Top 10 Best Video Game Series

The Top Ten Best Video Game Series

1 The Legend of Zelda

The series that revolutionized video games 25 years ago. Before Zelda, games were more about the arcade experience. Zelda changed that by immersing the player in a new world with a quest to complete and secrets to be find. It's kinda like playing an Elder Scrolls game for the first time, except you're back in the '80s and playing on the NES. It also revolutionized how a lot games play in 3 dimensions (like the targeting system, combat etc). And it still does today, like with one-to-one motion in Skyward Sword. This is also the one series that has never faltered in its 25+ years... Never! Even Mario has seen his slight dips (Gamecube era- Super Mario Sunshine). Every one of Zelda's games has met critical acclaim too. Ocarina of Time is the highest rated game on metacritic... Ever! And Four Swords Adventure is the lowest rated Zelda at 86%, and that's debatably the worst Zelda game (if you could even say there was a one). And that's out of 15+ games!

Anyways what has Call of ...more

Well, I posted a few weeks ago, but today I decided that I should continue with my ranting. Last time, I elaborated on the graphics of this extraordinary series, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. This time I will dig in deeper, and look at the items, that set Zelda apart from other series.

If you look at other games of any genre, items are a huge part of the game. However, these crucial parts of the experience are not utilized to their fullest. In many major RPGs, for example, items and spells are used in exactly the same way, but with different stats the only thing separating them. In shooters, items are all a bit different, but all that they do is kill people in different ways.

In The Legend of Zelda, all of the items you find are unique. With a hookshot, you can swing to far away cliffs, and obtain far away items. With a bow, you can hit far-off targets, burn things, freeze things, and much more. Look up "Zelda Items" in a search engine, and you will ...more

All four corners of my heart lit when I saw The Legend of Zelda in first on this list. Then I looked down and saw 2 things. First thing, my shirt is way too small, and 2, people who play Call of Duty and think it's the best game ever are complete morons. And that's like saying that Hitler wasn't a very nice man. Absolute blasphemy.

So what is annoying me? Well, it's not that people say that it is good, because it is a quite addictive shooter, and is fun, if you like that sort of thing. However it's HOW they think it's good that makes me want to go all Fierce Deity on them. Take, for example, a good friend of mine, whose name I cannot utter here - For narrative and amusing purposes, I'm just going to call them Ped (o) 'arry (if you are reading, and you don't know that this is you, maybe a keyword might help*cough cough*Castlevania II with lyrics*cough*). Anyway, this highly irritating (and slightly camp) individual with whom I can relate to your secretary in New Leaf (for the ...more

I've been playing LoZ since I was a little girl. My older brother, 9 years older, was in love with the game and I would often find him playing it in the living room. Once I was old enough to understand the concept of a video game, the first one I wanted to play was Ocarina of Time. Of course, at 4 years old, I didn't do much more than ride Epona around Hyrule, or go fishing in the fishing hole on Lake Hylia. I grew up with Legend of Zelda. It was always my way to de-stress and relax after a hard day at school. Now I have played almost all of the Zelda games and I love all of them. They all have something really creative about them, whether it's a new item or a really vast map. If I had to pick my favorite, I don't think I could. Wind Waker had my heart for quite some time when I was younger, but that was because it was simple and easy for an 8 year old to understand. Now that I've beaten the original, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, ...more

2 Super Mario Bros.

this series revolutionised platforming and 3d gaming in general with the introduction of super mario 64

Why isn't this number one the Mario franchise revolutionize gaming as a whole

More than half of my top 10 games of all time are Mario, including all 3 of my top 3.

Saved the industry, also has my favorite games from it. Mario is amazing and has the best games AND saved the industry, so this deserves number 1 by far. You can have legend of Zelda to 2 for all I care, but Mario deserves number 1! - MarioMaster101

3 Pokemon

I grew up with pokemon so I'm glad to see it at number 3, the pokemon series deserves it.

Great main series games including Black 2 and White 2, X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and more. Also Mystery Dungeon and Ranger series are amazing - robertoiglesias271

These games can be played over and over again. With new games coming out every so often, It's surprising that they remain as good as they were in the beginning. By the way, Persian is the best Pokemon ever. - izzychavez

Eh, it's a good Pokemon, but not really one of my favorites. (I respect your opinions, though) - Pokemonfan10

It has the most interactive and loveable world, it's like being in this world as I play. It's also one of the most interesting concepts I've ever seen. Sure there are more monster training games, but Pokemon makes it feel more alive.

