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Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan


Bluestar, in my opinion is such an extraordinary cat. She has her good, and bad moments like anyone and she is one of the greatest leaders. She is kind and caring, compassionate, and understanding yet strong, courageous, & loyal( please don't count the Oakheart bit. As someone wise once said "love is the most powerful element." "Everyone wants it yet no one can stop it." lol. She gave up her kits for her clan and I think that is upmost proven loyalty card. ) she has every quality of what a leader should have ( also, it's not fair how people hate her just because of her attitude at the end of her life. I can't imagine the Erin's ever making Bluestar have such an emotional backstory and describe her as a powerful, smart leader for her whole life. I'd just be "Mary-suish" I guess.)

I love all the Cats in the warriors series, but Bluestar is an amazing leader, she is full of dignity, and she is an amazing role model for any leader. I love Firestar, but Bluestar was the first model for him, and I think that was one of the reasons he turned out so well.

I've ranted about Bluestar long enough. She's whiny, a brat pretty much in Bluestar's Prophecy, being sad and upset for moons when Snowfur and Moonflower die. When you're a warrior cat, your family members will die in battle, and it's not as shocking as in the real world, because everyone has a short life in Warriors. She went insane for three books, gave her kits away on a grain of salt, (Thistleclaw never killed anyone), and got her own kit killed anyway. Actually, if she'd never met with Oakheart in the Trees, the whole thing with the kits wouldn't of happened. She was a good leader for two books. I hate her. I'm sorry.

She is beautiful, kind, fair, and just. I don't care what anyone else says about her she will always be my favorite cat and she did not become a bad cat when she lost faith in starclan, she was nearly murdered so you can't blame her. She loved her kits but she lost them for her clan. That proved that she was loyal to her clan above all else. She cared deeply about family because she mourned her sister and mother for MOONS after they died. No cat can tell me she was bad and expect me to listen.

She is my most favorite cat and when she died it broke my heart to see that she had died in the Dangerous Path and I cried so much and I can't believe that she died. She was such a good mother and had so much people that she lost because she lost oakheart, her mother and father, Mosskit, and everyone else in her family but except some of her kits. I think she had so much pain in her life I can't believe you can't feel my pain and sorrow to let her die but she had pain and sorrow also. And Why Did She have to die She was my 1# one most favorite cat!
-Mckenna Diane Folsom

I think Bluestar was one of the best warrior cats because she was willing to do anything for her clan. In Bluestar's Prophecy when she was willing to give up her kits and stop seeing her mate to stop Thistleclaw from becoming deputy, and eventually leader. She also had to suffer through losing her sister, her mom, and her dad never really being there. Sure she went a little crazy in the end after Tigerclaw's betrayal, but she righted her wrongs. All in all, she was a really well written character. - catcentaur160

I'm sorry, but I don't like Bluestar. I mean, she was in my (emphasis my) Top 10 Hated Warriors Characters List. She's whiny, especially in Bluestar's Prophecy. For moons, she cried about Moonflower, moping around, and Snowpaw had already gotten over it. She had to be reality-checked twice by Sunstar. She neglected Whitekit after Snowfur died, and even if she came back to him, Thistleclaw was at least a bit justified in being annoyed with her. She didn't beg the car to hit Snowfur, but she'd taken her out in the first place, and had been the last one with her. Also, who gives away their kits on the slight assumption there's an evil cat-whose never killed anyone before-in your clan? Why did she need to have kits in the first place, if she hadn't agreed to Oakheart's invite? And she went all mental when Tigerclaw attacked her. He was (sadly) suspicious from the start, dude. Anyway, I hate Bluestar, and I don't really get (no offense) why people love her so much to put her at #2. - TheFlyingOtter

"Bluestar" is a household name to anyone I know. She was amazing, a true warrior if I ever read of one, and it's practically impossible that there will ever be a cat like her again. Stock up on your Bluestar background knowledge, folks, because you won't get far without it!

