Best Things to Do On Christmas Eve

The Top Ten Best Things to Do On Christmas Eve

1 Spend Time With Loved Ones

I like this better because some people do get carried away and think it is all about the toys and presents and it's not it is about spending love, time, and joy with your family and friends.

It is a great thing to put out on the internet for people that are looking forward to some fun and don't know what to do.Thank you for putting this on the internet it has helped me!

This is what Christmas means - MatrixGuy

I usually spend time with my family on Christmas day but sometimes on Christmas Eve as well.

2 Watch a Christmas TV Show or Movie

I love Watching Noelle! Best Christmas movie in my opinion!

Definitely Nutcracker and the Four Realms is worth a watch.

We watch the film Polar Express every year, Absolutely brilliant! Love this film

I don't know if this counts as a Christmas T.V. show or movie but on Christmas Eve night I go and watch tsn year in review. Tsn is espn in Canada. Also opening one present on Christmas Eve is good but there is no use for voting for it because its at the top spot. Opening one gift is good because Christmas isn't about getting, you know.

3 Track Santa

It's fun and cool. Especially for the kids!

I wated to know if I am on the good or bad list

GOAT ideas

It's always fun to track Santa!

4 Listen to Christmas Music

I will listen to Alexa's playlist for holiday favorites for an hour, playing dolls with my younger sister.

This truly gets you in the mood of Christmas

I always listen to We All Stand Together by Paul McCartney with Christmas! - Userguy44

This really works I Listened and relaxed and listened to 3 Christ mas albums and I looked at the clock and it was 7:30 so I would really suggest every one to do this

5 Remember to Put Christ In Christmas

Jesus' birth and life is one of my favorite biblical stories of all times Jesus' life means so much for us!
Though I know Jesus most likely wasn't born on Christmas and is still a good reminder of all that Jesus has done. Although I believe that we should be thinking about all Jesus has done for us more often. - Cornbreadk

Insult Roman Pagans with Saturnalia.
Insult Pagans with Yule.
Insult Germanic People's with Germanic Winter Solstice.
You would've have Christmas if they didn't exist.
Jesus birth wasn't discovered till the 3rd or 4th century.
How about putting "Christ" back into "Christianity" instead.

Jesus is the reason of the season

Agree 100% It's all about Jesus being born into this sin infested world to take our place & save us from all of our sins. He is the only way the truth & the life. Your faith in him & him only has saved from all your sins. Your sins are truly forgiven go & live in this peace.

6 Open 1 Gift

I always open just 1 gift on Christmas eve and its always clothes

Always puts the spirit in Christmas!

Opening presents can get you into the spirit of christmas! Just to remember your excitement on Chrismas Day when you see that stocking full of presents. Also the enjoyment and rebellious feeling of opening a present early. That alone can get you excited, even if the present you open is well, not so good. If you still don't agree with opening a present on Christmas Eve, then just think, you're get a present early! always a good excuse

I love to do thing on Christmas Eve because if you have kids like me (little ones) this usually holds them over until Christmas morning. Pick a small gift that is fun but not a huge time consuming gift. Pick Wisely! Happy Holidays!

7 Sing Christmas Carols

I always sing Christmas carols before I go to bed

I like to do that at home, but singing at strangers doors I'm not so sure...

I sing all day! On Christmas of course, in my mind I'd be singing songs like Jingle Bells and 12 Days of Christmas.

Carols are the best

8 Give Gifts to Your Loved Ones

It is fun also it is fun to see their reactions

It's fun to do it and it will make them feel loved..

Give my older brother a spanking. - AlphaQ

This always gets me in the sprit of the holidays

9 Have Christmas Dinner

For my family Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner are the 2 best dinners of the year - Ajkloth

I to do this with my family

We always go out for mexican food this tradition gives you a chance to spend time with loved ones, eat a delicious meal, and feel even more excited for christmas

Yum :) Love the idea our family's doing the same. I love the steak Turkey and goose liver paté! Hope you like it too!

10 Drive or Walk Around Looking at Christmas Lights

I live by a lot of houses that do that so almost every year we go around looking at Christmas lights and then we come home and draw what Christmas lights/decor we liked the best

It sounds fun

I always have a blast doing that with my friends or family! Sometimes I like to see the lights that go all out and beautiful. I usually do this every year with my family for some good memories that I can remember my whole life! I like to take pictures so I could show my kids or friends when I grow up and tell him the story al about it!

