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1 Spend Time With Loved Ones

I like this better because some people do get carried away and think it is all about the toys and presents and it's not it is about spending love, time, and joy with your family and friends.

This is what Christmas means - MatrixGuy

I usually spend time with my family on Christmas day but sometimes on Christmas Eve as well.

Listen to some songs that talk about the true reason for the season

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2 Watch a Christmas TV Show or Movie

We watch the film Polar Express every year, Absolutely brilliant! Love this film

I don't know if this counts as a Christmas T.V. show or movie but on Christmas Eve night I go and watch tsn year in review. Tsn is espn in Canada. Also opening one present on Christmas Eve is good but there is no use for voting for it because its at the top spot. Opening one gift is good because Christmas isn't about getting, you know.

I always watch a movie on Christmas Eve, as there are plenty of Christmas movies on to suit everyone. Watching a Christmas Movie gets you really excited and I find it helps me sleep. Most Christmas movies can be watched by the whole family.


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3 Track Santa

It's always fun to track Santa!

I do this all day on Christmas Eve even though I don't believe in him any more

Even if you don't believe in him its always fun to "know" where the big man is on his trip!

Spoiler Alert: Santa's not real.

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4 Listen to Christmas Music

This truly gets you in the mood of Christmas

This really works I Listened and relaxed and listened to 3 Christ mas albums and I looked at the clock and it was 7:30 so I would really suggest every one to do this

I do this every year, brilliant, passes the time so much and before I know it, the family are calling me through for dinner. lol, great idea.

DAMN. Culture and other 2017 albums like Starboy would be great for kids. - AlphaQ

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5 Remember to Put Christ In Christmas

Jesus is the reason of the season

Agree 100% It's all about Jesus being born into this sin infested world to take our place & save us from all of our sins. He is the only way the truth & the life. Your faith in him & him only has saved from all your sins. Your sins are truly forgiven go & live in this peace.

Do something spiritual. Read the bible, go to church, go to a play or show about Christ.

Reason for the season

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6 Open 1 Gift

Opening presents can get you into the spirit of christmas! Just to remember your excitement on Chrismas Day when you see that stocking full of presents. Also the enjoyment and rebellious feeling of opening a present early. That alone can get you excited, even if the present you open is well, not so good. If you still don't agree with opening a present on Christmas Eve, then just think, you're get a present early! always a good excuse

I love to do thing on Christmas Eve because if you have kids like me (little ones) this usually holds them over until Christmas morning. Pick a small gift that is fun but not a huge time consuming gift. Pick Wisely! Happy Holidays!

In stead of opening gifts on Christmas Eve we make up a Christmas Eve box so the kids can open it. We put Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows, Popcorn, A movie, A new mug, A new Christmas book and new pajamas and then we sit and watch all the movies every one got on their boxes! It really fun and it saves having to open actual gifts.

What no. Open all of em. - AlphaQ

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7 Sing Christmas Carols

I like to do that at home, but singing at strangers doors I'm not so sure...

I sing all day! On Christmas of course, in my mind I'd be singing songs like Jingle Bells and 12 Days of Christmas.

Carols are the best

Singing Christmas Carols makes people happy.

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8 Give Gifts to Your Loved Ones

It's fun to do it and it will make them feel loved..

It's a wonderful feeling...You'll feel so happy that time will fly

This always gets me in the sprit of the holidays

Give my older brother a spanking. - AlphaQ

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9 Have Christmas Dinner

We always go out for mexican food this tradition gives you a chance to spend time with loved ones, eat a delicious meal, and feel even more excited for christmas

For my family Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner are the 2 best dinners of the year - Ajkloth

I to do this with my family

KFC and pizza! - AlphaQ

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10 Leave Sweets Out for Santa

He works hard that night, better give him some energy!

We put out chocolate milk and some type of cookies that we (my family) vote on

Egg nog and a few cookies is alway fun to make with my little Angel

I think the the chocolate milk idea is cool

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11 Drive or Walk Around Looking at Christmas Lights

I always have a blast doing that with my friends or family! Sometimes I like to see the lights that go all out and beautiful. I usually do this every year with my family for some good memories that I can remember my whole life! I like to take pictures so I could show my kids or friends when I grow up and tell him the story al about it!

