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21 Daffodil International University

It provides good education with modern technology

It's gonna be best private university in south Asia.

One of the best in BD. Best among the private Universities.

Best university

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22 Independent University Bangladesh

Best Business School of Bangladesh obviously...

Independent University Bangladesh is the best private university in bd

It is the best private university in Bangladesh.


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23 Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology

Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology is one of the best Engineering
Universities in Bangladesh. No politics allowed here and no sessions jammed. Sometime class held in hartal and country wide blockade Everything is highly well decorated here. Beautiful, Peaceful environment. This is the best public university rather than public and private universities.

I recommend this university as best university in Bangladesh.

Comparatively best than other public engineering university.

It will be the best university of Bangladesh as soon as possible

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24 Bangladesh University of Textiles Bangladesh University of Textiles The Bangladesh University of Textiles or BUTEX, informally known as Textile Engineering University, is the first-ever and only public university in Bangladesh specializing in Textile Engineering.

The best university for textile Engineering in Bangladesh and the only GOVT. university for textile Engineering in south Asia

This University has got well advanced Laboratory. Those who wants to be BSc in Textile, I suggest them that it is the appropriate place to study..
Remarkably, it has good reputations everywhere in the textile sector.

It is the most famaous university in south Asia for Textile.


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25 Comilla University

It is situated in such a location that beside Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. Besides teachers of our university are more qualified. It has a beautiful scenario. Already the students of this university shown their potentiality in job sector and explored their creativity in various sector. I love my university very much.

Welcome all in our green campus...

One of the most beautiful universities of Bangladesh. It has a bright future in comparison to others because of various reasons. One most important reason is its place.

It is a very smart University of Bangladesh. It is situated at a nice place of Comilla under Chittagong Division.

Quick upgrading university in Bangladesh. And almost contributing national and international merit

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26 National University

Biggest university of Bangladesh.

Please vote for National University

I think.. There is not the biggest university of Bangladesh as a National University.

It's biggest university of Bangladesh

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27 Jessore University of Science & Technology

It is the new up growing university in our country with some unique and energetic departments. Not so big, but have a good environment. Both Teachers and students are very much sincere about their duty. Teachers are very much friendly and honest. I expect that with in a very short time this university will continue their progress and become the number one University in Bangladesh. - sujit_cse

Its a new university, just four and a half years old, but by this time it achieved so many things. I think no other university in Bangladesh is succed so quickly as just. Its academic system is fantastic. Now it's the only university which is free from student politics and session jam. After 5 years it will be one of the finest university of the country.

Bangladesh first master planned University where every building has an achitectural view. Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST) started functioning from the 2008-2009 session. It is expected to achieve excellence in higher education, research and development in science and technology.

One of the
best university of Bangladesh...

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28 Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

This is the best place for agricultural education. It is a small village in the heart of Mega city Dhaka. It contains a modern agricultural course curricula as well as well trained faculty members. Behind this the instruction medium of this University is English and it has modern teaching and research facilities.

Diversified students, amazing beauty inside Dhaka, Nice location, Good place for learning modern agriculture.

Sau has it talented students, very good location with beautiful campus and it is best for agricultural studies,

I love this university...

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29 Bangladesh University of Professionals

One visit to the scenic campus in Mirpur Cantonment speaks volumes for this university, which is administrated by the Bangladesh Army, with a view to providing quality business education to the general public on merit basis.

The newest public university, yet to gain wide recognition in Bangladesh. But with our unique study culture and pool of talented, eager students, we will ride our way to the top-amongst the best business schools in Bangladesh.

It will definitely be one of the best 10 universities of Bangladesh within one year

Its best for its quality

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30 Dhaka Medical College and Hospital

The best medical college in Bangladesh that has been creating awesome doctors who have been saving lives all around the world with good reputation.

Its matter of happiness to be a student of this campus...!

I like to be one of the students un dhaka medical college and hospital/
I hear that it's so exellent

31 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University

The only public university which offers academic programs in North American course-credit system. It is the only student politics free research-based residential university in Bangladesh.

Politics free campus, North American education system (12 term, course credit system), Best Lab. facilities, Modern classroom, Large experimental field etc.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University is politics free University. Only this public university in Bangladesh maintains North American educational system. So I think, it is the best University in Bangladesh.


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32 Islamic University, Kushtia

We want to see our university in top 10

Islamic University is one of the major public universities in Bangladesh and the largest seat of higher education in the south-west part of the country. It is a major international center for an excellent integration of Islamic Studies with the General Studies and Studies of Modern Science and Technology. The university provides both the local and foreign students with the facilities of undergraduate studies, postgraduate research and teaching. The standard of teaching is high and the facilities both for academic and extracurricular activities are of good quality. It is a campus oriented university, where the academic and administrative buildings, residential halls and gymnasium, central cafeteria and auditorium all are on one self-contained 175-acre site at Shantidanga-Dulalpur, beside the Kushtia-Khulna highway and about 24 kms south and 22 kms north of respectively the Kushtia and Jhenidah district-towns.