I love doing this, one year my mom and I even saw a deer while we were driving around looking a lights. This is a great thing to do with your parents or your kids because it's magical to see everyone's lights. Especially the people who go over board with their lights.

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11 Watch Movies

While I'm writing this I have Christmas movies playing and I always do this with my family

My favorite movies are The Charlie Brown Christmas and Elf, the kids especially love How the Grinch Stole Christmas too.

I love doing this. I always watch Elf on Christmas Eve, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a good movie to watch as well.

Every year on Christmas Day my family always watch a Disney movie. This year Dumbo. Last year we had to watch Frozen. We watch Home Alone too.

12 Leave Sweets Out for Santa

I always leave out milk and cookies for Santa and I always eat at least one of them.

i love you

He works hard that night, better give him some energy!

We put out chocolate milk and some type of cookies that we (my family) vote on

13 Bake Cookies

I always bake cookies and we give 4 to Santa and we keep the rest

This is a tradition in our family. This is because we always bring over TONS of cookies to our grandmothers house, and it will be a tradition that never ends!

I love baking cookies with my kids

Every year we bake cookies they make the whole house smell so good!

14 Go to Church

Lol so I don't believe in god and neither does the rest of my family but we go to church anyways. I don't know why but I just love listening to the stories even though I don't believe them, for me its like a fictional Christma story like the night before Christmas.

Yes! Super important. Christmas is about Jesus, so going to Church is a very good idea. Besides, the Word of God can be very inspirational on the night before Christmas and is a great reminder to give thanks.

Why would you forget the real meaning of Christmas which is Jesus
The is no point in believing in Santa who is not real and also Jesus is the reason for the season

I agree! People should spend less time fooling around and actually do what they like, if church is your thing great it may not be anyone else's but I do believe in doing what you love especially during the Christmas season so getting on out there is the best thing for you since the Brady bunch.

15 Go Out On a Drive to See Christmas Lights

Great idea it makes you really excited for the big man to come down the chimney

I don't do this but I will in the future! Very beautiful and fun!

I love doing this I always try and count the Christmas trees or drive to a really big hill so you can see all the lights

My family does this every year - Lunala

16 Go to Bed Early

I sometimes go to bed early but most of the time I go to bed and fall asleep is at 10:00/10:30 and on other days I go to sleep at 1 in the morning

Its not that I like to do this because it gets boring because I can't get to sleep! It's just when your in bed staring at your empty stocking forcing yourself to go to sleep it's so annoying but then eventually after trying to do starjumps, rolly pollys and reading to try and get yourself tired your eyes slowly shut and your out in half an hour ;) its not normal

Because santa is coming

I live with a family of seven and 5 of that number is children! So as you can guess it's pretty hard to make them all go to sleep! We tried layering it but the younger ones complained that the older ones would stop Santa from coming and the wouldn't go to sleep until they came up to bed, so we scrapped that idea and decided to try this idea!
We would let them open up their Christmas Eve boxes and then we would buy previously a caldron and we would put it in the middle of the room with hot water and we would let each of the kids pour their packet of hot chocolate on and then read out a little letter that their elf on the shelf left and the letter would roughly say this.
and it would tell the kids that this was a special drink to make them fo to sleep and it would actually make them sleep!

17 Make Cookies

I love making cookies with my family and have a good laugh well were making them and when there's left overs we like to eat the left over cookie dough! Its always great to spend time with your family!

My family has made cookies at least three times and they keep running out but I just love baking cookies!

Me and my kids (8 years and 6 Years) make cookies what seems like all day on Christmas Eve we make 8 kinds and homemade fudge every year!

Great idea it is helpful because I really forgot about baking cookies

18 Snuggle Up by the Fire With Cozy Slippers and a Blanket

That's my idea of Christmas

And Set Our Wrappers On Fire. - AlphaQ

I snuggle with my dogs because no one loves me...

I totally agree with this one

19 Drink Hot Chocolate

It's just good. I drink Hot chocolate throughout the year, too.

