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1 Time Control

I've been thinking about this power for a LONG TIME!
It is just OP to other powers.

World w/ super heroes and super villains:
You can fight like Neo from Matrix. (No time to explain)
World w/ other super powers:
No one can outmatch you and you can do almost anything they can do.
World w/ normal people:
I'm gonna go through almost all of the good things. You can Freeze time and do whatever you want, you pervert. (This should keep you occupied for a couple of months. ) You can, and you will always be right, win arguments, know answer to every question, always hit the ball, always dodge attacks of any sorts, and look like a smart and badass at the Same time! (Now that's cool. You do all this with slow-mo and rewind abilities. )
You can go to your past and be a better person. You can work out, study, do homework, sleep and stay in your room for decades, and never lose time!

Now for the more arguable abilities: you can survive a deadly fall by slowing ...more

It is one of the most powerful powers, but that doesn't make it cool! Everyone would be scared of you! And you'd get bored eventually with that much power. This power is too powerful to be cool and too weak to be useful. If you're one of those POWER IS EVERYTHING people you should have just put omnipotence. Please look at gravity control. This makes you awesome because you're not stuck as a God!

Time Control scares me. There are too many variables to destroying the existence of everything.

However; to me, this power has to be seriously limited for me to possess. For example, I want to consciously exist, in real-time, up to 60 minutes in the future which means I can see whats going to happen in every second up to 1 hour before it happens. I would also need the ability to turn this off and on at will since people are consistently plagued with decisions. I would be making hundreds of decisions based on what I see and then seeing all these scenarios for this 1 hour future change based on those decisions.

To stop time means to exceed the constant of time... which is theoretically impossible, even for a superpower. I like to think of time as a million mile wide, infinitely long cord made of an indestructible material that no creature in the universe can stop from moving in one direction.

I would never travel back in time for fear of erasing my existence or the ...more

This power sucks! By stopping time, you stop everything. Like someone else here said, Stopping time makes everything, even atoms and stuff, stop. They also said it wold be -460 degrees fahrenheit. But, something they forgot is molecules can't stop moving. They have some energy. So it would either be about -459 degrees fahrenheit (in which you would still freeze), or it doesn't work. And by stopping everything, your taking away energy, and when you unfreeze time, everything gets its energy bcd. How? If the energy is in the molecules, it won't stop. If your just taking energy away then putting it back, where does it go? If its in you, you would be super unstable. If not, then your destroying energy and then creating it. You break every rule we have in science by stopping time, Besides, It won't work. When you try to do it, all of physics goes against you. "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred." This also happens if you go back or forward in time, though if you do ...more

It is so cool to move time at will

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2 Omnipotence

You are a bloody God. How more powerful can you get with omnipotent powers? Time control and telekinesis are seriously in first and second place? Please, with the powers of a God, you could obliterate a time user and a telekinetic with a single thought. You defy the laws of reality and physics along with having a complete arsenal of every known power at your disposal. You can defy destiny and predict the future, wipe out universes or create universes at will, you are immortal and invincible, and people would be absolutely helpless against you. Someone shoots at you with a machine gun and you can vaporize the bullets or even render the gun useless before their finger moves towards the trigger. You can make people whom you love immortal, prevent the sun from going into its fatal stages, create life, have divine authority over everyone or everything, and basically do anything you want and no one can or will stop you. You can literally create your own dimension if Earth gets tiring and ...more - LandisMorgenstern

It beats everything, but I would become very bored as soon as I become omnipotent. Because what is one second to normal people could be infinite time and experiences for me, I would know everything, have done everything, could have been every atom in existence etc, in essence I would not be human anymore. And honestly I don't know what to think of it, of course I would have the option to not use this power to its full potential, but as I said earlier I could live for billions of years doing everything I could to remain human, but eventually I would have to become something more, and all of this could happen in a split second, the very moment I get this power. Unless there were other beings with this power, then it would be more interesting I suppose, but is it even possible? Our wills would crash and technically we wouldn't be omnipotent anymore, it would be something like nigh omnipotence which is more interesting.

