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41 Kelley Wentworth - San Juan Del Sur/Cambodia

Kelley had a first run that was cut short really because of her father being there, she was checkmated by his behavior and her only option would have been to vote him out, but even that would've sealed her fate for the next tribal, because who was going to trust the girl that voted her dad out pre-merge? Before this, she was still able to survive after randomly being targeted by Drew Christy for being too large of a threat. She orchestrated his vote off and even though the season had a weird gender imbalance, she was able to rally the minority group of girls to take over the dysfunctional boys and send out the guy targeting her in her first tribal council.
Kelley in Second Chances proved Drew Christy's prophecy of her being a major threat as nothing but the truth. Finding the first ever hidden immunity idol in a challenge in the very first challenge was her first sign that she was there to play. After that, and after successfully voting with the majority the first tribal, she found ...more

In San Juan Del Sur, she never got to play the game she wanted because she not only had to look out for herself but for her dad as well which led to her downfall and being voted out, this time in Cambodia she finally got the individual game she always wanted to play, she even found and played two idols which is her biggest improvement in the game in my opinion.

She is I think better than Parvati, as she does not really use some villainous technique to do some great blindside. And if Jeremy choose her instead of Spencer, then he might 1 million dollar poor than what he is now.

I knew since San Juan Del Sur that she is a beast. Best player of Cambodia, I have no doubt that she will be back for a third time

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42 Robert "Bob" Crowley - 1st Place - Gabon
43 Natalie Anderson - Survivor San Juan Del Sur

She kicked butt! She hid in the shadows for so long and pretended she didn't even exist, until the one episode where she became the center and told everyone she was going to take revenge. Just amazing. Hands down, AMAZING!

One of a the most fun players to watch that I have ever seen on this show!

One of the most entertaining winners. She played perfectly after Jeremy's blindside.

She was definitely a lot more focused without Nadiya. - naFrovivuS

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44 Vecepia Robinson - Winner - Marquesas
45 Danni Boatwright - Winner - Guatemala

With a sly smile and cunning sneakiness, Danni showed that it is possible to survive after your entire alliance has been voted out.

you made a great job in guatemala...

Under rated! Sly, cunning, athletic, social & stanama in a very physically draining season! Love to see her play again

She made literally no mistakes. She hid strategy from cameras to avoid jeff's revealing questions at tribal council (like nobody before her) made social bonds with everybody in the jury including steph's only ftc voter, and slid her way into the remaining alliance, orchestrated judd's blidside, and won fic. She is probably the best female player ever.

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46 Sarah Lacina - 11th Place - Cagayan

She clearly played like a villain and voted out the whole jury while only Andrea realized how big of a threat she honestly was and was a part of every blindside. She is the reason why everyone was placed on the jury and in she never had any official votes thrown at her the whole game. She is definitely a game changer

She was included on every vote and and had no official votes against her the whole game which is really impressive. What got her out last time, staying in the middle, is what caused her to win this time.

She won game changers and was in on every vote

47 Rafe Judkins - 3rd Place - Guatemala

Rafe should be before danni he played strategic and he was also good at individual challenges great player

Rafe made a dumb move telling Danni that she can pick anyone. Otherwise he would have been in the final 2 and probably WON!

Lol he still loses to Danni, and she wouldn't have taken him to ftc anyway.

48 Jane Bright - 6th Place - Nicaragua

Um, she's awesome and hilarious but not an all time great player. - dathriftshop

Never judge a book by it's cover, Jane is a living testimate to this because she looks like an old lady, but, she did really well in challenges.

49 Aras Baskauskas - Winner - Panama

Just like Stephen fishbach and abi, areas is one of my favorite survivor players, and ultimately my favorite winner of all times.

Aras is great strategist and manipulator but not with a flashy gameplay.

Currently has the record for the most voted received of any Sole Survivor. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

He would have won blood vs water too had tyson not been so after him

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50 Hayden Moss - 6th Place - Blood vs. Water

Hope he comes back in another season!

