Time Control


One of the best Super powers.

There are many uses.

First, You can stop time which is more than you think. You can obviously dodge a bullet and do that 30 letter essay in one second, but you can also make yourself immortal. Assuming you have total control over it, you can make it so you're body never runs out of energy by freezing it in place. Freeze you're memories in place so you remember it. Make people immortal. Revive people. Get to be able to see the big bang if you desire (Not my fault if you accidentally die while watching it, although theoretically if you have COMPLETE CONTROL you could REVIVE yourself) You also could just freeze time around your body so it the blast doesn't come in contact with you.. You can save everyone. You can be anywhere at anytime as long as you know how to get there. You've got over 5000 life times to do anything. Bored? Simply travel 100 years in the future for the latest games. Play pranks on each other. Get your body in perfect shape ...more

This power sucks! By stopping time, you stop everything. Like someone else here said, Stopping time makes everything, even atoms and stuff, stop. They also said it wold be -460 degrees fahrenheit. But, something they forgot is molecules can't stop moving. They have some energy. So it would either be about -459 degrees fahrenheit (in which you would still freeze), or it doesn't work. And by stopping everything, your taking away energy, and when you unfreeze time, everything gets its energy bcd. How? If the energy is in the molecules, it won't stop. If your just taking energy away then putting it back, where does it go? If its in you, you would be super unstable. If not, then your destroying energy and then creating it. You break every rule we have in science by stopping time, Besides, It won't work. When you try to do it, all of physics goes against you. "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred." This also happens if you go back or forward in time, though if you do ...more

The other powers are relatively useless in real life but time control literally makes you a god. Just freeze time and you can be anywhere in the world and do anything without people realizing you did anything. Physical abilities don't help you much. Time travel rules.

People aren't thinking that if you have this power, it will probably be like Hiro from Heroes. The powers will be limited at first, but after time and practice, youd be able to stop time, teleport through space and time, and manipulate outcomes of situations. And the thing about the -459 degrees wouldn't really matter because lets face it, its all fictional. Comic writers find ways around the science, its not that hard, really its not. For example, The Law of Conservation of Energy can be looked over by saying something like, energy is exerted through the user and transferred to a beam that rips into the space/time continuim and forms an alternate reality in which time has yet to start. See, its not possible through science, but it sounds good, and in fiction that's all that matters. But overall, I love this superpower, I think it's the most practical, useful, and complex power out there. You could stop time to better evaluate a situation ( or be really creepy, your choice bro), slow ...more

So now I must say many useful things to do with time control.
Teleportation- Pause time and move to a new spot. Then unpause time and you have teleported.
Super Speed- Make everything around you slow down. Then do pretty much anything and to everyone else you will be doing it super quick.
Smarts- This is mainly for school. Take a test or do homework or schoolwork. Then when you get results for everything look at what you got wrong. Go back in time and fix the answers. Boom you aced a test.
Easy cheating for games- Pause time. Look at other person's cards or something. Go back to where you were and unpause time. Now you know the other persons cards.
Escape any bad situation- Pause time and walk away. Unpause it. You are out of the way.
You can see your parents as kids- Go back in time and stuff. Watch them from afar.
Can skip annoying things like ads during videos- Fast forward time. Simple as that.
You can catch the bad guys with ease- Pause time once you ...more

The only reason I would pick time control is so I can swoop into the future, predict stuff and go back and avoid them or relive my life, if I make a mistake, just rewind on the spot. If I am fighting someone with other powers, I can just freeze them or take them into the past or future. This is also sick. If you want to be a pervert, do your thing but since light also has travel time believe it or not, if I leave a spot my shadow will still be there because light can't move when time is frozen so when I come back, I just need to mimic my shadow and same position I was in. With a little practice the task will become less difficult and if someone has an itchy feeling about you having powers, rewind or just rewind their body clock or mind

Time Control is not the best super power. No matter what you do, you'll never get what you want. Go ahead, and kill Hitler. This would create an incredibly huge butterfly effect. Who knows? Killing Hitler might destroy others in the present that you don't know about. You might kill yourself with this power. Don't you get it? You might kill your ancestor without knowing it. You make a huge mistake, try to fix the mistake by doing something else, mess up history again, slavery is back. Kill a group of people, terrorists are back.
Everything we wanted to do is basically impossible, or even illegal. With this power, you would do more goods than evil.

Being able to stop time, or better yet, freeze it for everyone but yourself and the people you want to spend time with, is truly the best thing you could ever imagine to do. You could escape death, help your love ones escape death. Money would be irrelevant. You could learn anything you wanted and do anything you could imsgine. You could fall in love with someone without having to worry about anything else. You'd never get bored. If you'd rather fly, good for you. But after a while, that's going to get old. Anything would get old. The only thing that can even complete with this power is shape shifting. That allows you flight, invisibility, super senses, and a long life if you turn into a turtle or something. Time travel is truly just the best power. - 10Jackson

With true control of time, you could make certain things faster/slower while other things are normal. For example, you could freeze gravity around you and fly, slow down everything on earth except yourself and have a speed advantage over everything, make yourself faster and others normal which is pretty much super speed, there's time travel obviously, freeze time and make others think you can teleport, slow/freeze your aging and live however long you want, freeze time and do whatever you want... The list goes on and on

Here is another thing, you can teleport memories of your own to someone's mind or vice versa like inception, you can read what he thinks by simply teleporting his electric/ chemical brain stuff to yours or you can put his mind into a timeless loop were each time he thinks of a certain idea, he goes to where he started to think, you can know your enemies past and future and thus knowing his powers and what he expects to do next, you can teleport his memories to the void if you want causing brain wash or teleport his brains causing brain damage you can put/ teleport sick ideas in his head the only thing I can think off that can counter timespace is intense gravity like big black hole and I'am not sure of that either it slows time/ bends space/absorbs light and it's center freezes time however it's intensity can simply be reduced by increasing the space between particles or teleporting high mass particles to another place within space to decrease gravity

This is really not an OP superpower, and I do not see why people would ever want something like this.