Personally if I were to have omnipotence, I wouldn't know what to do with it. You could create new dimensions, bring people back from the dead, know the future. The options are limitless. For those who think time control is number 1, people with omnipotence would already know what you were going to do. They would only allow you to do it because they wanted to humiliate or confuse you. People with omnipotence wouldn't have a reality, time, or certain power because they control it all. They are basically like Lucy at 100% brain control, except they can create whatever they want without anything. Where as she could only manipulate matter you create more from nothing.

What does this mean

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3 Telekenesis

What the crap is wrong with you time control people, You can do basically everything, I'll tell you why all the others stink, or that telekinesis can do it better. Time control, if you go back in time you will probably kill yourself or just make yourself just not exist, what if you go forward in time to get something, and you land in the middle of a gun fight, the possibilities are endless-for killing yourself. Teleportation-great you can get any where, on earth, what if you mess up and teleport yourself into a wall, your atoms mix and you die or you have a wall in you forever, plus, with telekinesis we can stop you, stop your heart, stop the signals from firing in your brain so that you cannot use your powers. Sadly I cannot argue with omnipotence or reality warping as it is sometimes known but maybe, as someone pointed out for telekinesis, you might not be able to control it and could, conceivably, cause you to kill yourself. Plus, if you are faster at all and you are more creative ...more

Assuming the use of this ability doesn't negatively impact your physical and mental state through the stress of exerting your powers, telekenesis is a power with infinite possibilities. The ability to control any element, influence any force or movement, and manipulate any physical action is far better than any other power. Imagine being able to cure cancer by destroying cancerous cells in a person's body, or influencing a sports match from miles away while watching it on television. Better yet, why not use the ability to change your own physique? Telekenesis implies the ability to control kinetic energy, which would allow you to work out muscles and direct nutrients to replenish them without ever having to go to a gym. You could even theorectically control and/or defy gravity, using this ability to fly or give yourself super strength. The potential here is limitless.

Taking into account that its the movement of anything with your mind then flying is the first other power you could do because all you would need to do is move yourself. The second is invisibility, due to current theories that say that light is part particle so you could control the direction of light and bend it around you resulting in people only seeing light that has come from behind U. Super strength is possible but that depends on how strong the TK ability is. You could "stop" time due to just "freezing" everything around you. The ability to control the atoms within your own body would mean, with the right training, that you could refresh your cells inevitably, resulting in as long a life as desired. Mind control wouldn't be necessary due to just controlling the persons body voice box and all. It simply isn't just one power it is practically is all ability's mixed together and simplified into one name. I mean whats cooler?

Telekenises because it is the best

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4 Super Speed

Super speed is arguably one of the most OP superpowers ever. You could run around the world in less than a second, cause sonic booms with ease, punch your opponent with a fist containing more mass than our entire solar system. Everything in your body is faster: your brain, your immune system, etc. You can vibrate your molecules to phase through a bullet just as it touches you. You would also perceive everything around you as if time were frozen. Super speed is nearly impossible to beat unless you have omnipotence.

If you were going too fast the air in front of you would compress and heat up and you would catch fire. Another thing is inertia, once you start running you look behind you for a second and wonder what that gooey substance behind you is, oh that's your innards which were liquified and squished out your pores. And as son as you stop your brain would slam through the front of your skull.

You need a more durable body to withstand such fast speeds and prevent such an occurrence - AthenOwl

Think about this: Everything that you do in your life can be faster. You can read faster if you are hooked on a book. You can run, jump, throw, and react to anything with superhuman speed. You can catch a bullet coming at you with ease. If you are watching a movie, you can run back out and get another popcorn and soda, go to the bathroom and text your parents that you will be home in an hour, then come back and only miss one person blink. Anything that you do can be faster, making it more efficient. How much better can you get?

