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1 Legos

These toy rule the world!

Nothing beats LEGO

Still love them - blackflower


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2 G.I. Joe Figures

So sexist G.I. Joe Figures is on best toys ever but female dolls are on worst toys ever.

It's the world's first action figure! (Though some may cal it a doll.)

This is the most collected toy of all time.

We all should know GI Joe is the greatest toy and knowing is half the battle.

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3 Transformers
4 Super Soakers
5 Godzilla Action Figures
6 Star Wars Figures

Best toy ever, I always was a fan of star wars it is amazing! I have almost all the generations of them, republic, separatists, rebels, empire, first order, I don't have the resistance though. I also agree with the comment below me.

Total classic toy. My dad passed them down to me, as well as I bought my own. My childhood was spent playing with these for hours. I'll be passing them down to my kids. The movies hold up and so the figures. Definitely need more votes.

7 View-Master
8 Etch A Sketch

That's pretty cool.

9 Board Games


Be specific.

Chess, monopply. battle ship, axix and allies, backgamon

I recommend
Apple's to apples

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10 Rubik's Cube

I like playing and trying to solve a rubbicks cube

My brother can solve these in literally 3 seconds. I have no idea how he does it but I have a feeling he learned it from YouTube - RedTheGremlin

This needs more votes, I mean, For those of us that figure out how to solve it, it is so much fun. - Berger

Wow, this is not at the top. don't know what people think. This is the most educated game I know!

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11 Beyblade

Better than pokemon

My brother loves these

These are fun and addicting (especially the old generations). The metal ones aren't as fun but still decent.

I love them mostly because you can mix different parts together - mattisawesome

I love this toy my friend had one and it got so cool I wanted one

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12 Stuffed Animals

I have over 25 of them and I am still adding to my collection

Yeah I got A oversized unicorn plush And guess what The top 3 are Boy Toys
It should be
1, Stuffed animals
2, Pokedolls
3. Lego

Stuffed Animals aren't toys, they are animals that passed away but have been stuffed to become an ornament. Its soft toys.

Soft toys? Nobody says that. Stuffed animals is the proper term and they can also be known as "plush toys", not soft toys... - RedTheGremlin

I have literally 5834. What? I'm a collector! - RedTheGremlin

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13 Parachute Men
14 Arts or Crafts

School supplies are awesome

It cooll very cool

15 Barbie Doll

Why do you hate Barbie why are you so Political Correct? She is just a doll. Did you know a doll (and the yo-yo) was one of the first toys ever invented. Being so Political Correct saying its wrong for children to see dolls with breasts. When I was a little girl I didn't care, maybe but no one was bothered that I had my Barbie and Sindy dolls nude and even coloured their hair with felt tip pens.

There are creepypasta on Barbie doll it is really scary that's why I'm not buying them anymore it shivers me

I am 15 and I like Barbies. Don't judge me :P - RedTheGremlin

The most thing I like about them is brushing there hair it makes me calm not the best toy but not the worst either. I don't like the original ones only the Disney princess ones except Pocahontas mulan Cinderella and tiana

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16 Wii

2 Words Mario Kart - PatrickStar3

I play Zelda and Mario on this every day because it is fun!

Its like your playing real sports and it helped me lose weight

Not even a toy. - Trollsfan536

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17 Gak

I lost my gak - USGC

18 Fidget Spinners

They are great should be number one

Ok but the internet ruined this for me - Toptenanimallovers

Best toy ever!

Not fun. - RedTheGremlin

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19 He-Man and The Masters of The Universe

You can trow any character in He man and it makes sense this should be number three under Lego And G.I joe


20 Mr. Potato Head

I like them in Toy Story.

Childhood! We had them at my Preschool. - SheepBuggy

True childhood! just creative!

Other old goodie. - Loosername

21 Littlest Pet Shop Pets

I love Littlest Pet Shop! The limited edition ones can be worth up to $200 dollars! Talk about a way to get money! - SheepBuggy

I LOVE lps 4evr!

Their the best toys ever there the only thing I play with

I LOVE LPS 4 ever!

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22 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures

Oh come on this could be way up higher every body loved playing with these like all the machines the if you had these you loved them no one beats the fab four

It should be higher, everybody loved these

23 Mario Characters

Still sleep with my Mario Plush sometimes. - Loosername

Yeah! I also love the games. - SheepBuggy

I want a bowser toy!

I used a chixos person as a mario toy. The collectuon I love. Itys is so amazing and easy ton find casuse nobody wants it like Sonic and chixos is beast but half of y'all probably don't know that.

24 R/C Cars


25 Chixos

Everyone wanted to play with chixos in second grade. Heres the news: I met a friend by lettinmg her use one and everyone including boys played and the girl showed me her friends and that is how I got a life!

