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141 Change Molecular Structure of Inorganic Items

Basically lee change anything into another depending on size

142 Absolute Control Over Luck

What can not be done with luck? Immortality? It seems that it was invented at the peak of your strength, hmm what LUCK. Flying? It seems that it was invented to and you know that villain you where supposed to stop? He went a head and dedicated his life to help the innocent using and staying within the laws of the country and vowed to never do wrong again. Is it just me or was that a job well done.

143 Wall Crawling

This would be more fun than some of the powers higher in the lit

Can attach to any solid surface including walls. It is like you are Spider Man!

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144 Superpower Manipulation

Also called ability manipulation, paranormal ability manipulation, potentikinesis, potentiscinesis, power domain, special manipulation, special talent manipulation, supernatural power manipulation, supernatural talent manipulation or The Great Force.
With this power the user have the ability to create, alter, manipulate, remove, change, etc, the supernatural energies in all beings, including themselves, thus allowing every variation of superpowers manipulative abilities.
How can you not say that this is the best superpower ever, I mean you could give yourself every single superpower you can imagine. You would be unstoppable! If you are in a fight your opponent will barely get time to look at you before you've won!

The power to copy, gift, amplfy and downgrade any power including your own

145 Weaponizing

Ever caught without something decent for self defense? Well no more!

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146 Poisonous Touch

I'd want to be able to control the dosage, so I can inflict only the amount needed for the situation - AthenOwl

A good power if you want to kill people. If not then you're kind of out of luck.

I would only have this if it worked that if I wanted to do it or not

This power is basically the title.

147 Nature Manipulation

You would have control over the four classical elements ( water, earth, air, and fire ). You would control all plant life so you would never be hungry again. All animals and organisms including bacteria would be in your command, you could have an army of lions,tigers,and bears at your command or you could plague your enemy with a disease or infection. You could manipulate the weather and create tornadoes or thunderstorms when your angry, make it rain when you are sad, or make flowers bloom and sunny skies when you are happy. You are also deeply connected with nature that if you are in a battle nature would transform the landscape and the environment to give you an advantage. You would also have some degree of telekinesis by controlling the air around objects and people. Since you can control nature you would have control over human and animal evolution, which means you can grant people powers or even take them away or make the human race as simple as the neanderthals. You could create ...more

This is control over the elements except ten times better.

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148 Spectral Link

Your linked to a ghost and you can use the ghost to see hear feel push etc. Things that aren't near you. When the ghost is in you, you have all ghost like abilities such as invisibility and low density(untouchable). Also you can spread ectoplasm onto people and things so that there density lowers, that way u can make it where they can't hit you or so that you can grab something

149 Psionic Blast V 1 Comment
150 Control Matter at Sub-Atomic Level
151 Travel Between Dimensions V 2 Comments
152 Molecule Vision

Have one of super mans powers

153 Freezing Powers

The number one thing you would want to do is have freezing powers and heat powers right!

154 Control Over the Moon

You could make a super moon happen or a blood moon or a lunar eclipse. Long story short, you could make the moon do whatever you want.

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155 Energy Blasts

How would it go faster than the speed of light. And even if it did it would travel back in time so it could miss them entirely. It also has almost the least uses of any superpower. Unless you want to go around killing people it isn't that great.

How would it go faster than the speed of light. And even if it did it would travel back in time so it could miss them entirely. It also has almost the least uses of any superpower. Unless you want to go around killing people it isn't that great.

How would it go faster than the speed of light. And even if it did it would travel back in time so it could miss them entirely. It also has almost the least uses of any superpower. Unless you want to go around killing people, it isn't that great.

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156 Zenkai

I've also liked this because every time you recover from a near death injury you gain an unpresenented level of power afterward and whoever beat you just gets beaten by someone who was less strong than you plus your strength

157 Creating a Demi-Plane of Existence.

Now bare with me here because this one requires a lot of explaining. Lets say that in your head you have a universe that you've created and have complete control over now lets say that you have the ability for that universe to temporarily break into our universe and every living thing caught within that area of effect are now in that world of your own design. You can crate matter with in the space and control every aspect of it and its actually real, no illusions just full blown another universe. Anyone killed in your universe would be erased from the former universe that they occupied and any object you touch in your universe yo u can bring back with you.You can also control the physics of that universe too, the flow of time, gravity, celestial bodies, physics, forces, chemical reactions and the very ideas of logic and reason. You have your own wonderland and everybody trapped is Alice.The stronger you get, the larger the effect radius becomes until it reaches a universal scale and ...more

158 Create Celestial Bodies

You could make planets and stars this is basically controlling stars but planets too.You could also control whatever is on the planet/star and choose what it looks like.. Like how much land and water there is on the planets and even if it's huge you could make it have different amounts of gravity.

159 Water Powers

I'm not talking about nothing like Aquaman. I'm talking a power that you can melt down and flow into drains and such and remember as a form of escape, because water can go anywhere. You can pull up gallons and gallons of more and become a giant beast that can spew boiling hot water at his foes. The waterhero can freeze and never drown, and haha. You thought I was talking about water truly? Water powers is just the name. Really, you can absorb anything else as well. Milk, soda, wine, acid. Anything.

160 Super Stretch

You can verually go any where in the world and save many lives if a bridge goes down and make yourself a parachute you can basiclly survive any out come

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