I watch the flash and I really wanna be him.

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5 Invisibility

you can look at some one and they wont know

This was ruined by science, only you would be invisible, not your clothes or whatever you've eaten recently. And you actually wouldn't be able to see because how we see is light enters our eyes and hits our retina, but when you're invisible light just passes on through you and doesn't hit your retina so you would be blind.

You would also see clusters and colonies of microorganisms that live inside of you and throw up if you did not understand their function. - AthenOwl

I'm right behind you, invisible, you just can't see me, understand how awesome invisibility is?

Then I Can Pull The Prank Of Being A Ghost, But, I'm Am A Ghost - Stevenpenguin

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6 Control All Matter

This power is kinda OP. You can manipulate objects or your body to make them harmless, thus allowing you to become invincible. And also, you can change the space around your opponents into lava, and burning them in the process. You can even make yourself invisible. You can alter the chemical makeup of anything. If you were being attacked by a force such as telekinesis, morph your body into water and it won't be harmed. If someone tried to poison you, you can change make up of your body to be immune. The possibilities are endless.

This is far better than invisibility, as control of all matter would give one the ability to make their own atoms colorless, thus appearing invisible.

How is this not the best? It'd be INCREDIBLY awesome to have the ability to control all matter. Imagine if you were really tight on cash and needed some food, you could just use your powers to make some. You could eradicate world hunger, solve over population (you could create a whole new planet for the surplus)

My god to OPyou can drown suffocate or make People die because without oxygen you dead and oxygen is a gas so your pretty much a GOD

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7 Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting is everything.

You can make yourself invulnerable or simply give yourself super-healing, and you could be functionally immortal because, aside from healing and/or invulnerability, you could control your own aging process. You can shapeshift into something with the ability to have any other power, like flying or super-strength, and you don't even have to become a bird or anything. Just imagine "me but with the power of flight" and you can alter yourself to a form to be able to fly, even if it's externally indistinguishable in other ways. You could become a master of disguise. You could transform into any animal or give yourself any elemental powers, or the fun powers like stretching and changing size. And of course the social and vanity applications go without saying.

So really a shapeshifter can transform themselves to be able to do anything, including everything else on the list.

Shapeshifting is much more affective than you would think. The Actual name of it is changing your physiology. And it doesn't always have to be natural. Get your heart ripped out, make another organ take over for it. Get stabbed? Grow another arm ten times stronger. You in theory you can have other powers: Like Super Strength, or altering your brain to make you smarter? Grow a laser blast in your eye for laser vision? Make yourself twenty times larger for growth? The possibilities are endless!

First organelle. Then you need three microchips in your scalp: one to read and transmit information from your thoughts of a new form to a certain omputer with software to render a safe genetic code, a chip for receiving the instructions from the computer and transmitting them to the cell modifications, which carry out the instructions, then one to constantly transmit a backup of your memories from the computer to you, due to changes in brain structure while you shapeshift. You need a teleportation device to send matter to and from your body for gaining and losing mass, and several megamolecules would reassemble your body structure. There is a lot more than destabilization of DNA, and what you have just read is just the beginning of an accurate description. - AthenOwl

When you have this you can do things for your love ones that you didn't get her you will just turn your self into her boyfriend that brake up with her and change again then talk to her, say that you love her so much.

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8 Healing Ability

This power could be very useful when injured you don't have to go the hospital or better yet you can heal your self and others. Many people will see you as an important person because of this powerful and amazing ability.

Why would anyone want to stop time anyways? The molecules around you stop moving completely so unless you have the power to break absolute inertia of all molecules around you, you'll just suffocate because the molecules in your lungs can't go in or out, but hey, it's senseless to apply science to superheroes, right? I'm just going with this because it makes you practically immortal, and could be very useful for, say, bodybuilding because you don't have to weight (that was a pun, not poor grammar) a day in between for your muscles to recover--you could just go nonstop.

