Oscar (Ozzy) Lusth - 2nd Place - Cook Islands


I believe he was robbed in Cook Islands because the Final Two changed to a Final Three, and it was unlikely he was going to lose the Final 3 challenge, and I don't think he is dumb enough to take Yul to the finals so Yul probably gets third and Ozzy wins instead maybe. But the other three times were just flat and in Game Changers he still believes in the logic of if you provide you survive in which nobody really cares about anymore (at least the show anyway because all they show is challenges,strategic discussion and fifteen minutes of tribal council). Anyway, Ozzy was solid his first time and the other three times he failed to adapt to the changing game that is Survivor

Best performing player in the Survivor: South Pacific... Deserves to win the game... He fought all the way to survive, winning every challenge and every competitor that came in his way... The only reason he lost: He did not win the final immunity challenge and other contestants need to get rid of him or else he will definitely win the USD1mil if he gets to the final 3! Well played Ozzy!

Bye far should be a lot more up in ranking. He's probably the best physical player out their. Without some tiny mistakes he could of one all 3 games he's played.

Ozzy is really good. He can win the whole contest, he is good swimmer. The tribe can not survive without Ozzy. He is the only player who didn't manipulate people, and I think it's good. Yes, this game it requires strategies, cheating or lying to everyone but I think Ozzy could survive if one has nature and it has already proved. Still I really want to play with Ozzy, I like him it doesn't matter that he didn't win!

I hope so we'll see him again in the game someday

Simply the most exciting player to watch. Often the underdog who has to fight for his life with each challenge and get's the job done. He plays a pure game which is what I want to see. He mostly stays out of the drama and leaves that for others. The game is called Survivor. If yourself, of all of the people to ever play the game, who could really survive on their own for a year on an Island. I think there would be only one answer. Ozzy.

The game is outwit, outplay, outlast, NOT outLIE, outMANIPULATE, or outSCREW... This game was meant to be who can survive on their own the longest, not a high school campus. It bothers me that people gave the price to Yul over ozzie and Parvarti over Amanda (granted Amanda needs to own it) both were taken BY them and at THEIR mercy, period. outwit is getting yourself sent to redemption island to outplay the competitor, to get back in and have the numbers to outlast the rest. The problem is that in the first season ever richard showed his true colors and ruined the perception of the game forever. the bottom line is that million dollars or not NO ONE could be a SURVIVOR like ozzy is. He is number one in my book, because he is the ONLY ONE yes ONLY ONE worthy to carry the name SURVIVOR

Except he doesn't. He never won. So he isn't worthy to carry the name SURVIVOR. Other than challenges, he was a terrible player. And lying, manipulating and screwing people over is part of "outwit". Parvati made it to the end because she made a strong connection with Amanda. (both much better players than Ozzy) Yul made it to the end because of his idol (he is also a much better player than Ozzy) Richard invented a whole aspect of the game, why do you think people consider him one of the best ever? (and better than Ozzy) The getting himself voted out to beat Christine was an utterly terrible move. Not only was it extremely risky it kept Cochran (yet another better player than Ozzy) around who ended up flipping do partly to Ozzy's terrible social skills. Christine obviously would have flipped, as Upolu voted her out. He basically risked getting himself eliminated to get rid of someone who would have joined them in order to keep someone who flipped on their tribe, leading in ...more - Lukeanimal

Being awesome in physical challenges and providing for the group is good, but not enough. He and Kwon are the responsible for that great power shift in Cook Islands. Unfortunately for Ozzy, being a physical beast is not enough to win this game. Strategy is everything, and Ozzy has none, witch makes him a terrible survivor player. Sad, but true.

Ozzie in my opinion is one of the top 3 survivors. Really? 11? I would like to see a game of survivor where they match Ozzie against the supposedly 10 other players above him, and see who could survive ON THEIR OWN, no teams! Ozzie would win hands down.

Definitely one of my all time favourite players. No one has ever dominated the challenges as well as he did. The guy can swim like a fish! Not only that but he is agile, strong and SO determined. I wish he had taken out the win in Cook Islands but at least he got the car from the viewer vote.

Best ever by far. Played a great game in South Pacific, coming back from Redemption and coming fourth. My most fun to watch.

Okay I love Ozzy, ( like a lot ) but he was not very strategically at all. His strategy was to be a physical threat. Mission accomplished. Cook Islands was very good for him, because he was stuck on a tribe of only four after a mutiny and then they needed him and decided to stick with him. I mean he deserves to win, but we may need some more strategy out of him. If he combines this with Microniesa then he has a good chance.

Man... He was the strongest physical player pretty much ever in my opinion. He deserved to win at least 2 of the 3 seasons he was on, if not all 3. Especially South Pacific. Definitely one of my favorite Survivors because of his superhuman powers.

Let me tell you the survivor story about Ozzy. I Cook Islands he was the best at challenges, likable enough, and when the curtains were closed and it seemed impossible for him to go far he made to the end. So close to winning it, too. - jhunk

Ozzy should be #1. He is my favorite Survivor for many reasons: challenge beast, good strategic game in Game Changers, and a great personality. He has been robbed of the victory four times now, a Survivor record. - Blizzard

Best physical player, can win sitting next to likable people and still win, although he made some strategic blunders he is not that bad, he has strategy it just didn't workout because cochran flipped...

He is the best physical player in the history of survivor. He should be way up there on the list. He totally should have won his second season when he came back from redemption island!

I think oozy should defiantly be bumped up a little I would say number 4 mostly because he is awesome. I think oozy played one of the best physical games ever in survivor history.the season Cook Islands oozy in my opinion played better then he did in Micronesia way better and in Cook Islands when it was 4 against 8 in my opinion yul and ozzy did most of the work and ozzy and Sandra should have tried to flush the idol especially Sandra but anyway ozzy so deserves to be on the list

Best physical player out there. He is an asset to a tribe, and is good strategically as well. By people around him making errors, he only got as far as he could alone in South Pacific.

Love his charisma - the best strategic player ever. Wish he could do more shows like Rob - he would do well because we can never get enough of his personality!

Ozzie was the best player ever he was amazing in challenges and in Cook Islands he was an underdog but he made it all the way to the end he is awesome!

May not have been the most strategic, but still remains one of the most dominating layers of all time, both at tribal and individual immunities.

Best physical dominator with out doubt, isn't really the best strategic player. Dominated Cook Islands 3-4 vote lost but is my number 1.

Ozzy is one of my all time favorite players. He was the brawn to Yul's brain and Yul get as far as he did, there is now way he should be number ten!

How's he at number 44. He's awesome. One of the best challenges dominates in the game. He's won the most immunity challenges ever.

You take away all the bad luck, and just put it down to survivor, he's the best. Should have won. Would like to see him return.