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121 Vector Manipulation

Basically a more mathematically intense version of Telekinesis.

A Vector is any Quantity with direction and magnitude. Basically everything in the universe either is, has, or is influenced by Vector's in some way. You'd need enhanced intelligence to get use out of it but it's be so amazing. Telekinesis might be moving things with your mind but Vector Manipulation would be controlling movement itself!

Check out Accelerator on A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun for an example of what I'm talking about.

Imagine if you were at a high enough level to control the Quantum interactions, Or maybe The theory of Relativity, and then their is Super String theory. Vector Manipulation like Telekinesis basically could do anything at a high enough level.

Hoping this will get into the top ten.

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122 Omnipresence

Omnipresence - to be everywhere simultaneously. I don't necessarily think, from a physiological standpoint, that the same matter can occupy the same space. So to have an ability (superpower) like omnipresence is more like universal telepathy whereby you can connect with all forms of life. With this connection, you can be everywhere, anytime. Sadly, the human brain is far too inferior to distinguish everywhere simultaneously.

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123 The Ability to Control Density

Make yourself be able to walk through walls or have anything go through you or become so dense that nothing can hurt or even so dense you create a black hole large enough to suck up the entire universe and everyone with the powers above

Make yourself be able to walk through walls or have anything go through you or become so dense that nothing can hurt or even so dense you create a black hole large enough to suck up the entire universe and everyone with the powers above

124 Omni-Negation

The Power to overcome all other powers,
Stopping the unstoppable
Moving the Immovable
Breaking the unbreakable
and Preventing any and all abilities from working against you

The only weakness would be is if the opponent can best you without there powers

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125 Elasticity

I mean, how cool would it be to be able to grab the remote, or something stuck in a tree, without moving your feet?!

Its awesome I mean, everyone has had this situation:

you're on the couch, all nice and cozy with a bowl of popcorn. you want to change the channel, but the remote is on the coffee table, just out of your reach!

wouldn't it be cool then?

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126 Power to Have Extremely Good Luck or Good Fortune

With this, you'll win the lottery every time, get A's on tests, and become Michael Jordan on the b-ball court, except never miss

No one would even hurt you, actually no one would think it! It is like the universe is on your side.

You will never fail a test, or lose games.
Without counting all the times you will win the lottery or at a casino. Is the life!

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127 Sense Manipulation

The ability to make others or yourself see, hear, feel etc. You can also make people feel pain if you wanted, and you can experience anything and not have to go anywhere. :D

128 Sound Manipulation

Most a mazing power

The ability to control and turn tyourself into a sound wave. Its teleporting and the ability to annoy people with sonic sounds.

129 Superhuman Invention Skill

Now THIS would be useful, by definition. Everyone else is rooting for powers to destroy and fight enemies. Boring. The power to invent is really the ONLY human super power. It's the thing we do that no other species can.

130 Pain Infliction

Seriously, if you could choose a power it would be to inflict pain. That's not useful at all and it is unimaginably cruel.

Hurting someone with your mind, would easily be in the top 3

How is this not higher in the list

131 Bending All of Reality to Your Will

Basically, you control time AND space.

132 Metal Bending

HOW IS THIS SO FAR DOWN? The irons in your body could harden at certain points to make you weapon proof. Literally everything nowadays has metal in it so you could turn someones backpack zipper into a small blade or a building into an army of metal people to fight. Best power.

You can be able to bend metal to your will

133 Origin

The opposite Precognition, origin would allow you to see the past and to understand everything that has ever happened in the past. You'd be able to find out the deepest secrets of people's lives.

134 Possession

Ever wanted to just take control of anyone or anything. With possession you can take control of anyone's body and do whatever you want in their body. You can even take control of objects. With possession you are like a ghost. You can be extremely powerful with possession!

While in the body you could read there mind.

You have the ability to steel people's body

135 Existence Manipulation

The top 5 powers are: 1. Existence manipulation, 2. Soul manipulation,3. Telekinesis, 4. reality warping, 5. space & time manipulation. nothing but the truth, not based opinion, but fact

136 Orbing

The ability to teleport and teleport other objects from the rvedly show charmed.

137 Power Reversal

The power to use someones power against them whenever they use it. It would protect you from just about anything and hit the opponent in the process

138 Environmental Protection

The ability to absorb any element and use it to protect you

I thought this was like a super tree hugging hippie.

The environmental damage would be stopped! - Animefan12

139 Make Things Come to Life

I just watched Everest (2015) last night and got sad. I would walk up that mountain and bring back Doug and Rob

Hate cleaning your room with toys everywhere well no problem with this power you can make your own toys come to life
And tell them to go back in there places were they were before.

Just because there self aware doesn't mean they can move. And if they could what garuntees they'd even listen

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140 To Control Animals V 1 Comment
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