This is the only power listed here that is worth a damn for practical purposes. Time control is stupid once you consider inertial frames and whatnot. Flying you can do already in a hang glider or a jet pack, you're just too broke or too chicken to try it. Invisibility is great for thieves and perverts but otherwise useless and pretty dangerous in traffic. Super speed is useless without super strength and super invulnerability to friction and super navigational intelligence and super lack of empathy for all the bystanders you would kill as you ran by. Matter/gravity/magnetism control and omnipotence are... power corrupts. Teleportation is silly. Buy an airline ticket cheapskate. By medieval standards its practically the same thing. Super intelligence would get lonely after a while. Super strength would be great for construction work but not much else.

Shapeshifting is tempting because it gets you super healing and wings and whatnot, but it sucks because you have to control it. ...more


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9 Control Major Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air and lightning)

You could've compound anything using these 4 elements and create something new. For example you could've combine water and air then, you would get ice. Or combining water and fire to make water vapor and use it as a fog to hide whenever you are in a fight. Also creating water vapor and using fire and air controlling ability to warm air to make clouds. Then Condense the clouds by warming more air and adding more clouds and wait till it becomes heavier then adding some water so you can get a rain, by getting a rain you can form a lightning and control it. Or just control any of these 5 elements as your major weapon without combining any of them. One more thing you can turn your whole body into any elements you like such as, smoke(vapor), magma, lightning, fire, water, air, Earth, Sand etc. There are way, way many more things to add I just listed some of them.

This is a brilliant suggestion but, in my opinion, I believe that this power needs more eloquence. if a super power is to be respected for what it is, then there is an absolute necessity for that power to limit itself so that it is not incomprehensible therefore being unable to be mastered. if you cannot master the power you hold, then someone else with control of just one of the elements, such as water, they could easily use their weapon to kill you while you fumble with your toys. for this power to truly be the best of the lot, you would have to be constricted to one element which you choose to define you. - nivek123

I don't see why this first yet. The elements are very powerful. A thing you can do to with the earth element is you can move mountains, asteroids, and entire planets. With the air, you can have complete control over the atmosphere. You could make a habitable planet out of a bad one. Do you get the point? I just went over some of the big stuff. Like it says, there are many more things you could do. This power is OP.

That the power that I wish to have

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10 Teleportation

Teleportation is one of the greatest powers ever, and here is why: The ability to teleport anywhere in the wi else it in the universe, so long as you displace solids, liquids, and gasses, you would be unstoppable. Say you are in a universe where other people have super powers, if you fight against any one with a ability listed above, time control for instance, so what if they can freeze time? Teleport once behind them and teleport with your hand sticking out into their head, displacing the matter, or in other words blowing their head apart. This Will work against any other power as well.

Teleportation can be used for: (Offense: kick/punch from behind or the side after charging at them from the front; grab the person, and teleport them underwater or somewhere dangerous and teleport away) (Defense: dodge opponent or run away) Generally useful: Late? Not any more! See that creepy person that you do not want to talk to? Bam! You're gone showing off: for that hot chick in school I mean, how is this not number 1?

Teleportaion is so sick cause you can hit your girls house get to work and visit your cousins in Ireland all in the same few minutes so it's sick nasty being able to just teleport!

I just want to enjoy myself by travelling around the world.. :) Who cares about superpower for fighting (super strength, super speed), smart, peeping someone like a pervert (invisibility) healing ability or immortal. I just simply want to explore this world, meet new persons everyday, and learn new thing from them, Best wishish.