Marshmallow and Wiped cream and that when we are having a party - Stevenpenguin

I love love love love... Hot chocolate
It's so chocolaty

Delish yum yum

20 Scream "Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson!"

Anyone who likes one direction is brain damaged. - SammySpore

Anyone who criticizes someone for liking a harmless thing should learn a little thing called respect because obviously they don't know what that means. - 0w0uwu

Will be doing this lol. One Direction fan myself

Laugh out loud this one is funny

I did this and all I got was really funny looks also it's not fair he gets double presents

21 Turn On Your Christmas Lights

Turn on your lights if you have then on your tree or strung around the house it's a great way to get into the Christmas spirit

No then what is whole point of the light if your going to turn them out:(

Any white reindeer light I see reminds me of a patronus from the harry potter books - Lunala

I LOVE doing this for Christmas

22 Make a Gingerbread House

I'm going to make one with my other grandma in 2 days

Ha I'm doing that today :) x

I like to do that I am about to make one

I wanna do this - Lunala

23 Open a new pair of pj's on Christmas Eve and go to bed in them

Every year, my Mum gets everyone new pyjamas and bedding sets. After having a bubble bath and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream we get into bed with our new bedding and pyjamas :-) Mums excuse for getting these year after year... "You've got to look nice and clean for Santa" :-)
Happy Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year

My parents do this every year and give me, my sister, and brother new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve

That is one of our Christmas traditions and it is super fun.

I don't have pj's

24 Try to Guess Your Christmas Presents

Always the best

Always fun, just no peaking!

Ruins surprise but at the same time fun - Lunala

I don't guess I already know what I'm getting for Christmas

25 Eat Finger Food

Christmas Eve is the only day of the year that I let my children eat chips, dip, candy, cookies, and chocolate to their heart's content. To them, Christmas Eve is a very special smorgasbord.

I'd say have your kids do a Christmas program for your family and sit down at dinner and watch a movie! Happy ideas

Yeah! A great thing to do on Xmas Eve!

Hell no that's cannibalism. - AlphaQ

26 Run Around Being Excited

Not only will this get you more excited it will make you tired so that you will hopefully fall asleep quicker

Yes I always go crazy

This is what I do

I know it really works

27 Set Your Alarm When You Go to Bed

Because you want your awesome presents

It helps the kids get into the spirit, because it will give them time to think about it with no distractions. If they konw this scheme, though, it will make them stop thinking in subconscious spite.

Good idea I'm going to wake up at 00:00 to open my presents

So that you can wake up nice and early to open your awesome presents :).

28 Make Hot Cocoa

It is warming and if you add some special ingredients it even tastes like christmas!
What you really need to do is taste the magic of christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Cocoa is the perfect way to stay warm on a freezing cold night in December so who agrees with me.

Hot chocolate is my favorite I mean who does not like hot chocolate am I right

I love hot coco it's so tasty and good for Christmas Eve when it's cold and on Christmas

29 Play Outside In the Snow

I don't have snow were I live at I wish

There's no snow where I live

I love to play in the snow! Do you?

I love playing outside in the snow, we invite every one and have the snow olimpics in our back yard

30 Put the "Pagan" back in Christmas

Christmas isn't the birth of Christ it has been popularized by that but yes it is pagan and as an atheist I like to point this out when people shame me for celebrating Christmas without believing.

The Christians here seems to be such simpletons. Pagan atheists? Really? Also commenting that it is a Christian holiday just because. Yeah! Because it is so the first and only spot on true religion. No, but seriously. Some of the stuff in Christianity is taken from Greek Mythology. Not only but still and I mean in such a plagarized way. I do not comment this to be mean. I comment these kids of stuff to people to test their faith and how dear it is to them.

It is true that pagan yuletide celebrations are where most of the modern day Christmas traditions were founded.

Though I am Catholic, putting the Pagan in seems fun. How would one go about doing that?

31 Help Those Who Don't Have Much

While driving around looking at Christmas lights, see if you can pay it forward!

God gave us the gift of His Son and that is the real meaning of Christmas. This is a great way to share the love of God with another.

Every year I donate something

I fell good doing that

32 Dance Around the Tree

I love it we just did it she loved it so much

I'm too poor to buy a tree

33 Take Pictures of Your Christmas Star, Tree and Other Decorations

Lots of people

Who does this?

