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1 Star & Marco Star & Marco

Jackie and Marco are a good couple, but STAR and Marco, however. Over the course of the series, Star's crush on Marco becomes more and more obvious and there actually have been moments where Marco seems to have some feelings for Star. This ship is very in "Blood Moon Ball" (spoiler) when the blood moon was still shining on the two at the end, and in the episode with the cube, as soon as Star shouts Marco's name it says "Truth! Star Butterfly has a crush on Mmm..." but you get the idea. I guarantee this couple will happen...someday.

SPOILER ALERT - THIS COMMENT IS ALL ABOUT SEASON 3 - IF YOU haven't WATCHED IT YET, GO TO THE NEXT COMMENT - In season 3 'Battle for Mewni' At the beginning, Marco is seen heartbroken because Star is gone, showing how much he cares for her, and right after that, Star is wearing a red hoodie that (most likely or does) belong to Marco, maybe so she could remember him, skip forward a bit...or a lot since there is so much Starco going on, so I will skip to the end part, Star has been trapped by Ludo and his rat army, Marco (who used dimensional scissors to get there) is in a rat/mouse costume to 'disguise himself' from the rats, and when the door opened, Marco put the costume off, and freed Star, and when Star was free, she instantly hugged Marco, showing how much she loved and missed him, and when Star's horns were poking Marco, he took them off and hugged her back, and when you see it, its one hundred percent that they both like each other #MakeItCanon

No doubt the best ship in history. I watched literally 1 episode and I was like "These guys are definitely dating" only to find out they're friends. I soon became addicted to the series and managed to finish 3 seasons in a week. They are so cute that when I think about them together I start to get such strong feelings and such heavy breathing, I would seem like I would almost pass out. Truly a good relationship.I can't wait for season 4,5,6 EVEN SEASON 20 (There better be one) by the way READ THEIR RULE 34 COMICS OHMYLAWD 0_0

SPOILER ALERT (if you haven't watched all the serie you better not read the comment)- I love this couple until season 3 rrived I was like cause Star started dating Tom again and I said in my mind "I'll kill you! " I literally managed to watch all episodes from season 1 till episode 13 of season 3 in only 3 days waiting for a canon between Star and Marco to come but it didn't, I also watches Starcrushed about 5 times only because of the ending in which Star confesses to Marco about her crush on him this is totally my favorite episode of the series. I just wish for Star to break up again with Tom because I totally HATE him, she deserves more that that anger bag

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2 Robin & Starfire - Teen Titans Robin & Starfire - Teen Titans

Robin and Starfire are the best couple ever!

Even though their like the perfect couple but, isn't teen titans anime, not cartoon?

The one episode where kitten forced robin on a date is when I realized that robin and starfire would be perfect together. I miss this show


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3 Dipper & Pacifica - Gravity Falls Dipper & Pacifica - Gravity Falls

I want to see a Back To The Falls series where everyone is older. Wendy will be married, and Pacifica and Dipper will fall in love

I love them together!

This is the worst pairing ever, they don't even have a single bit of romantic interest in each other. - 445956

They're too cute!

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4 Aang & Katara - Avatar the Last Airbender Aang & Katara - Avatar the Last Airbender

Nothing is more beautiful than a relationship that start from friendship. They completed each other. Katara's passionate nature balanced by Aang's serenity. They're just... Ugh, they're just so cute, goddammit...

They are ment to be with each other!

Go go avatar

5 Homer & Marge Simpson Homer & Marge Simpson

Iconic cartoon couple, no matter how many times Homer messes up, screws up, or goofs up Marge stills love her. Homer will do anything for Marge and vice versa. They both have their faults and love each other with or without them. Unlike Family guy Peter treats his wife like crap constantly putting her down with rude comments. If Homer makes a rude comment it's because he didn't realise it was hurtful. He'd never hurt Marge and on some episodes said he'd rather die than live without her.

Love them together and its suppose to say Marge still loves him not her

IT SHOULD BE #1! 11 - Garoto_Oceano

6 Mickey & Minnie Mouse Mickey & Minnie Mouse

This two are basically an example of those classic couples of showbiz. They've been around since the beginning or when you first saw them, they are the example of the perfect fairytale life as a couple and it makes you happy when the two are together.

Original disney couple! ( also they are married)

Of course they will be on this list.mickey and minnie have been together since the 1920s until now they are still in love with each other keep up the romance

Sooo cute

7 Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable - Kim Possible Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable - Kim Possible

Their relationship is quite interesting, despite of their sheer difference in their personality and persona. Plus, I always knew that these two will end up together.

