Firestar is just plain awesome! He's my #1 favorite cat. Mainly because well first, he shows so much compassion for everyone, even of a different clan. Second, he's nice, loyal, cool. He's just so awesome, and I also love that he is so humble about everything, because people who just boast about everything and are a$#es good things about them, people like that piss me off! He also just means so much to me and he's awesome, and personally, people who say he's going to die piss me off, stop saying he's going to die! Firestar is like the most popular character, I don't think Erin Hunter will kill off Firestar, he could go into retirement and be an elder! Just wanted to say, FIRESTAR, your AWESOME! I LOVE you! =D

People say they hate him for being so sunshine and teamwork and happy-like, but think about it. The Erin Hunters were originally planning for warriors to be a 1 book series before it became a big hit, and the protagonist of a book is usually going to be... well... a HERO. You can't say he had no struggles, because he had to earn respect from his new Clan without any family(unlike pretty much all the other clan cats who had some kind of family with them in the clan at some point) because he was a kittypet. He was almost killed by longtail before he was even able to tell them his name! He was teased shamelessly by other apprentices! Of course thank goodness Whitestorm, Lionheart, Spottedleaf, and Bluestar accepted him or else he would've been completely lost. You may say he is always being so "Righteous", but of course he is! He's much older and wiser after everything he's gone through and probably doesn't want other cats to feel the pain he has, so he helps everyone he can! Firestar is ...more

He's absolutely amazing! There takes much restrain and self-control to endure all which he's had to. Ignore the others call him names and doubt his loyalty. Live with the knowledge that there are traitors in the clan. Watch his best friend break their code, then also witness the death of his friend's mate. Live with constant threats around every corner. And so the list goes on.. No other cat in the series, has so far been able to out stand what Firestar has. Because of that, he is the best warrior.

Firestar is the best ever! More awesome than any other cat! Why did he have to die?!?! How could Erin Hunter do that... He had to deal with a lot of cats he loved dying, like Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt, Leafpool having kits as a medicine cat, Sandstorm accusing him of loving Spottedleaf all the time, and lots of other stuff.
He is smart, strong, and he was even a kittypet! Even after the first series he was still my favorite cat. He led his Clan through the Great Journey and rebuilt SkyClan, too.
You would have had to not even read Warriors to see how awesome and amazing he is, I'm really surprised people even hate him!

Firestar. What else could his name be. A fierce warrior with a heart of fiery compassion. He is the role model of how cats should be. How people should be. He makes mistakes, but learns from them. He does the right thing, even when everyone else isn't. He never gives up. This is what we are taught as children. This is what every person should realize: Never give up, for when the clans were outmatched by bloodclan, the dark forest, the great journey, the dog pack, the prophecies, every trouble the cats have ever faced. They are lead to victory, because they try. Firestar was an example of that. Of kindness. Of bravery. Of a warrior that everyone will remember.

I love firestar. He is so confident and charming. He fights bravely to save his clan and is a quick thinker. He doesn't mean harm and is Nobel. He knows what to do. Firestar is humble and brings peace not war. I am glad he is leader of Thunderclan. He cares about everybody and puts everybody in front of himself. He raises kin amazingly and gives the right punishments. He is not cruel or harsh. He does not kill or fight if there is no need like when he didn't kill tiger star. Firestar is also very smart and thinks of the best solutions. He is the best!

I vote for FIRESTAR because he's so peaceful and kind to the other clans. He does not want to fight and his mate is SANDSTORM. FIRESTAR is lucky to have a mate and kits of his own. Most clan leaders don't have kits of their own. He also made a good choice to join the clan cats. BLUESTAR did make a good choice about bringing FIRESTAR into the forest and as picking him as her deputy.

Firestar is a respectful leader, managing for the most part to keep his clan in peace, but he has literally no flaws. He's been in about 4 to 5 prophecies. He's a great cat, but I really don't like how he's shown as 'greatest character' and 'best leader'. He's a perfect character, and all the other leaders bow down to him all the time. He's not the best for me.

Woohoo! Go Fireheart! He was the smartest one (And Graystripe, too) b/c he figured out that Tigerclaw was (obviously) a traitor when no one else would even consider the possibility! And he never fell in love with a cat from a different clan, instead he fell in love with Sandstorm. But it kind of stinks that the relationships between cats from different clans NEVER work out b/c I really don't see what's so bad about it... There should be a relationship where none die or get mad at each other. Maybe they should get to live together or something!

