Top Ten Child Friendly Minecraft Youtubers

A list of the best child friendly youtubers out there!

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1 stampylonghead stampylonghead

He never swears except in like his first 20 episode when he didn't know kids were watching and he is so funny and amazing

He is the best Youtuber in my opinion and he is very nice

The best he is so nice to his fans.

My favorite youtuber and he makes fan so special with his love garden he is awesome.

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2 TheDiamondMinecart

Hell and damn and crap are okay, he has a wife and is probably an adult he's gonna say some things! By the way what he says does not affect me at all! And he barely ever curses but sometimes hell when weird stuff happens and damn when bad happens and crap when he's almost dead in a game. He's so child friendly!

Dantdm is awesome #teamtdm

This amazing guy goes out of his way to be child friendly! He is super deicated and goes through everything to make sure it is all CHILD FRIENDLY. He doesn't just not swear on camera but he doesn't swear in real life.
i've been watching him since I was 4 and He has done so much funny content. Kids will prefer him more then Adults but in my opionion this guy is for EVERYONEE!

Uh what he's kid friendly

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3 popularmmos

Good a bit underrated as far as I remember doesn't cuss at all besides "what the hell"

I love the challenge pack I love it when you face mobs with lucky blocks I watched it this morning GO PAT and is Jen your girlfriend you almost always do it with her

He does not swear a lot but when he does, he says he does not mean it.

Pat will never swear when he is reading something off the chat on a map and it says "crap" (which isn't even a bad word) he will not say it he will just skip it he won't say anything that's bad he is very kid friendly. He does most of his videos with his wife Jen and she doesn't say anything either. Sometimes the will say "balls" but not in that kind of way. They are just joking around when they say that because they are referring to slime balls or something like that but never EVER in a bad way.

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4 paulsoaresjr

He is the best. Minecraft guru. Very professional and entertaining! He does new stuff on regular basis.

Actually he did swear in the Pumpkin And Melon Farming video.

He doesn't swear and make high quality videos and unlike most Minecraft YouTubers, he plays other survival games and guides you through them through like he did with unturned

Paul helped me survive the first night, build murder holes, a fun path, etc.

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5 iBallisticSquid

Is just all around amazing

He is amazing because he would only say swear words by accident and only said them in his first ever videos he makes friends easily and knows how to be a very friendly person so he is a really really really friendly person!

Never swears, and when someone swears in the chat, he blanks it out. He wouldn't let people know he swears by beeping it out, he'll edit it out so it looks like nothing happened. He used to swear when he didn't realise there were kids watching him, but he stopped as soon as he found out and turned his channel to PG. He even deleted any videos that had any curses in them

Get him up to 2 go on do it what you waiting for

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6 Thinknoodles Thinknoodles

Love him and his voice

Thinknoodles is so kid friendly he doesn't even say don't count your chickens before they hatch because he some kids will think it is uncomfortable

I love his videos

Thinknoodles is amazing, I watch him daily and he NEVER cusses, have I once heard him cuss, I have never heard think swear even when he makes mistakes he doesn't

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7 iHasCupquake

She uploads many times a week. She is also very funny. She works very hard on her videos and has a very entertaining series with some other female Minecraft YouTubers.

Ihascupquake cheers me up when I get down. She is very positive and kid friendly. If you're kid wants to watch her Minecraft videos, tell them it's ok. The only time I've heard her swear is if she is playing a game with others or reading cuss words. If she is playing a non kid appropriate series, she will make you have to put in your age and email to watch it. She is good for all ages. I love her.

She is awesome have you seen her survival world it is awesome and has lots of mods

She is my favorite ever

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8 L for Leeeeee

When you find out what he done to get in Jill then you would change your mind.

I love him, stampylonghead and iballistiqsquid when I was around 6-8 years old

Lee is amazing he should be way higher I love him and I don't think that he should be this low he should be in the top tens

L for Lee is super duper cute! I know he's only 16 in real life, but his skin is super duper cute! I just keep saying OHMIGOSH THAT SKIN IS SUPES CUTE! And I keep pausing it and staring at the screen...

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9 CaptainSparklez

Creeper? Aw man

He's almost has never swore because he knows kids are watching

Rarely swears, but sure. I'll not argue with his low rank because he isn't so child friendly.

He doesn't swear. Only mild ones. I can't believe skydoesminecraft is above him.