They are so funny and cute, especially Ron. - 05yusuf09

I loved it when I was a child.. Now I only like there relationship

They got a long friendship to back them up, a deep care and trust for each other And their opposite personalities balance perfectly.

Kim: "You're weird."
Ron: "Ah! K.P.! "
Kim: "Shhh. I like weird."

Ron: "If Kim's lost in the stars, I'm finding her."

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8 Beast Boy & Raven - Teen Titans Beast Boy & Raven - Teen Titans

SHIP iT those two are the best couple ever

They are too cute.
Episode: Pirates: Raven KISSED Beast Boy

Yea boy


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9 Arnold & Helga - Hey Arnold

This couple should be in the top ten. - Elciegocalavera13

There is no way to overlook this couple!

Arnold and Helga best romantic couple for one the best for nick.
Nick make the last hey Arnold episode or movie, so Arnold and Helga can finally be together.

Cutest couple ever!

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10 Steven & Connie Steven & Connie

They were made for each other!

Steven and Connie are the best! How could they only get 3%?

It's been confirmed that they love each other!


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? Moomin & Snorkmaiden - The Moomins

I just love these 2! - 445956

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11 Phineas & Isabella - Phineas and Ferb Phineas & Isabella - Phineas and Ferb

I had dreams of these two finally getting together. Thank the lord the episode Act Your Age came out before the show ended!

Definitely.It is the best show of Disney(I am sorry for bad language)

12 Danny & Sam - Danny Phantom Danny & Sam - Danny Phantom

This is the cutest couple ever! I think they should make a comeback with this show.

Their relationship was so developed and was so cute I can't deal

Number 50? I think this should be number 8 or 9. Watch Phantom Planet to see why

They should at least be in the top 10

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13 Ash & Misty - Pokemon Ash & Misty - Pokemon

Ash and Misty truly belong together, Misty was the only girl that I ever saw Ash show any kind of feelings towards plus she's the only poke girl who has returned time and time again Ash has even admitted that he misses her, and no offense to the other shippings but Misty has the strongest chance out of all the other girls Ash has traveled with to be with him, for May it was more of a student teacher relationship
with Dawn there was one moment when Lyra asked Dawn if Ash was her boyfriend and she kind of stammers a bit but it never really went that far and even though they look like they would make a good couple they mostly just see each other as just good friends, and Serena well its mostly just a one sided crush she really does like Ash but he's never shown any kind of signs that he likes her back. - egnomac

A very fun couple to watch

I prefer ash and Serena

No I do not like, I'm only for red x yellow in adventures

14 Mordecai & C.J. - Regular Show Mordecai & C.J. - Regular Show

They're so cool together. Both are so cute in their own way.

Mordecai and C.J. Are cute, but so is Margarette and Mordecai. Hmm, I can't decide but this ship is Kawaii.

Ye-yah! Mordo and CJ should be no1. I thought they were nice together and CJ actually protects Mordecai as they protect each other. The only problem was that she started in a bad episode.

15 Cosmo & Wanda - The Fairly OddParents Cosmo & Wanda - The Fairly OddParents

Why isn't this couple on the top 10 list?

Nice couple! I never really noticed them though. (Right name, wrong series)

Right name, wrong show. Also nice couple overall

16 Roger & Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Roger & Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Because bestiality is so cute. /sarcasm

17 Jake & Lady Rainicorn - Adventure Time
18 Darwin & Carrie - The Amazing World of Gumball

I feel like there could be that one weirdo who puts a siblings couple here because of what they think

Carrie is so overrated character, Darwin should be together with Rachel. - 05yusuf09

What is Dipcifica doing so high? - 445956

19 Fry & Leela - Futurama

They are my favourite couple

I love these two so much.

How if this below Dipifica? is this #42? Just someone tell me, HOW. This is one of the best if not THE best couple I've ever seen! Amazing chemistry, perfect evolution and just the two of them being ADORABLE TOGETHER! What's even better is that as the show went on, Fry and Leela became closer and closer together. In season 7(very early in their relationship), we only got a few hugs and kisses. But by seasons 9 and 10, we were getting caressing, making out, vacations, a lot more dates, and making' whoopee ;-). Heck we even got a FULL EPISODE dedicated to these two lovebirds and the shippers(and it was a really good episode). But what I really love is that the two got a happy ending together in Meanwhile. In fact, (SPOILERS AHEAD)there's a lot of evidence that may prove that the show isn't on an infinite loop, and Fry and Leela are now living a normal happy life together without time being frozen! So if the show does come back, we could see Fry and Leela raising a kid if we're lucky!
So in summary, ...more

20 Manny & Frida - el Tigre V 1 Comment
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