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61 Tall Shadow


62 Rowanclaw

I think Rowanclaw is very misunderstood. Rowanclaw is a great father, mate, and deputy. He is a much better choice as deputy than Russetfur. Russetfur is cool but Rowanclaw is AWESOME! Congrats to Blackstar for coming to his senses and choosing the one and only Rowanclaw as his deputy. I can go on and on and on about how great a father Rowanclaw is to Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, and Flametail. He always encouraged them and made sure that they were the best that they could be. Last of all, he was a great mate to Tawnypelt. He supported and protected her no matter what.

Rowanclaw used to be a girl... then became Tawnypelt's mate. So, was she homosexual then decided that in order to become Tawnypelt's mate she needed to become transgender? - RisingMoon

Don't you think it's odd that he and Russetfur both have R in their names and wereare deputies.
Blackstar sure likes cats with R in their first part of their names to be deputy

63 Lionpaw

Lionblaze is amazing the clans wouldn't be alive without him neither would the Tribe! 1

Lionpaw is so cool and the best fighter ever... He should be called lionclaw/stripe

He is brave, going out to see heatherpaw in the caves, but he is also caring

Why do you like that dumb thing!?

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64 Blackstar

Blackstat's life was a need for loyalty in my opinion. He wanted to be loyal to Brokenstar because he was his leader. He followed everything he told him to do because of LOYALTY. Then he found out how he truly became leader and Brokenstar left him and the other exiles.

This, of course, made Blackstar upset. He wanted someone to follow. So Blackstar went off and followed Tigerstar instead. He took his loyalty so far as to KILL Stonefur. Then his loyalty was broken after BloodClan was brought into the forest. That is why when he became leader he didn't trust the other Clans.

Now he was loyal to HIS Clan above anything else. He didn't trust the others because he was afraid that if he did something bad would happen.

This also explains why Blackstar did not want to travel with the others when the forest was being destroyed. Trust issues.

Then Sol came. Blackstar wanted to trust this wise loner, but again his loyalty was broken after he realized that Sol was ...more

Blackstar had a rough go at things and he strives for the best of his clan I think he is misunderstood and thought of as a bad guy hut really even though he has a lot of pride he puts his clan above all! The only bad part was he killed stonefur :(

Blackstar is everything a Clan leader should be, loyal, trustworthy, and he tests those who he thinks might be a threat to his Clan. - TailchaserFan10

He killed many cats for no reason.

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65 Tigerheart

Aw! Come on people! Tigerheart isn't all that bad! He knows what true friendship is! Even though he crossed the ThunderClan border he still kinda hot. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE AGAINST HIM! Just because his name was inspired by Tigerstar doesn't mean he is actually bad! He's not crap! -Rowanberry

He's so brave, and is a great friend, if I was a cat, I would totally be his mate!

He is a great cat and he is a perfect mate for dove wing

He's pretty good in Tigerheart's Shadow, but he made the wrong decision to leave ShadowClan. Come on. What kind of deputy leaves his Clan untended to go to some Twolegplace? What did he ever see in Dovewing? But he needed to say that they should leave The Guardian Cats sooner. Then he'd be back to help ShadowClan earlier. He's nice to his kits, giving them badger rides, or as Shadowkit calls it, " bodger ride. " He really changed everyone in the city. Fierce, Blaze, Spire, and taught them all battle moves. I feel like they should've attack Fog and her group. If they had done that sooner, Pouncekit might not have gotten caught in one of the traps and Dovewing wouldn't be accusing Tigerheart about the kits being too young to travel. But Fog finally shows a bit of sadness when Streak gets taken away; bet she wouldn't have been that unhappy if one of her other cats got caught. And why didn't they agree to join Tigerheart to get their own home back? She just wants them to do it for ...more

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66 Brambleberry

She is such a pretty cat and in Crookedstar's promise you can see how much she cared about crookedstar as a medicine cat and a "mother" I just love her!

Is a great medicine cat you rock brambleberry

Brambleberry is so technique! Very stylish! I love her!

She was the mother Crookedstar should have had.

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67 One Eye

How is his daughter Star Flower? I mean imagine her... then look at him...

Pure evil cat from Dawn of the Clans.

But hey, he killed Tom, so yay! - Mewbosses

One eye is not in the book that much.


68 Sootfur

I love Sootfur! I don't know why- he's always so nice; he would've been a great mate for Squirrelflight if she's noticed him!

He was a great he should have lived why him in the badger attack

I think that it was sad how he died in the bager attack. He was a good warrior.

69 Cherrytail

Remember her? She's spirited, and should be deputy instead of sharpclaw.

