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1 He believes in God

For some reason SmoothCriminal and Godisawesome1 created a list about themselves but when I do it people think I'm selfish! That's weird. But seriously, this guz awesome! - Alpha101

Well, it may seem racist to say that, but yeah, I can believe ya there. And I already knew by your name hat you thought, "God is Awesome... " 1. And I like Call of Duty. Thank you. Ick Vaad!

God bless you, GIA! - HezarioSeth

God is the best! No one can compare to His majesty and greatness and holliness! - llamabaconllama37

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2 He likes Chuck Norris

I am Chuck norris - Gamecubesarecool193

3 He likes sports
4 He likes video games

I have been playing video games since I was 1 year old Mario is my FAVE! - Godisawesome1

5 He likes meat

That's a reason to like someone? Well I'm vegetarian does that make me less liked? Not insulting anyone hereI just thought what a random thing to put on a list ofreasons to like someone - happyhappyjoyjoy

6 He gets straight A's

I get Honor Roll all the time. - Godisawesome1

7 He loves reading

I have been reading War and Peace. - Godisawesome1

8 He makes lots of friends

I have at least 10 friends - Godisawesome1

9 He likes Youtube

I like The Ultimate Showdown. - Godisawesome1

10 He likes TheTopTens

Ihave made 5 lists, I think, so far. - Godisawesome1

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11 He doesn't post mean comments

Good I like someone that's like that. - funnyuser

12 He was born the same day as Elvis Presley
13 He has a nice profile
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