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81 The Force

Thank you someone who understands it. I would also want the Jedi mind trick - Katniss

STAR WARS the force awakened

Yes it is but it is also vector manipulation


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82 Complete Control Over Stars

The reason is I could make huge stars revolve around me, I can speed up their life and make them o supernova, I could make them turn into a black hole and then control it. I could take ten neutron stars and make them shoot gamma rays all over the place (MEGA BAZOOKAS! ) The only extra thing you also need is to survive in space.

Totally useless superpower. If you move any star then the gravitational pulls would totally mess up the earth's distance from the sun IE Armageddon

83 Omniscience

This is implicitly the ability to know all things. This is a Godlike power. Ultimately Omniscience allows for all of the benefits of other powers through scientific means and the ability to create any technology conceivable. You would also be able to figure out the best way to win a fight or get out of a situation. Basically the powers of your opponent are irrelevant as you already know how to escape, win, or any other option. The ability to know all things is Ultimate power.

There is no way to fight this one back. It is basically being a God.


84 Thunder Clap

If you had thunder clap you could easily make other people just fly away it would be like a booom

85 Soul Removal

With this you could be equivalent to Hades. It would also be really intimidating.

Everyone has a soul even angels and demons

There is only one soul.

86 Disease Manipulation

Yet, if your a villain and you kill everyone, where's the benefit? You can't be worshipped

Mine are up form last to 50-60! Also this is a good villain power, but you might kill the world.If you have the Plague game, then you know what I am talking about. - AbduZine

This is mine, yet again idiot stealing my ideas.

Ebola rhymes with Apalachicola, Apalachicola is a river, river rhymes with chicken liver. chicken = KFC

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87 Intangibility

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES! I think about this one a lot, and frankly, you could kill, stop an atomic bomb, be unstoppable for as long as the power lasted between time frames, invisible, and much more! Save lives a certain number of lives at a time from ANYTHING. Steal. Sneak. DO IT ALL

Intangibility is awesome! How can you kill someone you can't touch?

Why is walking through walls higher than this?!? Intangibility means you can go through absolutely anything! You basically can't die except in your sleep, desisies, mind manipulation and old age! This power is OP and almost nobody knows about it!


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88 Clairvoyance

You could see your enemies attack and dodge, counter, or even stop it all togethee

To be able to see the future

89 Omnikinesis

Omnikinesis it is EPIC.

Being able to manipulate anything will be awesome controling fire water ice shadows think of all the murders you can commit

Omnikinesis is better than telekenis you can maniplulate EVERYTHING

Omnikinesis ❤

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90 Enhanced memory

Imagine just read one time and you will be prepared for your exams. Eddie (limitless)

It depends on if you mean unlocking your brains full 100%. Then your nearly omnipotent like lucy (lucy)

You couldn't fail anything you studied once.

91 Ability to create voodoo dolls

With this power if you see a bully punching someone just make a voodo doll of them and punch them. they wont know what punched them.

92 Alchemy

Basically the ability to do anything. Conjure gold out of thin air, shape shift, gain powers, teleport, create another dimension, make minions, invincibility, omnipotence, all knowing, etc. How could you not want this!?

You can be rich cause of all the gold you made and you can turn that bully you have if you wanted to.

Why isn't this number 1 its legendary

Invincible basically. Make aromor out of thin air or an army

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93 Photokinesis

This ones cool because you can make light bounce off you - making you invisible.
Also you could have a force field of light with a 'light sword'

The psi Power to control light with the mind. To the greater extent, one could make themself invisible, concentrate light particles/waves into lasers and manipulate any part of the light spectrum making Photokinesis the "father" of Autokinesis, Lumokinesis, Optikinesis, Magnetokinesis, etc. Can be used to create illusions. This can be used to generate light shields/force fields, and project an healing energy too. One could create a blast of light which impales enemies, or even create a ball or shape of light to blast. A theory to this power is that you could group together photons into a powerful solid blast.

94 Illusion Manipulation

Illusion manipulation would be awesome. You could make anyone see anything and feel anything. You can actually do a lot with illusion manipulation

I will make a illusion of lots of stripers

I've seen the zoroark movie

Sore ment byakugan phone puts in English words Instead of what I want

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95 Manipulation of Boundaries

Considering everything has a boundary, manipulation of boundaries should be the #1 in the list. If the boundaries are manipulated correctly, you can achieve ANY and EVERY other powers at the same time. This means any power in the world and on this list. You just can't win against a boundary manipulator

Clever, but all boundaries are subjective... mental. The physical world is just a cloud of energy potentials. There is no separation in anything. You see boundaries because you are consciousness emerging through a limited filter of flesh, itself a cloud of energy potentials. Boundaries don't really exist.

Someone please tell me how to get that power

You literally can control ANY boundary;physical, invisible,conceptual,etc

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96 Ability to Make Your Own Universe

With this power you can control anything and everything.You can have no rules also You can do anything. You can also be a creator of planets and make people, you can even make your own dream date. Which is awesome.

Franklin Richard son of Reed Richards have this power and he one of the strongest marvel characters.

That's so cool to do

You could make a world where you have super powers or a world with no problems like criminals hunger and disease

This power is on key with warp a demension,or you make this one yours.limitless posibilities.nobody can stop it if you make it your you can create the perfect date!

97 Umbrakinesis

User can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows, etc.

You could make an empire at night.

You could make the dark and the light around shadows bend to your will, and even access an imterdimensional void energy. Plus, a simple snuff of light and heat energies can always come in handy.

Um I don't know what this one means sorry. 😅

98 Metapotence

Power to do anything without justification

The ability to do anything and everything with no limitations at all so this power is a easyer understanding of omnipotence... still awesome though.

99 Electrokinesis

Haven't you played infamous? Imagine being able to absorb electricity from any electrical object, leaving it useless and letting you blast rays of lightning out of your hands.

If you have seen "A certain scientific Railgun" you'll know what I mean

I want that power

This would be really strong! lightning can be up mto 5 times hotter than the outside of the sun, and can burst ears and if your T.V. stops working or there's a power outage just turn everything back on, you would be a boss!

100 Warp Reality

Able to warp the very fabric of reality, from creation, to destruction, anything is possible with this power. - Mekna

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