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101 Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College
102 Royal University of Dhaka

Royal university of Dhaka increased there faculty member (popular professor & Lecturer ) list

It's a good university among all new university.

It is so good within the rising varsities. It will do better next time

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103 Mymensingh Engineering College

A beautiful and active institute.

The titanic intercourse between
Science and technology has flourished
This planet named earth with a gigantic
Expansion of the development of MEC. it is going to be a top listed engineering institute under the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Well known for it's awesome environment.

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104 Victoria University Of Bangladesh

Most under rated university, best teaching Faculty for MBA at country... Excellent communication with the student... Great place for study... JU, DU, all teaching teacher is here...

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105 Patiya Govt. College
106 Murari Chand College
107 Rana University of Science
108 Dinajpur Government College
109 Haji Danesh University of Science and Technology

Firstly Hajee Spelling Is wrong.
It's Not Haji It's Hajee...

One & Only Government Science & Technology University In Rangpur Division.

One of the best Science & Technology university.. Here Pure Science, Life science, Applied Science, Business Science as well as Social science are available...

It's really a good combination of arts, commerce and applied science. Highest numbers of foreign students studying here from different countries enriched varsity's wisdom. Proud to be a student of this lovely University.

Spelling error

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110 International University of Business Agriculture and Technology

IUBAT, one of the beautiful and well furnished private University in Bangladesh. This university was established at the beginning of the private university trends in Bangladesh. It is the only private university in Bangladesh which have transport facility, green campus and own dress code. But the principal things for a university which represent the reputation of the university that is education. This university has lacking to provide awaited education among the students.

Largest & beautiful campus. Transport facility for every students. Rich library & lab. Scholarship, Study Loan for Mauritius students. Top ranking university.

I'm a student of this university and I always want to see and also to show my university in the top list in the world so that everybody came to know about my university by name... IUBAT. Best of luck.

IUBAT is the first non govt university of Bangladesh.
Founded 1991 by Prof.Dr. M Alimullah Miyan, he is known as" Father of non govt university" of bangladesh.
IUBAT has collaboration with all over the globe.
IUBAT is one of the best non govt university of Bangladesh.

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111 Stamford University Bangladesh

In our country it is the best private university of Bangladesh all other university in Bangladesh SUB is one of the best. This university gives opportunity to its students to become more smart intelligent and prepare for the job market. it can also be named as best private uni in Bangladesh and its campus is really awesome. no other private university has such awesome campus in Dhaka city. Here every student also take part many extra curricular activities

Although a private university it ensures education environment in their campus.

Stamford university is the largest private university in Bangladesh in respect to number of student. None of the private universities in Bangladesh have such huge number of students. And its quality of education is a lot better in comparison to most of the public and private universities. This university made good opportunity for quality education for students who cannot afford huge expenses in higher studies.

I wanna see Stamford in top 10. From my side, I really like Stamford because of the reputation. However, I'm going to say
the university vice councillor please improve your university position in our country. Then I will personally appreciate to you. Thanks

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112 University of Information Technology & Sciences

This is one of the best private University whole over the Bangladesh. This is the first IT base institute in Bangladesh. Though it's a University of Information Technology and Sciences but side by side it's well known for the English Literature department and other subjects also. If you wanna get friendly behavior from the teachers than my personal opinion is that The University of Information Technology & Sciences is perfect for you...

Working heart and soul for an improved education system. Helping students to know what they are learning through the years. Specially, providing the students the lesson, "How to deal with the real world".

Not only I think but also confidently I say that, this is a good university among all of the private university of our country. If anyone think you want to admitted in this varsity. I say be first. Because I and all of the student of UITS know that this is a good university to gain proper knowledge. that's why I am sure maximum of the studenyt of uits get a good job in future.

This is the perfect place that you want what to do

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113 University of Asia Pacific

University Of Asia Pacific definitely deserve higher place as it already has been ranked on 7th position at the latest ranking of private univerity of Bangladesh.

One of the best universities, has a better future under the guidance of Sir Jamiur Reza.

This is best university, There are Prof Jamilur reza Sir, Sumsul Wares, Dr. Anam, The real alive legend, And It has IEB, IAB Registration, Who Has? Hasn't it?

One of the best university maintain low costs

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114 City University, Bangladesh

City University is one of the best university of the Country. It is serving the interest of the students and the teachers with its well-equipped laboratories, extremely rich libraries, IT-transcription centers, spacious auditoria with surround illumination and sound systems, students' hostel near Baridhara, and loaded indoor games facilities, complete with billiard and other modern amenities. City University offers scholarships from the Alhaj Mockbul Hossain Foundation for meritorious students as well.

City University is One Of the Best University Of Bangladesh. It have a nice campus & better environment for study. I believe that it is the top University Of Bangladesh.

Only one Private University in Bangladesh which has A large Campus with 2 male and 1 female Hostel..


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115 Primeasia University

Primeasia university! The symbol of excellence.. Education system is really better than any other private university...

Best for textile engineering in case of lab, practical, well known & Wise faculty.

We have a lot of qualified faculties, laboratories and many more that's help us to gathered vast knowledge...

Not bad university

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116 Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (SMUCT)

It is with great pleasure, we welcome you to Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (SMUCT), distinguished for offering quality education relevant to the ever increasing demands of our knowledge based society. Our's is a specialized institution, unique of its kind in the country. We have a learned faculty of teachers dedicated to inspire & educate students to explore and develop their full potential talent in their respective field of our academic interest. We are sure, like your predecessors you will take full advantage of the opportunity provided by our university. Many of the former students of the university are now placed in eminent positions in various national corporate bodies, multinational companies and electronic media. We are sure you will avail yourselves of these opportunities by your hard-work skill and expertise. We are ready to assist and support you in your endeavors for a bright career capacity building.

This varsity always give chance to admit all the students without any admission test. Our university always think that any student can change their life at any stage by giving the best effort. This opportunity have created by our university. Those people think why are we in last position? my opinion will be for them - we have many examples that many students who didn't chance to achieve the admission test form of many reputed varsity but after completing his & her honor's from this university they are now in a reputed position in our country as well as foreign countries that other varsity merit students couldn't achieve.
So, we should feel proud that we are the students of this university.

Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (SMUCT) is the best university for creative subject and it is the first fashion designing university in Bangladesh. This university making a student as an creative person.


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117 Neophyte School & College
118 Manarat International University Bangladesh

Academic and moral excellence.

Center for qualified students.
Best for Pharmacy Field.
Internationally qualified for science practice.

Within a short time we are going to hold a better place in the list of best universities.

One of the best university in bangladesh

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119 East Delta University

The Quality of Education System is outstanding.

This is the best university in chittagong.

Best In Chittagong and will be best in Bangladesh

One of the best university in town 'Chittagong'.

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120 Northern University, Bangladesh

Northern university provides quality education in their every department. It becomes one of the best private university in Bangladesh. Northern university provides good lab facility, best teachers, best environment for education. Northern university has the best lab facility in pharmacy department among Bangladesh. If anyone think I say wrong about our university facilities/or give any wrong information anyone can visit our campuses. You are always welcomed in our university.

Its one of the best university. The low department of this university is best in Bangladesh. But need to improve other departments. And also build a permanent campus.

Best in private University..

It Was 2015 when I have completed my HSC.i was wondering that where should I admit for family was too concern about that time one of my teacher suggest me to admit in Northern University Bangladesh..and now I feels that my decision was so is the best university for law and for other departments and teachers are so cooperative and friendly.

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