flying is probably the best solution. Now, many of these superpowers could break the fabric of reality. Like, super speed? Nope. If you ran that fast, your body would be on fire. Super Strength? No. Every time you tried to open a door, you would break it. Teleportation? HELL NO. That would break the fabric of reality. Time control? It would break the fabric of reality again.

4 Super Speed

I want to have the feeling of going fast and getting to places in an instant. - Gabriola

This be cool if you could run as fast as the flash and could win in a running race in a few seconds or so - trains45


Super speed is arguably one of the most OP superpowers ever. You could run around the world in less than a second, cause sonic booms with ease, punch your opponent with a fist containing more mass than our entire solar system. Everything in your body is faster: your brain, your immune system, etc. You can vibrate your molecules to phase through a bullet just as it touches you. You would also perceive everything around you as if time were frozen. Super speed is nearly impossible to beat unless you have omnipotence.

5 Omnipotence

You are a bloody God. How more powerful can you get with omnipotent powers? Time control and telekinesis are seriously in first and second place? Please, with the powers of a God, you could obliterate a time user and a telekinetic with a single thought. You defy the laws of reality and physics along with having a complete arsenal of every known power at your disposal. You can defy destiny and predict the future, wipe out universes or create universes at will, you are immortal and invincible, and people would be absolutely helpless against you. Someone shoots at you with a machine gun and you can vaporize the bullets or even render the gun useless before their finger moves towards the trigger. You can make people whom you love immortal, prevent the sun from going into its fatal stages, create life, have divine authority over everyone or everything, and basically do anything you want and no one can or will stop you. You can literally create your own dimension if Earth gets tiring and ...more - LandisMorgenstern

What would you have said if GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD THE MOTHER and GOD THE FATHER were all real and each seperate their own entity or being so to speak and their powers and own OMNISCIENCE more or less but if they shared GOD if like GOD was a title rather than a name and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT is the oldest with GOD THE FATHER being the youngest of the three. GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT was self-born as a thoughts in the least when there was nothing just silent emptiness like a primordial void and then through the thought or couple of thoughts she created herself gave herself a form manifested through it and gave herself INFINITE and UNLIMITED amount of power for example. GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT gave birth to GOD THE MOTHER when she was a virgin and eventually GOD THE MOTHER gave to perhaps her only true son GOD THE FATHER who is not JESUS CHRIST. What would you had said GOD THE FATHER had like 5 or 6 DIVINE OLDER SISTERS whom GOD THE MOTHER also gave birth to when she was a virgin and if one of ...more

It beats everything, but I would become very bored as soon as I become omnipotent. Because what is one second to normal people could be infinite time and experiences for me, I would know everything, have done everything, could have been every atom in existence etc, in essence I would not be human anymore. And honestly I don't know what to think of it, of course I would have the option to not use this power to its full potential, but as I said earlier I could live for billions of years doing everything I could to remain human, but eventually I would have to become something more, and all of this could happen in a split second, the very moment I get this power. Unless there were other beings with this power, then it would be more interesting I suppose, but is it even possible? Our wills would crash and technically we wouldn't be omnipotent anymore, it would be something like nigh omnipotence which is more interesting.

Should be WAY higher up on this list. You can literally do whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want!

6 Control Gravity

Absolute control over gravity is easily the greatest power. Time control has too large of a margin for error that could lead to unforeseen consequence at a catastrophic level. Telekinesis is probably the closest on this list in terms of raw potential and usability to gravitational control, but it does have some drawbacks. At its core, gravity manipulation would give the user all abilities associated with telekinesis. Simply by changing an object, organism, or particle's center of gravitational pull (i.E. the direction it reacts to as "down") and the amount of gravitational pull on the target, the user can cause the target to move through space at incredible speeds, slow it down, make it weightless, implode, or any number of other possibilities, similar to telekinesis. However, unlike telekinesis, gravitational manipulation would not require constant concentration. Once a direction and level of force was applied, the user can step back and let physics do the rest. This frees ...more

That be cool if you could and could float like if you were in space - trains45

This power lets you make bullets or lasers hit the ground before they hit you. It also means you could do ninja parkour, fly, have telekinesis, be super strong (by reducing weight of target), and above all: let other people run up walls and on ceilings! You would be crazy popular. As for God powers, who wants to be that powerful? You'd get bored very quickly!