Represented big brother well!

He should be the one getting credit for that rock draw not that moron Ciera!

51 Tyson Apostal - Winner - Blood vs Water

The guy was quite a character and added tons of laughs in Tocantins although he basically voted himself out in Heroes vs Villains. But in Blood vs. Water, he was a machine. When the merger happened, he proved time and time again he was the smartest player as well as dominating in challenges. He played, in my opinion, a pretty flawless game from Day 1 to 39. Won more challenges than any season 27 competitor, stuck to alliances, manipulated players like Monica and Sierra, and when he made it to the final tribal council, we all knew who would win. He won 7-1-0 with only Vytas voting for Monica. Tyson, based on his season 27 performance alone should be in the top ten players list because he took over the game start to finish.

Never have I seen a contestant make such a big comeback. Tyson definitely dominated all aspects of the game in Blood vs. Water. He was physically dominant, socially dominant, and somehow even strategically dominant. Definitely deserved to win. - naFrovivuS

Funniest player to win and one of the smartest. Domination is the only word worthy of describing of his winning season. In the final tribal council, the other players had nothing to say because he led the alliance and made all the moves. Plus Gervasse annoyed everyone and Monica was just so paranoid and naive.

Yes, Tyson was an idiot twice but played one of the best games ever in bvw. he should be in the top ten

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52 Kass McQuillen - 3rd Place - Cagayan

Kass figured out that she was not part of her alliance and flipped. If it wasn't for a final two or Tony, Kass wins Survivor

53 Ami Cusack - 6th Place - Survivor: Vanuatu

Extremely cunning. Strong physical player. Works well in alliances. A player that can easily take the bull by the horns or disappear into the shadows. By far one of the best to never win the game. She could win, but she can't let her heart get in the way of the game like it did the last 2 times she played.

First truly dominant female player in Survivor. Orchestrated the first powerful female alliance. Made a mistake at final 7 in agreeing to vote out Eliza rather than Chris (she would have cruised to a win otherwise). Strong physically, strong strategically, and underrated socially.

54 Frosti Zernow - 8th Place - Survivor: China V 1 Comment
55 Susie Smith - 2nd Place - Gabon

Most underrated player ever.

56 Jonathan Penner - 7th Place - Philippines Jonathan Penner - 7th Place - Philippines

He was targeted right from the start by Jeff Kent, but through a combination of challenge wins, smooth talking, and immunity idols he schemed his way to the final seven. He would have won if he had joined Lisa and Skupin. He never gave up, which is why he got so far. He is a consistently strong finisher.

This guy was so enjoyable and charismatic - q1q1q1q1q1

When he returned on the Philippines, I screamed with joy

Jonathan penner was awesome and a very huge strategical threat.

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57 Deena Bennett - 8th Place - The Amazon V 1 Comment
58 Alexis Jones - 6th Place - Micronesia V 2 Comments
59 Natalie Bolton - 4th Place - Micronesia

Pulled off a big blindside with Jason, and with help from Cirie, pulled off the biggest blindside ever with Erik.

Incredibly underrated, how has she never had a second chance yet some people have been brought back 4 times?!

One of the greatest female survivors to not be an all-star. Also the original last fan standing.

One of the best one time players

60 Eliza Orlins - 4th Place - Vanuatu

An extremely underrated player, she deserves a lot more credit then she's given. Everyone wanted her gone since Day 1 and she lasted until the last episode, with only one immunity under her belt. She won around 2/3 of the reward challenges and was part of the all-female alliance that conquered the game, up until final 7 when Eliza turned against them and got LeAnn and then the ringleader, Ami, out. She was an entertaining player and made a really good underdog. One of my top favorites

Smart player what else can you say! She made an alliance got to the top 7 with them and voted out the leaders of it when needed if she won that immunity challenge she would've won Vanutau

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