Chixos were the BEST toys ever. I can only find eBay ones.

26 WWE Action Figures

I have like 60 of these things.

I love these I collect them

27 Nerf Blasters

Best toy ever

I like nerf - USGC

28 Dollhouses

Once I saw a Dollhouse at a vintage shop, it was absolutely covered with stickers! Imagination is the key to some of these things. - SheepBuggy

I don't like these. All you do is have a pretend family, and use your imagination to play with them, and have their own lives. But I would like customizing, and painting one, though.

I think that becuse my lil girl loves stuff toys

29 Hot Wheels

You can make awesome setups and root for a car who wins, or you can collect. This is for all ages because kids could just simply play with the cars while older people could collect them to keep the cars nice.

This is one of my favorite toys, I still love Hot Wheels. The designs are just amazing and they are fun to play with. Hot Wheels for the win!

Why? Because unlike other toy car brands, the're all about speed. They even have iconic cars in their lineup like Batmobiles, Ecto-1, Mystery Machines and cars with designs inspired by DC, WWE and even He-Man!

They are colour changing and are super

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30 Mortal Kombat Action Figures

The Best! - mood333

31 Thundercats
32 Furby

Furby based on an owl.

I have a Furby named Blu. She's mean (cusses) at times but I love her to death! I also have the cheap plastic Sonic Furby Connect (purple colored, so her name is Violet) that I use for her baby. - RedTheGremlin

Furby is cute with a side of a mind of it's own! - TheRobertsFamily3

Furbys are demons! If you don't feed them they'll go insane, and probably eventually still will go insane no matter what! Plus, if you don't take care of them, they'll die, which is depressing for kids. This is what've I've heard so far from my friends with Furby's, and I'm sure there's a whole load of more problems! Wouldn't you rather have a normal stuffed animal that doesn't die or kill you when you don't feed them?

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33 Beanie Boos

I love beanie boos I have some

I love them!

I love Beanie Boos! Blossom is so cute and sweet!

All Beanie toys are great! Russ toys and TY toys are my favourite. - SheepBuggy

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34 Playstation 4

It is awesome

Great playStation great graphic and great games - Minecraftisawesone

Not a toy. - Trollsfan536

35 Beanie Babies

I love these! - RedTheGremlin

Pretty cute! My sister has a blue bear one called ariel, she calls ariel moe, it's so funny!

My favourite was the white and pink rabbit named Gardenia. I got it when I was 6 and I still have it! - SheepBuggy

The best toys ever! (Besides littlest pet shop and webkinz)

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36 Dragon Ball Z Figures

Used to play with these for hours!

37 K'nex Mario Kart

Amazing these cars needs batteries - Minecraftisawesone

38 Angry Birds Figures

Yeah! Gotta love 'em Angry Birds danglers. - SheepBuggy

39 My Little Pony

I like these figures, but I don't play with them often. - RedTheGremlin

Doesn't suck you start drama and hate,! It's so lovely and fun to play with! they aren't stupid!

Sucks and should be for people who are big fans of stupid ponies.

Dude, I have an opinion, and I think they suck.

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40 Lalaloopsy

They are the best dolls ever! - andrewteel

They're weird and their show was poorly written with annoying characters and was just a sad attempt to make the toys popular. You can see where that went... - RedTheGremlin

Lalaloopsy toys are not creepy, unless they made them KILLER. The show is also painful.

They remind me of Coraline

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41 Play-Doh

I love making stuff out of them

The Play-Doh song always gets stuck in my head! So catchy! - SheepBuggy

I love the brand new play doh

Old goodies. - Loosername

42 Winx

I love Winx Club!

I use to have night mares about that bad guy.

43 Pokemon Toys

No - Loosername

I love Pokémon so much I have my Pokémon mega evolve I'm a fan for Pokémon

Pokémon! Gotta catch ém all! - SheepBuggy

44 Ball

How is this so low? It keeps me going now lol.

It can be played with anywhere, and is easy to use and fun to use - vikingdylan

45 Toy Food

Toy food is great when you want to play restaurant! I played restaurant with my sis with my toy food, but I lost it though..

My childhood! They look so edible that I want to take a bite out of it. - SheepBuggy

Memories of childhood, when I finished first doing work, on pre-scholar school...and the teacher didn't let me play with the kitchen but others could D: - Loosername

46 iPad


This is a electronic its not much of a toy

47 Easy Bake Oven

I thought it was a good toy, but many kids put there finger in there.
Pen from bfdi

48 Kendama

Its fun, its amazing, and it's so cool when you do trick on this thing!

Totally fun. You have to practice all the time though to get good.

My school is about to ban them cause mabey have injurys

49 SpongeBob Toys

Yes! - SheepBuggy

50 Yo-Yo

Classic! - SheepBuggy

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