Cherrytail made fun of Skywatcher and was a stupid kittypet even if he is a warrior now. He was not ment to become a warrior. GRRR!

70 Brackenfur

He was very loyal and Firestar considered making him deputy. Whenever Firestar needs something, he is his "go-to" man. (Like stalking Darkstripe in "A Dangerous Path"! ) - Splashstorm

Seriously! Brackenfur! 42nd on the list! You have to be kidding! He is so brave and so loyal! He is about 3rd on my list! (first Squirelflight and then Brambleclaw)

WHY is brackenfur nuber 43? He should be at least in the top ten. He is kind and loyal to all his clanmates, and makes wise decisions to help Firestar. He also mentored really good cats like Tawnypelt, Whitewing, and Hollyleaf.

If I could pick Thunderclans leader and stuff this is how it would go
Leader: Brackenstar
Deputy: Thornclaw
Main Character: Spiderleg
Exiled Cats: Leafpool for mating as a medicine cat with Crowfeather.
Squirrelflight for hiding it
Cats that would not be in ThunderClan- Millie, Daisy and Daisy’s FIRST Kits from Smoky and all the other kitty pets except for Purdy. ❤️ - Feaather

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71 Bone

He never should have killed whitestorm. Firestar.

Well. He's a great body guard to Scourge, I can admit.

Bone is a strong cat


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72 Midnight

Midnight is an awesome badger! I think she loved the clans, because they were her friends even though she was a badger

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73 Cinderpaw

She's almost the same cat as Cinderpelt... It's weird!

You rock cinderpaw you make me think of my self

74 Nightcloud

I know right? Apparently its either because of her attitude or that she is with Crowfeather not Feathertail or Leafpool. Jayfeather and Yellowfang have attitude, but no-one hates them. Plus these problems occur in FireXSpotted fans about Sandstorm.

Everyone looks down on her but she has a perfectly good reason to be a little weird!

She was a good cat or was not her fault that Crowfeather used her or that her son turned evil. She was a loyal cat

Nightcloud is amazing she CARED FOR LIONPAW AND BREEZEPAW WHILE AT ONE POINT CROWFEATHER JUST WATCHED THEM FIGHTING all she wanted was kits and all of her kits died except for breezepelt who becomes evil and CROWFEATHER USES HER TO LOOK GOOD

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75 Breezepelt Breezepelt

I really like him for the character that he is, and also for the fact that most of the hate that he gets is undeserved. People like Scourge for some reason, and hate Breezepelt, even though Breezepelt never actually killed anyone. Heck, his circumstances were worse than most of the evil characters!

He may be arrogant but some people can forgive his readiness to to draw blood in defense of his clan. He just doesn't want to end up like his father. Besides he is still a brave, loyal and fierce warrior to Windclan. If any warrior cat could be my mate, I'd pick Breezepelt above all others - jessrosecooper

I think it was really mean that he tried to kill Poppyfrost when she was expecting kits!

I love him :D I'm just like him, every warriors test I take, I end up being the evil oc, or tigerstar no joke! I think it would be cool to be in the dark forest

76 Thornclaw

Thornclaw is the best! Brave, strong, proud, and when he want to be, sweet. Never heard of a cat so awesome! Thornclaw should be number one!

He is awesome and I loved him the second I heard his name

Every time thornclaw talks, "Hey, Firestar, can I go on the hunting patrol, or dawn patrol, or any patrol! Please! My whole life is patrols." I still love him

He is way too forgotten. I love him so much ThunderClan should be right now for deputy and leader-
Thornstar (Thornclaw)
Brackenfur (Deputy)
Main Character: Spiderleg
How come all the real ThunderClan cats are forgotten? - Feaather

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77 Sunstrike

Go Sunstrike! She needs to have a bigger role in the books, not just be a evil cat in the Dark Forest. At least give her a good role in the next book.

78 Heavystep

I feel bad that he died of greenchough AFTER Leafpool got a message from Starclan!

79 Littlecloud

Littlecloud is awesome! He is so nice and I felt so bad for him when he found out that Cinderpelt was dead. Why did Flametail have to die! Littlecloud worked so hard to make him a good medicine cat. Him, Tawnypelt and Tallpoppy are by far my favorite ShadowClan cats.

He is a great medicine cat. I am so glad he got sick as an apprentice because he would never have had been Cinderpelts friend or a medicine cat. He was a great mentor

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80 Shredtail

Shredtail was a dude that was in the dark forest, and died from Lionblaze

He was in the dark forest wasn't he?

I mean Shredtail

Who's Shreadtail?

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