All opportunities are centralized in Bangladesh. Though Islamic university get many opportunities as it is a public university. But the industrious student does not get enough opportunity as they deserve.

It's best.

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33 Noakhali Science & Technology University

Noakhali Science and Technology University was established with immense hope for maintaining the high quality education. Since its establishment, it is running without any session jam and student politics. This University family is fully determined to gain its ultimate goal of success.

The university was established on March 24, 2005 and started its academic activities on June 22, 2006.

The teachers are well educated having good art of presentation. They are also very much amicable and have love and affection for the students. The curriculum of the university is high standard. Different occasions are celebrated with a great festivity. Teachers and students of this university are very united.
The natural beauty of this university is mind-blowing. Everywhere is so greeny & look like the art of nature. Specially in winter, this campus is so amazing. Everyone here enjoys the beauty of nature as well as the university. They feel proud to be a student of this university.

I'm really greatful to vote our university... Really a good environment for study and so beautiful nature in our university...

Noakhali Science & Technology University is a session-jam free public university. Teachers are very cooperative and helpful. It has attractive subjects which can help a student to built his glorious career. One can easily find out the beauty of nature in the university campus.


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34 Patuakhali Science and Technology University

Patuakhali Science and Technology University never gives the nation only a graduate or just a certificate to the students, it gives the proper education and makes one of the better competitor in the world to get any challenges in his/her field of study.

Students of Patuakhali Science and Technology are mainly work on research from his graduation. We belief University Name or Number of students is not the fact for voting, main fact how your study is. We take limited number of good students and make the more qualified to be a perfect hand in his/her field. Here the teachers and students are free, frank, friendly and as like as family members.

We belief in practical work than theories. Students pass their maximum time in labs with their practical works and thesis/research works. Teachers and students work together in the department, classroom and labs till midnight and in maximum cases it has no limit of time. It may continue day by day without rest. Here teachers and ...more

It is the first digital govt university in Bangladesh. Full campus is covered by Wifi since 2011. It, s all classrooms are organized with latest multimedia system. All students information are saved in university data base. Results and other notice are published in university website. All over it is a well organized and beautiful university in Bangladesh.

The University all the amenities necessary for quality education. Since the university has started its journey in recent decade i, e from the 2001, it is still lagging behind in the ranking. Hopefully its position in the ranking will improve.

Great memories with enriched faculties...

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35 Dhaka International University

USTC is the first private university which started with own campus of Bangladesh. It is one of the most renowned University not only in Chittagong but also in South Asia. There are almost 65% students come from different countries of the world. And it has fully maintain international education system & environment.

It is a well reputed university in Bangladesh.

It is a well reputed private university in Bangladesh.

It is one of the best university.

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36 University of Barisal

It's the best University of Bangladesh because political violence can't affect it.

I think, this is the best university in Bangladesh.

No traffic in academic side

It is undercontruction now...
after completing campus it will be one of the in top five bd universities

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37 Southeast University

Southeast University (SEU) has become one of the most successful universities in the country, having the highest number of student enrolment!

Southeast University has Main campus! SEU is most popular Private University in Bangladesh! - Bijoy_one

By Research Gate 2013 SEU gat 9th place among 10 University in Bangladesh
In 10th there is no Privet University only SEU

Yes, it's growing to up, and creating quality and excellency education.

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38 United International University

Excellent set of qualified faculties, great atmosphere for education and nice caring relationship between students and faculties.

As a student of UIU I am really proud, maximum students when they complete their graduation from this one then will raise same voice. they can easily compare him between others.

The Quality of Education System is outstanding.

Great discipline with well educated faculties and talented students

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39 BGC Trust University Bangladesh

It is such a university that imparts us to compete with the real challenges in our future life.

Best private university in Chittagong. I proud myself for being study here.

Gives lots of pressure about study which is good 4 our future


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40 Green University of Bangladesh

Green University is one of the best private Universities in Bangladesh, because it prepares its students to grow professional skills through several professional courses. Besides study, students are also encouraged to participate in different social programs. Thus, the students learn how will they secure their future and be an asset for the country.

Green University, one of the promising University of Bangladesh. The way it is progressing, in near future it will become one of the leading University of Bangladesh. Teachers of Green University is very dedicated for their work. Extra curricular activities are highly appreciated besides study. Hope Green University will continue their progress and become the number one private University in Bangladesh.

I like it most because of it progressed, rules, and nice faculties. And I know it will be a leading university of bd next few years.

Hope it will be top,inn sha is very much need in print and electronic media

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