4 Super Smash Bros.

The ultimate party experience. Few games have hit the hype level of Smash Bros. Whenever a new DLC Fighter is announced the whole internet explodes. - MasterBeef

It brings together characters from all across Nintendo's history in video games together. Why Shouldn't it be #1? - EmperorWolfgang

Nintendo characters fighting against each other? It just can't get more awesome then that! - Blubbydubber1

I don't see how anyone could dislike this game; it's all your favourite video game characters brawling and fighting each other, people have been asking the question "who would win in a fight between... and..." for the longest time, and we have the answers now with this. - Danganronpa

5 Grand Theft Auto

if you like to fire an
m4 out on the streets,
this is the game for you

Awesome game, you can do so many things. Plenty of action, fun, and humor.

If u like killing people and going to strip clubs this is the game for u

The greatest video game of all time Grand Theft Auto v will be best game ever and better than call of duty and halo 4

Rock star is the best the graphics are amazing and the characters too vote for grand theft auto series

6 Assassin's Creed

The Assassin's Creed series is simply amazing! The story in these games is cool and interesting unlike most other games, the gameplay is fun and satisfying and the open worlds look gorgeous and there is always so much to explore and do. It is one of the most unique and immersive franchises out there without a doubt and it will always have a special place in my heart. - RogerMcBaloney

Spent my childhood playing Ezio's trilogy. Miss all those stories

Best games series deserves at least no 3 spot great story graphics and game Play

Get this to 5th place. The beauty of the places where the Animus takes you throughout the series is just amazing. Plus, the stories are all interesting and the games are just fun to play

7 Metal Gear Solid

The only reason why this isn't top 1 is because most voters here only played the newer game series. Call of duty, for example. They don't what the Metal Gear Series is capable of. Friends dying in front of you, crushed by a gigantic robot t-rex, an old friend battling cancer, a sister who died because of a vampire psychopath, a mentor got killed by her own student, a man-made spy that is near death because of rapid aging but still able to save the world and finally killed his own brother. Sometimes, it's not about the gameplay that makes a game better, but the drama-the storyline that can be talked about for almost forever.

How is this not above Super Smash Bros and Mario? Metal Gear is just legendary and far better than those two franchises.

Just the storyline alone should put this game in the top 3 or 4. It's my all-time personal favorite, so it would be my #1 choice. Hideo Kojima is an absolute genius and I solute him not only for making great games, but storylines and characters you can easily get emotionally attached to. His games are like movies. They keep me at the edge of my seat and keep me PRAYING that he'll make just one more. The replay value of these games is TREMENDOUS. They are always chalk full of Easter eggs and side stories. MGS revolutionized stealth gameplay and is in a league of its own. I believe that if anyone plays a game from this series, it will be in their top 5 favorites easily.

Never played anything quite like it. The stories are incredibly deep and touch upon a lot of issues that concern people all around the world and probably for all time, such as war, family, friendship, loyalty, grief, love, hate, courage, leaders and their symbols and what to pass on to future generations and which forces shape them. On top of that all games come with amazing gameplay that for the most part has aged well and gives you a lot of options and freedom (increasingly with each new game). Plus the games burst with life and character and have so many creative ideas that challange you even outside the confides of the video game world and there is such a huge attention to detail... I could go on forever. Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid is an almost flawless masterpiece and even the sometimes excessive cutscenes cannot temper with an experience, that overall has touched me more than any other video game.

8 Final Fantasy

Not only are the stories great, but the heroes, villains, and gameplay are too. Each game is different from the last in terms of environment and plot line, with the exception of X and XI, so everyone can find something they love about this amazing series.

The characters, story, music, graphics and everything is sublime on this ones, they're not just games, they're experiences, unforgettable ones - Enmanu16

The amazing stories and characters that have appeared in this series over the years need to be remembered. They are all part of the greatest video game series ever to appear in this world and Midgar.

Come on it's like the longest and best series ever I mean like seriously there's Final fantasy 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

9 The Elder Scrolls

Put it this way: When you've got a game series that gets things so right the first time that all you have to do to make a sequel is improve the graphics and update the game mechanics a little, you've got something special. Every Elder Scrolls game in the series has consistently trounced its competition to the point that the Elder Scrolls series has become the definitive RPG series of late. I'm surprised this isn't higher on the list!

Oblivion, Skyrim, Morrowind, Areana, Daggerfall. All these games paved the way for open world games. - AngusCash

Bro the stories are great and the animation is really gopd. You also get a customizable character - Manlypants

When I first played Skyrim I thought wow this is big and for the next 40 hours of game time (so for me around 4 months as I don't have time to be a hardcore gamer despite my wishes) it just got bigger and that's when it started to get fun. This took up a year of my life and now I'm halfway through morrowind having finished oblivion, incredible.

