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1 They are working for the politicians and not for the people.

Police are not out to serve and protect the people. They aren't watching over us the people, they are simply watching the people. I have recently bumped into police and was without a valid reason arrested and put into a holding cell no questions asked. Never mind the saying "innocent until proven guilty". From the moment they arrested me I was not aloud a phone call and what I said to prove my innocence was ignored From the holding cell I was brought straight to prison where I stayed for a night. Not until the next day could I make a call or get help. I couldn't believe what was going on but I choose to keep my mouth shut and later was released. I pay my taxes and work full time. I still can't believe what I have to go through to prove my innocence. Not all police lie but in this case I have a list of four police who lied to make it seem they had reasonable grounds to arrest me. All-in-all this is why I can't stand police. Us the people should be able to come to terms with our own ...more

On July 9 2011 and April 28 2012, Malaysians held a massive rallies in Kuala Lumpur calling for a free and fair election. They've the right to do so because Article 10 (1) (a) and (b) of the Federal Constitution states that Malaysians have the rights to assemble peacefully without weapon and to express their opinion and ideas.

But, the rallies were deemed illegal by police who worked for the Government.

And guess what, 100000 Malaysians were attacked with tear gas and chemical-laced water by police who were paid with taxpayer's money. - Fazrin

Yep just like the mafia men working for the boss. The police thugs probably tell themselves things like filing a false charge on a suspect for kicks is somehow helping society but deep down they know they are in the wrong, besides politicians fund any thing that the police want to do to look tough on crime and 99.9% of court judges will defend any action that a cop takes no matter how insane.

This is true.Police are good when they stop criminals not when they serve politicians.-DarkNoi-X

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2 They think they can talk and treat you however they want

Seriously, I was in a horrible wrench and because I said a cuss word, and nothing else mind you, I got threatened by a cop to be thrown in jail because I used a cuss word. I mean really. Obviously he has an ego and thinks he is a god! I hate cops. Egotistical asses, if you don't like your job maybe find another one, I mean I can't help you live a miserable life and get paid between $20-30 thousand a year. Losers! Just about all of them that I have ever met have a chip on their shoulder too. Not to mention the little 17 year old girl whom hit me totaled my car so of course I cussed.

They expect you to talk and treat them with respect when they look down and treat us unfairly. I have never been properly in trouble with them but I just generally feel like they are awful intimidating people


i called to report abuse at home and not only did they turn against me all depressed that I already was they blamed me and told me to shut up! They were talking to me very rude and I did not deserve that treatment after that they just said go solve the issues yourselves and I was abused again and again after that and they didn't come to my house when I called 2 times. They did not tell me about my rights and they even violated them and once they lied that I could not talk over the phone which was my right at the moment cause someone (abuser) got me into a stupid situation they treated me like crap and I felt like nothing with their treat, not even a dog, they caused me even more trauma I wished they die to be honest. There was one good cop once (young one) but all the old hope they die soon I don't know I mean I can't help it but feel ew and hate towards them it fair its what they deserve

They lie about your speedong

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3 They're stupid.

As a black teenager... You see where I am going don't you. I work 2 days a week and study for 5. I live with my parents, and walk my dog (a Pomeranian for Christs sake) each day. My choice musician is Mozart followed by Buddy Holly, and when I graduate I hope to be a Lawyer. Yet my family is not rich and we don't live in the best zone. As a result, I have to justify my mere presence to a police officer about once a week, and have three times been taking to a station for questioning with no charge laid or appropriate information given to me. It's not in the interests of public safety, it's just easier to take another black boy in than to try to tackle the big issues in our society.

What you are saying makes no sense. Police can't just do mental commitments because someone has previously been committed. His driving May have been erratic but this is not grounds for a commitment. You on the other hand who claims to be smart would know you could go right to court and explain to a judge why your whacked out husband should be committed and that judge would probably grant that psych evaluation then the Police could take him directly to the gospital with out having to prove he is crazy because it's court ordered. Sounds like you are stupid and the Police had no grounds at that time to commit your crazy husband! Your point was not made so try another to get it across to us college educated cops who have to deal with more in a week than you will in your life time at your lame desk job!

Most of the cops I've encountered appear too dense to get any sort of "real" job. Where I live, they are just a bunch of thick-necked, ignorant, pompous (with seriously no reason to be) jerk-offs with nothing better to do than screw with people and try to demand respect that they haven't earned and honestly don't deserve. What a waste of tax money!

