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When it comes to starting or expanding a business, having a well formed, quality business plan, proposal, and financial forecasts is imperative. The question remains, do you try and do it yourself, or do you hire someone that is experienced? The next lingering question is where do you even find advice more or less someone to write or assist in writing these areas?

Through my research I have found many people offering business planning services in the freelance aspect, and many are fair. I have also found many businesses offering business planning services, and many are excellent, but rather expensive. With the New Year just beginning and many people looking to begin businesses, I have prepared a list of the best 10 business planning services.

The Top Ten

1 Quality Business Planning, Inc

In 2013 we used Quality Business Planning to complete our business plan, research investors, and connect us with investors for our business. The business plan was completed within 3 business days, but the investor research and connection took quite a while. The time was on the investors though. Quality Business Planning did everything they could to make this an easy transition for us. They prepared everything we needed, and we have been completely funded for our company, we even received a minority grant that we do not have to pay back. My husband and I are very pleased with the services we received from them, and we will use their services again.

I have used Quality Business Planning for the past 10 years. I absolutely recommend their services. Quality Business Planning is the reason we are in business today. They connected us with our investor, as well as a startup matching grant, and they have provided us with risks analysis for taking on new products. I highly recommend Quality Business Planning over any other service listed here or anywhere for that matter.

We contacted Quality Business Planning last December and received funding in May of 2013. We were very pleased with the services we received and the grants they got us. We are also happy with the new investor they connected us with. I would recommend Quality Business Planning for business planning, marketing, and connecting with investors and grantors. They really did well for our business.

I have used Quality Business Planning too. I agree they are great. I recently used their help in getting a proposal and financial analysis for a new business venture I was considering. They completed it within 1 business day. That was amazing to me. I would refer them for all of the work they offer.

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2 Constant Business Plans

Constant Business Plans has been in business since 1996 offering business planning services on a National and International level. They offer all business plans, proposals, business writing, and more. Constant Business Plans also offers consulting for business plans even if you do not use their services.

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3 Growthink

Growthink offers consultants that develop your business with your assistance. They offer average turnaround of 7 business days. Growthink also prepares investment ready business plans.

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7 GoBusinessPlans

After doing my research on a few similar companies, I went with Go Business Plans and I could not be happier. They were as fast as promised with getting the business plan ready and the final result was spectacular. They have a great team and are very easy to work with! Would definitely work with them again and recommend to others!

Great stuff.


This team is A+++. I had such a great experience working with Sean & Franco. I feel blessed to have such a smart, creative and thorough team. They are professional and really worked with me to create the best business plan. I highly recommend them! - ishanjetley

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