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41 Six Flags Great Adventure

Raging bull goliath batman superman American eagle viper x flight WHY IS THIS SO LOW

Home to tallest coaster in the world

Best theme park in the world if not the best 2nd to cedar point

43?! You're kidding

42 Genting Outdoor Theme Park
43 Six Flags Over Texas

A first for many rides (first log flume, mine cart ride, double looping coaster, and rmc ride)

44 La Ronde, Canada

This is great, home to the great Montreal Goliath

45 Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Galveston

I've been here and this place was awesome bruh this should be no. 1!

46 Wet 'n' Wild, Williamsburg
47 Liseberg, Sweden
48 Wet 'n Wild, Orlando

its just an awsome water park!

49 Silverwood
50 Dorney Park, Allentown

This is actually a really fun park with awesome rides

Love dorney! Two parks for the price of one

It's My Home Park And Its Great And Very Underrated

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51 Knoebels Amusement Resort

Seriously? Why would knoebels not be on this list? Its amazing!

The Impulse truely lives up to its name. - TealBoyxx

52 Wild Adventures, Valdosta GA
53 Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia

Should be in top 10 at least. Great Place! - micahisthebest

Awesome. Fun rides, kids section, good food, Carnivale, family friendly.

Best theme park ever! Plus it has the first virtual reality roller coaster! I'ts called the Arkham Asylum

54 Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Let me tell you that Magic Mountain is definitely not the best Six Flags park.

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55 Luna Park, US

It's In Coney Island In Brooklyn And I Live In NYC Queens So Just Get On 2 Subways Wait 3 hours your there and the first thing I got there is Luna park - Stevenpenguin

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56 Epcot V 1 Comment
57 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom V 1 Comment
58 Silver Dollar City
59 Alton Towers Resort
60 Tokyo Disneyland Resort
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