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The Newcomers

? Fairy Godparent/Personal Genie

With a personal genie or fairy god parent,you have infinate wishes,everything could go your way and all you'd have to say is "I wish"(Insert wish here.)Only omnipotence,and mentify(see thoughts become reality)could beat this power

The Contenders

11 Control Gravity

Absolute control over gravity is easily the greatest power. Time control has too large of a margin for error that could lead to unforeseen consequence at a catastrophic level. Telekinesis is probably the closest on this list in terms of raw potential and usability to gravitational control, but it does have some drawbacks. At its core, gravity manipulation would give the user all abilities associated with telekinesis. Simply by changing an object, organism, or particle's center of gravitational pull (i.E. the direction it reacts to as "down") and the amount of gravitational pull on the target, the user can cause the target to move through space at incredible speeds, slow it down, make it weightless, implode, or any number of other possibilities, similar to telekinesis. However, unlike telekinesis, gravitational manipulation would not require constant concentration. Once a direction and level of force was applied, the user can step back and let physics do the rest. This frees ...more

This power lets you make bullets or lasers hit the ground before they hit you. It also means you could do ninja parkour, fly, have telekinesis, be super strong (by reducing weight of target), and above all: let other people run up walls and on ceilings! You would be crazy popular. As for God powers, who wants to be that powerful? You'd get bored very quickly!

With this you can create black holes for mass destruction. Wormholes to teleport you anywhere you please. You can control the direction of gravity, having anyone you hate just "Float away into space..."
Simply not many think of the power, meaning it has more strength than most may know.

My top 5 powers
3:gravity control
1:power bestowal
this list will not cover you,but youll be pretty damn pawerful

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12 Ability to Absorb Other Powers

Hey I have a question, if someone that can absorb other powers met a time control person, what would happen? I mean can the time control person stop the time before that person absorb his power? Or can the time control person goes back in time before he met the power absorb person? Or can the power absorb person already start using time control power?

You can't lose. Just get a bunch of Super Powered friends and you could have all their powers. "Oh, you control time, just absorb that. Thanks" "Oh you changed shape, I can too" It's just overly powerful. - DinoKea

Actually omnipotence would overpower it easily. With omnipotence you could already see what's going to happen and just erase the guy with power absorption from existence than BAM, you are the most powerful ever

Ya right,its impossible

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13 Super Strength

You can do better then that. You can move mountains, rocks, boulders, make earthquakes or ravines, and if your crazy, move entire planets and moons ( only the solid part). - AbduZine

Crapping volcano style, pretty cool

You can also lift cars, buildings, and do what ever you want with out someone stopping you.

This power is useless. what happens if a bullet hit you? Do you grab the bullet?

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14 Invincibility

You can never be hurt! And you can escape in any situation. If you are in a house on fire, you can just walk right through the fire or the wall! If you are caught and chained up, the solid object can go right through you, and you can just walk right through the villain! Best thing EVER!

Call this "the best superpower" when you're still alive, floating in empty space after you've seen everyone and everything you've once known be destroyed.

I wonder if you had the power then you could turn other objects invisible, or just you or objects your physically touching with your body? Because if that were included I'd just go shopping invisible and walk out the store and the bells would be ringing but no one would KNOW.

No pain when my dad beats me

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15 Super Intelligence

Super Intelligence seems too crude a name, but I can only assume that the brain's capacity used is near or at 100%. In all honesty, we use 100% of our brain, but only 12% to 15% of all areas at once, aka brain capacity. Sadly, it is believed that dolphins use around 18% to 19% of their brain's capacity.

The realm of what a human can accomplish using more than 20% of their brain capacity is highly speculative and ultimately a mystery. But for the superpower wannabes like myself, let us assume that using 100% of our brains capacity would breach the realm of omnipotence, which by its own right would be awesome, but I believe in God so I'll leave that responsibility to him. So let's dial it back to say 75%. That means that everything that the brain controls is incredibly more powerful and since we have control over our brains, we can manipulate everything our brains can. Imagine our eyes seeing, our touch interacting, hearing everything on every wavelength with the energy of ...more

This will be so sweet to have imagine you being the smartest being in the world. No body will call you a retard when you have this power on your side. You will be unstoppable and you will be amazingly powerful with this badass ability you know what they say intelligence is power and no body will boss you around and you are even better that albert the scientist you figure this out in a matter of minute and can amaze many people even creating impossible machine to go and have an amazing adventure.

