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Well, I made the worst things, might as well make the best.

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1 It's Free

if it wasnt free I would be broke right now

Right, imagine if one day it turned into 20 bucks. Outrageous right? - htoutlaws2012

Imagine me screaming seeing $5.99 per month then deleting my account because I'm too lazy to pay a fee to join. Thankfully it is free. - PianoQueen

It's also the best thing about anything that's free. - HALOOOOOOOO

Greatness. Why should this site ever need a pay limit? It's just making lists, people adding stuff to the list, people voting on the items, commenting on them, replying to them, then maybe even remake the list.

2 Remixing Lists

Yes. I like that we can remix the lists to share our own opinions on what we think the order the items on the list should be in. - HoldenFanatic

Otherwise they will all be inaccurate

Not necessarily inaccurate, but more vocal in there taste of opinions in that list they chose to remix. - htoutlaws2012

I take my remixes as personal lists. - zxm

I love doing this. It's a really good feature on the Toptens

3 Blogs

Blogs is something that people can create without using TheTopTens.

Yay! Posts!

Blogs are actually the worst things because it can harm your computer, not kidding.

You must have something wrong with your computer, the way I look at it. - htoutlaws2012

4 Easy to Use

It is very easy to use - kormo

It is easier to make a list and post it on TheTopTens than it is to make a video and post it on YouTube.

Way easier than YouTube

Extremely easy. - Powerfulgirl10

5 Adding Lists

It's fun making my lists and adding puns. - AlphaQ

6 Voting On Lists
7 You Can Express Your Opinion

Yeah but some people don't respect them.

You can express your opinion, so long as it is the official "approved" opinion.

This is the thing I love about this site!

8 You Can Make Lists
9 Create You Own List

No, ipguests

10 The Members

This guy wherever he is thank you for making so many Zelda lists! I love this guy!

How can you say the community of this site is good if you only know 0.01% of the site?

I wouldn't like it as much without her - Garythesnail

He claims to be the secertary of defense for area 51.
To be honest I don't beilive him.
But there may be a chance.
The guys awesome anyway!

The Contenders

11 So Many Lists
12 Having Britgirl and PositronWildhawk on here

If one of these users retired, then the other one would as well, and the site would enter pure chaos for years to come.

Aw, thanks, that is complementary. Right, Britgirl?

I don't wanna know where the site would be without these two.

They're pretty much making the site better.

13 Not Full of Spammers

I'm looking at you, YouTube. - Garythesnail

True but there are trolls here. But they are all over the internet so yeah

It's got trolls though sadly. - PatrickStar3

Still, some YouTubers say that TheTopTens sucks. I mean, seriously? - Animefan12

14 Adding Comments

Yes. People don’t even need an account to comment. - HoldenFanatic

15 The Lists
16 It's an Anti-Justin Bieber Society

I hate Justin Bieber, but this is not a legitimately good aspect of this site. At least, not one deserving to be on the list.

Nah, this is actually kind of annoying. I'm not saying Bieber is awesome cause he isn't, but the hate is so annoying.

A place where we can calmly sit down in a chat room and start bashing Justin at the top of our lungs!

Unfortunately some JB fangirls have somehow made it in this website... Not as many of them in YouTube, though.

17 People Can Share Their Opinions On Almost Anything
18 Friendly Users

Its been about 1 year I am onto this site. In these past months I have met a lot of friendly users. But it seems like some of the users aren't remember now as they were before. Some deleted their accounts, some never signed in. I used to follow their profile regularly, their activities. But now some of the users I know are retired, it really started to get boring. However the new users are also very good. But I miss those users activities. I wish some of those users get back. - zxm

I agree, but on my first day, someone was mean to me for no reason but all of the users and most visitors (you know who you are) are nice.

Wonderful users here. I barely meet any rude ones - DCfnaf

Britgirl is the best example of a friendly user. - Userguy44

19 Lack of Cyber-Bullies

On my first day there was a cyber bully, but that might be understanding because I was obsessed with having 2 followers but it was my actual first day.

It does have cyberbullies.

It does. My comments have received 100000 thumbs down. - coolguy101

20 Commenting
21 Very Well Organized and Easy to Navigate
22 This List

I don't find it offensive. It's funny.

23 Lots of Good Ideas to Make a List
24 Lack of Trolls

I wouldn't say that.

25 Chat

I don't think there's a chatroom here. - Mumbizz01

I love chatting with other TopTenners since most of them are nice. - Powerfulgirl10

Modern SpongeBob Made one. - AlphaQ

Thd chatroom was taken away before I joined on 15 January 2015. - Animefan12

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