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1 New Orleans

The deep south needs a team, and NOLA is perfect. The stadium can be built on that open lot along the river by the convention center and Port of New Orleans. Please... I'm about to have twin boys and would love to bring them to the ball games.

New Orleans is a large city with tall skyscrapers. Despite the damage from Hurricane Katrina, it's still a great city. The culture there is marvelous and so is the food. The Saints are terrible, and no one cares about the Pelicans. New Orleans SHOULD get an MLB team.

The only sports teams in New Orleans are the Saints and Pelicans NFL and NBA. Those teams get great support. So I'm thinking if those teams get great support then a MLB Baseball team can get great support. The baseball stadium can get built off of Interstate 10 or U.S. 90.

I already have a good name. The New Orleans Jazz. (I already now about the basketball team) - Smash64

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2 Charlotte

If the MLB expands teams to the State of North Carolina, I hope they get 2 teams. I would put one in the Charlotte area, & the other in the Raleigh area. The whole State only has NFL, NHL, & NBA. The Carolina Panthers of Charlotte, Charlotte Hornets, & Carolina Hurricanes of Raleigh. North Carolina has a way too large population for not having an MLB Team. If it happens & if the state gets two teams, I'd put the Charlotte Team in the National League put in a new expanded NL South Division. I'd put the Raleigh Team in American League in a new expanded AL South Division. That would be the main InterLeague rivalries. The whole Southern United States needs more MLB teams. The MLB needs to do this in the next 5 years. Charlotte is just way to big of a city to just have two Pro-Sports. They need to have an MLB & NHL team soon.

Charlotte should get a team from a MLB team expansion. Drugs and steroids have tarnished the game and baseball fans are losing interest in the sport. And what better way to get new fans then having new teams with new fan bases. Charlotte is one of the many great places for baseball. With thousands of baseball fans and even more room for fans to come along, Charlotte is guaranteed to have a successful MLB franchise.

They need a baseball team because of the giant population. They also need to get that team to win a world series in the near future. Add them them to the american league they need another team so that they can play interleague and not have to sit out

A very high population desperate to have an expansion.

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3 Montreal

Once the Tampa Bay Rays' lease expires for the dump/wasteland/landfill that is their home of Tropicana Field, I think they could move the Rays to Montreal. Montreal seems to be growing again and they need another chance. Tampa fails to fill seats... and did I mention their stadium is terrible?

The Blue Jays have played exhibition games there the past few years and they've sold out every game there. Montreal wants baseball, and if the Rays don't renew their lease with the city of St. Petersburg, they may just get their wish.

Rather have another canadian team on the westcoast instead but hey its still another canadian team

Canada needs more representation in MLB - Smash64

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4 Indianapolis

Indianapolis has NFL and NBA. The Colts and Pacers are great teams. I think the closest MLB team to Indianapolis is the Cincinnati Reds. The Colts and Pacers get great support so I think a MLB Baseball team can get great support.

They have a decent size stadium already. Indy is a place were people in Indiana like to go often (I would know). I know they can support another pro sports team.

They can support the Colts so why not a baseball team

Ugh they have the indians

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5 Nashville

Nashville really needs a team because the people in Nashville should have to go Atlanta or St. Louis for MLB games. I know who Nashville's inter league rival could be a Memphis baseball team. My opinion is a Nashville team could be in the American League and a Memphis team in the National League.

Just look at the way nashville supports the titans and the predators. Nashville loves baseball. There are already enough cardinals and braves fans to fill up two MLB stadiums. So why not?

Nashville really needs a team because people should not have to go all the way to Atlanta or St. Louis for the Cardinals or Braves. I know who Nashville's Inter League rival could be a Memphis team. The Nashville team could be in the American League and the Memphis team could be in the National League. I want this to happen.

Great place to put a baseball team. Call them the Tennessee Swingers. Nothing like baseball and country music.

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6 Portland, OR Portland, OR Portland is the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon and the seat of Multnomah County. It is a major port in the Willamette Valley region of the Pacific Northwest, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

Portland would be a great rivalry with the Seattle Mariners. The Portland Beavers sounds good.

