Top Ten Biggest Reasons People Hate Police


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61 Double standards
62 They arrest you for no reason

Agreed, If someone tries to hurt you, you can't try to defend yourself or you'll get arrested while the criminal laughs at you.

63 The police are overpowered

God damn op police! catching criminals and crap. they should be nerfed.

64 They think that African American, people who like heavy metal music, and punk rock lovers are dangerous when the vast majority are not

No matter what life throws at me, I love playing music!

65 They stereotype

Yes, and so do the people who made this list. Every single item on this list is full of hypocrisy and is not founded on anything but stereotypes and the Simpsons.

I went from Colorado to NYC the meet my cousins and on the way the police stopped me and checked for pot

66 They beat kids

Lots of YouTube videos have police beating and taking kids to jail

Kids walking on my street were caned and beaten by cops.

67 Sometimes they even arrest children

I was just watching this video of a lady being arrested when she was 12 YEARS OLD! I had just lost respect for officers whatsoever

Ok then that's an acceptation to be arrested

Ok say I am 13. I killed 2 people and my family. but the police cannot arrest me so I am completly free from the law. mkay.

68 They have friends

No good cop has friends you have yo be a complete loner no time for feeding kids we need you to arrest criminals damnit

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69 They don't respect the law
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1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They're stupid.
3. They're criminals in disguise
1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They beat you during interrogation.
3. They're stupid.
1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They're criminals in disguise
3. They're more annoying than math teachers.

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