You wouldn't be strong, they would be weak, but yeah, same consequence - fwed

With this you can create black holes for mass destruction. Wormholes to teleport you anywhere you please. You can control the direction of gravity, having anyone you hate just "Float away into space..."
Simply not many think of the power, meaning it has more strength than most may know.

You are thinking along the same lines as Thanos, mass destruction huh? - fwed

7 Teleportation

This would be awesome super power then I could go anywhere in 1 second - trains45


Teleportation is one of the greatest powers ever, and here is why: The ability to teleport anywhere in the wi else it in the universe, so long as you displace solids, liquids, and gasses, you would be unstoppable. Say you are in a universe where other people have super powers, if you fight against any one with a ability listed above, time control for instance, so what if they can freeze time? Teleport once behind them and teleport with your hand sticking out into their head, displacing the matter, or in other words blowing their head apart. This Will work against any other power as well.

Best game of bullfighting (bull being the enemy)

8 Healing Ability

#Tangled. This is Rapunzel hair/ the flower's power.

The Healing Incantation

Flower, gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt
Change the Fates' design
Save what has been lost
Bring back what once was mine
What once was mine

No more paper cuts

This would be great to heal anyone or heal blind people to see and heal deaf people to hear and heal people when sick - trains45

I think it would be nice if I could heal myself automatically and heal others. But it would be better if it was very quick!

9 Control All Matter

Honestly, if you had complete knowledge of matter and control of this, you would be inconceivably powerful. You can alter your own cells, making you immune to anything. You can also stop your own aging, by making your cells healthier. You could cure cancer, by just getting rid of bad cells. More cell possibilities, but moving on.
If you could also change the properties of matter, you could change how they function. For example, one complicated thing would be mind control or changing memories. It would be insanely complex, but if you understood neurons you could alter the way they are functioning, thus manipulate someones mind or memories. If you could make your body into something made of light, while keeping it functional (however that'd work) maybe you could move at the speed of light? I don't know about that one, but you could probably alter the speed of your cells either way.

Teleport by moving your body one cell at a time (which would be difficult to do properly or ...more


How isn't this #1? Think of all the godlike powers you'll have!

You could create, destroy, or do anything inbetween to LITERALLY ANYTHING.

10 Ability to Fly

I could jump and then fly


That be cool if we could fly anywhere - trains45

GET THIS TO #1. Now while it may be slower then teleporting, you can see everything! Like, in a war, YOU WOULD BE THE PERFECT SCOUT. And, you could just shoot the enemy soldiers from the sky without them even knowing! FLYING FOR DA WIN. Plus, if you teleported quick enough, you could break the fabric of reality and rip all the universes in half. But if you could fly, the only problem would be skyscrapers, (which, to be honest, are pretty rare) So flying is better then teleporting!

Then get shot down yourself in a war. Also, skyscrapers are everywhere in developed cities, so they are not "pretty rare". Aside from those facts though, I reckon flying would be quite fun - fwed

The Newcomers

? Aura Manipulation

John from Un ordinary? Anybody? Just me? Ok..

John from unOridnary

The Contenders

11 Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting is everything.

You can make yourself invulnerable or simply give yourself super-healing, and you could be functionally immortal because, aside from healing and/or invulnerability, you could control your own aging process. You can shapeshift into something with the ability to have any other power, like flying or super-strength, and you don't even have to become a bird or anything. Just imagine "me but with the power of flight" and you can alter yourself to a form to be able to fly, even if it's externally indistinguishable in other ways. You could become a master of disguise. You could transform into any animal or give yourself any elemental powers, or the fun powers like stretching and changing size. And of course the social and vanity applications go without saying.