Thank you! We have the mariners in seattle but not in portland

Portland is one of the largest u.s. cities without an MLB team. Portland Hoods would be a cool name, or craters.

If anything, they should get the Angels, Mets, or the White Sox - BUETBU91

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7 Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.

My god are you retarded, a team in Las Vegas would be terrible. The players would go to the casinos every night, and there is already a Minor League team in Reno named the Aces.

Are you kidding me? I'm from vegas, we have a triple a team that we can't support. If we can't do that, how will we support a major league team?

This city needs baseball

By 2020, the City of Las Vegas will have 2 of the 4 main major Pro"Sports Teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) who are the Las Vegas Golden Knights/Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL and Las Vegas Raiders of the NFL who will be relocating from Oakland in 2020. I don’t have a problem if the MLB decides to expand to Las Vegas. The city already has one of the BEST NHL Expansion Teams to ever start in their first season (Las Vegas Golden Knights/Vegas Golden Knights in the 2017"2018 NHL Hockey Season) who already won the Pacific Division in the NHL’s Western Conference and clinched a playoff berth (will likely have the #1 seed or the #2 seed). The MLB could easily expand to a city like Las Vegas. I think that the Raiders will be pretty successful there when they move in 2020. Adding a MLB Baseball team there would most likely create a true InterLeague rival with the Arizona Diamondbacks since they don’t have a true InterLeague Rival. So, I’d put a proposed Las Vegas MLB Baseball ...more

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8 Buffalo Buffalo

There has to be a team in the north east other than boston as there fan base is too big. buffalo is the only other big city far up north that could support a team - andrewerdna100

Great city great fans

I think Rochester deserves an MLB team more thanBuffalo. - Smash64

They be living baseball in B_Low home slices. We busted the minor league record books in fact 80s, more tix so! d than most major league cities. And we drink hard core beer like we is fished my bruthas. Get me a call c love and bring back the NBA too do rizzle.

9 Salt Lake City

Too many people look at just the Salt Lake metro area. The truth is that the Wasatch front is really just the amalgamation of three good sized metro areas that is MUCH bigger than Denver. Not to mention that Utah boasts 5 of the top 20 fastest growing cities in the nation right now. REAL Salt Lake (Major League Soccer) is one of the best attended and successful sports franchises in the nation. It stands to reason why the Wasatch Front does not have a MLB team. It should be noted that an MLB team in Salt Lake would not have to compete with the NFL for attendance.

The people in Utah need more professional sport teams to root for. The weather is really great during the summer and there are a lot of kids who have, do, or will play baseball at some point in their lifetime.

Big enough city to have a baseball team - andrewerdna100

Not many people know this but Salt Lake City is actually pretty small. Only the 125th most populated city. That's less than Des Moines, Little Rock, and Spokane to name a few. - Smash64

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10 Louisville

There's already a team in the MLB named the Athletics. They're in Oakland, dumbass

They have a triple a team the bats but how about the Louisville athletics

What do you mean louisville athletics

I think that the City of Louisville would be a great fit for not only MLB Baseball, but also NBA Basketball and NFL Football as well (I’m not sure about NHL Hockey or MLS Soccer expanding there) because the State of Kentucky is a big very sports state especially when it comes to college sports (especially college basketball). I think that Louisville is big enough to have the chance to support an MLB Baseball Team. The closest MLB Team to Louisville is the Cincinnati Reds in which Louisville is only 1 hour and 35 minutes from Cincinnati. Louisville would be the best city (#1 city) in my opinion with NO Pro"Sports Teams to have a chance to support an MLB, NBA, and NFL Team. Louisville Slugger bats are made there, so I don’t see how Louisville couldn’t support a MLB Team!