I really do like Firestar a lot. He has good personality traits, like being clever, brave, and kind. However, he does have his flaws. He tends to care too much, and that gets him in trouble, such as when he fed RiverClan the prey from the forest. And unlike a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu, he and Greystripe did have to face the consequences for their actions, and were not above receiving punishment. He had to fight in order to be the least bit accepted into the Clan, and even then there were many cats still feeling prejudice against him ( i.e. Sandpaw, Darkstripe, Longtail, Dustpaw... Etc.) and he wasn't just automatically loved by all. He had to prove himself first. And all the other leaders don't just bow down to him in later series'. Sometimes they listened, and other times they didn't and challenged him, like when Onestar attacked ThunderClan. However, when the other leaders did listen to him, it was because he was worth listening to at least a little bit, and not because they were all ...more

Because he is Royal to his clan and he means so much to me and he is my favorite cat. I also want to say I Love You so Much I Wished You could come over here. You are my favorite cat in the whole wide world I dream about you I want to talk to you on the computer I just can't resist I want to live with you I want to be with you. I love you FireStar XO - FallenPebble

I love Firestar -- Firestar and Sandstorm equally, forever and always! Firestar is the perfect warrior and the perfect hero and I love him for his kindness, courage, loyalty and intelligence, for his skills and his humour. He is like a part of me and I couldn't love anyone more -- Sandstorm equally, but no one more than either of them.

I love Fireheart so much! If I were a cat I'd want to be a warrior and be Fireheart's mate. I was the first in my grade to read the books and I would spend all of recess telling people about the warrior code and life in the clan. My best friend and I even tried to do the Lightning strike!

Firestar was brave from the start. He was a fair leader unlike some other leaders. Let's not forget he saved man lives. He died for other cats, he forgave other cats, and he let other cats into the Clan. He was always calm during situations and didn't jump to conclusions. I have so much more to write about him! I mean, who couldn't?

He may have saved the clns but he's not the BEST character! Think of poor bluestar. She went crazy because of tigerstar. Fireheart tried to help but failed every time.. I love firestar but.. I agree that most cats are better than him. Like feathertail. She had a destiny and died bravely while doing it. Yellowfang killed her own son to save the clans from his terror. I mean, WHO DOES THAT? Oakheart was the best deputy you could ask for but he suffered as well. Crushed by rocks, protecting his clan. I'm 9 so don't make a bitter reply!

I think that Firestar is the most awesome cat that has ever lived in the warriors series! I love how he brought his clan through so much and he even brought skyclan back together which is awesome! I feel that Firestar fought through so much and the most honorable thing he ever did was die fighting Tigerstar in the last hope who was his enemy throughout the whole warriors series and I think he is the best cat in the whole entire series.

I VOTE FOR FIRESTAR CAUSE HE'S peaceful, calm, and strong. HE'S A VERY GOOD LEADER CAUSE HE'S SMART AND KNOWS HOW TO RUN A CLAN THAT CAN SURVIVE. he was originally a kitty pet, but when he entered the forest, he grew up to be a strong, noble leader. THAT'S WHY Firestar is the best warrior in the series!

I think Scourge is, he is very misunderstood. All he wanted was for his brother and sister to like him, but still they treated him like trash. So, he went into the forest to get away, and with all his anger against Socks and Ruby, he became blood thirsty. I love him!

Firestar.. He was a good character in the first and second series, a loyal, brave, typical protagonist, but in the last two series that included him, he was just too perfect, and ruled everybody around. He was a good leader, and good friend, just not realistic.

I think he's the best because he's strong-willed and would lose every life he was given for ThunderClan. Without him, the Clans would have been taken over by BloodClan. I will be bawling to the point where I can't breathe when I read his death scene in The Last Hope. I want him to show the bravery he had and always has in the Dark Forest, and hopefully he'll die an epic death. Firestar, your name will burn in the hearts of every cat until the end of the Clans. I'll need a hug when I read his death. You'll be known as the greatest leader ever to come upon the Clans.

I think Firestar is the best character in the Warriors series. Some people say Firestar is a Gary-Stu but seriously? Dude, the cat has flaws. He doesn't always do the correct thing, but he's loyal, humble, and an amazing leader. (SPOILERS AHEAD! ) I wish Erin Hunter hadn't killed him off in the last book!

Firestar is an awesome cat. He would do anything to save his clan. Like when scourge tried to take over he lost a life but he kept on fighting until scourge was dead. Firestar would stay loyal to the clan know matter what. He would defend his clan know matter what. He so amazing no one would think he was ever a kittypet. Firestar was a good fighter from the start. Firestar is an awesome warrior

I love Firestar! Why wouldn't you? He saved EVERYONE! He is my favorite cat, and I know he's got a lot of haters, but those people are stupid. If they were really in the forest, they would BEGG for him to be on their side! He's such a big sweetie, and he always tries to do what is right. :) He is also very brave and a great fighter. He knows strength doesn't need to be shown by force and bloodshed, but by compassion and peace. LOVE YOU!

Firestar was the bravest of them all... He was good to his clan, and made good decisions! I hate Darkstripe and Longtail and Tigerstar for taunting him! After all, Darkstripe and Tigerstar betrayed their clans, how loyal are they? Firestar is way better than them?

Firestar is one of my favorite cats. Guys, Firestar is not a mary-sue! I don't know why some of you hate him, but we all have opinions. Firestar/heart has been through a lot! He had to save his Clan from Scourge, Tigerstar, and more that I won't list. I love his relationship with the fiesty Sandstorm. I mean, who knew they would ever become mates? (Well, unless you read spoilers) And they had 2 messed up daughter's! (Leafpool was even more messed up than Squirrelflight) I can go on and on about Firestar but I won't make this rant to long. - Mint/Ivypaw