I am never called a retard, as I am already the smartest in the grade. But I do love this power.

I agree with this statement intelligence is power why does t anybody choose this powers to be the main one? Intelligence will be your number one weapon just image the possibilities they are indeed endless.

Enhanced Intelligence/Hypercognition could potentially make you unbeatable. It gets my vote, and is probably the superpower I would want the most.

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16 Ability to Fly

I think flying would be really bad because what if you are somewhere cold and you want to fly away all the cold wind get in your face and also you could swallow a bug when you mouth is open. Super speed would be better because you can just go the in one second. But it depends on how fast you can go with both super speed and flying.

One of my main dreams is to fly so that's why I want to be a pilot, and I wouldn't mind super reflexes. It would be awesome because you wouldn't be late to anything and the travel would be easy and running away from fights would seem almost impossible to fail at

I'd love to fly. It would be so awesome. I would fly around the whole world, grab a gun and pretend I'm going to shoot people, (i wouldn't really shoot, but pretend, because people always shoot birds. - CALLOFDUTY,BITCH

I will sore to the sky

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17 Thoughts Become Reality

With this power, you can think about anything (or anyone) you want and it would become REAL! For example, you can even think about using a superpower and it would be real and you can really use it so is more amazing than anything, and even you think about it, all humans have made everything with their imagination, so why not use that to an extent...

I think this would be cool if your power was to grant wishes. If you granted people's wishes you could be either the most well-loved hero or a villain who could manipulate/guilt-trip their minions ("I'll heal your dying child if you join my forces" kind of deal.)

With this, you could literally do anything you want, invisibility, time control, quantum tunneling, even omnipotence or omniscience. This is clearly the be best and most OP superpower. But it is kind of exactly the same thing of omnipotence, so I can see why it's down here.

This is the best of them all want something to happen it happened
getting punched in the face: instant heal
forgot something in the grocery store: teleport
broke a plate: repair

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18 Telepathy

Life would be so much easier with telepathy.

Didn't study? Read the teacher's mind.
Late for work? Make your boss not care.
Want to get rich? Make Oprah buy you stuff. Or just make store personel give it to you.
Want to go on a vacation. Just make some random person give you a lift. Make the airline let you fly free. Repeat similar actions for stuff you do on your vacation.

Telepathy, or mind control in my opinion is one of the best super powers. You can make people do what ever you want. The mind is a beautiful creation and to be able to control something of so much power already is amazing. You can make someone think that they're dying and the mind with believe it and if the mind believes it so does the body. You can read minds. You'll never be wrong and you can literally do what ever you want.

It is the Ability to control the minds of others. Including the shapeshifter, telekinetic and time-traveller. It is the control of the medium (human mind) which is required for each other power

Don't know what it is but it sounds cool

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19 Flight

How fast would you fly? That is the real question if you ask me. What if you could fly as fast as you could walk or run on the ground? I think that would kinda crappy but it wouldn't be without it's uses.

I would love to fly but I'm afraid of heights and you could run into a plane or a bird.

If u can become aa master of the flying ability u can fly faster then the speed of light like most anime

If I could have one superpower, it would be to fly. I've always wanted to fly.

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20 To Control the Friction of Molecules

You can burn your enemies by moving their atoms quickly. You can also turn a liquid to a solid or a solid to a liquid by breaking and putting together bonds on the molecular scale. And don't forget that like most super heros, you can fly by making your atoms lighter than the air. But that is just a few examples of controling the friction of molecules; you can do so much more and be almost impossible to be defeated! I'd want that power... Would you?

It sounds kinda creepy to me, it's scary but that's probably because I'm one of the major cowards of the world

You can finally hurt that one person you hated from high school, cool!

Lol you could destroy all atoms and they will be gone

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