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10 Stacyplays

She never swears, encourages reading, has a positive attitude, she is very creative and has many fun and entertaining series. Stacy talks about not letting haters and bullies get you down and responds to nasty comments calmly, nicely and appropriately. When something gets her down it's only for a second and she continues on with a good attitude and tries again. She tries her best to keep violence and inappropriate things from her videos and blocks hate and swearing from her comments. She is always nice and encourages being nice to everybody, not letting haters get to you and working hard for what you believe in. Her channel has fun series like Dogcraft where she builds fun things with her animals, Bookcraft where she recommends a book, builds things from the books with her friends, reads small exerts from the books and also does a Word of the Day at the beginning of each episode. Overall Stacyplays is child friendly, entertaining and a great role model!

Best youtuber ever. She loves everyone and is very careful about cutting out inappropriate bits in her videos. I've never heard her curse in my life. She encourages reading and learning. She's even taught me some new words. She is my role model and is just so inspiring. Her laugh is contagious and every time I watch one of her videos I get a sense of childlike wonder. Definitely would recommend her.

Stacy is amazing, she never swears and is always so positive and funny, she's very entertaining. She has a series that encourages people to read and it expands your vocabulary. She is also very creative, she's the perfect inspiration for kids and adults of all ages

Stacy is awesome she has a love for most animals but prefers dogs and she doesn't CURSE AT ALL! She I great for kids she is funny and knows the meaning to slit of long and not commonly used words. The people she plays with don't curse ether.

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The Contenders

11 Chimneyswift11

He is so awesome his Minecraft files are super cool, no swearing, and attack of the b-team is awesome!

He is epic and doesn't swear a lot (out of what I remember)

So good in Minecraft

His skin is great.

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12 AmyLee33

She is the best! In fact, I am watching her videos right now! She always cheers me up when I'm having a ruff day at school. She even has videos about facing her fears and loving yourself and they can really cheer you up! I have been watching Amy for almost a year and has never heard her swear.

Amy is super child friendly she goes against violence and bombs and also loves nature she loves her family and also thinks and acts as a child would

She is a very good role model for children because she is always very happy, never swears, (She might have said crap before but nothing worse than that) and she loves peace and love.

She is so nice and would never swear for the world. She is always kind to all no matter what and she wants people to feel good about themselves when they are down because her fans matter to her and the world...I rest my case. Need I say more because I can go on.

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13 EthosLab

Best! Please put him higher he is a really great guy who doesn't hog attention and doesn't cuss

He really knows how to get into your mind that he knows what he is doing and really you just lose him as far as redstone goes

ETHO never acts and he doesn't curse because he's a good person. He doesn't beg for donations, or act crazy for likes. Because of that he isn't the most popular by far compared to others on this list, but in terms of character and ACTUAL TALENT he is the best, and I watch most of these other channels regularly.

If he is with other people he will cut out the cursing and sexual references other that that he Is a pretty good player

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14 ssundee

He is awesome and funny I only wish he would play minecraft

Great YouTuber never swears but only uses fake ones

He only sAyS CrAp

He doesn't say any swear words (only mild ones) and he's good for kids since he's quite funny.

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15 SethBling

His voice is calming and child-friendly - Jabber

Amazing, definitely child friendly

He speaks in a low tone

He never swears he is so chill most of the time he makes cool redstone content and he is AWESOME!

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16 Finnball

He is child friendly because he has three kids

He has three kids

I love him and I'm 8

Yeah he might make Call of Duty eps put still he is nice

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17 49 supergirlygamer

I had to choose between Pat and Jen. I figured I voted Pat for most child friendly so I'll vote Jen for more specififc stuff!

Please tell Pat his videos are awesome and your lucky block videos are outstanding

Tell popularmmos can he make a lucky block with crazy craft 2.0 and kill the king three king please

When she and her husband pat play together it always makes me laugh I have never heard her swear only like stupid and when she first started playing with pat hell

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18 Sqaishey Quack

I am 15 years old so I'm a teenager and I think she's just magnificent and if I met her which will probably never happen I would hug her that's how much I appreciate her I sadly get depressed a lot I also get anxiety attacks I don't want to give up but I feel like I will if I never meet her can someone please contact her I would really appreciate it if you did I LOVE SQAISHEY QUACK

She is very cute, silly and kid-friendly, sometimes she knows how to cheer every kid up that lives on this very planet! She's awesome!