10 Halo

Girls Locker Room: Words.
Boys Locker Room: Halo Theme Song.
In all seriousness though, Halo is one of the few First Person Shooter franchises that stands out from the rest. The only other game franchise I would consider as being more influential would be Doom. Every single Halo game is in the same, connected universe and events in one affect another. The difficulty is on point (except Halo 2's) and the game play has inspired nearly every single FPS that came after it. The days of 3 and Reach were the golden days of online play, custom games and forge helped Halo stand out, and every single Halo gun is unique and iconic to the Halo franchise. It has been going through a bit of falteration, but every game franchise hits it at one point. With Reach on PC being a huge hit and Halo: Infinite being on the way (albeit with no gameplay whatsoever), here's hoping Halo can take the top spot once again. - MasterBeef

Halo is a game series that is profoundly influential to modern FPS games. While Halo did give rise to Call of Duty in a way, I won't say Halo is bad. If FPS games were a crowd of people at a convention or a concert and there's one person in that crowd that stands out from everyone else in it, then it would be Halo. Unlike Battlefield, Call of Duty, and more that allow for weapons and vehicles that can have weapons like the UMP-45 or vehicles like the BM-21 in both game franchises, Halo has signature weaponry that are ONLY available in a Halo game. I don't think that I would go into a multiplayer game in Battlefield 4 or something like that and be killed by a guy that's holding a Battle Rifle or Fuel Rod Cannon and I don't think I'd die in a multiplayer match in Battlefield 3 by another player that splattered me with a Warthog or a Ghost. Battlefield and Call of Duty don't have fully consistent plots and Halo does, Battlefield 3's campaign won't have any relevance with Battlefield 4's ...more

Halo is a game where you go on amazing adventure to save the earth by aliens. you have different guns that u can loot and complete missions

Without halo there would be no call of duty, and halo pushes the boundaries every time it comes out with a new game, but then again, how much can you push the boundary when there's a new game every year

Play Combat Evolved then and see if you change your mind. The game is amazing and is right up their with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. - MasterBeef

The Newcomers

? Tamagotchi

An Underrated Series. - Rainbowkid38

The Contenders

11 Sonic

Sonic is way better than Mario because
1.Sonic saves animals would think peach would've taken some self defense classes by now
3.Sonic not fat
4.Mario is slow
5.Mario games are somewhat boring and slow paced
6.I prefer fast paced games
7.Plumbers are lame
8.More INTERESTING character
9.Sonic has more personality
10.Sonic has more than one boss
11.Sonic is cool

Way better than Mario, there are only 3 bad sonic games I can think of: Sonic 06, Schoolhouse and Sonic Boom. - myusernameisthis

At least with Sonic his franchise does something new and inventive every time a game comes out, can't say much for the other game franchises. Sure some installments are bad and some are guilty pleasures. But I like Sonic the Hedgehog, I loved him as a kid, and I still love him now. No matter how good or bad his games are, he's still my favorite.

Sonic is a series sold for its protagonist and world. I can honestly say that Sonic has no games that feel perfect- there are those that come close, sure; SA2 and Generations are both fantastic games but what really makes those two great?

Three things. The characters (which are perfectly voice acted in both games and have their characters perfectly designed), the music (which is some of the best in the series) and the content (both games have a large amount of post game content in the form of level missions).

If you are reading this Sega, work on THESE. The Sonic fanbase is extremely forgiving of poorer graphics, dodgy stories and terrible cutscenes, but these will make or break a game for most Sonic fans.

12 Uncharted

This deserves to be number one, hands down. Nathan Drake gives us a swaggering, laid back protagonist that can crack small jokes to lighten the mood in any setting. This is a new perspective into the action-adventure genre that has the perfect balance between action sequences and heart wrenching parkour/survival parts that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Added on to this masterpiece are the puzzles left for you the gamer to solve. Choosing wrong will lead in failure, but when you figure it out, there is always more action to make up for all the time spent on figuring out the puzzle. Uncharted 3 gives us another point of view as the young Nathan Drake, starting his life of thievery. Seeing Nathan growing up gives us another reason to cheer him on. Uncharted 2 is incredible, with intense sequences of everything a gamer wants. They all come together in the Nathan Drake Collection, a jaw-dropping remastered edition of all the games in the series. Nathan Drake will most likely ...more

Again, I am not a PlayStation fanboy. But this series is just plain awesome. Nathan Drake is one of the best protagonists to exist and the story in every single game of the franchise is likable. This series is a masterpiece as said by someone in the comments and stands out. Likable and great, it is the one of the best franchises. Also, Nintendo and Xbox players, I recommend you to play one of the games, if anyone whom you know owns it, and then you'll get to know what we call a Video Game. - TriggerTrashKid

