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1 Name a movie title without the letter S under 5 seconds

Up. That was pretty easy. - Minecraftcrazy530

Batman: The Dark Knight - DCfnaf

Norm of the North. - Powerfulgirl10

The Hobbit

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2 If 6 children and 2 dogs are under 1 umbrella, how come none of them got wet?

They are all under the umbrella... A A A, under ma umbrella - ella - ella... - gemcloben

They're all under the umbrella or it's not raining? - Powerfulgirl10

Because they're all under the umbrella. - DynastiSugarPop

Because they're inside - Frodomar49

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3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. Can you find the misake?

"Mistake" was spelled "Misake" that was it. - Pegasister12

Well, we can not think of something defined by a non existent word. Think! - gemcloben

Mistake is spelled wrong. - Powerfulgirl10

misake - Frodomar49

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4 A murderer is commended to death. He has to choose between 3 rooms. 1, a room that's on fire. 2, a room full of angry assassins ready to strike. 3, three hungry lions who haven't eaten in years. Which room should he choose?

Well, the lions are dead... - gemcloben

The lion room. The lions would be dead if they haven't eaten in years, but the smell in there would be putrid... - Entranced98

Well, what if the lions are somehow still alive? Eh, the lions would probably be safer anyway.

3 lions. Lions are dead after years. Didn't even read the other comments. - DCfnaf

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5 2+2 = fish. 3+3 =8. 7+7 = triangle. This is correct. How?

Flip them and put them back to back - gemcloben

It's incorrect. - DynastiSugarPop

Flip them and put them together. - Powerfulgirl10

6 Quick! Write a word under 5 seconds that starts with B and ends with D!

bored... - Brobusky

Bond - Ananya

Bird - animallover1

bold - Frodomar49

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7 A farmer had ten cows, all but six died. How many are left?

Six - the question answers itself! - Entranced98

Six. You probably read that wrong. - Absolite

Six. This is obvious - Frodomar49

Six, duh. The question gave me the answer. - DCfnaf

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8 Quick! Under 10 seconds, write a word that starts with N and ends with N!

Once again, this is easy. Nun. - Pegasister12

Nation - cjWriter1997

Nun. - animallover1

Napkin - Frodomar49

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9 Mary's dad has 5 daughters. LaLa, LoLo, LaLo, and LoLoLaLa. What's the fifth's daughter's name?

LaLo. Mary was the 4th. - gemcloben

Mary. That one is clever. - DCfnaf

The wife is LoLa.

Mary. This answers itself. - Entranced98

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10 Fill in the blanks. S-x, b--bs, pen-s, and por-. The words cannot be sexual.

Sex, boobs, penis, and porn? Can think of ANYTHING else. Sorry. - Frodomar49

Six, bulbs, pends, pork. Where's my cookie? - Puga

Sardonyx, bibs, pensioners, porcupine - TwilightKitsune

Sax, bombs, pends, pork.

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11 One day a woman shoots her husband, before holding him underwater for over five minutes. Finally, she hangs him, but ten minutes later they go out and enjoy a wonderful dinner. How is this possible?

She shoots her husband, Here it means she takes a pic of him, then she hangs his photograph in the dark room...Lol that's what it means. - Ananya

She shot him with a camera. When he was underwater, he had scuba gear on. She hung him in hangman! - animallover1

It's a video game, so she didn't kill him in real life. - Frodomar49

A work of fiction by a gifted author. Simple. - Britgirl

12 Bob died on Sunday. A mailman, an assassin, and his abusive father were accused. Who killed Bob?

Mailman on sunday...? - DaisyandRosalina

The mailman did. - DynastiSugarPop

John Cena!

Mailman - Powerfulgirl10

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13 Type a show without the letter T

Breadwinners *sigh* - Entranced98

Rocko's Modern Life. - Powerfulgirl10

Sanjay and Craig - Frodomar49

Friends. - animallover1

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14 Name a movie without the letter G

Barnyard *shudders* - Entranced98

Batman. - drdevil

Easy A. - animallover1

15 Name a game without the letter A

Sonic the Hedgehog. Easy! - Entranced98

Prey - Ananya

16 Poor people have this, and rich people need this.


17 A man is running home. There is someone at home that he is afraid of but he has no choice but to go home. Who's that someone?
18 Name a movie without the letter T

Indiana Jones

Misery - Britgirl

Cars. - animallover1

Oliver & Company
Finding Nemo
Finding Dory
Fun and Fancy Free
Robin Hood
Ice Age
Old Yeller

Not as many as last time, but still a good few.

19 What object has no use for the one who makes it, the buyer doesn't feel comfortable around it, and the one who uses it can't even notice it?

A coffin. The maker is still alive, the coffin means that one of the buyer's loved ones has died, and the dead person can't feel it, of course.

A coffin - Ananya

Coffin. - Powerfulgirl10

20 Name a game with an AO rating within 5 seconds

Hatred. - Frodomar49

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