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1 Star & Marco Star & Marco

Star and Marco, although may not agree with each other all the time, have an amazing dynamic of, not just friendship but something more. They are the best of friends and would do anything for the each other. Star is a dreamer whereas Marco is a down-to-earth type of person that just match together so well. They were made for each other, as if they are bonded by destiny.

They are the best a cutest couple in the UNIVERSE. They are best friends threw out the whole series and hen finally get together in the end. Spoiler: their love is so strong that it Cleaved dimensions together so they could stay with each other. They have kissed twice (the 2nd one was the best). And they have hugged so many times. Their the best couple.

Best couple for all the best reasons. They're amazing best friends who complete each other. They have amazing chemistry. Everything they do is adorable, and they would do anything for each other. Thank the universe it's canon because it deserves it!

Mild spoiler: Literally the most powerful ship in the multiverse. Don't believe me? Watch the full show and then the finale.

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2 Robin & Starfire - Teen Titans

Not Go! - Maddox121

Uh,doesn’t Starfire hate Robin?!

They taught me about love - robinisbae

Yes definitely the best

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3 Dipper & Pacifica - Gravity Falls Dipper & Pacifica - Gravity Falls

Dipper Had his heart broken by his crush Wendy and Candy lost interest interest after 2 days, But him and Pacifica, after we saw Pacofica's True Colors when her family's mansion was full of ghost, Dipper saw a new side of who would normally be considered a, "Walking One Dimensional Bleach Blonde Stereotype." Heck Dipper taught her that looks weren't everything in the Graphic Novel, "Lost Legends."

If they ever make more Episodes or Even Graphic Novels, I would love to see them become a Couple.

No this is such a bad pairing - Pokemonfan10

Oh. I ship Dipper and Mabel. - Luckys

@445956, put a sock in it, ya Dreck!

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4 Homer & Marge Simpson Homer & Marge Simpson

Their fun to watch - Spongehouse

They love each other

Homer's screwed up so many times, you have to wonder why Marge hasn't divorced him yet. - TheAwesomeBowser

Iconic cartoon couple, no matter how many times Homer messes up, screws up, or goofs up Marge stills love her. Homer will do anything for Marge and vice versa. They both have their faults and love each other with or without them. Unlike Family guy Peter treats his wife like crap constantly putting her down with rude comments. If Homer makes a rude comment it's because he didn't realise it was hurtful. He'd never hurt Marge and on some episodes said he'd rather die than live without her.

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5 Mickey & Minnie Mouse Mickey & Minnie Mouse

They are by far the best couple ever! - PandasNGaga

Their so iconic - Spongehouse

The best of the best - Maddox121

Ironically Wayne Allwine who had voiced Mickey and Russi Taylor who currently voices Minnie were married. - egnomac

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6 Aang & Katara - Avatar the Last Airbender Aang & Katara - Avatar the Last Airbender

Yes! And the picture is so cute! - CloudyDaze

It was obvious from the start. Those fangirls wanting bad boys who project themselves onto Katara just need to get over it already.

No, the couple just feels awkward.

Yes best of the best

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7 Luna Loud & Sam - The Loud House Luna Loud & Sam - The Loud House

Just saw the sneak peak for Racing Hearts they look so cute together. - egnomac

This is the best cartoon ship ever. All of you homophones just leave your not welcome near such a pure couple.

Great ship and too all you people who have a problem with them being on the list too bad learn to deal with it. - Linkaloud

One if the top best ships from The Loud House. - Linkaloud

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8 Arnold & Helga - Hey Arnold

This couple should be in the top ten. - Elciegocalavera13

There is no way to overlook this couple!

Arnold and Helga best romantic couple for one the best for nick.
Nick make the last hey Arnold episode or movie, so Arnold and Helga can finally be together.

Cutest couple ever!

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9 Beast Boy & Raven - Teen Titans

Samuna doesn't deserve to be on the list.

I didn't know Shamu was on this list. - egnomac

Samuna/Lusam is so overrated.

They are just made for each other!
Love them together.i mean terre is ok but they are made for each other

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10 Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable - Kim Possible Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable - Kim Possible

Cute yet eccentric couple, it is quite cute to see how Ron and Kim are totally opposite in terms of personality yet they still managed to compliment each other so well.


Yeah - Breadwinnersislofe

Their relationship is quite interesting, despite of their sheer difference in their personality and persona. Plus, I always knew that these two will end up together.

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The Newcomers

? Kitty and Bunny - Courage the Cowardly Dog
? Eustace & Muriel - Courage The Cowardly Dog

What a interesting couple. I am still confused as to why these two ever got married in the first place. The two are so completely different - Spongehouse

Old, decrepit, humanized Ren & Stimpy, anyone? - xandermartin98

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11 Steven & Connie

There's not much to say I just think it's very cute and childish relationship and I personally love the ship

These two are such a great pair. - egnomac

Absolutely adorable

They are absolutely adorable! They obviously have romantic feelings for each other but they have a strong bond as well.

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12 Lincoln Loud & Ronnie Anne - The Loud House Lincoln Loud & Ronnie Anne - The Loud House

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are so cute together. - Loudhouserules

This one is decent - Spongehouse

I love them together!

