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41 Age of Empires V 1 Comment
42 Mario Kart

Obviously some of you people have no taste.
Mario Kart is one of the best game series ever invented.
Unlike some games, Mario Kart never ends. Even if you have unlocked everything. In other words...

I'm sure plenty of others who love this series lumped it in with the Mario entry, so don't fret about this not being right near the top. It's great fun for casuals and pros alike. - Entranced98

Brilliant game, definitely deserves top 20 placement.

It's a racing game. There's like several others out there. This is just the best one outta the bunch. - mattstat716

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43 Far Cry

All of the farcry games (excluding farcry 2) were masterpieces. The franchise has got to be in the top ten. The gameplay was flawless along with the story for all of their games. Farcry Instincts has the best multiplayer experience out of all the FPS out there, and the campaign on the other games were even better. The unique map editor makes up for hours of endless fun. The feeling of successfully making the perfect map for you and your mates to have a get together and beat the crap out of each other is priceless.

Definitely the best first person shooter franchise. - TheGrammarPolice

Woh woh woh... In this list a good no. Of games which are less worthy are above this master piece... It deserves much much higher rank than it is now

Far cry primal just came out and its beast


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44 StarCraft
45 Need for Speed

The best racing game series in the world of video games. - jimmy12lee

What is wrong with you guys, need for speed should be like 1-5(cause I do agree is some of those) and I think Call of Duty should be higher too...

46 Tales

Oh yes. That is an awesome game.
Oh my god, I love it so much. It's the best game so far. It should have been in the top-ten games.

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47 God of War

It's got a story, bloody combat, awesome designed levels, characters, bosses, deaths, and environment, epic music, good motive, incredible mythology, killer weapons, and has the most powerful character in gaming, the one, the only, the son of Zeus, the king of the gods... KRATOS!

Why is God of War at the bottom? It's got way better story than Call of Duty, gameplay is awesome, and in my personal opinion it is the best game that I had ever played. I think it should be at least at the top 5.

My childhood and brings many vibes whenever I come back to play it even if its been years.The story is great following the story of Kratos who seeks to destroy all of his enemy's that cross him. I'm super hyped about the new god of war and what it brings to the table

Best game for me

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48 Mafia

The chemistry between Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro is priceless. Plus Joe comes up with some witty chat up lines

Mafia 3 is about to come out can't wait

Who needs ancient kung fu mortal combat crap when you can have Mafia stylt shootouts?

49 Donkey Kong

Donkey kong is way better than a lot of the games above it... Definitely.

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50 Animal Crossing

Amazingly Cute! What other video games series has you live in your very own town filled with cute talking animals and customize your life like in real life? My favorite one is by far Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

These games is so relaxing and fun, and I've almost 100%ed New Leaf. God, I need to get back to playing this... - purpleyoshi98

*pulls out an axe* Okay, who's the genius that made me grind 200,000 bells for a stupid bridge?! - mattstat716

Call of Duty fans: SHOOT
Grand Theft Auto Fans: MLG I STOLE YO CAR
Animal Crossing Fans: Aww Rosie is so cute :3 - spodermanfan1000

51 Medal of Honor

Before Call of Duty even existed there was Medal of Honor, the original WW2 first person shooter series.

This was revolutionary when it first started. Who needs Zelda, who's idea of powerful weapon is a kitchen knife when you can have U. S Army soldiers armed with Thompsons and M1 Garands?

Medal of Honor is simply amazing, or rather it WAS until 2010, when they released the damn reboot. The WW2 Medal of Honor games will never die. To Medal of Honor, the Godfather of Mainstream WW2 FPS's!

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52 Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's has an insanely good backstory, and the entire series, especially the first game and the final game, were insanely good horror games. The second and third were a little meh in-between, but the first and the fourth both took interesting horror plots as well as all of them telling an immaculate story. This deserves more votes.

Scarey game fun to play now 3 of them

It should be 10th

Lower it. The first 3-4 games are exactly the same, except for World and SL.
The difficulty just increases. That's it. Whoop-dee--doo.
And the fandom does not count in this review. - mattstat716

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53 Phantasy Star
54 Silent Hill

I've never played a Silent Hill game in my life and even I know this should be in the top 20 at least.

This is clearly the best.

Best games series EVER!

55 NBA 2K

Awesome games to play

56 007
57 Dead Rising
58 F-Zero
59 Plants Vs. Zombies
60 Street Fighter

Another game of fighting.
Not better than super smash bros. But it is classic

The Trailblazer for Fighting games...
Street Fighter has always been legendary.

Why is MK and SSB on this list but SF not? Street Fighter may not be the best video-game franchise but it is the best fighting game franchise!

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