So really a shapeshifter can transform themselves to be able to do anything, including everything else on the list.

This should totally be number 1. I mean, think about it! Instead of choosing just one animal to turn into, you could be anything. Oh, and--you get more than one power in shapeshifting! You get the power to fly, if you're a bird--the power to breathe underwater, if you're a fish or dolphin/whale--the power of super speed, if you're a cheetah or gazelle--and so much more! Also, you could transform into an object. Anything, really! Shapeshifting wins!

I'd turn into a rock.

I could shape shift into a cat

12 Super Intelligence

Super Intelligence seems too crude a name, but I can only assume that the brain's capacity used is near or at 100%. In all honesty, we use 100% of our brain, but only 12% to 15% of all areas at once, aka brain capacity. Sadly, it is believed that dolphins use around 18% to 19% of their brain's capacity.

The realm of what a human can accomplish using more than 20% of their brain capacity is highly speculative and ultimately a mystery. But for the superpower wannabes like myself, let us assume that using 100% of our brains capacity would breach the realm of omnipotence, which by its own right would be awesome, but I believe in God so I'll leave that responsibility to him. So let's dial it back to say 75%. That means that everything that the brain controls is incredibly more powerful and since we have control over our brains, we can manipulate everything our brains can. Imagine our eyes seeing, our touch interacting, hearing everything on every wavelength with the energy of ...more

If I had this math would no longer be a problem

Underrated superpower. I do realize that it may not sound as awesome as some of the other things on this list, but think about it: you could artificially have every other superpower on this list.
Let's take the ability to fly, for example. Wing-suits and jetpacks are currently being developed and revised, and if we have super intelligence on our side, then we can fine-tune these inventions to the point where we can casually fly around like it's part of our everyday lives.
Mind control. We are making devices and VR simulations that respond to our brain activity. With super intelligence to enhance that (and time, of course), the applications that these technologies have can be expanded massively. Plus, there's hypnosis.
The ability to heal. We can print skin cells with the help of a 3D printer, map the brain, build prosthetic robot limbs, and we are even developing a soft robotic heart. Heck, there's even Rex, a fully bionic man who can walk, talk, and breathe. Super ...more

With super intelligence, you could figure out how to create superpowers. - holographic

13 Super Strength

Even super strength won't beat my laziness.



That is weird and disgusting. Crapping with the force of a volcano would break the toilet and the poo would go- you know what? I'm not gonna finish that sentence - fwed

You can do better then that. You can move mountains, rocks, boulders, make earthquakes or ravines, and if your crazy, move entire planets and moons ( only the solid part). - AbduZine

14 Control Major Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air and lightning)

I have always loved the elements, and you put it in a way that made me love it even more. By the way, if someone had Omni-Elemental Manipulation, he/she would also have Meta Space-Time Manipulation, which is a lot more and better than just plain old time travel. Another point is that if you have time-travel, it's useless if you're dead. With Space-Time Manipulation, you can erase a telekinetic from existence. Elemental Manipulation also grants you Elemental Speed, which is pretty much the same as Super-Speed. Light Manipulation includes Invisibility. Matter Manipulation is just a sub-power of Telekinesis, is associated with Elemental Manipulation, and it won't give you full control of all matter. Gravity is also included. By the way, just because you have Shapeshifting doesn't mean that you can transform into anything--unless you have the Omnifarious ability. There is also Elemental Healing. And with Omnipotence, you can only apply only in your respective fiction. Omnipotence is the ...more

By the way the list says MAJOR ELEMENTS, you listed a bunch of sub - branches, true with all those you would be very powerful but you don't so you know... - fwed

I think I need to explain precisely how completely amazing this power would be. Hell, alone, a couple of these could be in the top 5, but together? It's almost impossible to beat it out.