They are not stupid, silly. Criminals are stupid and think the police won’t catch them. They arrest many innocent people by mistake. Even Albert Einstein made mistakes! When they arrest the wrong person, someone swats the person and the swatter is very stupid.

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4 They're criminals in disguise

They've hurt me and hog-tied me and threw me on the ground when all they had to do was restrain me and put me in their car. They lie - the police report was FULL of lies. They interrogated and messed with me when I was minding my own business, doing nothing illegal. They're stupid, pulled me over at dusk because my headlights weren't on. Made me do that "follow the tip of my pen with your eyes" test, which I complied with, 100 % sober then called my husband to pick me up instead of just following me to make sure I got home okay. What if they wouldn't have been able to get in touch with my husband? Would I go to jail for not having my lights on while I was 2 blocks away from home?

Or would they have driven me home and let my car get impounded? Once I got arrested and they told my 14 YO son to drive my car home (which he did).

Instead of acting in compliance with the law, they act as if they are above the law. They think it is okay to beat people up, threaten people, or force someone to confess a crime they did not commit.

Because I'm a fit and witty white guy, cops that have spent time around me inevitably try to impress me with their work stories- which include harassing homeless people and motorists and they think it's hysterical. I personally have not had problems with police when I have been pulled over for speeding but then it happened- the king dickhead of the police moved across the street from me. Things started out friendly and has escalated into him actually stealing my kids toys from my yard. There have been several instances of him trying to hit on everyone's wives (they tell on him because he is a creep. He has wife and young child- 2nd wife by the way ) and it's basically to the point where I want to bash his head in. I know there isn't a point to filing a complaint- if they can get away with beating and shooting people for no reason, nobody cares about a perverted thief. So yeah I've been around enough to see cops are not the good citizens they pretend to be.

Most people have heard the adage, "Show me a cop and I'll show you a crook". With the experiences I have had with the police this saying is appropriate. They've blatantly lied while calling me a liar. I've seen people thrown in jail overnight while doing nothing wrong (at least from what I seen at that time). I have even called the police when my home was being broken into and they never showed up. My complaints are similar to others which tells me, there's a major problem with American police.

Personally, I wouldn't give you a nickel for a hundred of them!

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5 They beat you during interrogation.

While I was in jail they beat an inmate severely and told us all to keep our mouths shut, or else. I reported.that to and nothing was ever done. Scares me seeing how they are so protected above the criminals because they know they are above the law and the, people.

Probably because you committed a crime, do you expect people to be nice to a criminal - ShyGuySwag

Not true their just as bad here in Canada.

If you see an officer abuse anyone you should file a complaint. Every law enforcement department has an internal affairs bureau to investigate allegations of abuse.

In India they are satans

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6 They hate black people

It's a shame that racism is kept in the forefront by the media and criminal organizations such as BLM. Don't be fooled. There will always be bias and prejudices against people and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. It's human nature. Not every officer is perfect just as not every person is perfect. It's life. If you get pulled over just comply with the officer. You will never know how it feels to be in an officers shoes until you wear them. You can't please anyone and it's so easy for ignorant people to sit idle and second guess about every action an officer takes. We have all been stopped by an officer including myself. When you need an officer they will always be there for you. If you can't deal with life then get a coloring book, companion pet, play dough, and cry like the adolescent you are.



A black man has A.000023 percent chance of being killed by an officer, a black man is more likely to die to another black man then to an officer. look it up. a large percent of the police force are made of African Americans or any other race. it's the media's fault.

Exactly, you may here of 3 or 4 a year, but there are so many people in america, more than that get killed in shootings every year. It's not fair for cops to be portrayed like that, so maybe, don't hate on them unless you know what the heck you're talking about - turtle_splash

This is objectively true. If your a black person your three times more likely to be attacked or arrested by the police than any other person. - THEGODAMNBATMAN

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7 They think they own you

Yes, the police in Atlanta talk down to all citizens like they are your master.

You are very, very, very correct. Atlanta policemen are the reason why my mom's wedding ring was stolen. - Juan-Luis

They either had a warrant or you opened your front door consenting them to search

They are losers by thinking they own you. I don't care to those people.


