Control Gravity


Think about it planets are controlled by gravitational forces. You could literally send planets out of orbit, or make them collide with other planets. You could also add some meteors to the Earths gravitational field and basically summon meteors to rain down on Earth. Everything has a gravitational force meaning you could basically crush, lift, or pull anyone or anything.

I always thought control gravity was like telekinesis. But when you control gravity you can do so many things that science can't explain. You could go inside a black hole hole and come back out

If you were able to control gravity you wouldn't have to ever catch a plane. Just manipulate gravity and make the distance between you and your destination a smaller distance (wormhole). you could swing your punches with more force and do intense gravity training on your body to make your; muscles, bones and organs stronger and more durable.

With this power you can distort the space-time continuum, allowing you to attack people in the past( before they got their powers) while remaining in the present. You can kill someone with immortality this way.

Earth is surrounded by gravity, no matter where you go. Controlling matter might be good, but unless you can change how fast you get crushed, it isn't as good.

Unfortunately this ability could disrupt earths gravitational balance and make earth implode on itself, also its too complex, I mean does it change all gravity on earth? A small area? If it's a small area then its essentially a bad telekinesis... - Bubbyboop

Controlling gravity could pull or push something, make something heavy and crush it, or make something light and make it float/fly, which you could do to yourself as well.

You can just shove your enemies into the ceiling and back and forth, back and forth

Very good, not many people would think about that.

This was such a good idea. I never thought about it until I saw this page!

This is power is really cool I would love to have it but it will also be boring since you can do everything you want

By controlling gravitons, you can manipulate your molecular density, making you virtually indestructible.

You can just float upwards. While playing cricket, you can just fly high up to the ball and catch it. It's so cool! - Animefan12

Even if I had this power I wouldn't use it because I'm too stupid to figure it out,

I think you can even make your enemies implode.

You could alter gravity sideways and send your opponent flying

So basically Telekinesis, just way more limited? If you had Telekinesis you would be able to control physically anything, but all you'd be able to do with this is increase the gravity of certain points in space.

Just to strong like almost everyone already said time control is just too Dangerous, telekinesis is really really strong but againist gravity no one can win

You could also create black holes

This is extremely O.P, you could kill people easily and fly!

If someone is flying, you can bring them down

That is actually a pretty neat superpower

You could Fly, Lift a 400 ton airplane with your hand, summon black holes to suck in a skyscraper then a white hole to spit it out again! Crush things into oblivion or expand it into little pieces. You could wallrun and do a hextuple backflip with no effort! Also change the polarity of gravity on certain objects and watch them be crushed! definitely a VERY strong power.

Everyone says TK is better but GM can stimulate TK PLUS make black holes so bingo. So if you could technically stimulate TK which at its highest level can warp reality( assuming you could see the quantum strings of reality) plus mess with time, black holes, stars, planets or anything with mass

You can control everything, because everything works because of gravity.
you can squish people, and make anything happen. you can create a force field around you. It's also the ultimate torture device