No one could hate sqaishey no one everyone who are human should love sqaishey someone at my school said that they were going to hurt sqaishey I said to them I don't know sqaishey but if you hurt her I will defend her I would protect sqaishey I would even risk my life for her

She the best

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19 Vikkstar123

Gotta love his content

His videos are awesome. Especially when he gang up with The Pack. He' just awesome. Including his accent. I'm delighted to see every of his videos.

He uploads daily videos and is very kids friendly, his pranks are entertaining especially when recording with his mine craft team, the pack. He has a great sense of humour and his videos include server mini games, parkour (he's great don't worry), challenges (absolutely amazing), modded lets plays and more

I watched one of his videos today and it was only 53 seconds in the video and he sai the bad word 2 times

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20 TBNRfrags

He just says fudge dude why he not no 5


He is amazing doesn't swear and only says hell crap sometimes and fudge

Preston is just AMAZING. He makes sure that he doesn't swear and loves all of his subscribers (including the children! ). He does well at making sure he doesn't swear and replaces the words with ones that aren't bad - which is a good thing for kids; he is pretty much teaching them that swearing isn't good. He is also entertaining and fun to watch. I definitely recommend him.

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21 AntVenom

I have only heard him say 3 bad words out off ALL off his videos

WHY I HEARD HIM SAY F*** but he's still my inspiration for Minecraft.

Doesn't ever swear and should be #2

He swore once, but in the level of YouTubers swearing, he's about at theBajanCanadian-PopularMMOs level. (I do not know. I only watched one of his videos

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22 SkyDoesMinecraft

Of course some ten year old fanboy put this guy up here without reading the title! Sky is NOT family friendly! GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD!

Wait... WHY IS THIS GUY ON HERE? He needs to learn that KIDS watch his channel and he shouldn't say the stuff he does. Cuss words... He says them!

Sky doesn't curse as much now since he has a child and he doesn't want his child to find his cursing videos. He tries his best of being child-friendly and not cursing all the time. Maybe here and there but not as much now. Plus HE IS AN ADULT. He can cuss if he wants so stop hating about him cursing. He doesn't want too many kids watch him unless their parents let them.

I'm not trying to hate, but SkyDoesMinecraft does swear. In almost every video I heard him cuss. These are supposed to be kid-friendly, the title says "Kid friendly Minecraft YouTubers! " If it said "Top Ten Minecraft YouTubers" or anything like that, SkyDoesMinecraft should be up there, definitely not here.

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23 LDShadowLady

She never curses and her videos are very fun.

Ldshadowlady is one of the best kid friendly YouTube's she is amazing!

She makes amazing videos. I have been watching her videos for a few years and every year she improves. She is funny and amazing. I love all her videos. By Emily23333444

Ldshadowlady is an amazing mincraft player and should not be in 33 place because she is out standing and she never curses

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24 ASFjerome

He's started a whole child friendly thing now! I've only ward him swear once in a year, and that was on a horror map he said the S word.

He does not really swear that much and he's really cool so WHO CARES IF HE SWEARS A BIT

Friend of BajanCanadian. That means he's amazing, cool and funny. SO Kid Friendly.

He is nice and funny

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25 Ash Duhp

Ash should be In the top 10 with his friend Squid because he never swear however mad he gets at a game. Plus everyone who loves Squid, loves Ash to. Ash plays many games such as Minecraft, Roblox and many more. Ash and Squid are a great team when it comes to gaming together. Plus, he is a Block of CHEESE. Who wouldn't want that?

Ash is good with squid because there are a team. Ash is almost good at parkour, death run is fun when he is around with cheese on his head. Build battle is good when squid is around because they link there ideas together and that is how they win.

He's a block of cheese! He makes funny jokes and makes videos people of all ages can watch. Your hearing this from a ten year old.

Ash plays most with friends and NEVER SWEARS

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26 ThatKaiGuy

ThatKaiGuy is family friendly and he never curses or says mean things. All his videos are clean and he is very funny! Sometimes, he gets a little hyper, which is hilarious! - LeanneMcLee

ThatKaiGuy is cool and funny! - JaySwee

ThatKaiGuy is cool :-) - JaySwee

27 ItsFunneh

She's one of my fave youtubers and I think her and her siblings are down right hilarious. I believe everybody can have the right to watch her videos.