There is no'time meter'. In other words, you would not be able to tell - at all - what pace you're moving at.
You might always be a little bit too fast, or a little bit too slow, messing with your mind and ultimately leading you to fall to your own doom - and that is if the superpower would even work.

Remember that you could accidentally kill yourself, cause yourself to age too much, stop all bodily processes by freezing time, and a number of other things.

This is more of an explanation for the sceptics commenting about the negative repercussions of time control. Complete chronokinesis (that is, time control) would mean, if you didn't want these negative things to happen, they wouldn't. You have perfect control of time, if you don't want people to be afraid of you, then don't show them your power. Somebody said that they were afraid of all atoms in the universe freezing to absolute zero, that wouldn't matter if you consider you could make all atoms within, lets say 6 inches of your body, move at normal speed, while everything else is slowed. As for the other people, they would be fine as long as their bodies freeze to absolute zero instantaneously. If you do this, unless you want them too, nobody will get hurt.
As for traveling through time, as I said before, you have COMPLETE CONTROL, you don't have to worry about the rules of nature if you can control one of the fundamental elements of the universe. As for it not being cool, you ...more

Let's say you did in fact receive the power to manipulate time. If you stopped time, would you still continue to age? Would things burn up because you moved them while it is stopped? What if you accidentally fell of a building or something, would time be stopped forever? In any case no one could help you if you got stuck and could not use your powers (You were injured). This is one of the greatest powers, but not the greatest. Personally I prefer emotion control, or controll over all matter (You could stop everything from moving like, like stopping time), or control over the five elements. - PowerfulPuffin

Why would u not wanna have this power man. If something embarrassing happens to u like u rip your pants and everyone is laughing at u. U can go back in time and prevent that from happening. Also if u are late to school/work u can stop time and get their early u can go to the past and future and just mess around with time and also u can live forever because when you are old and about to die just go back in time to your mid 30s and live.

Controlling time also means you can control space. You can create portals through time or space, use time attacks like, time blast, time swipe, time wave. Can block moments in time so that no time travelers can enter. Can outmatch some of the infinity stones, only the power, mind and soul stone. Can erase anyone from the existence with your mind. Can maybe create parallel timelines. And can gain nigh omniscient.

Keep increasing the time till you finish the exam/assignment. No deadline, no pain in the a$$ ;)

Time control pretty much includes the power of all below.
Teleportation - Freeze time and go wherever you need to in no time at all
Invisibility - Again, freeze time, walk around, essentialy the same thing
Telekenesis - The point of this power is to save time...
Super intelligence - You can have all the time ever to learn/contemplate
Super Strength - Yet anouther time saver
Super Speed - With time control you may have INFINATE SPEED WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE SUPER SPEED OVER TIME CONTROLL? Maybe some people need normal intelligence as a super power...

This is got to be the best superpower ever, if any other people are using superpowers against you, you can freeze time before they can do that. That's how you know that other powers can't possibly beat time control. (Well maybe except power mimicry, but that depends on who uses the power first, I mean you can always go back to the time before that dude come up so)

In my opinion, this is the worst. Kids won't understand. If you can control time, you can change time. Which mean you can travel to Prehistoric, Future, or the Past, which can causes Paradox. The timeline is broken (If you ever show yourself to the public). The Prehistoric will call you their 'God', which will change the history. If you go to the Future, your friends (Who are not an adult), will feel weird. If you go to the past, well, you're dead if you destroy your own timeline. You won't exist, and no one knows you. - GirlyAnimeLover

I would go back in time and live there and they'd think I was some sort of goddess. There were really good places in ancient times, humans were a bit more sophisticated than today. I know they had harsher punishments, higher disease, etc, but they'd still treat me well if I was a goddess and there are a few ancient societies that are really great.

You could be really confident in yourself, because if you ever mess up or get anything wrong which you want to do better at, get another chance or just be right. it would be easy to just go back in time a few seconds to change your future forever. examples. you fail at asking a girl out, well now you get another chance. you get the million dollar question wrong on who wants to be a millionaire, well now you just got the correct answer you can redo it and showboat with the certainty of you getting it right.

I don't think travelling forward or backwards in time is a great idea, see the film Predestination if you don't understand why. But I voted for this because I think the ability to slow time down, speed it up, and freeze it would be extremely helpful; especially if you could have full movement capabilities at the same time. - WhenWorldsCollide02

THIS WOULD BE AWESOME imagine the things you could do with this I would pause time in the morning and sleep in up until I felt like I was dead. the only thing this doesn't top is invincibility because we would win ever war no matter what! So I guess what I am trying to say is that being able to freeze time WOULD BE AWESOME!

You could also freeze time & possibly even your own aging process with this power. Then you could find out how to obtain any or every superpower you want besides time control. Then you have time control & telekinesis, or time control & healing ability, or time control & flight, or... I think you get the point right?

It may not seem like a big deal, but imagine what mistakes you could fix to make your life better. Even saving your life. Imagine you get almost hit by a train, and you travel back and never do what you did to get you into that trouble. Or even save somebody's life. You would feel like a true hero. - Ohno