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101 Absorption

You can take energy from people and create new powers.

This would help if you were in a gunfight.

I mean come on! You can absorb their energy, Don't you need energy to do things? so you could end their powers.

102 Technopathy

Dude right? Totally awesome

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103 Cyrokinesis

No one could hurt you if you could turn your body to ice. You can could freeze anyone you disliked and you could travel at inhuman speeds while sliding on ice

Do you really think your time control will still work while you're frozen in a block of ice?

This could be cool - Adventurur2


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104 Silvertongue

You could just say kill him and he dies

Step one, get paper, step two, get a pen/pencil, rule the world!

Come on it just so cool in two word you could just destroy the whole earth if you wanted two

Supposed to be first

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105 Energy Control

Energy control is by far an amazing power. You could stop the kinetic energy of any attack that comes your way, shock them with electro magnetic energy, increase their gravitational potential energy and so much more. You could punch a whole through reality with energy concepts we can't even fathom yet!

106 To Change Into a Werewolf at Will

These Things Are Awesome, Strong, Fast, Big, And If You Had This Super Power You wouldn't necessarily have be Evil! - AwesomeFan

Still better than Twilight

Its like your mom

You'll live longer
Be stronger,Faster,Smarter and get to turn into a wolf!

107 Pause Time

This power is ridiculously powerful.

Yes, yes, YES. This is the greatest power, you bored in school? Go home and play for days at a time until you go back(if you ever do).

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108 Super Adaptation

This is similar to omnipotence but you can adapt perfectly to any situation meaning invulnerability, and use of other powers such as time travel and teleportation.

Your body adapts to survive anything. Get thrown into the water and drowning your body grows gills or lets you breath underwater

You can literally survive anything, an omnipotent person kills you, you adapt so they can't. If someone tries to hurt/kill you, you won't get harmed. You get bored, something will happen so you won't be. You can use this power to create universes to amuse you if you are bored, you can be super smart if you want to do well on a test. This is passive and active and physical and psychological. Anything that happens, the universe explodes you survive and a new one is made. You want to be ruler, you adapt things so you are. The only person who could match a super adaptation person is another super adaptation person. They would continuously adapt for new weapons and they would stop working, rinse and repeat infinitely if they wanted to. Telekinesis would get reversed, stop working and then get redirected if you wanted, doing whatever you wanted with it. Infinite wishes, the power would read the future and prevent that. You are never hungry, never thirsty, never tired, never cold, never hot, ...more

Insanely op.

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109 Super Screech

I think super screech would be really cool because if someone is talking a lot I can just scream and they will shut up.

Yeah, and you would probably burst their eardrums too


110 Oxygen Control

You can kill anyone..or be able to be in space, enough oxygen lets you float, but really, 1 spark of flame can burn the planet I mean COME ON!

Not only could you sufficate your oppenents but you can't also ignite oxygen compress oxygen into an unbreakable wall, or a projectile or a shield around your body there are just sooo many options

111 Control Ghosts

You could make ghosts do things while controlling them, they would exit out of your body, your in a fight, he swings a punch, you dodge by limboing back a bit and all of a sudden the ghost pops out of your body with a headbutt

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112 Light Manipulation

How the hell is this not #5+ I mean wow it's cool!

Kratos finds you rips off your head

- if you end up in the dark, you can have your own little lantern!
-blind enemies
-bend light in the direction you want it to go

Light is energy, energy has power over matter, badda bing badda boom. You now control all matter.

113 Fairy Godparent/Personal Genie

A God parent can give you what ever you want

With a personal genie or fairy god parent,you have infinate wishes,everything could go your way and all you'd have to say is "I wish"(Insert wish here.)Only omnipotence,and mentify(see thoughts become reality)could beat this power

114 Changing Textures

The classic powers of the absorbing man one of hulks most famous villains! This power rules I mean it would be even better if you could manipulate the substance once you have absorbed it for instance if you absorbed same valuable mettle that you only had a small amount of you should be able to expand it in order for your entire body to be made of the substance and once it was absorbed it should be able to be moulded easily like if you absorbed steel you should be able to turn your hand into a sword... Etc

For example, if you touched medal, your body would be medal. But of course you can change yourself back into your own skin or else this power would suck!

Woah that would be awesome if I touched a waffle I would be half waffle!

I can use any of these whenever I want

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115 Controlling Shadows

You could hide effortlessly and you could easily get around and you wouldn't have to worry about the sunlight you could just make your own cover.

no thanks

116 Sorcery

All the powers rolled into one why not

If I had that ability I would turn my teacher into a pig

Want it

Who WOULDN'T want to be like the Scarlet Witch!

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117 Power Mimicry

Yeah. Next time you see someone with superpowers you could take their power. Because that happens a lot.

If you are facing someone with time manipulation (the top power on this list) you could have time manipulation so... YOU WOULD BE THEIR EQUAL

You would have every single power listed here.

This power is most Useful

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118 Atomic Manipulation

Atomic manipulation is very awesome forget awesome it is epic! You can basically do anything. You can basically morph objects to other weird new things!

You could turn lead into gold and water into fire. Or if you were really evil, you could even change the blood in one's body into poison, and kill them from within. :D

You can turn any part of change the atoms and how they are positioned to created new things. You can make the air around your enemie into poison. You are extremely powerful with this!

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119 Weapon Hands

You could use guns, razors, and even cannons

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120 Demon Powers

I can spin my head backwards! -)

Have any powers of any demon

Just awesome, just awesome

With this power,you can litterally summon and use hell

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