Now, I'd consider there to be more than just fire, water, earth, air, and lightning in the "major elements" category, but for the sake of time, I'll only cover those five in this comment, in order of weakest to strongest (in my opinion).

Firstly, there's Water. Now, don't get me wrong, Water is an insanely good ability on its own, easily enough to kill someone in a heartbeat, but it's the weakest of the five. Still, it's not weak by any means. Straight-up tearing the water out of somebody, controlling their blood, turning the rain into a giant machine gun, or just straight-up using the entire OCEAN as a weapon. Plus, there's ice and steam, both incredibly useful in their own right. Sure, it won't be murdering time manipulators or anything, but it can eliminate entire nations in ...more

Again, ice and steam are sub - branches made from water and air, so unless there is someone else with your ability, you can't use those. Turning rain into a machine gun is a bit much no? How much power do you have? You would need to be able to sharpen the water, and you can't do that really. - fwed

You could've compound anything using these 4 elements and create something new. For example you could've combine water and air then, you would get ice. Or combining water and fire to make water vapor and use it as a fog to hide whenever you are in a fight. Also creating water vapor and using fire and air controlling ability to warm air to make clouds. Then Condense the clouds by warming more air and adding more clouds and wait till it becomes heavier then adding some water so you can get a rain, by getting a rain you can form a lightning and control it. Or just control any of these 5 elements as your major weapon without combining any of them. One more thing you can turn your whole body into any elements you like such as, smoke(vapor), magma, lightning, fire, water, air, Earth, Sand etc. There are way, way many more things to add I just listed some of them.

You can't combine them without serious power or two people so there - fwed

Yes I would dream to control the ability of water

15 Invincibility

You can also be a great spy

You can never be hurt! And you can escape in any situation. If you are in a house on fire, you can just walk right through the fire or the wall! If you are caught and chained up, the solid object can go right through you, and you can just walk right through the villain! Best thing EVER!

Call this "the best superpower" when you're still alive, floating in empty space after you've seen everyone and everything you've once known be destroyed.

Technically, you can only not die, you can still be damaged beyond repair e.g a machine gun ripping the living daylights out of you - fwed

16 Ability to Absorb Other Powers

This should be #1 because you could take the best powers and then you could have all the powers.

Have you seen all for one? That guy stupidly strong

This would be the best one if you have ever watch Charlotte then you know you could take the power away from the others and have all the powers for yourself and to not be lose your mind just take the person with super intelligence so you could understand it all and then just beat anyone because you took there power so you would be the only one with power and then you would become a god

Hey I have a question, if someone that can absorb other powers met a time control person, what would happen? I mean can the time control person stop the time before that person absorb his power? Or can the time control person goes back in time before he met the power absorb person? Or can the power absorb person already start using time control power?

17 Flight

Why is this on the list twice? - TopTenTed

How fast would you fly? That is the real question if you ask me. What if you could fly as fast as you could walk or run on the ground? I think that would kinda crappy but it wouldn't be without it's uses.

I’d love to fly as fast as Supergirl - StarGirl23

I would love to fly but I'm afraid of heights and you could run into a plane or a bird.

18 Bulletproof

You would be such a good value in war, at least until someone shells you - fwed

"I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away. You shoot me down, but I don't fall. I am titanium! You shoot me down, and I don't fall. I am titanium-m-m-m. Oh I am titanium! " #Titanium

What if you get crushed, stabbed, strangled, electrocuted, drowned, burned, decapitated, hung, stoned, blown up, or killed in any other way other than by bullet... - Bubbyboop

This is so lame. Why isn't intangibility on his list but bulletproof is. Most retarded power ever.