Why is this low

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13 Phineas & Isabella - Phineas and Ferb

I like this pairing, but after Phineas ignored Isabella for so long, I kind of feel like she deserves better...

I always wanted phineas and Isabella to be a couple

This is hands down my favorite cartoon of all time! I have been shipping these two for years. In the episode, Act Your Age, I was fangirling so hard when they finally kissed on screen, and I still do! :D

I had dreams of these two finally getting together. Thank the lord the episode Act Your Age came out before the show ended!

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14 Danny & Sam - Danny Phantom

This should be at the top

In my opinion it's number 2 on my top ten

This is honestly one of the best if not the best couples in the animated history! Well-developed

This is the cutest couple ever! I think they should make a comeback with this show.

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15 Ash & Misty - Pokemon


Ash and Misty truly belong together, Misty was the only girl that I ever saw Ash show any kind of feelings towards plus she's the only poke girl who has returned time and time again Ash has even admitted that he misses her, and no offense to the other shippings but Misty has the strongest chance out of all the other girls Ash has traveled with to be with him, for May it was more of a student teacher relationship
with Dawn there was one moment when Lyra asked Dawn if Ash was her boyfriend and she kind of stammers a bit but it never really went that far and even though they look like they would make a good couple they mostly just see each other as just good friends, and Serena well its mostly just a one sided crush she really does like Ash but he's never shown any kind of signs that he likes her back. - egnomac

A very fun couple to watch

I prefer ash and Serena

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16 Gumball & Penny - The Amazing World of Gumball

They compliment each other perfectly. Best couple.

Ini paling luar biasa tak ada dua

Ayo semua pendukung Gumnny.
(Gumball x Penny) vote pasangan ini sebanyak banyaknya

My favorite couple!

17 Ladybug & Cat Noir - Miraculous

Best couples

It's canon, they can't NOT happen! They both bring out the best in one another. The Miraculous love square is so beautiful, I sometimes can't believe this is a CHILDREN'S SHOW!

I mean, LadyNoir is kinda life. It's just the best.

Absolute perfection, the most made-for-each-other couple I have seen in this lifetime.

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18 Peter & Lois Griffin - Family Guy Peter & Lois Griffin - Family Guy


Like in the early seasons they were fine but now “WHY” how has Lois stayed with Peter so long he abuses there kids, breaks the law, does whatever he wants and he tried to kill her at one point strait up nearly shooting her

Francine and Stan are much better from American dad at least I do get why they stayed together Stan is shallow and sexist they may belong together (Stan and Francine) but there bad they need to change

But, Peter and Lois there never going to change there bad people all out there never gonna change - 015804

Seriously? They have a hateful and abusive relationship. - Patty_C


19 Mordecai & C.J. - Regular Show Mordecai & C.J. - Regular Show

Mordecai and Margret no, Mordecai and cj yes

They're so cool together. Both are so cute in their own way.

Mordecai and C.J. Are cute, but so is Margarette and Mordecai. Hmm, I can't decide but this ship is Kawaii.

Ye-yah! Mordo and CJ should be no1. I thought they were nice together and CJ actually protects Mordecai as they protect each other. The only problem was that she started in a bad episode.

20 Mordecai & Margaret - Regular Show

I love these two why aren't they higher

Who would vote for them? Justin Bieber?

They are deserves to be together, I ship Mordaret. - 05yusuf09

There cute together better than cj and mordecai

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21 Chanticleer & Goldie - Rock-A-Doodle
22 Darwin & Carrie - The Amazing World of Gumball

This is way too low on the list - Spongehouse

Much better than Rachel and Darwin. Carwin is definitely the best couple!

I feel like there could be that one weirdo who puts a siblings couple here because of what they think

Carrie is so overrated character, Darwin should be together with Rachel. - 05yusuf09

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23 Jake & Lady Rainicorn - Adventure Time
24 Cosmo & Wanda - The Fairly OddParents

Does anybody realize thatthey have been together for over 40,000 years. You kwow that it is true love when that happens. Also hilarious.

Why isn't this couple on the top 10 list?

Lover this hilarious couple

Nice couple! I never really noticed them though. (Right name, wrong series)

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25 Corey & Laney - Grojband
26 Sonic & Amy - Sonic X

I think tailsmo should be in the top ten because they were mean for each other

Hell no! amy is only 12! and sonic isn't dating amy. get this off the list.

Close to what I wanted to be on the board... But still cute couple

Right show, wrong couple. They are still cute though

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27 Fry & Leela - Futurama

They are my favourite couple

I love these two so much.