34 Open Presents

I do it every year not all presents just like 5 or 7

35 Kiss Under the Mistletoe

What if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend then you can't

I would put it under my sister and her boyfriend and I forced them to kiss like fifty times LOL

Many special moments and always is fun

In the boondocks, cousin's always count

36 Drink Egg Nog

One time, I went to a Mexican Grocery Store, I found some Chocolate Soccer Balls, I bought them simply because I love Chocolate. I took a bite and it was FILLED with Egg Nog. It was REALLY GOOD! I went back to the store and bought A LOT more. - RebelGamer

Eggnog is delish, and should be treated with respect. Eggnog comes in many different flavors, so every one can have a favorite kind of eggnog.

I think Eggnog is one of the best parts of Christmas

It is so delicious and even tastes like thick, melted ice cream.

37 Tell Christmas Stories

I love Christmas stories especially the night before Christmas

One time I believed santa was a creep

I think it's number 9

My favourite Christmas story is Santa is coming to Scotland and the fairytale hairdresser and Father Christmas.So cool

38 Play On Your Favorite Website

I agree it really fun and I gets me in the festive mood if you play Christmas games and track Santa while watching a film

Go on santa tracker it is a web site that has a new game or video every day to countdown for Christmas

I love going online all the time

Don't do this I am a kid and still agree that getting online TOO Much is bad

39 Stay Up All Night

My family does it every Xmas it's our tradition and when waiting until 12 we are eating tamales playing drinking games and acting like crack heads

I love to stay up all night. I'm the youngest out of 4 kids so as a kid I was the only one up all night it's because my sister was too old to wait for Santa and wanted her sleep more some people say always go to sleep on Christmas I've said that to my own kids but if they don't I know not to blame them. Somtimes you want to go to sleep but you can't your to excited. Staying up can be kind of fun but also boring if you have Simone stay up with you it's really fun but alone a little boring one of the good things of staying up all night is that you're the first one up and get to wake everyone else especially siblings I hope some people stay up not every one though somtimes you're tired. If you stay up on you're phone track Santa on NORADs sans tacked its fun to do with kids stay up with your kids have Simone dress up like Santa and go show them the big guy Thanks

I can never stay up but this time I will the day before Christmas Eve I will go to sleep early so that I'm not tired the next night then I can see santa

I am so gonna do this on xmas eve! I keep failing, but this time, I wont fail!

40 Kiss Someone

Don't do this it is disgusting it is rubbish.

Eww even though I have Someone special... And I'm like a kid(12) what a boyfriend lol


41 Have Sex

Oh hell yeaa for this hehehhhehehehehe


I'm 13...

Hell yea

42 Eat Candy Canes

I love the peppermint ones the best - Lunala

43 Attend Midnight Mass

Is awesome when I know I'm getting so close to Jesus. Like for me I don't attend to Sunday prayer regularly this is the time I want to reunion with him.

I LOVE night masses! Last year we went to midnight Mass and the musicians played carols before mass

That is so fun, I wish I lived in France! I would have so much fun!

44 Have a Treasure Hunt

A Christmas light or decoration hunt!

I love treasure hunt one time I did it at the end I got money

I have done this and it is REALLY REALLY FUN

Fun thing I love this

45 Watch people try to do their last minute Christmas shopping just before the shops close

Hilarious guilty pleasure you have

46 Play Board Games

Maybe make it Christmas themed, and all of the words must relate to the holiday!

I really liked this last year and I am going to play it again with my mom and sister

It's a fun way to pass the time, plus they are just plain fun!

I always play board games they're so fun I love candy land

47 Bubble Bath

Taking baths always let you relax and think about the wonders of the next day

I think it's a great idea

It is a fun way to relax and pass some time!

I love that idea!

48 Go Ice Skating

This could be fun and games, especially if you record any mishaps, and send off recording to you've been framed for prize money.

I love ice skating I ice skate every year on my pond.

I love ice skating it's so fun to bad we have so much to do we would never have the time for that

I love to go ice skating on Christmas Eve!

Ice skating with family is all ways super fun xx

49 Make Tamales & Atole


I love Tamales! Who doesn't?

I agree on the tamales my grandma makes the best

I love tamales this year I'm going to help my grandma make them and my brother and my other brother wich is the oldest and maybe my mom

50 Read Christmas Books

I have a tradition of reading a Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve and twas the night before Christmas. During the run up to Christmas I read other festive books like lost Christmas and the Christmas mystery.

We read all the Christmas snooks we can find!

Read "'Twas the Night before Christmas"

Since I still have DVDs of my old primary school nativities, I will watch those

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