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8 They're more annoying than math teachers.

What's wrong with math teachers?

This is true cause they're all trying to catch you doing something wrong and asking butt loads of questions.

I know right like once they killed a dog fractured a guys leg for no reason put a guy in jail for dancing put a guy in jail for skate boarding arrested two people for kissing/making out and pulled a guy out of his car for no reason they do that to get paid they even strangled a child and put kids in jail


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9 They always want to be right

They always are right because they can lie without punishments.

Police is showing off their power and people are getting frightened from them. Which is not right. Tell those bastards that your law tells you to be equal, but it isn't equal, because you can do anything without getting arrested.

They were trained maybe they know maybe you're the one that's not use to hearing something about yourself that's true and maybe you have no respect

Pathetic know it all's!

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10 Police in third world countries make money by taking bribes.

Who can blame them, when they make more money in a week by taking bribes than they do in a whole year of honest work. Would you really turn that offer down, if you had a wife and five children at home to feed, and everyone else was doing it too? Don't tell me you have that kind of will.

So true, especially in Egypt

I can't even blame them because they are probably struggling to support their families, but it is wrong!

Police in first world countries take bribes or bi's same diff.

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11 They arrive on the crime scene after the story is over

In a perfect world there would be an officer on every corner to respond to every call within seconds. In your world there is traffic, other calls, limited officers and resources, and safety concerns. Of course it takes time for an officer to arrive. When I go to your work and order a burger why does it take 15 minutes to get it? This just goes to prove that you have no sense of reality and you would rather whine and complain than to help solve the problem. I am sure if there were an officer on every corner you would complain that they were there watching you all the time.

The pizza delivery guy is faster!

I agree, I hate the police

Yeah the 30 minute rule

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12 They're mean

I drive an old 1998 Ford Ranger, the four cylinder engine is tired and screams at 60 mph. I just was issued a ticket in a parking lot where the cop pulled in behind me and told me I was doing 58 in a 45. I was so surprised at his claim that I began asking where, what, how? He didn't care a bit about my questions and ask for my driver's licence and registration. As he was writing the ticket, I began recalling where he thought he had me. I remembered seeing him pull aside at the change of speed limit, and recalled my situation of two cars about my position at that time. One was barreling behind me and the other passing me. I can only assume that the cop actually clocked the passing car, but because I pulled into a parking lot nearby, he picked me rather than going after the true speeding vehicle. Thus, I was surprised at his claim.

I have not had a ticket in years, decades...but this guy wasn't listening. I became very angry and started yelling at the cop. I told him he was ...more

Yeah RIGHT I bought a star wars Nerf blaster I was pointing at the cops I got yelled I almost got arrested buy I did not my dad had to talk with cops about the weapon and they believe it was real and then they should have shoot me back for that but I didn't get shoot by them so then I when my dad finished talking to them he said to his friend he was very mean. - Lordvader3500

I just got a $600 ticket for forgetting to renew my insurance. I forgot because my mother was a diagnosed with cancer. This ass could have given me a warning as I have only had one ticket in 25 years of driving but didn't want ro and I had to pay $90 to be towed less than five mins away to an insurance office instead of allowing me to go home and renew it. If there is such a thing as karma I hope he has the weekend he deserves

Oh please tell me

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13 They are racist

Police in Atlanta Georgia are extremely prejudice. They act like they are the higher class, not for the people, but control the people.

Some of them arrest foreigners for no reason

South Park policeman: The next time we arrest a criminal make sure he's black.

Everyone is racist to some extent. Get over it and open your eyes to reality.

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14 They abuse their power

It's fun to abuse people under the color of authority. Give me a break. Just like everything else in life there are bad officers among the good officers and the bad ones should be fired and held accountable for abuse. Grouping every officer in one category is ludicrous and an idiotic immature ignorant statement. Nothing is absolute except death.

They work for the law but because of that they think that they are above the law. A police thinks he's living in a police state and he has forgotten that he lives in a democratic country. Meaning that the people decides who is in charge of laws.

I've heard of cops persecuting homeless people for no reason,

That badge gives them the right to do any illegal activity with no reprocussions

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15 They yell

Who can blame them? They deal with thick-skulled morons all day who make dumb lists about them!

