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21 Aras Baskauskas

Likable, had a strong social game, and was great at challenges. One of the most underestimated winners in survivor history, really would have liked to see him play another time to make a bigger splash in survivor history. Pretty much did everything he could in his one season unlike most of these people who have played multiple times.

22 Natalie Anderson

She made a couple of genius moves that I never would have thought of: voting out Alec instead of Keith and using her idol to spare Jaclyn. You look at winners like Rob and Kim and think that they dominated their seasons, but it's easy to forget that either one would have lost if they hadn't won the last Immunity Challenge. Natalie didn't depend on that. She had the best Final Four strategy ever. If Jaclyn won, she knew she could get her and Missy to vote out Keith, which is what happened. But even if Keith had won, she knew she could get him to vote Missy (which he did), and possibly Jaclyn would as well. Both felt like they owed her for saving them, and they didn't want to look like jerks in front of the Jury. A really smart player if you ask me.

Jaclyn should have voted for her and created a tie between Natalie and Baylor. Missy and Jaclyn would have sent Natalie home on the revote. Eliminated by your own idol.



23 Adam Klein

Even Ken should have won that final 3. Ken made moves in the beginning and did not need to afterward because he as in the best position in the game and never targeted. Ken won 4 immunities and convinced people to make moves against their best interests. Think about it: Convinces Jessica to flip: clearly bad move for her as she receives votes next tribal for it. Convinces Adam to flip: bad move as he was targeted because of it next tribal. Hannah flips to his side and is targeted next tribal because of it. Convinces Will to flip and Will is then voted out next tribal because of it. Not only that, David and Jessica both gave up their advantages to protect him. Jessica gave legacy advantage to him instead of David as proof of better social game. Ken made moves when he needed to like voting out David. Ken made it to the end with 2 goats that everyone wanted to go to the end with, and the jury screwed him. The only move that Adam made in the game was flipping which was a bad one because it ...more

Ken had a horrendous social game, made no strategic moves, and rode David's coattail for 38 days. No way would he win. - naFrovivuS

Tricky little guy. Tried to get everyone on his side to garner enough votes at the end. He didn't win by pity, the story about his mom would've flipped Taylor and Michelle, but everyone else was with Adam. - naFrovivuS

Misplayed 3 idols (Even tricked David)

24 Sarah Lacina

Played the Cesternino game. Knew when to flip, knew when to strike, and always found a way out. Great winner, even though I wanted Cirie to win more. - naFrovivuS

She played flawlessly and formed great relationships

25 Earl Cole

The first person to win a unanimous vote. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Was likeable and made a pretty huge blindside by getting rid of Yau

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26 Mike Holloway Mike Holloway

For years, people have been talking about the potential of having a player that is on the outs, wins challenges, makes it to the end, and wins. We Almost got that with Kelly Wiglesworth way back in the first season, and we probably would've if it wasn't for that stupid number guessing game Greg played. Regardless, it took awhile, but we eventually did get a winner like that in the most recent season with Mike Holloway. Challenge dominator, good around camp, an underdog throughout the second half of the game, and one of the only people that you could possibly root for in a season fully of hatable villains. If they ever do a "Heroes vs. Villains 2", they better bring this guy back as a hero!

He destroyed an alliance with his terrible social game. Rodney completely outplayed him. He will be refacing Rodney on the villains tribe with Rodney on the heroes tribe

How is he last? He won five individual immunities! He took an ally to the end who was popular with the jury, and HE STILL WON!

Oh please, we all knew he would win the moment he came on. - naFrovivuS

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27 Jenna Morasca
28 Tyson Apostol Tyson Apostol

HATEHATEHATE! only reason he won was cause it was the worst final 3 ever!

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29 Michele Fitzgerald

Not the worst winner - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

30 Danni Boatwright

I think Danni deserves more credit than she gets. If you really stop and think about it, most winners only have one or two big moves that get them to the end. First, Danni bought a clue that helped her win Immunity. And then she had a conversation with Judd about who the power players were, making sure that Stephenie saw them talking. Stephenie was then easily convinced by Danni that Judd wanted her gone, and she was able to slide right back into the game after being the only member left in her alliance. Most of all, I think she deserved the money because she gave such honest, straightforward answers at the Final Tribal Council. She knew that that's what the Jury wants to hear. I wish Rafe had won, but Danni is still an underrated winner.

She should actually be in the top 10. Underrated winner and someone everyone loved to see win.

31 Jud "Fabio" Birza

Everyone who's seen the show talks about how great a player Natalie white is such an amazing player ( Which I disagree with). SO TELL ME WHY FABIO GETS SO MUCH HATE! This kid is basically Natalie White, but good.

Pretty much the lovable dumb blonde. Made friends with pretty much everyone. Good player. - naFrovivuS

He got to the finale against two people no one liked anyway. Dan's jury speech says it all. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Most unlikely to win from the start.

32 Vecepia Towery

Very underrated and she was the pioneer of the under the radar

She played the best game never was in danger until the final 4

The only reason she won was because the jury was STUPID!

33 Amber Brkich

I think Amber is the best because she met her husband Rob

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