This game is much better than most games in the top ten Call of Duty deserves to be in the bottom 50. Yeah I know allot of people are going to say look at the sales and pre-order numbers. There only really high because allot of gamer's are really stupid in the games they buy they love nothing more than a non-original story, gameplay that isn't evolving, multiplayer that's the same every year and developers and publishers that only give a crap about the money. These facts are undeniably true and some gamers can't take the the time to appreciate the love and care put into games like the story in mass effect, the adventure in skyrim, the combat depth in god of war and the explosive action in uncharted. Basiclly what I'm saying is that gamers these days are becoming so 1 dimensional and that they need to expand there horizon of games they play.

Uncharted has a level of story-telling that is unusual for games nowadays. Instead of focusing on gameplay, it focuses on a fantastic story that could belong to a big-budget movie in hollywood. Nathan drake is incredibly charismatic, and sully is, in my opinion, the greatest companion of any game ever.

13 Mass Effect

As a trilogy, there is no better than this series. The gameplay is exceptionally good, the characters feel real, the side quests are great and most importantly the story is near perfect. Except the ending of 3. I really don't get how people can look at Zelda or Mario and say they have "great story" and "amazing gameplay." When you really get down to it, Zelda is not a difficult series and almost always results in mashing the b button to kill something. Not to mention it's extremely linear and predictable. Mario is even more so. Mass effect forces you to make tactical decisions on the battlefield to progress. You can choose any method you want, whether it includes biotic powers, explosions, aoe, sniping at range or getting on the thick of it. Every strategy has its pros and cons that you need to be aware of when you execute them. The out of combat choices you make are also amazing and can carry dire consequences and rewards. The series even carries your choices through each game! No ...more

Truly the best game series I have ever played (with maybe the elder scrolls in contention). The story is fantastic, throwing you into the mix of aliens, planets, new governments, and a whole universe. With all this you still feel like you belong and you knowing exactly what is happening without any seamless effort is a great achievement in gaming.

Also the choice that is on offer was tremendous and thought provoking and really made the game you were playing was unique to you. And the true brilliance is that every decision was carried on through the series.

The tactics and gameplay of the game were excellent and really refreshing from the bog standard of Call of Duty.

I for one did not mind the ending after they changed it, and found that it was a good way to end the game and my commander Shepard story.

All in all I think that this game serious should really be at the top or close to it, and far higher then just number 10.

Probably the only true trilogy of games that allows players to create their own story and have their almost unique experience the entire way through with all of your decisions meaning something. As much as people hate the ending of 3 my only disagreement with it is the finality of it (odd I know). Even to remedy that a lot of the fanbase have been appeased by the Citadel DLC which I know I personally used as my epilogue to the game.

Forget what people say about the conclusion of the series. Even that ending cannot diminish the epic and brilliant journey that was Mass Effect 1-3. From the humble beginnings as a rogue spectre to the final defense against the greatest threat to the galaxy; this game series is a masterpiece. So much detail was put into this series. Exceptionally well written characters, exciting combat, irresistible dialogue, and of course, decisions that matter. No game series has been ever been this personal to the player. It is a choose your own adventure that carries over throughout 3 phenomenal games each lasting over 25 hours.

14 Metroid

Yes! Samus was an outstanding hero, even though Zero Suit Samus herself was much more badass, and Ridley is my favorite nintendo villain, along with King dedede.

This game series defined my childhood. Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Other M, and Metroid Prime were complete masterpieces. The only game that wasn't truly captivating and incredible was Metroid Prime Pinball, but come on. It's a pinball game. I easily rank this as my personal number 1.

Metroid is one of the greatest game franchises EVER. Why isn't it among the top ten? It's a mystery. Who wouldn't like traveling the cosmos in great adventures, exterminating dangerous species, fighting evil and putting end to wars in a way few have rivaled. All the games are thrilling from the start as soon as you land on the surface of a planet/station. "Good luck with the adventures! Explore the way urself!

I cannot review it correctly because I haven't just got to the point, but it seems decent. - TriggerTrashKid

15 Kingdom Hearts

Ah it's all been said already... This series started out as what some would call a fluke. It was a combination that most people would never had guessed could work. On one hand, Final Fantasy, a game that focuses on telling intricate and (sometimes) messed up stories (FFVII). On the other hand, the Disney series, a happy go lucky series of feel-good movies that are aimed at kids. It should have been a boring game... But it wasn't.

With each game polishing the fighting style more and more, one of the game's strongest point, the gameplay appeals to button mashers as well as tacticians. The game features an intricate story that spans over many games, each game giving away only a piece of the puzzle, making for one of the longest and most immersive stories ever told in a game.

