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Finding tickets to a popular Chicago concert, theater or sporting event can be a difficult task. With thousands of ticket brokers popping up online every year, it can be hard to find a reputable ticket broker and even harder to find one that is local. Buying tickets through a local ticket broker is a must if you are looking for last minute tickets to an event, want piece of mind or want to support local business. As such we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of some of the best Chicago area ticket brokers. So if you are looking for tickets to a hot concert or want to take in a Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks or Fire game be sure to check out some of these local Chicago ticket brokers!

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1 Ticket Lodge

You can't go wrong with these guys. I had ordered tickets to a Friday Cubs game and ended up not being able to get out of work that day. I called them up and they were able to get me the same seats for the Saturday game no questions asked even though the Saturday tickets were even more expensive. Will be a loyal ticket lodge customer!

Not sure if you call the far northern suburbs "Chicago", but the Ticket Lodge is still one of the best tickets broker in the area. With the ease of ordering tickets online no one really needs a local downtown office. Save some money and just order online!

The only place I will buy tickets other than the primary seller (i.E. ticketMaster). Always reliable and reasonable prices! - garytickifeds

Learned about Ticket Lodge from Cubs Insider. Decent prices and happy to support fellow Cub fans!

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2 Lucky Duck Tickets

Bought last minute, sold out, Journey tickets at the Ravinia. I was so excited to find Lucky Duck had the tickets. My friends already had tickets and I wanted to join them. Bought my tickets a day before performance and had a blast!

Found a last minute ticket the day of event. I was very happy.

Thank you Lucky Duck. My daughter LOVED ONE DIRECTION!

Use them all the time! Great site and no issues ever. - TomTom

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3 Tickifieds Direct

Tickifieds got their start as an online event ticket classifieds portal. While the classifieds site is still thriving, they also dabble in the secondary market with their own ticketing website. The site doesn't have all the bells and whistles but they do have some of the lowest prices around as they advertising as being a wholesale ticket provider. - Johnhughes

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4 MetroSeats

Metroseats has been around for quite sometime and have built up a solid reputation by supplying tickets to some of the biggest concerts in Chicago. - Johnhughes

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5 Gold Coast Tickets

Probably the most famous ticket broker in Chicago. They are often featured on the local news stations as an industry expert but they also have some high prices. However, if you are looking for the premium seats they do have the connections that others just don't have. - Johnhughes

This is my dads company and I work there on weekends and I am only ten. It is a wonderful company.

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Not the prettiest website in the world but it gets the job done. - Johnhughes

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7 My Place 4 Tickets

Although the site looks like it was developed in 1994, they are widely known for their inventory of baseball tickets. - Johnhughes

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8 Coast to Coast Tickets

Another long-time broker based out of Chicago. However, CTC Tickets has a more national focus than some of the others on the list. - Johnhughes

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I always get my tickets at they have a great selection of seats at very reasonable prices.

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10 The Ticket Window Inc

Another site badly in need of updating. However, they do have some sports tickets that you just can't find anywhere else. - Johnhughes

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13 Tickets First Class

Looks like their website is currently under construction but another longtime Chicago Ticket broker... Not the greatest reputation so perhaps they are rebranding their business. - Johnhughes

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