Best Business Registration Websites in India

In a world where everything is online, why register your company offline? Avoid long queues and endless rounds to offices with never ending paperwork, by getting your company registered online. Online company registration not only makes company formation in India hassle-free, but also quickens the procedure, which for most cases takes as less as a week.

But starting a business online can be a tricky procedure if one chooses a firm that does not comply with the rules. Choosing the right company formation firm might be a daunting task as there are many things you need to consider – can they maintain the legal health of your business, or are they experienced enough to comply with all the rules and regulations, will they scam you, etc. The questions that arise are many, so in order to make the process easy for you, we’ve listed down the best company formation sites in India that you can expect an excellent service from.

To help you ‘Start Up’, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top five websites that
help kick start your business in India.
The Top Ten
1 India Filings

Headquartered in Chennai; Vakil Search was established in 2011. They assist startups with getting a business plan, payroll management, starting your business in India and protecting your business. Their technology driven services cater to not only business, but also individual requirements, such as property agreements and tax filings.

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2 Clear Tax Visit Website
3 Enterslice

Enterslice is Award Winning Legal Technology & CPA firm that helps entrepreneurs register and manage their business around the world. Whether you are starting a new business or already an established firm, Enterslice has out of the box tailor-made solutions for you. Enterslice Advisory is your partner to grow your venture to the next level.

One of the best legal Technology providing company. I used their services, Amazing Team and Supporting staff.

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4 Estella Consultancy
5 Afleo

Afleo is a technology-driven business service platform and a leading solution provider for various registrations required for Startups to easily start & manage their business, at an affordable cost, across entire India and also deals in areas like GST Consultation, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Annual Compliance of Companies and many other services.


Established in 2015, Quick Company rose quickly to make a name for itself in the company registration industry. Their main office is located in New Delhi. Major services of the firm include getting a startup registered in India and changing a company's objectives.

They are quick but sometimes they don't respond well. But overall I felt satisfied with pricing, transparency and service.
Advice: - They have to invest more in customer support for fast response to escalation.

7 Vakil Search

Headquartered in Chennai; Vakil Search was established in 2011. They assist startups with getting a business plan, payroll management, starting your business in India and protecting your business. Their technology driven services cater to not only business, but also individual requirements, such as property agreements and tax filings.

Not bad actually. Got Trademarks and company registration done and they were fine.

8 LegalRaasta

Legal Raasta is yet another legal firm that extended its legal services in 2016. Headquartered in Delhi, Legal Raasta offers company registration services along with drafting legal documents across different domains.

9 Startupwala
10 MyOnlineCA

I Checkout This Website. Its really helpful for the Company Registration in India. Even they give you right advice on the business registration

Yes its one of the best website for the Company or Business Registration in India. No Doubt in that

Awesome Website for the Company Registration. No Doubt in that

The Contenders
11 Hatkars
12 Registration Wala
13 Legal Salah
14 is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat based Legal Tech company, helping small businesses and startups to register businesses as private limited company, LLP, Partnership and more. It also acts as a one-stop-solution for company secretarial compliances, accounting & bookkeeping, trademark registration, legal document draftings, and other day-to-day requirements for business professional services.

They manage a portfolio of thousands of paying clients, and keep a customer satisfaction rate of as high as 9.6/10.

Visit for more details.

I used their service recently for registering my business. Good customer service, simple process and affordable rates.

Quick, simple and easy process. Very satisfied with the services.

15 S S Singhvi & Associates

At S S Singhvi & Associates, we follow a client-centric approach where we work with our clients as strategic business partners and give a professional advice. A team of professionals and experts as per the discipline required by client come together, having expertise, skills and experience over respective discipline to provide the optimum solution to the client.

We hold offices at Surat, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Navsari

16 Ezzus India
17 Tofler is a business intelligence platform that provides financial data and insights on companies in India. Established with the goal of increasing transparency in the Indian corporate sector, Tofler offers information such as company financials, director details, and shareholding patterns. Users can access detailed reports for decision-making, competitive analysis, and risk assessment. The platform is widely used by investors, business analysts, and researchers.
18 is committed to conducting business in Statutory compliance and providing services related to Tax, obtaining licenses and registrations for running a business. is web portal of Govche India Private Limited with operations since 2007. is one stop business setup and consulting company, managed by specialized team of Business Analysts, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Corporate Lawyers and Financial Professionals company headquartered in Chennai and branches in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, India. Having known for our quality of services, delivering the projects on time, we have clients spread across the globe.

20 SetIndiaBiz

With over 15+ experience - Setindiabiz is a specialized team of trademark consultants adept in providing trademark protection through various services such as trademark search, trademark application filing, trademark registration, trademark renewals, LLP Registration, private limited Registration, OPC Registration. As we understand the importance of protecting your brand.
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Feel Free to Call :- +91 9899 600 605

21 HG Corporates

If you go by the Google Reviews, You'll notice - HG corporates with 130+ reviews (5 STARS) of their Satisfied Clients are the Leaders in Startup Company Registration
Rated on Google Reviews as No. 1 Startup Registration Company
HG Corporates have the most Number of Google Reviews than any other company in this field in India, Check on their Google Reviews
They Provide Post Company Registration Compliance Support with other related services; like accounting, filing of forms/returns to statutory authorities as may be applicable from time to time.
They Help in GST Registration
They Help in Trademark Application
They Help in Import Export Code
They Help in Finance, Loan and Private Equity Funding

22 Akt Associates

About AKT Associates.

AKT Associates is a team of dedicated Chartered Accountants, Company Secretory, Advocates, and Management Experts with a vision to provide world class taxation, legal compliance & management consulting services all under one roof. We are dedicated to deliver best professional services, which saves our clients time, money and provide them a cutting advantage in the industry.
Our team-work ensures that our client & their employee spent most of their time focusing on their core business while we are there to support them in every legal & compliance matter whenever and wherever required.

23 Estartindia
24 Taxolawgy Online Services

Taxolawgy is an online marketplace for providing the highest quality of legal and financial services in the most transparent environment at affordable rates, while opening global business opportunities for experts like Advocates, CA, CS, etc.

25 LegalFidelty
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