19 Mind Control

Absolute, complete power. Somebody attacks you? They've put the gun in their mouth and blown their face off completely willingly. Want someone to fall in love with you? They already have. Who needs invisibility when you can make people forget you instantly after seeing you. Want to be President? Control the entire country to support you. Or better, subconsciously manipulate minds across the planet to control stock prices and the entire free market. Make billions in seconds. Raise an army with a single thought - your power can make people believe in your cause to the extent that they'll die for you. Best part? Nobody knows it's happening unless you want them to. Mind control isn't possessing a single body at a time. It's subtly or completely controlling anyone's thoughts in anyone's heads at any distance. No power could beat it, because why would anyone want to harm you when they love you so much, or better, don't even know you exist?

I really need to have mind control right now.
My crush likes somebody else and that girl likes him back.
I NEED TO MAKE MY CRUSH FALL FOR ME! - HistorianaPhilippiniana

Why is it 21 it's so awesome

Make everyone else do exactly what you want. You could make muggers and theives put down their guns and walk themselves to jail and once you've got a hold of every important person in the world then you can rule it.

20 Thoughts Become Reality

That pretty much me, I think of something and then there's a movie about it or a videogame. It's kind of strange.

This is already a real superpower! Its call Law of Attraction.

Whims or thoughts? If you thought about something bad and it became real, wouldn't that suck? - rdr2arthur

Yea. this is op

21 Telepathy

Life would be so much easier with telepathy.

Didn't study? Read the teacher's mind.
Late for work? Make your boss not care.
Want to get rich? Make Oprah buy you stuff. Or just make store personel give it to you.
Want to go on a vacation. Just make some random person give you a lift. Make the airline let you fly free. Repeat similar actions for stuff you do on your vacation.

Telepathy is the power to communicate with others without speaking, just thinking. In some cases, those with telepathy also read the mind of the one they are "speaking" to. But, those with telepathy do not have mind control, which is a whole different ability. Just because it is all happening in the mind does not mean it is all the same. If you didn't study for a test, you can read your teacher's mind, but chances are she is just thinking about a dumb Youtube video she saw. You can communicate with her, but all that will do will allow you to not raise your hand. In conclusion, telepathy is a good power but really can't compare to the others since it is just a substitute for good, old fashioned conversations.

You know what people mean. You're just trying to make everything more complicated than it has to be - Westeeny

Depends. Is it one person on demand, or everyone at all times? - Cyri

Telepathy, or mind control in my opinion is one of the best super powers. You can make people do what ever you want. The mind is a beautiful creation and to be able to control something of so much power already is amazing. You can make someone think that they're dying and the mind with believe it and if the mind believes it so does the body. You can read minds. You'll never be wrong and you can literally do what ever you want.

22 Immortality

Immortality is not what most of you think it is. It is not deathlessness, meaning that you will never die. By its definition, mortality is life. The "i'm" you can look at as the word infinity or constant meaning simply that you will always have life.

This can be taken two ways: First, you reach an age past pubescence when you're body reaches its maximum potential and you simply stop aging. By this account, you can still be harmed or killed without living forever. Second, you experience what is commonly known as rebirth. During each death, whether by force or through natural occurrences, you would be reborn with all the knowledge and experience from before your demise. Consider it a type of reincarnation, only it is still your existence.

Personally, I would choose the latter.

Deathlessness, or never dying, has always been one small part of omnipotence. Some people argue that if a person (as in human) is incapable of dying, they would also suffer the inescapable ...more

Many dislike it because you'd see everyone around you die out, but really, who gives? You're immortal, the one fear mankind has is now gone, death will not happen to you and you could make tons of cash, make yourself a god, or simple live life with pretty much no worries, because you can do, whatever you like without that fear.

It would be awesome. I have always wanted to see how humans will evolve and everything they come up with. In time you would be rich, you could end up achieving
Super strength, speed, stamina, and/or intelligence. But it would most likely only be a good power if you could make others immortal and be able to shut down/turn off your immortality and then turn it back on.

