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61 Gono University

It is a private university but quality of education, teaching staff, campus and other community activities are much better than the some of other public universities. There are some unique subject like Medical physics, Biomedical engineering, Applied physics and many more are taught in this University.

It's area biggest in privet varsity in Bangladesh.. it's area like a public university

Fell proud for our big campus

It's has own campas...

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62 IBAIS University

The Best Private University In Dhaka

Please Every Viewer's Vote For IBAIS University Stay Top 10 University In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Well recognize faculties, great atmosphere for share knowledge and research. Simply a place of center to get grooming as a student to serve the nation as well as whole world.

One of the best environment for eduction in Bangladesh and good faculty as well.

A better education system is running here.

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63 Britannia University
64 State University of Bangladesh

Day by Day SUB going to his goal... All the faculty member from University of Dhaka and others foreign University. The Graduate student now work at most of the renowned Organization in Motherland and abroad. Specially Department of Pharmacy PROGRESS very rapidely. It is

State University is best especially for Pharmacy

I think state is one of the best university. Its rules regulation is better then other university. State university all teacher are good for there teaching. I get many things and learn many things from State University of Bangladesh. As a student of state university I am fell proud for our university.

One of the best university of Bangladesh

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65 Begumgonj Textile Engineering College

Yes It is a royal classes Textile institution in Bangladesh

It is a royal classes Textile institution in Bangladesh - mainultanim

One of the best institute for textile

66 Bangladesh Islami University

A nice university of having both Islamic & Modern combination of education

Good and a great institute

This is a great University in Bangladesh

Kamal Uddin Zafri is a number one lier in biu. He always gives false hope to students. Corrupted Management came from Green University kicked register and VC...

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67 Mozahar Uddin Biswas College
68 Sylhet Engineering College

It has many talented students, who are capable of doing big things for Bangladesh..

It is a better place to study BSc engineering course. In near future it will be one of the best engineering institute in Bagladesh.

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69 Darul Ihsan University

Darul Ihsan university is the pioneer of tertiary education in the domain of private higher education in Bangladesh. The founder of this university was a world renowned personality specially for his unique 'Islamalization of education' concept. Here students get inspiration for moral development along with their traditional academic approach. Ex-students of this university are holding prestigious positions in home and abroad.

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70 Bangladesh University of Health Sciences

It's a first private medical university in our country.

First university in bangladesh on health science

It's the first private university in Bangladesh which is based on health science. Friendly environment, good and eficient teacher stuff. Unique subjects are available here and laboratories are very sophisticated.

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71 National Institute of Engineering & Technology (Niet)
72 Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Textile Engineering College,Barisal

It is the best textile Engineering college in Bangladesh

73 North Bengal International University, Rajshahi

One of the best universities in our country.

This is a great University in Rajshahi...

74 Asian University for Women, Chittagong

Very good,world class

75 Dhaka School of Economics

Dhaka School of Economics has begun its journey to promote higher studies and research in economics and related subjects to cater to the fast growing demand for a large number of well-trained economists and professionals in related subjects to contribute to teaching, research and evaluation, policy making and implementation of nation-building programs.
It is a constituent institution of the University of Dhaka

A research post graduate school of Economics, affiliated of Dhaka University.

76 Western Ideal Institute (Wii)
77 Pundra University Science & Technology, Bangladesh V 1 Comment
78 Newcastle Law Academy
79 Kazi Mohammad Shafiqul Islam University College

The best education institution for higher education

80 The Millennium University

This is one of the best university in Bangladesh

The Millennium University or TMU is a private university in the Bangladesh. The university was established in 2003. the founder and chairperson is advocate Misses Rokeya Khondoker. All of its campuses are in Momenbagh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The university offers undergraduate and graduate education in several subjects.

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