She has such an amazing story and I've always loved her. When she went crazy, I was like "I still like Bluestar. " when other people were saying. "She's stupid now that she's gone crazy. " I just LOVE her!

I absolutely LOVE Bluestar. Even if near the end of The Prophecies Begin she did sort of go mad, she had a very hard life and was very loyal to ThunderClan her whole life. First of all, her father wasn't very fond of her, her mother died, her sister died, she had to give up her kits to RiverClan for the sake of her own Clan (becoming deputy instead of Thistleclaw, as it mentions in the books he is a loyal and strong warrior, but his solution to everything was battle), and finally her mate, Oakheart, died. Oh, and I forgot to mention one of her kits died on her way to RiverClan to give them to Oakheart. Her deputy, Redtail, also died, who she was very close to, since basically all her family members are dead, and when he died, she became pretty close to Lionheart, the new deputy, and when he died and she made Tigerclaw deputy, she wasn't really 'close' to him, but she thought he was a good deputy and a loyal warrior (until he tried to murder her, that is), and I know that was a really ...more

Bluestar is like the best warrior by far! If I ever get a cat of her breed and if the cat is a female then I am probably naming her Bluestar. There is no warrior(leader) like her. I will always remember her even though she lies with Starclan now. I know she will always watch over me. I love Bluestar so much I wish she didn't die. Goodbye Bluestar, I'll never forget you.

I love her because she stood strong through the hard times, and no matter how hard to choices, she always did the right thing, and thought what was best.

Even after she died she kept on caring, and looking after her clan, and her kits.

I love her and because she was awesome before she went crazy and she is pretty and a very good leader. She cares about her clan and will do anything to protect them even risk her own life every one has to ambit she is awesome

I had a cat named Blue from Bluestar. She died close to the same way. I lived in the country side near a lake. One day she left the house, and my neigbor was out hunting and I guess mistook her for a fox or somthing and shot her on the left shoulder. She came home and I saw the wound on her shoulder, I tried to get her in but she wouldn't come. She died that night next to the lake. I respect Bluestar than any other leader in the forest, more than Firestar.

Shes kind to her clan mates and other clan members. She is also very brave and nobel! She also has a life other than just inside the clan. She had kits and had to give them away to be deputy of her clan. Shes amazing!

She may have turned insane halfway through the first series, but she bounced back in A Dangerous Path, when her Clan was threatened by dogs. If she hadn't given up her last life, there would be no Firestar.

Bluestar is the best! She gave everything up for her clan, without anyone like Mapleshade around (cough cough Crookedstar). You have to really really love your clan to go as far as Bluestar did!

Bluestar was a very loyal, strong, and brilliant leader. She had a hard life and made difficult decisions just to serve her clan! Why did she have to die? Bluestar is awesome.

She's nice a gave fireheart a chance to become a wild cat. With out bluestar fireheart would never becomes true cat

She will ALWAYS be one of my favorites (favorites are Hollyleaf, Cinderheart, and of course, Bluestar and Oakheart) P.S. she and Oakheart are mates in StarClan

She is the most loyal cat ever and she is always defined as "beautiful"! I mean come on she has blue fur and blue eyes! I love that combo!

If she never died Fireheart would never have become leader but it is still SUPER sad... It was so sad how she could never be with her kits or mate and her deputy betrayed her. She was a really good, fair leader.

Bluestar is the best warrior it was so brave when she gave mistyfoot and stonefur to riverclan! And when her sister got hit bye a car that was so sad!

I voted bluestar because she went through a lot (recap) she lost her mother, her sister, her mate, and lost one of her kits then had to give the other two to riverclan and then she dies. That is a very hard life and she showed a lot of love for a cat (unlike my own) but she lived out a sad life but she did it like a boss. LOVE you BLUESTAR

Bluestar is so loyal and pretty I love her because she is also very fair and I wish she did not die! She made a good choice to choose lionheart for deputy!