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1 New Orleans

The deep south needs a team, and NOLA is perfect. The stadium can be built on that open lot along the river by the convention center and Port of New Orleans. Please... I'm about to have twin boys and would love to bring them to the ball games.

New Orleans is a large city with tall skyscrapers. Despite the damage from Hurricane Katrina, it's still a great city. The culture there is marvelous and so is the food. The Saints are terrible, and no one cares about the Pelicans. New Orleans SHOULD get an MLB team.

The only sports teams in New Orleans are the Saints and Pelicans NFL and NBA. Those teams get great support. So I'm thinking if those teams get great support then a MLB Baseball team can get great support. The baseball stadium can get built off of Interstate 10 or U.S. 90.

I don't care what team moves but I can make a suggestion in the Twins or Rays

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2 Charlotte

Charlotte should get a team from a MLB team expansion. Drugs and steroids have tarnished the game and baseball fans are losing interest in the sport. And what better way to get new fans then having new teams with new fan bases. Charlotte is one of the many great places for baseball. With thousands of baseball fans and even more room for fans to come along, Charlotte is guaranteed to have a successful MLB franchise.

They need a baseball team because of the giant population. They also need to get that team to win a world series in the near future. Add them them to the american league they need another team so that they can play interleague and not have to sit out

I think North Carolina should get a baseball team. If people can support the Carolina Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes why not a North Carolina baseball team

Baseball is very popular in North Carolina.

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3 Montreal

The Blue Jays have played exhibition games there the past few years and they've sold out every game there. Montreal wants baseball, and if the Rays don't renew their lease with the city of St. Petersburg, they may just get their wish.

Rather have another canadian team on the westcoast instead but hey its still another canadian team

The people there have wanted another team since they lost the expos back in 2004

I think the cubs should move here

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4 Nashville

Nashville really needs a team because the people in Nashville should have to go Atlanta or St. Louis for MLB games. I know who Nashville's inter league rival could be a Memphis baseball team. My opinion is a Nashville team could be in the American League and a Memphis team in the National League.

Just look at the way nashville supports the titans and the predators. Nashville loves baseball. There are already enough cardinals and braves fans to fill up two MLB stadiums. So why not?

Nashville really needs a team because people should not have to go all the way to Atlanta or St. Louis for the Cardinals or Braves. I know who Nashville's Inter League rival could be a Memphis team. The Nashville team could be in the American League and the Memphis team could be in the National League. I want this to happen.

I hope they get a team

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5 Portland, OR

Portland would be a great rivalry with the Seattle Mariners. The Portland Beavers sounds good.

Thank you! We have the mariners in seattle but not in portland

Another big city that needs a team - andrewerdna100

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6 Salt Lake City

Too many people look at just the Salt Lake metro area. The truth is that the Wasatch front is really just the amalgamation of three good sized metro areas that is MUCH bigger than Denver. Not to mention that Utah boasts 5 of the top 20 fastest growing cities in the nation right now. REAL Salt Lake (Major League Soccer) is one of the best attended and successful sports franchises in the nation. It stands to reason why the Wasatch Front does not have a MLB team. It should be noted that an MLB team in Salt Lake would not have to compete with the NFL for attendance.

The people in Utah need more professional sport teams to root for. The weather is really great during the summer and there are a lot of kids who have, do, or will play baseball at some point in their lifetime.

Big enough city to have a baseball team - andrewerdna100

I live in Utah and am a huge baseball fan! I wish we had a pro baseball team.

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7 Las Vegas

My god are you retarded, a team in Las Vegas would be terrible. The players would go to the casinos every night, and there is already a Minor League team in Reno named the Aces.

There's a reason why no pro team plays here. it would be unfair for a city to have a team that relies tourists and involves a lot of money. they would be sucking all of the free agents up - andrewerdna100

Just imagine how dope the uni's would be

Vegas has a triple A team the area 51's they don't need another team

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8 Indianapolis

Indianapolis has NFL and NBA. The Colts and Pacers are great teams. I think the closest MLB team to Indianapolis is the Cincinnati Reds. The Colts and Pacers get great support so I think a MLB Baseball team can get great support.

They have a decent size stadium already. Indy is a place were people in Indiana like to go often (I would know). I know they can support another pro sports team.

They can support the Colts so why not a baseball team

Why not make baseball there it would make the big three in major league sports

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9 Louisville

There's already a team in the MLB named the Athletics. They're in Oakland, dumbass

They have a triple a team the bats but how about the Louisville athletics

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10 Oklahoma City

Another city that could use a team - andrewerdna100

After all that has happened to that city the terrorist bombings. This city would support a team. Look how they support the Thunder in the NBA.

Yes agreed I want a mlb team here

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11 San Antonio

The reason why San Antonio needs a team is because people should not have to go to all the way to Dallas or Houston to see the Rangers or Astros play. That way the people in San Antonio that want to a game they can go to games right there in San Antonio. People don't have to worry about going to Dallas or Houston for the Astros or Rangers games.
The San Antonio team should be in the National League because the Rangers and Astros are in the American League

San Antonio I think deserves a team. Some people in San Antonio want to go to games but they probally go to the Texas Rangers or Houston Astros, If the city of San Antonio gets a team, people don't have to worry about going up to Dallas or Houston to see the Rangers or Astros play. People could go to games right there in San Antonio.

12 Albuquerque

I think MLB would do very well in Albuquerque. This has always been a great baseball town, and youth baseball is blowing up here

A city that shows that they lobe baseball. could be like a Oklahoma city in the nba - andrewerdna100

13 Buffalo

There has to be a team in the north east other than boston as there fan base is too big. buffalo is the only other big city far up north that could support a team - andrewerdna100

14 Orlando

It's a huge city that really needs more teams

Florida can't even manage to draw fans to the teams they have now. How would you think another team would be good?

Orlando ocelots. There's already a perfect name!

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15 Brooklyn

Brooklyn Unfairly lost the Dodgers in the 50's and have great sports fans

16 Vancouver

Don't sell out the Vancouver population over 3 million people have to root for a team based in a province that's on the other side of the country with no chance of ever seeing them in real life we need mlb HERE

Lots of Canadian people from Vancouver would like a Vancouver team to put in and to have The vancouver canadians baseball teams play some other time. - SuperBacca

Loads of space for a new arena in the downtown core, majority of canadian MLB players are from Vancouver, matches the NHL off-season perfectly!

17 Little Rock, AR

The people in Little Rock go to either Dallas for the Rangers or St. Louis for the Cardinals. People should not have to do that. If Little Rock gets a team the stadium can be built on Interstate 40 or Interstate 30.

18 Richmond, VA

Not really. If Raleigh got one southern va would have one and northern already has the Nationals

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19 Hartford

It's a small market, but there are proven sports fans thanks to the Whalers. It could give a nice New England rivalry between Boston.

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