Top Ten Best Survivor Moves

Through the years there have been some very good strategical moves, but which ones make the top ten?

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21 Jonny Fairplay and Burton blindside Rupert - Season 7
22 Susie Flips On Marcus.- Season 17

She flipped not only on Marcus, but the Kota Onion Alliance which almost won her the game.

23 David Idols Out Lucy - Season 33
24 Stacy Convinces Everyone to Vote for Edgardo - Season 14

Dreamz told them Alex had the idol and either mookie or Alex would play it so Stacy suggested they all vote for edgardo instead

This move also exposes Dreamz who was playing both sides.

25 Boston Rob Convinces Ometepe to Blindside Matt; Twice - Season 22
26 Kass Blindsides Sarah and Entire Former Apary Tribe - Season 28

How is it a good move when she went from #3 or 4 with a chance of winning to being a complete jury goat?

This was a good move for tony woo lj and jefra but definitely not kass

27 Ciera votes out her mom - Season 28

27. season 27

28 Colton Proposes Their Immunity to Vote Out Bill - Season 24
29 Ken blindsides Charlie for revenge and shifts the power from Kota to Fang. - Season 17
30 Brenda finds out Andrea is gunning for her and blindsides Andrea, also flushing out the hidden immunity idol - Season 26

This blindside was awesome, it was a complete Showdown beetwen Brenda and Andrea, and Andrea didn't even know it. Also at tribal council there were some really awesome reactions, including the reaction of Malcolm, Reynold, Eddie and Andrea.

31 Rob Convinces Lex to Save Amber - Season 8

Lex was so dumb keeping Amber in the game. I wonder how he made the final 3 in Africa

32 Richard Bows Out of the Final Immunity Challenge - Season 1

Knowing he could only beat kelly, but would surely lose if he back stabbed Rudy, Rich ingeniously threw the final challenge knowing both would take him.

So damn ballsy. This move just shows how cunning Rich was and how much he really understood the game that he was creating for others to follow.

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33 JT & Stephen Infiltrate Timbira, Get Them to Turn On Brendan - Season 18
34 Russel Uses JT's Idol to Vote Him Off - Season 20
35 Natalie convinces the Galu tribe to vote out Eric, causes Galu to self-destruct - Season 19
36 Tom emotionally manipulates Ian into giving up the final immunity in order to gain his friendship back - Season 10
37 Cao Bui Splits the vote - Cook Islands
38 Jeremy announces at the FTC he's having a baby boy - Season 31
39 Malcolm gets Reynold to play idol for him - Season 26
40 Ken Blindsides Ace - Season 17
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