A lot of them yell at you for no reason, some of them do respect but a lot of them have no rights to be yelling at people for no reason especially to people who didn't do nothing

Most people can't hear officers. It's a disease that scientist can't figure out a cure. Also officers can't hear so they yell thinking you can't hear. My response is just as stupid as the statement "They yell"

The police officers yell like they are either on illegal drugs or are possessed.

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16 They harass innocent people

I have personally been pulled over because of my last name and questioned about people in my family. What gives the police the right to just do that if I'm not breaking any laws how can you pull me over and question me and what if I don't comply or if your not satisfied what are you gonna do put me in jail beat me kill me. The police are sneaky they are liars and really are scary. I was telling them I didn't know haven't seen them and they was searching for anything they could to get me in trouble yet their damnest to intimidate me. I hate the police so much.

That's goddam true


17 Handcuffs

Just going to not restrain this criminal here... oh look at that he is escaping. how could this be?! if only there was an invention to make my life easier and safer as an officer of the law. then the handcuffs were born. don't DO THE CRIME IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE THE PUNISHMENT (in fact don't do crime at all)

Also the comment below me says, "I was arrested once for the smallest thing, peeing in a bush. I begged the him to let me free but he didn't. I put my hands behind my back and the sound that they make! It's the worst sound and makes you feel doomed."

peeing in a bush. you do understand that's a crime. and however I don't agree with arrest you still made judgement peeing in a bush. and that's YOUR FAULT stop complaining about punishment for action and don't do the crime.

I was arrested once for the smallest thing, peeing in a bush. I begged the him to let me free but he didn't. I put my hands behind my back and the sound that they make! It's the worst sound and makes you feel doomed.

Well if you must be silly and try to resist arrest... - Britgirl

I agree!

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18 They profile you based on what you look like

Just because I'm fat ugly & dress like a hoodlum doesn't make me a bad person but due to my. Rough childhood I dress like a hoodlum to get people to leave me alone. I also have trust issues because of all the lies told about me...

There are these 10 terrible things about them, but other than that they do a wonderful job

Yeah right and they ask for ID or they put a gun on you - Lordvader3500

Get a therapist because you have issues dude.

19 They stop blacks for no reason

Bigotry in society sick

The police are racist

20 They do not respond to calls, especially during night time

Although this site is somewhat sarcastical... It's SO, SO TRUE.. Sociologists have studied the personalities of people attrcted to police work... And the findings were that the majority had a high level of criminality, inferiority complex, bullying history, jealousy of more successful people, minimilly intelligent, brutal, power tripping.. And because they carry a gun & badge, dangerous to society...

They refuse to respond for over 10 years now because I filed a complaint when they refused reports on a burglary, and talked down to me telling me to shut up and not call them when I'm robbed anymore. They said the calls go on record and make them look bad. Crooked cops.

Everyone is so quick to pull the they think there so bad because we carry badges and guns but were not we don't get respected and when someone thinks they know something a don't respect the authorities it's a problem. Also that's a lie cause in south Florida we like night shift there's actually stuff to do maybe yore not the only problem we have to take care of that night

It's too scary to respond to calls at night. Why would they want to do that? It's all dark outside and cold. What a moronic statement. You are so clueless it's disturbing.

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21 In America, the police try to be over-smart

Today I got into it with a stupid officer who, when I told her I committed no crime and get your supervisor out here, declared, " I just love the drug paraphernalia in your back seat! " And I said "oh you must mean this broken UMBRELLA? " What an idiot. She kept up her shenanigans and I called to report her. She tried to hurry me my ID back when she finally realized she was getting in trouble.

What an ass.

Be, careful, they can easily plant stuff in your car without ever being punished. You must always "obey" and honor them, or else.

I hate cops too, most of them are jarheads from the military, who were too stupid to function in society

Try to be smart?! how dare they. they should be stupid! their cops! Pigs! are you stupid. because people try to be smart to make DESITIONS and if they look at an umbrella for drugs then don't act like you have somthing to hide. and you reporting her for doing her job is a dick move.

22 They tackle you

They tackle you even when your not running away.

Maybe your not listening

See it on T.V. all the time. Society is like a bunch of dumb cows and just ignore it.

23 They get up into your business when you don't do anything

I have been taken to jail four times by the retarded cops keep thinking I'm going to deal meth or I'm going to mug someone and I'm getting annoyed by this bull crap - TheSorrow1

Then don't act like an ass and jittery around them and they won't have probable cause.

