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1 Legos

I love this! This is what got me into engineering! I love making my favorite things from movies, like the millennium falcon, and then playing with them like I'm in Star Wars!

I like to build with legos. My cousin and I do this every Christmas night and we build cool stuff we make up out of legos I have. I even used to make my little films out of legos, which was cool. - AnimeDrawer

Lego is the best! It shows creativity when you construct/build/whatever a thing and it's really awesome! I played it like 4-7 years old!

Best and most creative

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2 G.I. Joe Figures

Why would anyone want any other toy?

Also called Action Man in other countries.

3 Transformers
4 Super Soakers
5 Star Wars Figures

Total classic toy. My dad passed them down to me, as well as I bought my own. My childhood was spent playing with these for hours. I'll be passing them down to my kids. The movies hold up and so the figures. Definitely need more votes.

6 Godzilla Action Figures
7 View-Master
8 Board Games

Be specific.


Chess, monopply. battle ship, axix and allies, backgamon

I recommend
Apple's to apples

9 Etch A Sketch
10 Beyblade

These are fun and addicting (especially the old generations). The metal ones aren't as fun but still decent.

I love them mostly because you can mix different parts together - mattisawesome

I love this toy my friend had one and it got so cool I wanted one

Some of these beys even have medal! I have 14 beys.

Hey, where is the Fidget Spinner and the Rubiks cube? - CaptainTony

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11 Rubik's Cube

This needs more votes, I mean, For those of us that figure out how to solve it, it is so much fun. - Berger

It's all about the brains in this classic game. If you've completed the whole thing and there's just 1 wrong colour, you're screwed! - SheepBuggy

I'm a speed solver and people that didn't vote for this is because they are to lazy to try to figure out how to solve the puzzle!

This is the best game ever. My friends and I loves it.

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12 Wii

I play Zelda and Mario on this every day because it is fun!

Its like your playing real sports and it helped me lose weight

Not even a toy. - Trollsfan536

2 Words Mario Kart - PatrickStar3

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13 Stuffed Animals

I LOVE stuffed animals! I have a list of all of them, and I check them off every few weeks, to make sure they're all there! Sometimes when I buy them, I pretend I'm rescuing them from a bad place! I know that's kooky, I'm just weird like that! It always makes me happy just having them! I know, I'm obsessive

I am literally a teddy bear hoarder. I have so many teddies in my room, you'd think my room is a shop. I love every stuffed animal I can find. Not only are they cute and cuddly, but they comfort me when I need to be comforted. I LOVE TEDDIES!

They always make me feel safe and secure. I had one in particular who was like my little buddy in life. I felt like he was a real person and it really boosted my self esteem through dark times.

Lol Idc how old I get, stuffed animals will always be fun😊😊😊
I have a whole collection in my closet
Bears, orcas, rabbits, wolves, lions,...

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14 Arts or Crafts
15 Parachute Men
16 Barbie Doll

There are creepypasta on Barbie doll it is really scary that's why I'm not buying them anymore it shivers me

The most thing I like about them is brushing there hair it makes me calm not the best toy but not the worst either. I don't like the original ones only the Disney princess ones except Pocahontas mulan Cinderella and tiana

No, Barbie dolls suck, they are creepy and ugly and girly. Plus, she has too much pink and her face is so creepy, fake eyes, fake lips, fake everything. Reminds me of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. - AnimeDrawer

Fidget spinners are better

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17 Gak
18 Fidget Spinners

No. This should not be on here. It's actually one of the worst toys Ever! You can get easily distracted or even hurt.

Most popular this should be way higher

Best toys should be on the list u guys need addiction suckers

These are the most overrated toys of all time!

19 He-Man and The Masters of The Universe


20 Littlest Pet Shop Pets

I love Littlest Pet Shop! The limited edition ones can be worth up to $200 dollars! Talk about a way to get money! - SheepBuggy

I LOVE lps 4evr!

Their the best toys ever there the only thing I play with

I used to adore the littlest pet shop when I was younger! I would sit on the floor and play with them forever! I am older now so I only kept a few that I played with the most. I still like the littlest pet shop fish;). I just didn't like the new ones I only liked the old ones!

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