And not to forget all the Disney worlds that the game offers, each reliving the old movies in a nostalgic way, coupling it with a more mature story. And while the game does not have very realistic ...more

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! This game has GREAT graphics that are so fun to look at! In the first game it may have seemed to be meant for children but this has evolved into 100 TIMES better story then Call Of Duty and Halo! This game is awesome! The game play is SO SO SO COOL! AND KINGDOM HEARTS 3 IS COMMING IN DECEMBER ON THE PS4!

Great game series, one of the best. This series isn't recognized enough and is so underrated. And just because there are Disney characters, it doesn't make the game series bad. If you actually puck the one the best games of the series, you'll actually see how good of a series it is.

This series is magical, beautiful, and creative. It combines newer and earlier stuff to create something more powerful. I enjoy them so much, I feel like I'm on an a timeless adventure. Everything about it is great and it has been my favorite video game series since the beginning. Good music, cool animation, nice gameplay, and really interesting story. I don't find it underrated because it's so popular. Can't wait for the last one, KH3!

16 Mortal Kombat

This the most awesome game I've ever played when started playing I was hooked

Way too bloody and kids are playing it. Also, I have nightmares after watching the trailer of Mortal Kombat 11. - TriggerTrashKid

That is the worst piece of criticism I've heard in my life. "Its too bloody and kids are playing it." Kids also play Grand Theft Auto and that game is extremely violent. Does that mean its bad? Hell no - kylebf

such a low place? why? this franchise is awesome and very very entertaining. The story is interesting, all the characters are superb and they kick ass - Magnolia

What?! The Assassin's Creed series on the 5th spot and Arkham series on the 20th spot? It's so wrong!

17 Kirby

Some of the best music in game history. loads of replay value. Amazing level design. And tons of unique and fun way ways to play Kirby is easily my top spot

I cannot believe this is at 79. In my opinion, Call of Duty is not very fun. It's repetitive and boring. The point of a video game is to make the player feel like they are in a non-reality world and Kirby does a fine job of that. No offense, but I am simply disgusted. I know that this website is opinion based, but at least try to be non-bias. Just saying'.

Really? number 17? (Mom impersonation warning) Grand Theft Auto is heartless and teaches kids to swear and murder. Kirby is cute and challening at the same time. How is this 17! - Scarytar44

Kirby is my favorite video game series

18 Mega Man

How are Kirby, Call of Duty and Pokemon above this? Mega Man 2 and 3 are better than every Kirby and Call of Duty game ever. - Drawbox

These are the best games and should stay even in thousands of years from now. - DinoLover4242

No, it isn't the best. - TriggerTrashKid

Mega man 9 is the best

19 Bioshock

The Bioshock series of games is absolutely amazing, the stories are fantastic and the graphics make it worthwhile. Bioshock Infinite definitely could make this top my list.

Bioshock is constant in how well they make their story lines. Every game is a master piece.

Amazing story gameplay and graphics with a superb atmosphere

One of my favorite games of all time and yes even infinite...such an underrated game!

20 Fire Emblem

When I first played Fire Emblem, I was expecting a boring, unoriginal fantasy RPG that doesn't try anything new. Instead, I got an incredibly heartbreaking story with fun characters each with their own personalities and aspirations. Nothing hurts more when a trusted fighter falls on the battlefield. If you're looking to get into JRPGs, I highly suggest Fire Emblem. - MasterBeef

Yes, for those who enjoy the tactical side of gaming it's perfect. And if characters are your best pick, it covers that to. If you are just merely interested in the series, none of the stories disappoint, I say it covers lots of different preferences.

Person who's "personally insulted Fire Emblem isn't higher on the list", I feel you. I'm also greatly insulted that f ing GRAND THEFT AUTO is so much higher.

It's absolutely awesome to play and just keeps getting better and better. Tone of replay value in the newer games with difficulty settings and multiple story lines and hilarious support conversations. Not to mention fun story lines and a diverse cast! Definitely one of the best!

21 Silent Hill

I've never played a Silent Hill game in my life and even I know this should be in the top 20 at least.

This is clearly the best.

Best games series EVER!

22 Portal

This series is simply amazing. The perfect combination between humor, story and gameplay. I hope Valve releases Portal 3 at some point. - RogerMcBaloney

It doesn't matter if we never get a third game. I wish this game was still relevant and more people knew about it. It's simply amazing.

Amazing humor, amazing graphics (in 2, 1 had interesting graphics near the end, though), amazing story (although I wish it used its full potential), and amazing horror. Definitely the best series ever. Not to mention it has the only bearable fan base.

