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1 Tabriz

A modern beautiful city with advanced culture and most progressive attitude, and most noble & sincere citizenship.

Tabriz, best city in iran

Old and great Tabriz with greatest bazaar and old "brick houses" with pleasant weather.

Tabriz is the best city in iran

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2 Tehran

Tehran is best - ever

3 Mashhad

A combination of modern and traditional culture, best hotels and foods, novel ice creams!

I like Mashhad just for imam Reza holy shrine

Best City In Persian Empire

best food

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4 Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the best cities in Iran. Every city has its own aspects, by the way the people of Isfahan are very cool and interesting, sometimes hard to understand them but once you got into them you will love their special culture

Although I've travelled all over Iran but still I haven't found even one place like This city...Best People,Best Places, History, Civilization and whatever u want... Isfahan is the best guys... No doubt about that...

Isfahan is the history of Iran...

I live in Mashhad but I do believe that Isfahan is the most culturally important and beautiful city. by the way I LOVE their accent as well :) Dorood be hamvatan haye esfahani gol.

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5 Shiraz

I love all of the cities in my country with their people...but Shiraz is very special for me so proud of this city and I like the tourists go there and enjoy.

Lots of attractions and kind people

City of wine and poem...lovely people

City of Love, Poem and Wine with a very easygoing atmosphere and lifestyle. Original shirazi people are very kind, Friendly and well known for being very hospitable.

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6 Karaj
7 Ahwaz

Apart from the hot weather in ahwaz that makes you feel like being cooked in an oven ahwaz has one of the most outstanding view for drivers thanks to the various kinds of bridges

One of the awful cities in iran with unkind people.

Grandma lived there for 5 years and said it was awesome.

Yes Is True! Ahwaz Is TOP HOT City In IRAN Becouse It's So warm And humidity And Sultry
You Can Cooking Eggs On The Asphalt

8 Qom

Qom is history city. its people is happy and active

Great people under f.islamic city cover which gm made it!

9 Kermanshah

Kermanshah is one of great cities in Iran.It's very beautiful and Great.

10 Urmia

Excellent beautiful city with cool weather!

The best ever.cause it's so close to Europe

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? Miandoab

Very beautiful city

? Borujerd

A beautiful city that used to be the capital of the Khuzestan and Lorestan province. It used to be an individual state, until it was made part of the Lorestan province by the Reza Shah. It is famous for its mountaineous areas, vast fields of grass, wide and open landscapes, and modern equities. Today it has brought about some of the most successful people in the world including Ayatollah Borujerdi, and Mahvash, the very first female Iranian singer in all of Iran's history.

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11 Resht

Rasht is a great city with pure nature and clean air if someone wants to relax he or she can come to Rasht and have some fun.if you pay much attention to your food I recommend you to eat Rashti food and enjoy it.Rasht has a great number of the most delicious dishes of the world and a lot of antique restaurants.
also some people believe that the people of this city are more open minded than all other cities of Iran.

12 Hamadan

Iran's Capital of Civilization and history

13 Khorramabad

Fun lively place especially in the middle of the city there's always lots going on and there a park and fun fair.
Also a few good attractions are-bisheh waterfalls-falak ol aflak castle-mountains-the lake and water areas near parks beside the main fun fair

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15 Kerman
16 Tafresh
17 Kish

Best island in iran how ever this topic is aboud cities but the best island

•Best cars
•best people
•best weather
•the police there wont care about HIJAB that much

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19 Ramsar

It's awesome,cause it has every compartments of a beautiful nature.


20 Yazd
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