Best Brands for Audio Equipment


The Top Ten

1 Yamaha

They make great amplifiers and subwoofers. The sound is neutral and detailled. - aquafiish

2 Etymotic

The ER-4P in ears are the best headphones I have heard yet. They sound very cold and neutral. - aquafiish

3 Westone

The UM 30 Pro is expensive but sounds great. The sound is warm and lush. - aquafiish

4 Elac

They make fantastic floor standing speakers with a cold and natural sound. - aquafiish


They make good speakers which sound warm and lush. - aquafiish

6 Focal

Good, warm sounding speakers at affordable prices - aquafiish

7 Onkyo

They make pretty good amplifiers. - aquafiish

8 Kenwood

They make pretty good amplifiers which are sadly hard to find. - aquafiish

9 Bower and Wilkins
10 Bose

They make good earphones (QC20, Soundsport) with a solid sound but very little detail and resolution. Also the soundlink mini is good. Other things- not so great. - aquafiish

The Contenders

11 Wadia
12 Sennheiser

The HD25 sound fantastic and are the most robust headphone I know of. Other products are not so great, especially the HD800. - aquafiish

13 Dynaudio
14 Pyle Audio
15 JBL
16 Altec Lansing
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