The Legend of Zelda


I've been playing LoZ since I was a little girl. My older brother, 9 years older, was in love with the game and I would often find him playing it in the living room. Once I was old enough to understand the concept of a video game, the first one I wanted to play was Ocarina of Time. Of course, at 4 years old, I didn't do much more than ride Epona around Hyrule, or go fishing in the fishing hole on Lake Hylia. I grew up with Legend of Zelda. It was always my way to de-stress and relax after a hard day at school. Now I have played almost all of the Zelda games and I love all of them. They all have something really creative about them, whether it's a new item or a really vast map. If I had to pick my favorite, I don't think I could. Wind Waker had my heart for quite some time when I was younger, but that was because it was simple and easy for an 8 year old to understand. Now that I've beaten the original, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, ...more

This was the best video game series 25 years ago and will still stay the best video game series 100 years from now. It has made records and has changed the video game industry for good. I love the gameplay, the depth of the story, the characters, Hyrule, I mean what's not to love? It's that good that even Robin Williams named his daughter after it. I don't see any one calling their child Call of Duty. The best thing about Zelda games is that there's a Zelda game for every person of every age. From catching fairies before you battle bosses to getting the Master Sword every thing you do in the land of Hyrule seems to be satisfying. If you haven't played this game I definitely recommend it.

Not a big gamer but I will die for this series. - tenthsage

All you call of duty seven year olds need to get a life. Zelda is easily the most original series ever created, and its not just some drag-n-drop fps. That's boring. No. I want a game with variety. A game that makes you think. A game that makes you stop and say, "Holy s***. Holy s***, that was cool. I don't want a game that's been the same since the first game came out. I want a Zelda game.

This series is definitely worthy of being the #1 game series ever. Not only is the series fun, challenging, and sometimes even frustrating, it also has beautiful stories in each game. The endings can bring you to tears in ways you could never imagine. The composed music is so beautiful it sometimes can even bring you to tears as well, but in a good way of course. These games have been around for almost 30 years, and as you can see, they are still going strong.

These games each have their own unique style and that is what I love about them. There are many instances in these games where you are so immersed in gameplay that you literally get chills. Not only did these games revolutionize gaming itself but gave gamers the full experience and drove them to buy the next game in there series. It will never stop, The Legend of Zelda Series will continue to grow and progress and I can't wait for future games.

If it says zelda on the game box I will buy it.

It is not a fantasy game. It is THE fantasy game. It's been with us for quite a lot of years, and it never failed to be awesome. It's one of the really few games who doesn't get worse with years (or maybe it is getting worse with years, but it was so awesome even back then that now it's still awesome)

Dude I don't understand why people would choose dumb, pointless shooting games like Halo and Call of Duty... Legend of Zelda has depth! It changed the video game culture and provided us with timeless storylines that will be remembered for a LONG time... How memorable are other games? They don't hold a candle to zelda!

Zelda: The amazing franchise that is forever reigning king of RPGs. Call of Duty is getting popular with 5 year olds and why should it deserve its praise? Zelda earns its praise by actually taking time to make it. Halo is overrated and not everyone likes Mario. So Zelda deserves 1

I have never liked Zelda games.. Like at all, but I am not one of those people who can't appreciate a game when it is obviously a masterpiece. Zelda is an amazing game that is not surprising why it has such a vast and hardcore fanbase. Just not my kind of game. - Strokavich

Probably one of the best video game series I've ever played. Mario is a good game and all, but it isn't at all thought provoking. Also, my favorite video game I've ever played is from this series. 10 chocolate banana puddings out of 10.

The Legend of Zelda is the best video game ever! My sister and my own mother make fun of me for playing it! Like, come on people! You think we're lame, but you haven't lived until you've played it! It's sad to say, but I've never met a girl that plays this. What kind of world do we live in?

While my favourite game of all time is Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda is my favourite franchise. I literally love all games in this series to the point where I can't decide which ones I like more than others. Each one deserves all praise in the world.

You know, Zelda is like heavy metal! Both awesome types of its categories (even considered the best of their kinds), both sell a lot, but sadly, they are not best-sellers, and sadly, they are a bit forgotten. But they never give up and keep on going.

Does anything more need to be said? This this has to be the most amazing series to ever be created. I own every single one (I mean true Zelda, not the knock off crap from other systems) and I will own any future Zelda game

Zelda the Most Greatest Timeline in any game I've ever seen. But, I would say it is a god game. It's amazing game.

This comment section should be blank. There's no need to talk. Lucky are all the people who have played this series. And those who haven't will eventually or not anyway this is the soul of all videogames and it will obviously never be surpassed. Zelda feels like a game created by god. Maybe it actually is. God thank you for Zelda.

This single series didn't save the business or revolutionize it like Mario. But damn, a nearly flawless track record is the key, and you get so infused into the game, and that's what a video game should do.

Why is call of duty number 1? It doesn't teach kids any sense of adventure. Legend of zelda however, gives kids a great adventure expierience. All the boss fights and how to defeat them, all the people and their storys, its the perfect game. This game should be number 1 hands down.

Personally, the Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game series. I have so many fond memories of playing Zelda as a child with my dad, and even today I still enjoy revisiting some of my old favorites.

The legend of zelda is the greatest series of all time. Mario and pokemon are really good too, but this game is amazing. With awesome soundtracks. Surviving from the 1980's to here. What a fantastic game!

Thanks to these Masterpieces: Link to the past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess and other amazing games. They stand the test of time for being unique games and for their quality.

Videogames can be classified in two categories: Zelda and others. Period. This is no video game. Its some crazy that I'm even scared about it. You unplug yourself from the world and get into this "game' when you play it. There's not even need to argue. This is the best game of all time.

Grand Theft Auto is way too overrated. Seriously, 54 MILLION sales for just GTA5?!?!?! Doesn't deserve anywhere near that. Maybe 15 million max.