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1 Walt Disney World

With walt disney world I don't know where to begin. There's Epcot, MAgic Kingdom, Animal KIngdom and hollywood studios, in one world! The rides are amazing, tower of terror, rockin' rollercoaster, splash mountain, expedition everest, and the back lot tours. And don't even get me started on the yummy food. Plus in the parks they have outstanding shows, light motors action, indiana jones stunt show, it's tough to be a bug and the fantasmic! the first time I set foot in Disney I was one. No wonder I love Disney so much! Go to Disney this summer. You'll love it!

If I were head of Walt Disney World I would rename to Dinopark Orlando, replace all attraction with dinosaur themed attraction, replace Cinderella castle with argentinosaurus.

I've been to walt Disney, it's good, but not THAT good. I'm from Canada, and they have more than 45 thousand water parks. Plus, water central, one of my favorite parks, is better than walt Disney world. Water central has more rides than Disney world. And water central's rides are better than Disney world's and more enjoyable

It's so magic! It's got 4 epic theme parks, two fun as water parks, two Disney "entertainment districts", 6 golf courses, 25 beautiful and luxurious hotels, a sports complex, a racing complex, and a community with gorgeous homes! BEST PLACE ever!

2 Disneyland

It doesn't matter how fast all the rides are. It feels you with an unimaginable feeling of happinrss

Disneyland is far too often criticized for its lack of Six Flags-level thrill rides. I always respond to this type of criticism by explaining that Disney's attractions are higher quality: they are richly themed, heartwarmingly nostalgic, and open to a wider age group. Disney parks are truly amazing. Never deny it!

Memories are key to life. So go to Disneyland!

Put this higher, this and Walt Disney World are the best theme parks in the world! Cars Land in Disney California Adventure is the best theme park land ever created, and Radiator Springs Racers is the best theme park ride ever created! Disney parks DO have thrill rides, and great ones! In addition, Disney parks are richly themed and the rides are just like the commenter below described. No one can beat Disney parks.

3 Cedar Point

I go every year and it never gets boring. Also recommended staying at their hotel. It is awesome.

How can you not love this place? It's so beautiful with so much stuff to do. A lot of you are probably thinking it's all roller coasters. Nope, there's way more! Cabins that you can spend the night in, soak city the water park doesn't cost money to get into, your aloud to sail and swim in Lake Erie, and over 70 rides with many shows. Need I say more. Best place to take your family, and groups of friends! Cedar point all the way!

I live about an hour away and get season passes every year, and let me just say, this place is awesome! I've been to other amusement parks across the country but nothing beats Cedar Point! It's clean, has a great setup, and most importantly has great roller coasters! Each and every roller coaster here has something new to offer (giga coaster, winged coaster, dive coaster, etc.) Every ride is different! I never get sick of this park!

There is no better, this is as good as it get's. been there many times through the years and it just keeps getting better. next best is Magic Mountain

4 Universal Studios Florida

If you love big rides then this is the place to go as it has some of the best rides in the world including The incredible Hulk Coaster which goes up side down a mind boggling seven times at a speed of 67mph also there is Dragon Challenge which is in Harry Potter world which is a themed section of the park Dragon Challenge is one of the best themed rides in the world also there are many other thrill rides including DR Dooms Fear Fall, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (which you go up vertically and you can choose a song to play on the ride) and Revenge of the Mummy. This is the best park in the world in terms of best themed thrill rides its got something for all the family there are many other rides suitable for children as well like ET The simpsons and many other water rides

I love Island of Adventures! It has so many cool and exiting rides.

I went to both Universal Studios and Disney World last summer, and I think Disney World is more for kids, and Universal Studios is more for teens.

Where is that old Hanna-Barbera/Jimmy Neutron ride? Despicable Me is the best ride of all time. I'll get to visit Curious George (the friendliest monkey) there. They have a stage show based on Pitch Perfect 2 and sell Universal Studios merchandise (including their newest American Girl movie, An American Girl: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight, on Blu-ray Disc).

It's just great for people who love big rides. Maybe not the best for little ones, though.

5 Six Flags Magic Mountain

Yeah Disney land and disneyworld are really good if your looking to experience and walk through your favorite franchises and pretend your in them like Star Wars and Harry Potter. But six flags is if your looking for thrilling and suspenseful rides.

Super Man Last Escape and Daredevil will kick any rides $$$! Hell YEAH!

Coasters so fast you feel unkillable and on top of the world. Unforgetable!

It has the best rides and gives me the shivers

6 Sea World, Orlando



This. park Gets A lot Of Hate For the stupidest Reasons

Don't PUT THIS ON HERE! They abuse animals and put them under too much stress and kill them.
They killed Shamu's mother, took cows away from their mothers, and STONE BABY EMPEROR PENGUINS!
This prison disguised as a "THEME PARK" should be CLOSED!

