Top Ten Birthday Gifts for Bkallmighty

The Top Ten Birthday Gifts for Bkallmighty

1 $50,000,000

If I had 50,000,000 dollars (if I had 50,000,000 dollars), I'd buy him some art; a Picasso or a Garfunkel! - PetSounds

What about £50 million? It's worth more. - IronSabbathPriest

2 A ticket to Ireland

Oh boy, that would be extravagant! - BKAllmighty

3 Dodge Challenger

It could be any year or any model. I wouldn't' care. The car has always been a beaut! - BKAllmighty

4 Meeting Harrison Ford

Yes, that would make me happy, indeed. - BKAllmighty

5 Linkin Park singing a song for him
6 Estate

By this, I figure you mean a house. That would, too, make me very happy. - BKAllmighty

7 Outstanding flat screen TV

That would make for an outstanding gift, indeed! I would probably have no life, though, I'd be in front of the thing for hours without interruption. - BKAllmighty

8 VIP lounge in movie theater

Free movie tickets would have been satisfactory but I'd definitely take this! - BKAllmighty

9 A kitten

There are many reasons as to why this gift would probably be the one I'd value most. - BKAllmighty

10 Day spa

Never been to one but I'm sure I'd find enjoyment in going. As long as it has a sauna and a pool I'd be fine. - BKAllmighty

I couldn't think of something else... - Delgia2k

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11 A PS4
12 A DVD
13 A Trip to Dubai
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