Awesome power, no kinks, and after all who are dear to you are gone, Live life, be free, write a book, rule the world, watch civilization advance then die out, and

23 Time Travel

You just change one little factor by accident and you may have just ruined the world. - fwed

If I could have one superpower, it would definitely be time travel! - PandasNGaga

This is everything I've always wanted, imagine a embarrassing scene just happened and you wanna fix it; BAM done.

This power is awesome!

24 Cloning

Just imagine you are walking with 156 other you's and people are like f - MrGuyDudeMan

Man, cloning would be awesome, just hold a hundred dollar bill, clone and then you'd have $200

Just imagine you see your mom through the window and you forgot your chores... Clone 10 of you and get those chores done in minutes and then delete them all before she can even take a step through the door!

The clones must obey you. That's the only thing to worry about. - Animefan12

If you have a mental link with them and they have to do what you want them do when you want them to then you could always know where they are and make them come back when you want - Westeeny

25 To Control the Friction of Molecules

You can burn your enemies by moving their atoms quickly. You can also turn a liquid to a solid or a solid to a liquid by breaking and putting together bonds on the molecular scale. And don't forget that like most super heros, you can fly by making your atoms lighter than the air. But that is just a few examples of controling the friction of molecules; you can do so much more and be almost impossible to be defeated! I'd want that power... Would you?

You can kick ass while looking like a smart ass by saying stuff like "You know, we just learned this in science yesterday, your burning up because I'm moving your atoms too fast! Well. It's getting late I gotta get going! See you when your atoms are dead! " And walk off knowing you roasted someone (LITERALLY AND METAPHORICALLY! ) That's a win win!


It sounds kinda creepy to me, it's scary but that's probably because I'm one of the major cowards of the world

26 Reality Warping

You can have every superpower on this list at once

Has Queen

You are basically a god

How is this not first. You can literally remove your opponent from existance this is basically a more powerful version of being omnipotent

27 Create Forcefields

Everyone is over thinking this. Just stop. Have people been watching too many cartoons and movies? What is the chance of being attacked right now? Quite literally which country do you live in Syria? The majority of the world is peaceful, with few war torn countries. Why need this power? - fwed

I gave this to a character in my fan fiction, made her turn evil, and now I'm looking up 'how to kill a god' just so the good guys can stop her. Seriously. Think about it.

Not only you can defend your self but also create a force field inside your foes and make the force field bigger until he/she explodes. You could also use it to move objects with it... I believe this is a very underrated power

Force fields are clearly the best power. If the forcefields are invincible, as they should be, you are also invincible, because you could constantly have one around you. You can crush people by making a forcefield around them, then shrink it. You can also create one inside someone, then expand it, killing your foe. You can move things by making a forcefield around it or under it, then moving the forcefield around, including yourself, giving you the power of flight. Also, these things are indestructible, imagine getting hit with one of those. You could also control peoples actions my making a forcefield around them, then moving it to make them move. This is definitely the most underrated power. And those were just the most obvious things you could do with this power. If you could control who/what can pass through it, you could have an area that nobody could get in/out of that you didn't want them to. If you could control the colour of the forcefield, you can make it look like its ...more

28 Ability to Create Fire

So Great I mean You Cook With Out A Pan You Can Just Throw It In The Sky Then Blast It

As with the creating universe power, I don't trust myself enough with this power - fwed

So Great

This is totally me. I love fire. I wish I could create fire cause if I could I would finally impress my brother by lighting the campfire with my bare hands.

29 Earth Control

I can imagine myself upturning the White House by accident and then facing the consequences. No thanks, I don't trust myself enough - fwed

Favorite one ever

It would be a cool power to have if you want 1 power then you could have 4

You could fly, stop bullets, crush people and stop things from following you.

30 Super Agility

With super agility you can get into a fight and never be touched. You also can jump super high. Like your always doing parkour

Would suck without having super durability (without that the speed will turn your insides to lemonade) but with super durability and super agility you win

It's certainly a very interesting power and one that would be fun to have.