Bassicly its half life also because there in the same universe and are cannon to eachoterh

23 Crash Bandicoot

First video game series I ever played, and still one of the best.

Unfortunately, there are WAY more bad Crash games than good ones. - myusernameisthis

The original and better play station mascot

I have almost every game in the series these games are awesome And number 1 in my opinion.

24 Resident Evil

Honestly one of the greatest game series I've ever played besides final fantasy and halo
should be at least top 5

Resident Evil keeps getting better and better. Each game is unforgettable and RE 4 is a perfect game. The creatures, boss battles, and overall awesomeness of this franchise is unsurpassed by any other in the game industry.

Resident Evil! Just saying the name makes your ears ring in fear. The series is what set off the survival horror genre and has been trying to adapt since its debut in 1996. Great characters, enjoyable stories and frightful action.

I think RE is the best game series in the series because of the unpredictability and because of the boss variety. I hope the series never dies. - MyRockets345

25 Ratchet & Clank

"Chloe will you be the ratchet to my clank"
that's how I ruined my relationship

The first three games (R&C1, Going Commando, and Up Your Arsenal) and the Future trilogy might be some of the best video game trilogies of all time.

Fantastic characters, great humor which is appealing to both children AND adults, an endless arsenal of insane weapons and gadgets, the R.Y.N. O's, brilliant storylines, what more could you ask for?

Ratchet and Clank for the win!

Ah ratchet and clank kid friendly, hilarious, Godlike music incredibly addicting weapons awesome stories. Even though some games like into the nexus is mini short I will never give up on this fantastic series.

26 Saints Row

How is this at 38. Its not the best but deserves to be in the top 25

Should be in top 5

Best game ever

Best of Bests

27 Battlefield

HOW IS THIS NUMBER 36?! Sure, it's not the best. But, it is the best shooter. Why? Because it requires thought, strategy, and teamwork. It's not some brain dead thing that 7 year olds play because they think they are "surer stealth snipez"


Best first person shooter and it is the best.

I think the biggest problem of this game series is single player campaign

28 God of War

This series is so good. The story-telling and the characters are well done and the gameplay is incredibly satisfying. - RogerMcBaloney

It's got a story, bloody combat, awesome designed levels, characters, bosses, deaths, and environment, epic music, good motive, incredible mythology, killer weapons, and has the most powerful character in gaming, the one, the only, the son of Zeus, the king of the gods... KRATOS!

Call of Duty: we have a lot of blood in our games!
God of War: Hold my beer

Why is God of War at the bottom? It's got way better story than Call of Duty, gameplay is awesome, and in my personal opinion it is the best game that I had ever played. I think it should be at least at the top 5.

29 Borderlands

More vulgar Halo, which makes it fantastic. It also perfected the looter-shooter genre with only Destiny even coming close to beating it, and even then I would play Borderlands any day of the week, while Destiny I'd probably play once a month. - MasterBeef

Borderlands has a way of offering hundreds of hours of fun in one game. The makers if this game keep it fun and light hearted while still bringing it down on a serious note. A well made game!

I always find myself returning to these games, even after finishing them over and over again. Great series.

Even Pre-Sequel was good! (Although Borderlands 2 was the best in the series) - HexBolt0505

30 Pac-man

Only things I don't like about Pacman:
*Controls are difficult
*Annoying noise
That's it. - MarioBros11

This is one of the best franchise in gaming history next to Mario. This yellow guy that eats a lot of dots and ghost is a legend.

Eat those pellets. 'cause I am a legend. - TriggerTrashKid

Without Pac-Man, I doubt Mario would have a chance. - Drawbox

31 Fallout

Every fallout game has something unique about them. Even 76 is really fun. I've played them all (except BOS) and found that they have the best story of all time. Should be in the top 5, unlike the Legend of Zelda games, which only appeals with 'fake gamers.' - War_Never_Changes

Surprised this one isn't higher up on the list. Fallout 3 and New Vegas, especially, have been wildly popular. These games have it all: great stories, character customization, play style choices, high production values, atmospherics, exciting combat, soundtrack, mod-ability. What's there not to like?

Ok listen up I don't play Fallout 4 but I play 1-New Vegas and the series is awesome I couldn't vote for the Elder scrolls because if you know me I get pissed off for people liking skyrim the best for graphics sake. Bit back to fallout 1 great starter for the series. Fallout 2 major improvement when I really started playing a lot. Fallout 3 the series became really popular be honest would be my favorite game if it didn't have so many super mutants. New Vegas favorite fallout game best role playing aspect and nice vibrant world unlike fallout 3 which was bland That's why this series get's my vote. - Roach

What Fallout 4 lacks in a good story it makes up for in the fact they absolutely nailed the retro-futuristic look. And you really feel how tense Oct. 23, 2077 was for an average American. - Stalin

32 Splinter Cell

This series has been with me since the beginning. I can't wait for them to make another!