I once saw a news story where some little girls got their lemonade stand shut down by cops because they didn't have a business license, that's pure oppression

I don't believe anyone here went to jail,but seriously,cops hacked in my iPad just because I had an Internet battle with somebody,luckily my dad is a technician

If you have gone to jail 4 times as an innocent person you are full of it. Officers have better things to do than take innocent people to jail. Let me guess, everyone in jail and prison are innocent too. Yup you have no future

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24 They ask you questions that's none of their business

Police officers pull me over for a busted tail light and started asking where I was going, where I was coming from, what I was about to do, my school, my job, my family and many other private questions

25 They eat too much donuts

Kids need donuts too

Their cars are called the donut mobiles.

Yeah, they need to relax and not be bothered by crime. If I call them they never show up.

You mean they eat too many donuts. Learn English and stay in school.

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26 Police cars are menacing

What does this have to do with police officers?

If you're not doing anything wrong, you have no reason to be intimidated

27 You can get a pizza quicker than the police
28 They use unnecessary force
29 They are lazy

They drive around all day and get fat by eating doughnuts and drinking coffee. And when it's time to catch a criminal, they send the police dogs to the scene to do all of the work.

They just sitting while we stuck on traffic jam - ComelCumil

They didn't even go in columbine high school! - doodie

First of all, Most police don't even have dogs because they cannot afford a good ammount of K-9s
and the doghnuts and coffee thing is a steriotype caused by the simpsons, who should go die in a hole.
and when they do have dogs, yes they will use them because it is a tool and a copanion at their disposal that they are smart enough to not waste. but in most cases they sneek up on them and do a takedown.

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30 Most of them are in the Ku Klux Klan

WHO the hell hires bigots and gives power authority a club handcuffs a pistol to these Dixies

Yup. Even the black, Hispanic, and Asian cops. All KKK. Yup. Keep thinking that you illiterate dumbass.

You all are retarted

The same biggots who fight terrorisum and make the army and navy, and KKK? please. talked all about this on #8 cops are not racisit stop repeting the same thing.

31 They arrest criminals too much

I've been arrest 12 times for stealing a water bottle. I went to jail with 9 other people and they all stole water bottles too. It's an epidemic and we need more prisons for all these water bottle thieves. In fact I'm in jail right now, but I have to drink out of a cup instead of a water bottle.

Oh no! How dare they do that! They should totally let criminals walk free so they can kill more people! - GlassweighanCountess

This is a good thing. Except if that criminal commits a small crime, like stealing a water bottle or something small. - 906389

They don’t arrest them too much! An arrest is what every felon deserves! Criminals need punishments and an arrest is appropriate. We need to get rid of all criminals.

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32 They do brutality on disabled people

It's because they are easy to catch

33 They enforce the law.

Yes and they should. Without the police we won't get justice. If your family is in danger who do u call... The Police. However much people hate them they need to open their eyes to see the bigger picture. Whilst people run away from danger the police run towards it. They put their lives on the line everyday for the public! We need the police..

34 Most are conservative Republicans.
35 They can be corrupted

1. Driving way over the speed limit.
2. Moving into a lane without turn signal.
3. Driving on people's bumpers.
4. Using their lights and sirens to run red lights--(i'm not kidding, I saw this a few days ago! )

Half of the cops in the world are probably sick of their salary and just care about pay checks so they chase take or accept whatever hits them

One cop nearly got me in an accident, jumped right in front of me nearly bumped his car into mine

To think you don't live in a police state with an us against them(the public) mentality is to be still a child or out of touch with reality. If you think these post are not being used to profile you too, you just don't get it.

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36 Take you to jail for no reason

I had never been to jail or in trouble until I was 66/y/old then a lady 50 y/0 made a claim I stole a gun from her. I wanted to show police the receipt. They refused for three month to get it from my attorney, then arrested me on my way to work. It was a junk gun I bought in a collections of items when the women said she was moving. The policeman has harassed me, calling me a bitch to three different neighbors, now for 6 more months while waiting to come to trial. I had some items taken from my yard. I different policeman came and he gave me a report paper. An hour later he told me the policeman that had been bothering me told him to tear it up and would not take my report or my neighbors.