Another PETA supporter who is completely ignorant about their lies. - InfinateSuperstorm

7 Hersheypark

I think that Hershey Park is so much fun, especially rides like the Fahrenheit, the Sky Rush, etc. Plus, I love Hershey's chocolate

Great variety of rides

I love this place and I love the cute mascots!

Been there 7 times now

8 Universal Studios Hollywood

I like it over there it's so cool. I even wish I lived there

Universal eats Disney for breakfast and uses Disney's blood as salad dressing.

I love this place! Nick hotel sucks. It's so stupid. Why do so many people like it?

It's is a good place just like knotts berry farm

9 Busch Gardens Tampa
10 Universal's Islands of Adventure

This isn't the best theme park in the world. It may not have the most insane coasters or thrill rides, but everybody can enjoy islands of adventure. They have the Incredible Hulk, dragon challenge, and the little Harry Potter coaster that's nice for the little ones. Like I said, these aren't the best coasters, but the way they interact with the "island" is just incredible. This park also has the best simulators and water rides ever created. Rip saw falls is THE best log flume, and Jurassic park river adventure is beautiful! This park also has the Spider-Man and Harry Potter simulators that will be one of the best experiences you've ever had. Not to mention, the food in universal's city walk is OUTSTANDING. This park just sends such a different vibe than all of the Disney/six flags/cedar fair parks, therefore it is my favorite theme park

Whats going on here? Why isn't this in the top 3? This is the best Universal park in the world! With Harry Potter, Marvel, Kong, and other excellent, immersive lands, groundbreaking thrills, and the award winning Mythos restaurant. They have set a new standard for theme parks. Universal Express allows you to skip the lines without any limits. They have unique attractions with amazing theming such as The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and Skull Island: Reign of Kong. They have two great roller coasters Incredible Hulk, and Dueling Dragons. Three of the best water rides Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges, Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls, and Jurassic Park River Adventure live at this park. It has Seuss Landing so children can enjoy the park too. Without a doubt the best theme park in the U.S. so get out to Islands Of Adventure now.

They are currently doing a stage show based on Pitch Perfect 2.

Disney is for pussies

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11 Legoland California

Awesome and great for kids... The only negative is that the lines are kinda long. Good for both girls and boys and cool rides that kids will enjoy. We had lots of fun there.

Been here, honestly it is very mediocre. It is geared towards 3-8 year-olds, problem is that a lot of the rides have ridiculous height restrictions where your 3,4, and 5 year-olds won't be able to get on the rides. The rides are too dumbed-down for tweens and teens, and even 9 and 10 years of age. Making for a small niche a of appeal for ages 6-8.

Number 1! Number 1! I vote number 1!

Most boring place on EARTH.

12 California's Great America

I love this place, ever since it opened I loved going here every year.

There’s also Six Flags Great America in Illinois where I live. Why don’t you go there instead? It has very good rollercoasters like Raging Bull, Goliath, Superman, X-Flight, and Maxx Force. Maxx Force isn’t open yet but when it does, it will be better than X2 at Magic Mountain!

13 Silver Dollar City

This is my home park, needs to be way higher on the list. It's a fantastic park with great coasters like Wildfire, Powderkeg, Outlaw Run, Time Traveler, etc.

14 Alton Towers, Stoke-on-Trent

This is such a great park! The food is amazing, the water park is on point and all the rides are just phenomenal. I went there for two nights and the accommodation was spot on. All the staff were friendly and the nighttime entertainment was splendid! I have nothing else to say about it that is bad because it is just PERFECT! The rides vary from adult ones like nemesis and oblivion to kids ones like the run away mine train and Cbeebies land! If you are going, have a great time! You WON'T regret it!

This is the legend of all parks and its thrills, fun and theming will remain unbeaten. First 14 looping roller coaster, first vertical drop roller coaster, first free fall drop roller coaster, First flying coaster, first inverted coaster. GET THIS IN THE TOP TEN NOW!

Nemesis, Oblivion, Air, Rita, Th13teen, Sonic Spinball and The Smiler: best british theme park

Lets get this to number one, fellow Alton towers fans!

15 Walt Disney World's Epcot
16 California Adventure

This place deserves to be in first because look Cars Land, Paradise Pier and even my favorite show, the World of Color! They show pictures in the shades of spouting water. That is way more creative and plus it is less crowded than Walt Disney World! The dwarf mountain in Walt Disney World has no lower than a 70 minute wait on a 80 degree temperatures day! It really gets me impatient! California Adventure is the best!