My personal favourite right here. :-)

It has ABSOLUTELY mind blowing graphics

33 Castlevania

Top 10 for me no sweat for just those 2D Castlevania games. It's so fun to explore Dracula's castle, while travelling through with an amazing soundtrack to back you up in most of the games (looking at you Castlevania HoD). Can recommend anyone to try 'em out if you ever get the change.

Oh god, best video game series and Castlevania is not even top 20? Come on..

Oh dear me, I love Rondo Of Blood from my deepest heart.

It should be at least in top 30.

34 Pikmin

I love all 4 (including the 3ds pikmin game) of these games. The endings were so emotional and happy at the same time. The gameplay is unique and addicting. It basically started its own genre. The characters are cute. Pikmin 2 is awesomely challenging and there is so much to do. The original game, for its time, was amazing. The story is cool. The characters can be hilarious. I loved the pleasant music. The list goes on. Pikmin deserves more popularity. I think that its way better than games like Halo or Mario. The Legend of Zelda series is, on a scale of one to ten, a 7 7/8 out of 10. I am never bored of Pikmin, and I never will get bored of it. 10 out of 10!

The 2 pikmin is 1 of the best games I have ever play and the first is also right up there

Pikmin has depth, character, hidden things that you can find, cute pikmin, what more could you ask for?!

Pikmin is an absolute hidden gem. It has so much charakter, should be much higher than 50.

35 Street Fighter

This game REVOLUTIONISED head-to-head games. It was such a unique experience; games were always about score, not competition. Street Fighter changed that and created the local multiplayer experience.

Legend of fighting game!

Another game of fighting.
Not better than super smash bros. But it is classic

The Trailblazer for Fighting games...
Street Fighter has always been legendary.

36 Jak and Daxter

The original jak and daxter is like super Mario 64, but with bigger and more diverse worlds, better characters, and a somewhat decent plot. I'll admit that Mario 64 was longer and more challenging, but jak and daxter is pretty high up there. The series really hit its stride when jak 2 came out. The game was much harder and longer, but it was nothing like Mario 64. It has one of the best plots I've ever seen in a video game. The player uses cool and interesting weapons unlike the crap you see in Call of Duty. Instead of going to different areas and collecting items like the first game, you'll have to talk to different characters that will give you missions as the story progresses. The missions are extremely fun and challenging. There are also bonus missions and a hero mode for people who really want a challenge. Jak 3 isn't as good, but it's still better than any legend of Zelda game I've ever played, not to say that the series is at all bad. I wish I good explain how awesome these ...more

This game was the first I played really I was 5 a least put it in the top 20 please

I love this it's like Ratchet and clank -Selma

First game is my favorite game on ps2 and this was my first game ever second is star wars battle front.

37 Hitman

It did what assassins creed tried and failed to copy, player choice! So many different ways you can approach each mission and so much fun to keep playing.

An underrated game everyone should play

The best series of all time

It should be in number 1 position.

38 Half Life

Proved that games could have a great story without sacrificing game play. Revolutionized the fps genre, as well as gaming as a whole. And it's sequel, while not having quite the same impact as the first, improved upon upon it's successor in a number of ways, including graphics, storytelling, setting, and most dramatically, physics. As far as impact on the gaming industry goes, nothing compares to the Half-Life series, and that's why it's my favorite game series of all time, and I don't think there will be another game series ever that can surpass it's place in video game history.

Are you serious? Call of Duty and Halo beat Half-Life by a large margin? This series is the most innovative of them all. Without this game, there wouldn't be a Call of Duty or Halo. Don't hesitate and play this game right now.

One of the most amazing game series I have ever played, it by far surpasses the story line of games in this generation and even if the quality of not so impressive this definitely be one the best games in history.

I'm shocked. Again. This is best video game series I ever played. I enjoyed all of them, main games, expansion packs, even Half-Life: Source (which is not a game actually, it's a port.).

39 Madden Football

Of all the madden games there was only 2 good ones and that's it. - htoutlaws2012

Best selling game of 2013 is Grand Theft Auto 5 not madden - ikerevievs

What are you guys thinking?!? Madden is the #1 selling game in 2013

Madden is the best

40 007


Trash - SilverArcticWolf

41 Sly Cooper

Yeah somebody said up there that assassin's creed is unique na it got taken from this game. The game has a great story and not the same villain every game. The games have got the best story of any game I've played. It has the best characters of any game. It also has good game play. They also have a different story every game too (I'm looking at you Mario). Also Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, and Grand Theft Auto were inspired from this game.