How if this below Dipifica? is this #42? Just someone tell me, HOW. This is one of the best if not THE best couple I've ever seen! Amazing chemistry, perfect evolution and just the two of them being ADORABLE TOGETHER! What's even better is that as the show went on, Fry and Leela became closer and closer together. In season 7(very early in their relationship), we only got a few hugs and kisses. But by seasons 9 and 10, we were getting caressing, making out, vacations, a lot more dates, and making' whoopee ;-). Heck we even got a FULL EPISODE dedicated to these two lovebirds and the shippers(and it was a really good episode). But what I really love is that the two got a happy ending together in Meanwhile. In fact, (SPOILERS AHEAD)there's a lot of evidence that may prove that the show isn't on an infinite loop, and Fry and Leela are now living a normal happy life together without time being frozen! So if the show does come back, we could see Fry and Leela raising a kid if we're lucky!
So in summary, ...more

28 Craig & Tweek - South Park

They are gay, but good group.

They’re great

29 Manny & Frida - el Tigre


30 Flavio & Marita - Animaniacs
31 Wirt & Beatrice - Over the Garden Wall

This show needs to be a full series, because there are so many possibilities with these two especially.

They just so cute together! ^0^b


INFINITE EYEROLLS IS SO CUTE! LOOK UP "Over The Garden Wall: Closet Scene by Mgx0 on deviantART"! It was so cute and kind of gross but still!

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32 Spongebob & Sandy - Spongebob Squarepants

Still remember what happened in Truth Or Square. - TheAwesomeBowser

Not a couple just friends SpongeBob and pearl are a real couple!

These two cuties are magnificent together!

Seriously sandy is spongebob’s closest friend that’s a girl. Look at the facts:

1: in the episode yes at the tree dome, spongebob attempts so save sandy, but hilariously ends up with sandy having to save spongebob

2: in the same episode, spongebob tries to impress sandy by saying he can breathe air, and he almost dies doing it

3: the ENTIRE EPISODE of ripped pants shows that spongebob wants sandy all to himself

4: spongebob does everything he can to prevent sandy from going back to Texas, he even throws a surprise “texas” party, sandy didn’t even beat up spongebob when he insulted Texas but did beat up patrick, it almost seems as if she was trying to go gentle on him

There’s a billion other pieces of evidence but I’m not wasting my time on them lol

33 Belle & Beast - Beauty and the Beast

Why they are so high... There are better couples than them

34 Kick & Kendall - Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
35 Ash and Serena - Pokemon Ash and Serena - Pokemon

Ash and Serena forever!


I ship theese two forever more

36 Raven & Beast Boy - Teen Titans Go!

Get this off the list NOW!

Love, hate, it works out in the end with love and on the way there it's vary entertaining to see. All the flirting and the hate and the funny..

They KISSED in the episode pirates

37 Oscar & Bea - Fish Hooks

It's So Kawaii

38 Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny - Looney Tunes

I don't have an opinion.

Would'nt they be cousins "Bunny"

39 Donald & Daisy Duck

I love the cartoons where they're discussing Donald's tempure.

40 Ruby & Sapphire - Steven Universe

Fun fact: Garnets symbolize love, and Ruby & Sapphire fused together make up Garnet. - RoseWeasley

Most adorable cartoon couple for sure! - Atham


The person who thinks Ruby and Sapphire are too sexual is a twit. Fusing isn't sexual it's more like being in a meaningful relationship and understanding each other. Fusion is love not sex so please take your crap else where

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41 Barney & Betty Rubble - The Flintstones

Put up with the flinstones and Bam Bam

42 Jenny/XJ-9 & Sheldon - My Life as a Teenage Robot
43 Stan & Wendy - South Park

Best couple ever. Thank god creek is not on this list.

Why are Dipcifica higher?

Oh! For a second I thought you where talking about gravity falls! I was like "What!? "

Best couple ever. They have so much chemistry, they're meant to be together

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44 Speed Racer & Trixie - Speed Racer
45 Marinette & Adreian - Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
46 Marceline & Finn - Adventure Time

I kinda ship Finn and Flame Princess and Marceline and Marshall Lee (LOL! ) but I think the ship is nice.

It's kind of already on the list but it's still cute.



47 Finn & Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time

My all time favorite couple, I ship it so hard m/ - 05yusuf09

48 Roger & Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Roger & Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

They're both "toons ", so technically it's not bestiality

Because bestiality is so cute. /sarcasm

49 Beast Boy & Terra - Teen Titans

Wow. Make up your mind people! Is Beast Boy with Raven or Terra?

I love this couple on Teen Titans (along with Robin and Starfire). I like Beast Boy and Terra together on Teen Titans, but not on Teen Titans Go. Only because I hate both of them in the new one and the creators are shipping Beast Boy and Raven so what’s the point?
To tell you why I think Beast Boy and Terra on TT are cute, they have great chemistry together. They both like each other a lot, have fun together, and really do care for each other. Beast Boy would do anything for Terra and would protect her. Terra would do the same thing for Beast Boy. I also love how nervous Beast Boy got When she was around in the series, it was very cute. The only thing that killed this for me was that Terra was working for Slade. If she wasn’t, they would be so cute together!
Also, I don’t think Raven and Beast Boy would be good together on TT. Raven clearly doesn’t have interest in him, and is better off by herself. She likes talking crap about him, which makes her funny! If they were a ...more

50 Garfield & Arlene - The Garfield Show

Why are they down here? They deserve to be in top 13, at least! I love Garfield and Arlene! - Svampbob164

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