Love her she is AMAZING

She is the best and all ways put a smile on my face and the worlds

She is super funny and never cursed in any of her videos also super kid-friendly

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28 LittleLizardGaming

They don't cuss at all and they do some very interesting things for example Minecraft:school they teach some people different mods and go on field trips and they are always careful about their "parents" so I would have to give them a A+++++ for great videos and entertaining me and my fellow friends

Woah this was my childhood channel dang I love them well kinda iv'e sticted with dantdm but hey I like both of these guys they are kid freindly and actully teach kids a lot of stuff but I heard them swear. sorry if I'm wrong.dang I had good memories

These Irish twins are hilarious and all their friends who come and play are so conscious of maintaining their kid-friendly promise. Not only do my children love their videos but they are also getting educated on useful things like being careful online and how to deal with being bullied. Fantastic YouTube channel, I would highly recommend

I agree he should be higher but I have heard them swear but in only 4 or 5 videos

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29 BajanCanadian

Mitch is the starter of the pack, a group containing some of my favourite YouTubers, which I am grateful for because when the come together they make a entertaining, child friendly group of young men that I enjoy watching


He only swears by accident he's the best at hunger games he should be way higher

He should be in the top 10 because he rarely ever cusses anymore, he used to but he never does anymore.

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30 ExplodingTNT ExplodingTNT

Not kid Friendly its more for bigger people Not for Younger kids

ExplodingTNT is so funny and I love his characters, they have such good personalities! My favourite is Pink Sheep! He is child friendly except for in one of his weird comments videos where he took the suggestion of 'if minecraft was sexual'. He works really hard on his videos and I enjoy watching them.

He is very entertaining but not family friendly, I would say about teens.

I respect that he cleared all the swearing and porn content on his channel when he knew kids were watching, but on one of his episodes on his "Weird Comments Series", there's a comment featured called "If minecraft was sexual".

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31 MagmaMusen

I love MagmaMusen! He has some of the most creative builds and he does so many cool things with minecraft blocks! He never curses, so he is definitely one of my favorites.

He doesn't talk he just writes chat on the videos I love him he teaches you so many things and he never swears or puts swears in it.

Magma Musen does not talk in his videos, but his videos are so awesome! Every single week I click on his channel waiting for a new video to come out. In his videos he only uses a text boxes (Mostly orange and black). Love him/her.

Lol why is he here he does not even talk but I still love him/her lol

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32 Ashleymarieegaming

Mild cussing but other wise great content keep up the good work!

There were a few videos where her friends cuss though...

She says no bad words

Love you so much and also love the shaytards like you do

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33 JemmaPlaysMc

Commenting her to move PewDiePie down 99 spots.

I love her so much

DanTDM's wife. I think that she has stopped uploading. She is very kid friendly

DanTDM's wife. If she's dans wife then she most likely doesn't swear

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34 Snake Doctor 73

Snake is vry inspirational

He is So cool

35 Aphmau

I think Aphmau is a really good person. Her husband might curse but its not really cursing because he just says the a word (I don't curse)! She uploads daily but I like itsfunneh better but she in second place for my favorite youtubers

She is amazing I love her

She doesn't really ever swear. She can teach kids imagination with her different role play adventures that she creates.

I love her but, she don't deserve to be in 53 she has to be in like 12 or 11.She is kid friendly and kid appropriate.

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36 Gizzy Gazza

He never swears well he does a bit but he is still funny and my brother even watches him and he's 14 he used to say he cussed but he does NOT CUSS AT ALL

Gizzy does not really curse, he only curses when he gets really frustrated with something.

He is awesome and only cusses a little.

I call my friend gizzy for some reason

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37 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.

He's so rude he should have his channel taken down

He is not family/kid/child friendly, he really shouldn't be on this list because he cusses in almost every single video and is very inappropriate


My dad has watched a video of him eating new foods, he said it was NOT family friendly and that he said lots of bad words although it is his channel and there should be an age limit for his channel for certain viewers

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38 Orepros

The BEST Minecraft YouTuber and kid/ family friendly!

Great animations

They should be number one. All their videos are kid-friendly/fun and they are very nice people who care about the community they created. +1 vote

Orepros make funny and entertaining Minecraft animations, my favourite ones being the ones about if something crazy was added to Minecraft

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39 Rhett & Link

They are not Minecraft! But they never swear ever - venomouskillingmachine

Even though they don't play minecraft, their videos are funny. I like them. They're still kid friendly! I would recommend this for your kids! - TubeGirl

Sure they aren't Minecraft but Rhett and Link don't swear and I'm voting them just because I love their videos.

