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21 Library

Not really. All I see are books and more books that I can explore. But some of them are terrible like who writes about Dora the explorer. And Judy Blume.

Library is always so fun! My library period is borrowing books and we always get to do fun activities after!

I love all kinds of books.

What's a library?

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22 Graduating

That moment in High school that you are done with it, but you gotta do college.

So can't wait for grad

23 Vacations

REALLY! How is this in it if school didn't exist then every day would be a vacation

24 You Get Friends
25 Bullies Get Expelled

No, just no. Innocents get punished these days- bullies are not.

Thus is bad if you are a bully

I'm so glad u brung this up I had a friend that was a bully to me

Nope only in college.
Maybe in olde school era a teacher would've caned them.

26 Your Teachers Might Be Nice
27 You Might Have a Good Education
28 It Helps You Get Into a Good College
29 Art

Art actually doesn't suck. I love art, but at my school, it gets kind of mediocre.

Art is fun from the other subjects. It's pretty good. - ivylee

Art is just boring to me.

I absolutely hate when we do art 🎨

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30 Science

I love science! My favourite subject! - ivylee

Learning is more of making your way to college

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31 The School Might Give You a Computer
32 Hot Teachers

My English teacher is SO hot! She's even hotter than most of the girls at school

My science teacher looks exactly like Tina Fey, so that's awesome!

Always nice to have something to look at in class... - GuitarZero

That's my teacher - Belle9090

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33 The School Might Be Progressive
34 Cool Teachers

One of my teachers wasn't just cool, she was the original ice-maiden... - Britgirl

I like all of my teachers. They're all cool and accept my awkwardness. They're not like the students

I do like my teachers! They are really nice to me! - ivylee

Teachers are not cool. - Kaboom

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35 Electives
36 At School You Have Fun
37 Learning

Learning new & interesting things :o

Lening is fun

boring - schoolsucks

38 Talking to Many People

Nah, I'm all alone - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

39 Morning Assembly

BORING-I don't care if I spelt that wrong

You spelt it right


40 Hot Chicks

Of course for all of the sex

Ew bleach is being requested - MChkflaguard_Yt

hell yeah

Ewww gross - Belle9090

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