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181 Lay Any Animal Egg

Why the heck would you want to lay a chicken egg? I mean you could lay one to make eggs.

This is good for when your hungry or want a pet right? Come on! Laugh out loud

What about animals that don't lay eggs. Also, Why?

They are running out of ideas

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182 Super Learning V 2 Comments
183 X-Ray Vision

I could look at girl naked

You can do bad things with this power

Nice power

184 Destruction Destruction Destruction is a German thrash metal band. They are considered one of the "The Big Four" of the German thrash metal scene, the others being Kreator, Sodom and Tankard.

It's the ultimate power guys. You can destroy everything. You can destroy the rules of the world. For example, you're bleeding. You can destroy the fact that you're bleeding. You can destroy everything. Oh you want to rewind time? Destroy the fact that you can't rewind time. It's like asking for wishes.

I don't think facts are things that can be subjected to destruction. Also, why not just give your self infinite wishes.

This makes no sense

185 Human Bomb

Unless you wanted to explode and kill yourself, I wouldn't suggest this power to anyone

Shut up complainer. It was mine. :(

This would only be good for suicide and I love myself

It's good if your immortal or invincible but cool power human nuke👍

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186 Redoing Things

So, you weren't able to save the city? Redo it! - ethanmeinster

U just made this up dodo head this is crap but not useless its acully pretty cool

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187 Walk On Water

This abilities is cool

In other words, you'll be Jesus

I am Jesus.

188 Super Attractive

The ladies (or men) love you.

It would help it when you have a crush but not much else

You could charm people and get what you want

Yep, the owners of this website at running out of cool superpowers

189 Technology Manipulation

Maybe if you were a teacher this would be helpful

These power pretty much suck but blood construction is a better piwer

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190 Arthropod Control

The power to mentally control all Arthropods (Insects, Arachnids, Crabs etc. ) in a given radius (Let's say 1km).
This power also encompasses, hearing and seeing through Arthropods, and includes the boost in mental processing to control all the arthropods simultaneously.
For proof of this power's brilliance, read Worm by Wildbow. The novel is amazing.
With this power you have battlefield control, experiencing the entire battle in real time, you have potentially lethal force, and the potential fear is insurmountable. imagine a hostage situation with black widows.
In conclusion this power contains capabilities, for battle field control, situational awareness, heavy hitting, obedience/domination through fear, intelligence gathering, production of spider silk, multitasking capability, and permanent maiming (Brown recluse spiders can necrotise flesh). this power is one of the most scary ones out there, and the versatility is brilliant. if you combine it with say a biology ...more

191 Biology Manipulator

Two options:
Option one: manipulates personal biology, can regenerate from almost any injury, can create redundancies in biology, includes superior strength, superior speed, senses, increase brains' processing capacity, produce inhuman biology such as claws, wings, exoskeleton, fangs. can produce toxins, venoms etc. can slow down perception of time. control adrenaline rush. produce airborne plagues. knockout gas, tear gas, laughing gas, etc. Change appearance. genetically superior. by consuming mass, (Food) increase size, height, weight, density. provide immunities to heat, cold, poison, disease.
Option two: all of the above, but can gift such changes to others, or can create new life.

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192 Omnishifting

Controlling the shape, size, and color of any object.

193 Infection

You can turn into any gas or chemical

Why is this called "Infection"

You can turn into a fart an suffocate people

194 Power Draining

Image if some one had a power you could drain it and you would have it!

Yes. For all those times that I see people with super powers.

You could drain someones powa

195 Size Control

You can change your own body size or the size of anything around you.

Some guys need that power.

196 Omnilingualism

To understand any form of language is so cool because you can ace every language class and communicate with people from around the world.

197 Precognition

Remove the element of surprise (Stephen King's Firestarter-type precognition, anyway) - GamingGodPrime

I want to make my future a surprise.

Maybe you can only know what is going to happen in 10 seconds.

Can Predict the future!

198 Earthquake Abilities V 1 Comment
199 Self Multiplication

I would create another version of myself and send it to school.

This is the same thing as cloning which is what number again...?

Ability to create multiple versions of yourself

200 Control of Electronics

This ability is made for hackers, it lets you create a console infront of you and connect to anything that is electronic. See the phone of someone you hate? You can hack it and do anything with it. And you don't need the console if you don't want to use it, control wires to bind your opponents and shock them, send USB Drives onto people to control the best and biggest of computers, their brain. Though you'd need your console to control him. Anyways, you could control everything that is on the internet. Passwords? Hmph, no match for this ability. And in this day and age, almost everything can be controlled if you're smart enough to find it on the internet.

Downside is, you can only control for exemple a computer that is in your eyesight, even if it's on television or anything of that sort. If you can't see it infront of you, your console will not be able to connect to it and you won't be able to hack it or do whatever you want to do with it.

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