Top 10 Most Unlikable Survivor Players

The Top Ten
1 Colton Cumbie

Spoiled racist who should be given at least partial credit for Kim Spradlin's "amazing" win in his first season. I mean, who in the world conceives giving up immunity? This is a bad dude.

I hope this is the only time Colton is #1 on a list.

2 Brandon Hantz

Meltdown boy. Stay far away from other Survivor contestants and fans, and increase the dosage before continuing.

3 J'Tia Taylor

Seriously? Destroy your team's rice and not get voted out? What was different between her sabotage and Brandon Hantz's?

4 Francesca Hogi

You have to be pretty bad at Survivor to rank last in two separate seasons, although a large part of her downfall had to do with Philip "I Am Right" Sheppard.

5 Ben Browning
6 Shamar Thomas
7 Chet Welch

Why did he even bother to be on the show. He was a useless figure who should have been voted out the instant they hit the beach in Micronesia.

8 Abi-Maria Gomes
9 Dan Spilos

No one else comes close. Sexual harassment from a middle-aged loser is just about the worst thing. The only one who could come close to what Dan Spilo did is Colton.

This guy this season (Season 39) is super controversial. Touching women numerous times, and Kellee told him to not touch her. But continues to do it. Then at tribal to play the victim card. Some say it’s social game. But I think it’s a very AWFUL social game. It’s that bad to the point where Dan has to get warmed for his actions. Absolutely disgusting!

10 Russell Hantz Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

If his social skills were 0.5% of his ability to manipulate people and find idols, he'd have won four times and it wouldn't have been close. Sadly, he's just a loudmouth braggart who had no leg to stand on in the two Final Councils he attended.

Never mind his nephew!

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11 NaOnka Mixon

Loud, disrespectful of others and ultimately disrespectful of the game itself. She should be banished to a desert island forever.

12 Denise Martin
13 Christina Cha
14 Jenna Morasca

Spoiled at the time she appeared, she's only on the list to round it out to 10. She's probably done a bit of growing up by now, and if so, then good for her.

15 Cirie Fields Cirie Fields is an American nurse and reality TV personality who competed on four seasons of Survivor.
16 Misty Byrd

Absolutely disgusting sugar coating sexual harassment for her and Elizabeth’s own game. It is something you should not lie about!

17 Debbie Wanner
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