Hello you could be like spider-man

31 Ability to Control, Generate, and Absorb Lightning

eel man?

Pokemon ability LIGHTNING ROD! - fwed

According to science, everything is made of an enormous amount of energy, or lightning if you will, so you basically have the power of telekinesis with this one.


32 Mind Reading

This is honestly my personal favorite, but I think of it how its used in wings of fire :3 to each their own - DarkSongTheWolf

You could read people's mind, but not how fiction usually describes it, by just seeing what a person is thinking at that exact moment. My vision of mind reading is that you can "search" for a specific phrase of something, and then it would give you results for that. Like if you like a girl and you think of your name, all the thoughts she's had about you pop up, like a search engine-but they never even know you're in their head. It could work with animals, too.

I know this power is amazing ability because you will be 6 step a head in the battlefield and your enemy will have no defense against it I don't understand why some people don't like this power it is very helpful in the future I love this amazing ability and their is nothing you say to change my mind!.

It would suck if people hate u because u would always be seeing what bad things they think of u

33 Ability to Shoot Webs

Imagine being able to shoot webs and make them stick to the air (somehow) and not just buildings, wow, epic, spider-man is the best hero ever!

But I'm not spiderman - potatogurl

Spiderman webbs!

I LOVE spider-man!

34 Invulnerability

I would love to have that superpower!

Can reject one or more forms of damage (Example: Superman)

Boi this op

35 Ability to Make Your Own Universe

The thing is, I don't trust myself to make a universe. - fwed

With this power you can control anything and everything.You can have no rules also You can do anything. You can also be a creator of planets and make people, you can even make your own dream date. Which is awesome.

Franklin Richard son of Reed Richards have this power and he one of the strongest marvel characters.

You could make a world where you have super powers or a world with no problems like criminals hunger and disease

That's so cool to do

36 Cyrokinesis


Best power ever, only if you could control already made ice

Do you really think your time control will still work while you're frozen in a block of ice?

No one could hurt you if you could turn your body to ice. You can could freeze anyone you disliked and you could travel at inhuman speeds while sliding on ice

37 Magnetism

I mean, I wouldn't want a huge car to come flyin at me

I feel bad for whoever has to be a magnet. Well, I guess it could be kind of cool. But you would stick to ANYTHING metal.

Say someone's about to shoot you, you create a magenetic field and turn the bullet around. Your still alive and your attacker is dead, there is no proof you killed them

It could mean being magnetic, but it could also mean that people are attracted to you. Everyone's your friend now!

38 Able to Mute Someone

VERY helpful. - rdr2arthur

I could mute someone

like they say hi what's your:then mute them

It's very helpful LOL

Hey Siri, play Despacito tw... - fwed

39 Laser Vision

Wouldn’t that burn your eyes

No Cyclops lost his power to control his laser beams when he banged his head falling out of a plane

I didn't know he ever had control over them, weren't they controlled by his glasses? - fwed

You can shoot lasers beams out of your eyes and melt through walls and other objects

If your lasers melt things then they aren't the same as Cyclops.

40 Emotion Control

I wouldn't give this to somebody who's to rather act out of what they feel than practically, including myself. We could do some serious damage with this one. - rdr2arthur

You could become either a super hero or a super villan. If you were to be in a fight, make them loose all confidence, give them crippling sadness. They're now so sad that they can not move. You've won. You could instill fear in those who look upon you as an inferior.

That is so sad

I heard that sad people give the truth more happen, and it was scientifically proven!

41 Breathe Under Water

Breathing underwater doesn't necessarily mean being safe from dangers UNDER the water. - rdr2arthur

But you would need GOGGLES! - fwed

Percy Jackson!

So I'm basically aqua man

42 Superhuman Senses

Easier to locate your targets.

Super smell would be disgusting. Super taste would be too. Super hearing would be annoying. Maybe super proprioception would be good for martial arts, but you can keep the rest of it.