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11 San Antonio

The reason why San Antonio needs a team is because people should not have to go to all the way to Dallas or Houston to see the Rangers or Astros play. That way the people in San Antonio that want to a game they can go to games right there in San Antonio. People don't have to worry about going to Dallas or Houston for the Astros or Rangers games.
The San Antonio team should be in the National League because the Rangers and Astros are in the American League

San Antonio I think deserves a team. Some people in San Antonio want to go to games but they probally go to the Texas Rangers or Houston Astros, If the city of San Antonio gets a team, people don't have to worry about going up to Dallas or Houston to see the Rangers or Astros play. People could go to games right there in San Antonio.

If California can have five teams then Texas can have 3

Why is Dallas preferred over San Antonio for pro sports teams? - Smash64

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12 Oklahoma City

Another city that could use a team - andrewerdna100

After all that has happened to that city the terrorist bombings. This city would support a team. Look how they support the Thunder in the NBA.

Yes agreed I want a mlb team here

Sort of

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13 Orlando

It's a huge city that really needs more teams

Florida can't even manage to draw fans to the teams they have now. How would you think another team would be good?

Orlando ocelots. There's already a perfect name!

The Rays should move here. - Smash64

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14 Albuquerque

I went to an Isotopes game and they sold out. I think they are a great city to host baseball; wouldn't that be the only professional sport in New Mexico?

I think MLB would do very well in Albuquerque. This has always been a great baseball town, and youth baseball is blowing up here

A city that shows that they lobe baseball. could be like a Oklahoma city in the nba - andrewerdna100

A team here would make a good D-Backs rival. - Smash64

15 Columbus

Like San Antonio, should have more sports teams considering its size. - Smash64

Yay columbous

16 Vancouver Vancouver

Don't sell out the Vancouver population over 3 million people have to root for a team based in a province that's on the other side of the country with no chance of ever seeing them in real life we need mlb HERE

Lots of Canadian people from Vancouver would like a Vancouver team to put in and to have The vancouver canadians baseball teams play some other time. - SuperBacca

Loads of space for a new arena in the downtown core, majority of canadian MLB players are from Vancouver, matches the NHL off-season perfectly!

Do people in Vancouver prefer the Blue Jays or the Mariners? - Smash64

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17 Jacksonville

Just imagine the future two great players leading each other teams! Allen Robinson for the jaguar and let's say Bryce Harper for how about the Jacksonville sentinels!

Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida and only has one pro sports team. Plus there is nothing else around Northeast Florida

Tampa moves to Orlando and Miami moves to Jacksonville. That should fix the empty stadium problem in Florida. - Smash64

The nearest team to the south is in tampa and the nearest team to the north is altnanta. so many people in that area that need a baseball team. plus the fans in NE florida love baseball

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18 Brooklyn

Brooklyn Unfairly lost the Dodgers in the 50's and have great sports fans

19 Green Bay

There the best

20 Little Rock, AR

The people in Little Rock go to either Dallas for the Rangers or St. Louis for the Cardinals. People should not have to do that. If Little Rock gets a team the stadium can be built on Interstate 40 or Interstate 30.

Too little (pun intended) - Smash64

21 Richmond, VA

Not really. If Raleigh got one southern va would have one and northern already has the Nationals

It has the Weather

22 Hartford

It's a small market, but there are proven sports fans thanks to the Whalers. It could give a nice New England rivalry between Boston.

23 Austin, TX

The people in Austin either go to Dallas for the Rangers and Houston for the Astros. Austin is a pretty big city in my opinion. Some good teams for Austin could be the Austin 35ers, Austin Innvoaters. The stadium could get built off of I-35 or be bulit in Round Rock. So when Austin has a team people do not have to all the way to Dallas or Houston for the Rangers or Astros.

Austin isn't that much of a baseball town. - Smash64

Team should be named the Austin Bats and a stadium could be built in Cedar Park, which is about 10 minutes outside Austin (Clos r then Round Rock) and has about 70,000 people. Cedar Park also supports the Dallas Stars' and San Antonio Spur's minor league teams so a team could do well there.

