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181 Infection

You can turn into any gas or chemical

Why is this called "Infection"

You can turn into a fart an suffocate people

182 Power Draining

Image if some one had a power you could drain it and you would have it!

Yes. For all those times that I see people with super powers.

You could drain someones powa

183 Size Control

You can change your own body size or the size of anything around you.

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184 Omnilingualism

To understand any form of language is so cool because you can ace every language class and communicate with people from around the world.

185 Precognition

Remove the element of surprise (Stephen King's Firestarter-type precognition, anyway) - GamingGodPrime

I want to make my future a surprise.

Maybe you can only know what is going to happen in 10 seconds.

Can Predict the future!

186 Earthquake Abilities V 1 Comment
187 Self Multiplication

I would create another version of myself and send it to school.

This is the same thing as cloning which is what number again...?

Ability to create multiple versions of yourself

188 Control of Electronics

This ability is made for hackers, it lets you create a console infront of you and connect to anything that is electronic. See the phone of someone you hate? You can hack it and do anything with it. And you don't need the console if you don't want to use it, control wires to bind your opponents and shock them, send USB Drives onto people to control the best and biggest of computers, their brain. Though you'd need your console to control him. Anyways, you could control everything that is on the internet. Passwords? Hmph, no match for this ability. And in this day and age, almost everything can be controlled if you're smart enough to find it on the internet.

Downside is, you can only control for exemple a computer that is in your eyesight, even if it's on television or anything of that sort. If you can't see it infront of you, your console will not be able to connect to it and you won't be able to hack it or do whatever you want to do with it.

189 Control Over the Moon

You could make a super moon happen or a blood moon or a lunar eclipse. Long story short, you could make the moon do whatever you want.

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190 Power Over Life Force

Think about it, you could have power over any form of life. You could draw power from it to heal yourself or others. And you could take your enemies powers and life away from them. On full blast against enemies you could reduce them to dust. Same with plants.

191 Beast Soul

I think this power is op because you can transform you arm a lion arm or transform you whole body in a dinosuar or mythical beast like a phoniex

192 Induce Hallucinations

With this power, you could literally make people see whatever twisted things you want. You could take over all of their senses, and really do some damage. On the other hand, you could make someone in pain not feel it, or someone you love feel like they were flying... The possibilities are endless.

If a villain wants to kill you, during a fight make him see that he's dying so he'll quit trying to rule the world

193 Psychokinesis

Well you control time, it only requires your mind unlike telekinesis which requires your inner strength. You manipulate gravity at an extent and have the abilities to do kamakamahas inside forcefeilds and do everything telekinesis can do. Peace, mike drop

194 Shadow Fielding Manipulation

The estranged ability to manipulate darkness and shadows, you can create shadow minions or duplicates of yourself. You can teleport through shadows as long as it isn't Interrupted by light at the given moment of pass through, you can in a sense walk through a shadow and out of a shadow of any other place like a doorway.Another added benefit of this ability is dark weapon fields, you can churn an area in pitch black darkness, make shadow realm weapons appear and shoot shadow bullets and guns and create anything the mind can offer.

195 Body and Voice Swapping

It would be great if you could swap bodies with someone. Even better if you changed voices. Then, you could change into your worst enemies body, and then get them in trouble, and swap back, and nobody would know. This needs to be in the top 10.

196 Ability to Change Age at Will

Don't you remember when you were a child in grade school or that awesome party in high school

You could also be the best disguiser and so much more

197 Photographic Reflexes

You won't stop Superman with this power but anything you see you can do instantly so long as it doesn't require super human ability.

198 Sonic Scream

Everything has a frequency, with the right pitched sonic scream, you could shatter anything, knock people out, or cause earthquakes.

Black Canary has this device that makes a sonic scream and it destroys everyone that was until she died

This is this high on the list. it should be last. mind control is way better and I'm pretty sure anything else that's a legit superpower would own this

U could be a banchi.LOL

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199 Run Up Walls

Fly? Nah, I'd rather be able to run up walls.

This is mah favorite wanna no Y ok I tell U

1. you could save kittenz on Z roof ya that would definitely get U some money
2. you could be like spiderman I used to have a crush on Petey parker when I was 6-7 (no time 2 explain)
3. fire trucks

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200 The Power to Make Infinitely Dank Memes

This is the most BOSS power ever! Brainwash the villains with the dankest of memes

Who needs supernatural abilities when you got DANKNESS?!?

With all of the other super powers, it's boring! This is NEVER boring! If u wanna be a superhero, brainwash the villains with DANK MEMES!

This power would be super amazing if it wouldn't be for the normies

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