Best Yoona & Donghae (YoonHae) Moments

What YoonHae moments gave you the clue that YoonHae is REALLY REAL?

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1 SS2 Backstage Hug

Although all YoonHae moments are explosive and squeal-worthy, this one is definitely the best. The fact that they thought that they wouldn't get caught (it was backstage, after all), and yet they DID (and so, they pulled away awkwardly) just shows how maybe they are something more than just friends. Their skinship was way more than just a friendly hug; it was something more intimate, more close, more real. We Pyros believe that they genuinely had something and that they still do. It is the quiet moments like these that speak louder than words. Beautiful, indeed.

To be honest, all YoonHae Moments will always be remembered as the greatest moment. Cause YoonHae is simply a couple which does not need to show to all people that they are real. All their attitudes just speak by themselves. Backstage Hug, Selca, and all the lists below are just a collection of small 'fire' from a big fireworks which never fade away. It may have small light in some moments but it's never dissapear. Keep believing and supporting

Actually everything I like


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2 YoonHae Selca

The pic just so epic. Yoong & Hwae, We Are number 1 - Donghae.

I love when they having a selca together!

Yoona and Donghae are real forever

They are real, because the selcas are REAL.. Donghae tweeted "Yoong and Hae. WE ARE NUMBER 1" I love them, I really don't like Seung Gi for YoonA. I wish YoongHae will come back someday..

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3 MNET Idol Love Scandal

I think all entire korea already know them..

4 'Y'

I think Y has something to do w/ yoong and Hae's relationship

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5 YoonHae matching Ideals
6 YHM#60: I knew, It's you.
7 SuKiRa Moments
8 High Fives and Holding Hands
9 SMtown Live Moments
10 SPAO moments

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11 'HARU'
12 2012 SMA
13 Celebrity Pyros
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