24 Durham, NC

Durham has no pro-sports at all. They need a MLB Team. This is a perfect city for one. Their Innerleague rival could be Raleigh. There is a lot of open space on Interstate 85 and Interstate 40. Those open spaces would be a great place to build the Stadium. Some good team names could be the Durham 85ers,40ers. I would be really happy if this happened.

We've had the Bulls in AAA for years. It's time the team moves into the MLB. - Smash64

25 Lexington, KY

Lexington is growing...It's a huge sports town Uk basketball sold out every game!

26 Cedar Rapids, IA

Iowan baseball fans have so many options to travel, but they aren’t exactly short drives

27 Tucson

Tucson is a great baseball town

Move the oakland As there

The D-Backs need a rival. Tucson is bigger (population-wise) than Kansas City, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Oakland, Minneapolis, Tampa, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati. So clearly it's suitable for an MLB team. - Smash64

28 Virginia Beach

Maybe the team should be in Norfolk because they're the city in the area that has a minor league team.

The city would make a ton of money off the beach crowd with a baseball team - andrewerdna100

You guys have Washington a short distance away. - Smash64

Come on they neeed one in the 757

29 Memphis

The question is if Memphis were actually to get an MLB Team, where would a proposed stadium be located at? Downtown Memphis is not as large as other major cities. Then make a new NL Division called the NL South. Memphis should add other the Big 3 Pro-Sports besides the Memphis Grizzlies. The way Memphis supports the Grizzlies, there should be no reason why an MLB, NFL, & NHL Team shouldn't get that same type of support.

Memphis should get a team because the people in Memphis go to St. Louis for the Cardinals. If Memphis gets a team, the Innerleague rival would be Nashville. In my opinion the Memphis team should be in the National League and the Nashville team in the American League.


30 Raleigh

Raleigh is actually quite a large city. Over 500,000 people live in Raleigh. Here or Charlotte would be perfect. Or perhaps a cross state rivalry between Raleigh and Charlotte like how Pennsylvania has Pittsburgh and Philadelphia or Ohio has Cleveland and Cincinnati?

Raleigh has NHL Team the Carolina Hurricanes. Raleigh needs more sports like MLB. So I think Raleigh can get good support. The Innerleague rival would be Durham. The Raleigh team would be in the American League and the Durham team would be in the National League.

31 Madison, WI

Wisconsin already has a team but they need a better rival

32 Omaha

They already have the stadium

33 Dallas

Even though the Rangers ballpark is in Arlington but the new ballpark should be build in the proper city of Dallas, Arlington is a much smaller city than Dallas, if the Rangers ever again want to have a new ballpark, they need to move.

The Dallas area has a team in Arlington

34 Edmonton

They really need more than just the Oilers and the Eskimos

35 Riverside, CA
36 Birmingham

Birmingham has no MLB team. The closest team is the Atlanta Braves. So people should not have to go all the way to Atlanta all the time for MLB. The Birmingham team should be in the American League.

If Birmingham were to ever get a team, I'd put them in the American League. That way the Atlanta Braves would have an main cross-division InterLeague Rival to play against. Then they don't have to play the Blue Jays & Red Sox every two years anymore for cross-division InterLeague games anymore. I would name the team the Birmingham Chimpanzees. I'd put them in a new AL South Division.

There's a lot of baseball fans here. - Smash64

37 Sacramento

California has enough teams. - Smash64

38 Jersey City Jersey City Jersey City is a city in Hudson County, New Jersey. At a population of 264,152, it is the second most populous city in the state and the seventy-seventh most populous city in the United States.

You guys have the Yankees and Mets a short drive away. - Smash64

New jersy

39 Albany, New York
40 Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is great city for baseball, could play at Fifth Third

41 Fredericton
42 Santa Ana
43 El Paso
44 Jackson, MS
45 Calgary Calgary
46 Waterford, CT
47 Concord, CA
48 Fort Smith, AR

I don't know. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

49 San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan had the Montreal Expos average attendance go up by 2,000 people! San Juan deserves a baseball team and Montreal.

Sam Juan and Montreal are my picks.

50 Trenton

New Jersey has 1 big team the devil s It is not fair

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