DCA underwent a HUGE billion-dollar face-lift from 2007-2012, that transformed the park from a bad one to an amazing one! Cars Land is the best theme park land ever created. The theming of the rockwork and mountains, with the lush waterfalls. Radiator Springs Racers is the best theme park ride ever created! In addition to Cars Land, there's the masterpiece World of Color, and many other awesome rides like Silly Symphony Swings, Soarin' Over California, Goofy's Sky School, California Screamin', Toy Story Mania, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Ladybug Boogie, and more!

California Screamin', Maliboomer, Sun Wheel, Soarin' Over California, Grizzly River Run, Tower Of Terror, Radiator Springs Racers, Mulholland Madness, and It's Tough To Be A Bug are all excellent.

This is cool

17 Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
18 SeaWorld, San Diego

NO WAY! SeaWorld abuses their orcas, confining them into a cramped space, forcing them to do stupid tricks for money, and house them with incompatible tank-mates. The same goes for many other "attractions (animals are not ATTRACTIONS)." I'm fine with most zoos and petting zoos, IF they give the animals adequate space, food, and care, and especially if they rehabilitate their animals, but I would NEVER pay money to depress and abuse innocent animals, just as most uneducated people do. If you really like animals (and not just the cute ones), you should never go to SeaWorld. I usually never hold grudges, and give people second chances, but SeaWorld goes TOO FAR, even for my standards. And no, I am not a PETA extremist.
If you want more information on how SeaWorld treats its animals, I suggest watching a documentary on Netflix called Blackfish.

Oh look, a PETA supporter who doesn't realize that most of what they say are lies. - InfinateSuperstorm

Ok guys stop it. SeaWorld isn't that bad. Sure it makes orcas do tricks for money, but if you just take out some of the shows, the place is still an amazing theme park. They have two roller coasters, Manta and Journey to Atlantis, and they are building a new roller coaster for the people who want more thrills. So yeah, maybe SeaWorld is forcing orcas to do tricks, but just take out the animal shows, and put some new rides and you got a good theme park that PETA won't go that crazy about.

I remember my first time watching blackfish. Thankfully I watched it after I saw orcas doing backflips in a BATHTUB. that's how big it is to them apperantly. I guess orcas like swimming a lot. But that really is the only bad thing about Seaworld san diego. Everything else is pretty good. I mean, they have sharks their. and other things like sea turtles. so other all it's pretty nice. They will release their orcas to some place for retired orcas this year.

This place is horrible! It abuses their orca's and takes the babies away from their moms for money. Terrible place.

19 Kings Dominion

They haven't gotten a coaster in 7 years. Spend your money at Islands Of Adventure

Dominator is so FUN!

Such a great park!
What's not to like!?

Put it higher, it's ABSOLUTELY amazing! Intimidator 305 is the fastest, most thrilling rollercoaster on the East Coast, at 305 feet and 94mph, with a 300ft drop. There also other big rides like Dominator, Anaconda, Volcano, Windseeker, Rebel Yell, The Hurler, Bad Apple, Shenandoah Log Chute, Drop Tower, Avalanche, Flying Ace, Grizzly, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Berserker, The Crypt, Flight of Fear, White Water Canyon, Ricochet, and dozens more! The centerpiece of KD is the 315-foot Eiffel Tower. Haunt is also AWESOME! I HEART KINGS DOMINION!

20 Aquatica
21 Knott's Berry Farm

cool that the cartoon network show brain rush was filmed there it always started with the boomerang

This place has cool roller coasters. Not as many big ones as Six Flags or Cedar Point, but still pretty big rides and a lot of variety!

This. Place. Is. Epic! Top three rides:

1. Ghost Rider

2. Xcellarator

3. Boomerang

22 Knoebels Amusement Resort

Seriously? Why would knoebels not be on this list? Its amazing!

Home of the king of all wooden roller coasters

The Impulse truely lives up to its name.

23 Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay

This is a great themed park, and I've been to them all! It integrate animals and water and is great for family and children, it's such a great place. The admission is competitive and it has AWESOME rides throughout.

I know this park like the back of my hand!

Love the coasters and wildlife

I've been here and it was awesome

24 Canada's Wonderland

Canada's wonderland is my favourite theme park! With giant rollercoasters like leviathan and behemoth and a giant waterpark you might see why. Lots of theme parks have less rides but bigger area but canadas wonderland is the second biggest theme park by amout of ride and yet there is literally 1 ride every 20 metres. Luckily I live close to this theme park and have a seasons pass so I can go every day! I can ride my favorite ride ever, leviathan, so many times.

Canadas Wonderland is awesome! it has the best rollercoasters and rides. Oh and it has an awesome water park. I love the BEHEMOTH! I GET AN ADRENALINE RUSH JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! WOHOO

I love this place! Can't wait to go on the Leviathan!

I agree, Canada's wonderland is definentely the best

25 Disney's Blizzard Beach
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