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41 Sylhet Agricultural University Bangladesh

This is a Ideal University of Bangladesh for Agricultural Study. The performances of SAU graduates are better than any other agricultural universities of Bangladesh especially in Livestock & Animal Health sector. It is situated in a very beautiful natural environment.

It is the most beautiful university of Bangladesh having beautiful surroundings.

The performances of SAU graduates are definitely better in comparison to any other agricultural universities of Bangladesh.

Best if u want to learn something

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42 Daffodil Institute of Information Technology

It's a great Institute of Bangladesh for Information Technology...

Best university for information technology and B.B. A under NU

This is the best institute of Bangladesh

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43 Southern University Bangladesh

One of the best promising university in Chittagong indeed. I admitted here as a frustrated student but the environment of the university help me to think outside the box. Teacher's are so friendly, Labs are so enrich. Although there's are some kinda problem but I am proud to be a SOUTHERNIAN.

I have studied in this university and I am one of the oldest student and universities earlier batch student who feel proud to be a student of this excellent university with good faculty and cooperative executive body. We didn't got much facilities but feel proud that our predecessors are getting all kind of facilities needed to become as a full pledged university at CTG. Best of luck

In Chittagong, Southern university is the vital part of our education and do something like based only education... It has a lot of students, campus, infrastructure, Department, Faculty, Research center, good executive body and UGC recommendation and no session jam.

One of the best promising university in Chittagong indeed

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44 University of South Asia

Most private university is very costly But this university offer better study practice with better cost. This is one who offer reasonable course for middle class people & middle class student.

Because it's the best. That's why.

Nice university.

For textile university of south Asia is best university in bd

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45 Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

Pioneer university in BD to produce 100% eligible graduates in agricultural sectors.

Really a good university for veterinary profession.

I think, this is the best university of our country. - toughenough

It is the most important upgrowing agri university of Bangladesh

46 Dhaka University

The have the real talented student




47 Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM)

Where leaders are created

48 Pabna University of Science and Technology

It is the up growing university in our country. Not so big, but have a broad aim to make us (students) more excellence as well as giving the best direction to lead our life. There is something to feel becoming a part of this university, having a target that "YES WE CAN". Yes we can cause we have the capability to lead our life, to make true our dream cause our university directed us on that way.

A new university. but no doubt, it's a massive gather of extra talented and versatile brilliant students from all over the country. the graduated students have already drawn a sign in various job fields all through the job sectors of the country. no doubt, within a very few years, it's going to be one of the best universities of the country.

Very competitive University and practical.

It is growing up...proud of it...

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49 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University,Gopalganj

It's a best university not only for study but also for practical life. It's also famous for its beau - ShahinParvez

Best university in Bangladesh...

My University

Best University of Bangladesh. And the 3rd largest university in Bangladesh. - AbirHasan

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50 Sylhet International University

University having beautiful permanent campus. All possible earnestness and opportunities for studies of the students.

The university campus having its free wifi service

The best university in Bangladesh

A renowned educational institution for higher learning.

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51 City University Permanent Campus, Ashulia

It's the beast. You can enjoy here your life with green environment & best education...

52 Premier University, Chittagong

The best private university in Chittagong

Premier University Chittagong is the only university of Bangladesh which is run by local government named Chittagong City Corporation. Educational cost is affordable here. And quality is its excellence.

Please Every PUCian Vote here,
If you interested to our PUC Stay Top 10 University in BD.

Worst University in the world.

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53 University of Development Alternative

The University Of Development Alternative is a private university in Bangladesh. It offers four-year honours degrees in ten subjects under four faculties and several master's programmes. Its campuses are in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The best university comparing all things of others. To acquire a good result is not so easy in this university. Teachers are very strict and the authorities also. No corruption. I know, how much hard working need to achieve a good result.

Its one of the best place where you can elaborate your views & ideas with your knowledge...

University Of Development Alternative (UODA) is the best place for growing humanity and learning proper education in Bangladesh.

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54 Pabna Textile Engineering College

Pabna Textile Engineering College (PTEC) is one of the reputed Engineering college in Bangladesh. Visions of PTEC are to contribute the Bangladesh & wold through excellence in scientific and technical education to serve as valuable research for industry & society and remain a source of pride for all Bangladeshi, To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long term interaction with academia and industry, to develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in a range of professions.

It is one of the best Textile Engineeing college in Bangladesh.

It is one of the best Textile Engineering College in Bangladesh

In Textile sector,Pabna Textile Engineering College (PTEC)one of the most remarkable college in our country.

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55 Varendra University

I love & proud to be a part of Varendra family...

Long live varendra university

Happy with varendra university

I am lucky to do study in this university

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56 Feni University

Feni university is a special university in Bangladesh.

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57 Bangladesh National University

Bangladesh national university is the best.


58 Hajera Tazu University College
59 Omar Goni MES College

Only science study is good...

60 Atish Dipankar University Sciences & Technology

This is a Ideal University of Bangladesh. It's Discover a natural environment of Science & Technological Education in Bangladesh. I Fell Proud of this...

ADUST is the one of best private University in Bangladesh

Great Academic System For Engineering Student. I Hope, This Is The Most Significant University Of Bangladesh. Good Luck For Us. Thanks ADUST Family.

Study system is better.

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