They talked about Minecraft twice but they are definitely kid friendly and really funny.

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40 VenturianTale

Yo why is he back here I like dan but seriously this family is da bomb dot com and hilarious definitely making my kids watch them when I have them

They are awesome and kid friendly but they play violent and inappropriate games

WHY ONLY 31?!?! Out of all the YouTubers I've watched, venturian is the only one to turn a sketchy and violent game into a funny game and kid friendly game, but don't go to episode 91 of his fallout 3 series, the only one where he curses that I can remember. but that is the only one. and it's fairly old.

He should be number 1 because he has NEVER sworn in his life ever! Sometimes it may sound like it but He isn't. Understand me!?!?!?!

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41 Jeromeasf


Jerome is da best

I think Jeromeasf is very funny :D

Love the Pokemon videos

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42 Pink Sheep

My mom banned me from him because he was annoying ;(

He is the best. He is really funny and he never swears

He NEVER swears and he is made my Exploding TNT his videos make me Lol all the time so he is great also #PranksterGangsterNation!

Pink sheep is the Best he never swears ever! His videos are really funny and entreating! #PranksterGangsterNation for life! lol

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43 DanTDM DanTDM

Is number one and 67?

He is the best YouTube's out there. I have never heard him swear.

He has swears in the creepypasta mod

He is awesome! - MiniMe53107

44 LogDotZip

He makes me laugh and I love his voice and videos. His Colabs are great and he never swears. BEST MINECRAFT YOUTUBER! Recommend him.

He has only sworn once on his channel I believe and he put a warning in the video's title. Overall a very funny, entertaining, and kid friendly channel!

I have never seen him swear ever. He's even AGAINST non-family-friendly content if you look at his vLogDotZip update video. Speaking about that video, that's the only video where there's swear words. But it was the server players' fault.

He did curse a few times one video but he put a warning

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45 MrCrainer

We love us some CRAINER!

Yes I just say all yes

I like Crainer, why isn't he higher?

Awesome YouTuber. I couldn't imagine YouTube without him. Never cusses and he is quite hilarious. I love his videos.

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46 MoreTDM

He is so nice and funny and does not swear at all

It's so funny lil pugs

Dan is the best tuber ever

Best ever love to death

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47 Generikb

Heard him cuss twice - "Damn." Most of the time he uses creative and funny alternatives for names. He has a lot of really interesting, new series going on and is constantly uploading videos. Really great guy in real life too.

He is very funny and always makes me laugh

Generik Is awesome and never swears

He does not swear but has a YouTuber bud who's screen name is bdouble0100 who swears occasionaly

48 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

He is not kid-friendly. He swears quite a lot, but his videos are really cool.

He does swear but you should be 12 or older

This guy is not child-friendly. I do not watch him my brother does and he is older than me and he says to me not to watch him because he swears quiet a bit.

Jack is the best in the entire world I watch him every day I even got to the point were I say repeat his introduction

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49 Thnxcya

Thnxcya is one of the best! He nearly never curses and it's not bad at all! He should be at like 5 or something! GO TEAM FANCY LANTERNS!

I love this guy his slime rancher videos or so funny I recamennd this channel KID FRIENDLY!

Thnxcya is a very friendly, British YouTuber who is just straight out pleasant to watch.

I don't like him kids watch like an enderman then u lost your Deadlox mo mind

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50 Ibxtoycat

Probably one of the most underrated you tubers of all time. I've watched his videos for a long time, and his streams are epic. He may however play some non child friendly games like Call of Duty however he mainly does Minecraft videos which often are quite informative. He also gives you quite a bit of news about updates, so you know what to expect. Finally he has got several worlds, including his main super flat world filled with loads of cool pixel art and loads of experiments. SO WATCH HIM! P.S: I don't think he has ever cursed from what I have been seeing

He is in fact kid friendly and unfortunately underrated though helpful

He has a channel where he makes educational videos about geography

He is extremely underrated unfortunately. Ibxtoycat is a sick YouTuber and everyone should watch him NOW... if your reading this toycat I’m your biggest fan, I’m subscribed and I’m subscribed to the second channel too. (He has a second channel posting videos about geography “and the world and stuff” toycat your a sick YouTuber you're the best out there and in your second channel can you fly Norwegian lgw to lax and do a trip review? Best YouTuber ever everyone like all his videos and subscribe to Ibxtoycat and Ibx2cat

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