37 You call 911 and they come and shoot you for no reason

The cops showed at my uncle's house without a warrant they THOUGHT my uncle was holding a shotgun but it was his cane he's in his 60s and they shot him in the arm.

Looks like he shouldn't have called the cops then!

If you are calling 911 you should be shot almost all calls are from rebelious liars and self righteous sociopathjs in need of a free hitman to both equalize and often nothing more than to make themselves feel better about themselves

38 They never understand the true story

This is why I hate cops

They believe nothing but lies and I hate them for it

39 They can't do their job without backup, weapons, K9s, computers, or snitches

Yes, its ridiculous that they use those and other useful tools, they should just walk around barefoot and wearing only a bathing suit.

40 They drive to the doughnut shop even though it's right across the street from the police station

Ha ha, that one cop crashed his car into a Dunkin Donuts, so funny!

I'm serious! why would they drive there if it's just across the street?!

Why would they drive there then?

Stop this steriotype, now. its rediculess. Cops Like donughts and are lazy! its not like they exersize or anything. o wait yes they do and most don't even like doughnuts.

41 They can't accept the fact that they're not always right

This is true!

42 They get annoying lights in their cars

When you are walking around at night and you see a car that has its headlights off but amber lights on, that's a cop car. This is most notably in Crown Victorias. The spooky thing: they drive very slow and sneak around, looking for innocent people to annoy.

When you are pulled over at night, the cops shine the flash light right in your face. Lots of their flash lights are extremely bright!
"excuse me officer but can you please turn that thing off, it's blinding me! "

43 They're liberal

Liberals are homosexual

TRUMP WON HAHAAHAHA, cry liberals cry

44 They try to kill you instead of arresting you

I'm tired of cops killing innocent people. Cop's do not get the point in life. One cop killed a little boy because he was holding a fake gun. Those kinds of people never had a chance to live the rest of their lives.

Zimmerman wasn't a cop

Yeah Right that is the worst job ever and is very dangerous too! - Lordvader3500

I know zimmerman wasnt a cop, but I'm tired of us black people being killed off for no reason. treyvon was only 17 and his life was cut short. up to this day, I'm still very sad about treyvon, and I nearly cry every night.

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45 They get away with giving people bogus charges.

If your blasting music that can distract driving, it is illegal. they are allowed to pull you over

I was arrested for not rolling my window all the way down apparently I was "resisting" when I wasn't under arrest they had pulled me over for loud music smh.

I remember in my first appartment I lived in someone called the police on me for having my "music too loud". I was like really!? They could have just called management or came and talked to me. SMH.

46 They don't follow moral codes or righteous choices just bureaucracy
47 People hate authority

Some people dislike the thought of not being left on their own to preform moronic actions

48 They don't care about kids

Every time when child is being treated horribly by their parent. The parents end up calling police and the police tell kids to listen to parents no matter how horrible things parent does. They don't care about what kid is experiencing because they're dumb people who were disrespected by their own parents. - Shadowpaev

49 You kinda get scared when someone is being arrested
50 You just want to steal something you need, and they try to stop you.

This is ridiculous. The sense of entitlement at play here is just hilarious. It's an "I deserve anything I want and it's cruel of you to stop me" mindset going on, and it's depressing but at the same time extremely amusing. Just think, these kind of people will be leading countries someday and shooting up others with their fighter jets, unprovoked, because "I want your oil sands, so therefore I should have them and you are horribly unethical not to give them to me". Very disappointing but also very good fodder for jokes.

Stealing is our best option if we can't afford anything. If stealing from stores, make sure you look out for security cameras and be out of range of the cameras. If the door alarm goes off, then run with the item for your dear life!

Stealing is better than buying because it's cheaper. If you want an item that looks really cool, but has a huge price, just take it anyways and don't pay for it.

To avoid alarms, you could also just go around the sensors... Might look suspicious, but it's easier than fleeing. And I'm not encouraging you to steal. Actually, I strongly discourage you from stealing unless in a dire situation, but if you're going to steal, be smart about it - mpgami

They all narks and just care about the law blindly. Without having some humanity and empathy for homeless or poor families. There all capitalist pigs

Jesus Christ you have an entitlement complex - GlassweighanCountess

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1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
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1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They beat you during interrogation.
3. They're stupid.
1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They're criminals in disguise
3. They're more annoying than math teachers.

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