Okay I could feel everything around me hear the tiniest whisper have incredible vision that awesome should be higher

If someone is whispering to their friend behind your back( as said in the previous comment) you can...hear EVERYTHING

43 Pyrokinesis

Create fire from the oxygen in the air around you... Or the oxygen in something/someone's body... Yes.

Awesome, but truthfully with elemental manipulation you could have this and more.

If you had pyrokinesis like Charlie McGee (Stephen King's Firestarter) your power could be limitless

She was only 8 or 9 when she destroyed a house like "a little girls cardboard playhouse in the flame of a blowtorch" and vaporize bullets that would have otherwise killed/injured her, and it has been indicated that she might be able to control the sun eventually. Pyrokinesis should be much higher on the list than 72nd - GamingGodPrime

44 Heat Vision

Snakes have it to sense prey. Not a power

45 Control Ice and Water

I am actualy a super hero and one of my super powers is this

So awesome...! I always wanted to explore the ocean secrets such as Bermuda triangle!.So at least when I meet a monster I could control ice n water to wipe them up :p lol

Ice creation and manipulation, known as cryokinesis, is actually one of my two dream powers due to a certain dragon in a certain user's writing. - Cyri

2 for 1 power is pretty awesome. Also, you could control about 40.5% of the earth is covered with ice and water. That's a lot of swagitude

46 Walk Through Walls

This would be awesome because if you were in a jail cell you could just walk right through and be out of prison.

This would be higher if it were called "density change", but you could pretty much do that with control over gravity

Be just like Kitty Pryde fun fun fun.

Totally awesome dude

47 Ability to Understand How All Things Work

Sylar from heroes

This means you could kill anybody with a power and gain their power.

You would understand how their power worked, not necessarily learn it. Also, killing someone? Dude that's dark as - fwed

48 Change the Rules of Physics

This superpower doesn't apply to a certain person or area, and since this superpower needs to be a little more convenient, we could say that it only works on the planet that you're currently on.
You can control gravity, friction, force, and lots of other categories within physics.
The uses of this power is unlimited, and can almost only be used for destruction.
It's pretty clear what the downside is, but don't mind it, if you use it with incredible care, you could manage to not destroy earth within the first few days.

49 Create Portals

Most underrated power. It would honestly solve every world problem. Name one problem portals couldn't solve.

While I see why people like "being god" I see portal being the most legit and powerful superpower.


#1 Enemy is charging at you, you have lots of options to choose from, you can either dodge or maybe trap him making him charge into the portal, or maybe use his inertia and just teleport him straight into the ground!

#2 You find a ranged opponent, you can either (Again) dodge or deflect! Pop a portal and make them taste their own bullets!

#3 (Now more on a technical sitenote) PERPETUM MOBILE!, 2 portals on top of eachother and "ta da", infinite energy.

#4 Assuming you can create portals anywhere you please you can easily move, destroy or create things. You can blow someone's brains out by punching their brain while it's still in their head, you can make a portal to a planet and colonise it with the only cost being your time, or if you're want to be a villain, you can threaten to simply ANY object from a given distance onto ...more

This power is very powerful and is way better than teleportation. You can open holes in the universe and go anywhere you want almost instantly. You could also possibly make the portals open as wide as you want and teleport as many people you want with you. If you are in a fight you could teleport the villian away to a valcano or the center of the earth or something. Think about it. You could travel to any destination you want, even to other dimensions and universes!

This power is very powerful and is better than teleportation. You could open holes in the universe and teleport to anywhere you want. You could possibly open the portals as wide as you want and take as many people you want with you. If you are in a fight, you can teleport the villian away to a valcano or to the center of the earth or something. Think about it. You could travel to any where you have ever wanted to go, even to other dimensions and universes!

50 Dimensional Warping

Think about it. It's super awesome! You could warp thugs & stuff to other dimensions! And, go anywhere ever at will! That would be cool.

So obito from naruto?

I would love to open the dimension to hellor heawean

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