I love doing this, one year my mom and I even saw a deer while we were driving around looking a lights. This is a great thing to do with your parents or your kids because it's magical to see everyone's lights. Especially the people who go over board with their lights.

Where I live, the whole court house is lit up and TONS of trees around it are covered in hundreds of lights! Also, my city sets up something called the Valley of Lights you can drive through, and the have a Christmas Wonderland Light Attraction walk through!

Watching lights are a great way to spread Christmas cheer

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12 Watch Movies

My favorite movies are The Charlie Brown Christmas and Elf, the kids especially love How the Grinch Stole Christmas too.

Every year on Christmas Day my family always watch a Disney movie. This year Dumbo. Last year we had to watch Frozen. We watch Home Alone too.

I love doing this. I always watch Elf on Christmas Eve, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a good movie to watch as well.

Best thing to do for sure!

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13 Bake Cookies

This is a tradition in our family. This is because we always bring over TONS of cookies to our grandmothers house, and it will be a tradition that never ends!

Every year we bake cookies they make the whole house smell so good!

I love baking cookies with my kids

Doing that In 5 minutes

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14 Go to Bed Early

Its not that I like to do this because it gets boring because I can't get to sleep! It's just when your in bed staring at your empty stocking forcing yourself to go to sleep it's so annoying but then eventually after trying to do starjumps, rolly pollys and reading to try and get yourself tired your eyes slowly shut and your out in half an hour ;) its not normal

Because santa is coming

I live with a family of seven and 5 of that number is children! So as you can guess it's pretty hard to make them all go to sleep! We tried layering it but the younger ones complained that the older ones would stop Santa from coming and the wouldn't go to sleep until they came up to bed, so we scrapped that idea and decided to try this idea!
We would let them open up their Christmas Eve boxes and then we would buy previously a caldron and we would put it in the middle of the room with hot water and we would let each of the kids pour their packet of hot chocolate on and then read out a little letter that their elf on the shelf left and the letter would roughly say this.
and it would tell the kids that this was a special drink to make them fo to sleep and it would actually make them sleep!

Why? You Can Spy On Santa. - AlphaQ

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15 Go to Church

I agree! People should spend less time fooling around and actually do what they like, if church is your thing great it may not be anyone else's but I do believe in doing what you love especially during the Christmas season so getting on out there is the best thing for you since the Brady bunch.

Jesus is the reason for the season people! No way would you enjoy December as much if it weren't for him!

Wow. #52? Am I the only one who goes to church on Christmas Eve? Scream "happy Birthday Lois Tomlinson is #14 and Go to Church is #52? Christmas is NOT about the presents or One Direction. it is about JESUS! - agsbunnyminecraft

That's a great idea

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16 Go Out On a Drive to See Christmas Lights

I love doing this I always try and count the Christmas trees or drive to a really big hill so you can see all the lights

I have never done this but everyone says I should so I will try it this Christmas

This is basically my family tradition

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17 Make Cookies

I love making cookies with my family and have a good laugh well were making them and when there's left overs we like to eat the left over cookie dough! Its always great to spend time with your family!

My family has made cookies at least three times and they keep running out but I just love baking cookies!

Me and my kids (8 years and 6 Years) make cookies what seems like all day on Christmas Eve we make 8 kinds and homemade fudge every year!

Making Santa's Cookies is my favorite thing to do and give them to santa still warm.

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18 Snuggle Up by the Fire With Cozy Slippers and a Blanket

I love CCOKIEES! Who doesn't?

That's my idea of Christmas

I totally agree with this one

And Set Our Wrappers On Fire. - AlphaQ

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19 Scream "Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson!"

Anyone who likes one direction is brain damaged. - SammySpore

Will be doing this lol. One Direction fan myself

Laugh out loud this one is funny


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20 Drink Hot Chocolate

Marshmallow and Wiped cream and that when we are having a party - Stevenpenguin

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