Sly Cooper HAS to be higher on the list. Who could forget daunting tasks, rewarding loot and promising characters? The Sly series touched the hearts of lots of gamers out there and I know I'm not the only one out there who agrees that this should be higher on the list.

I believe that Sly has worked his way into gamers hearts. Anyone who has followed the game remembers the rewarding loot, the fun stealth missions, and even for a children game, it has a great story line.

I think it is awesome I played this a long time ago on my PS2 and I still remember it so that is why I'm voting I voting this.

42 Batman Arkham Series

Arkham asylum gives me goosebumps and arkham city just lifts me every time I play it
They’re just soooooo good man!

One of the best action game series ever

Easily my favorite series of all time. I've played some amazing games, but none where I felt so deeply connected to it. I was truly sad when I finished each of these games, even Origins, the weakest of the four. Arkham Knight alone is most likely the best video game that I will ever be lucky enough to play.

SO many games have ripped the combo based combat system with countering and striking that originated in this series.

43 Far Cry

Very underrated. It's one of the best single-player FPS games out there. - RogerMcBaloney

All of the farcry games (excluding farcry 2) were masterpieces. The franchise has got to be in the top ten. The gameplay was flawless along with the story for all of their games. Farcry Instincts has the best multiplayer experience out of all the FPS out there, and the campaign on the other games were even better. The unique map editor makes up for hours of endless fun. The feeling of successfully making the perfect map for you and your mates to have a get together and beat the crap out of each other is priceless.

Definitely the best first person shooter franchise. - TheGrammarPolice

Woh woh woh... In this list a good no. Of games which are less worthy are above this master piece... It deserves much much higher rank than it is now

Far Cry below Mario = Unacceptable - TriggerTrashKid

44 Medal of Honor

My favourite is front line

I remember this computer game! I always played it - KingSlayer93316

Before Call of Duty even existed there was Medal of Honor, the original WW2 first person shooter series.

This was revolutionary when it first started. Who needs Zelda, who's idea of powerful weapon is a kitchen knife when you can have U. S Army soldiers armed with Thompsons and M1 Garands?

45 The Sims

Vote for the best pc video games series!

Put this at number 1 not 56

Love love love the Sims. Especially 3 and 4.

The only game series I'm genuinely into.

46 Gears of War

This game series is a beast! Not only do you want to side with the heroes, but you can actually understand the motives of the villains yet they still make you hate them! Great writing!

This series were so great from the first Gears of War till the fourth so far with exception the Judgment which it wasn't even good. - Johnalove

No way this game is #20, but look what it is competing with

Gears should be in the top 5!

47 Need for Speed

I personally like racing but I just prefer Need For Speed's approach to driving: Cop chases, crazy stunts, and supercars rather than 3 lap-races over a simplistic course (although that is fun, too. For some reason I prefer the driving: I think that the controls are better designed. Although the dialogue tends to be poorly written, there's not much games whose gameplay compares to racing down a highway at 250 miles an hour, weaving your way through random cars while cops are on your trail.

The best racing game series in the world of video games. - jimmy12lee

How is that stupid Gran Turismo above this? Sure, Mario Kart rocks, but the order in racing series should be 1. Need for speed 2. Forza 3. Mario Kart 4. Gran Turismo

What is wrong with you guys, need for speed should be like 1-5(cause I do agree is some of those) and I think Call of Duty should be higher too...

48 Civilization

The Mainstream is the single factor on why this isn't in the top 10

When Civilization is 46th on the list, you know something is really wrong with this top 10 stuff.

My dad loves it so much he plays it every day - MarioBros11

It is 44th on the list dumbass

49 Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is an excellent racing game with extremely detailed tracks, both real and fictional. The car selection is gigantic but it could use more Premium cars. Not the best overall series, but the best racing series.

Polyphony Digital are so dedicated with their games - jefet21

I have to say after playing this series, I easily passed the licence exam 6 yrs ago, no joke.

I'm glad it got higher than FNAF I Hate FNAF

50 Tomb Raider

I think many people do not get that special TR magic: this is all about level design, alienation and atmosphere of the environment. Loved the series right from the start and I also like the reboot titles. - TheFliFlux

Lara Croft is so badass, awesome and independent, so are the mechanics of this game

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is gonna get this on the mainstream again - Enmanu16

I'm personally not a big fan of Tomb Raider but are you kidding me!? It's number 65!?

Tomb Raider Below Sonic = Unacceptable - TriggerTrashKid

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