Top Ten Cities In the New England Region of the United States

New England is the Northeast corner in the United States, The States are Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island

The Top Ten

1 Boston, Massachusetts

It's the biggest city in the region, It's on the water, and there is a lot to do. Capital and largest city in Massachusetts - CoolCat999

No. This place is boring and people are so rude here

Massive city and there's a lot of stuff to do.

2 Providence, Rhode Island

Small City, but it has fun things to do. Capital of Rhode Island. - CoolCat999

3 Portland, Maine

Maine is great for lobster in pretty much anywhere in the state. Portland is the largest city in Maine - CoolCat999

4 Hartford, Connecticut

Capital of the state, It's not the largest city, but It has a lot of stuff to do. - CoolCat999

5 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
6 Augusta, Maine

Capital of Maine. It's on the Kennebec River. Maine has a slight amount of people who speak French, due to Canada being above Maine. - CoolCat999

7 Burlington, Vermont

Largest city of Vermont, I've heard it is a good place for skiing - CoolCat999

8 New Haven, Connecticut

It is a really nice city

9 Bridgeport, Connecticut

It may have crime, but it is a good city and has lots to do. - CoolCat999

10 Manchester, New Hampshire

Largest city in NH - CoolCat999

The Contenders

11 Montpelier, Vermont
12 Poland, Maine
13 Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York

New England composes of Connecting, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

This is not in New England, take this off this list. - JoeBoi

14 Warwick, Rhode Island
15 Springfield, Massachusetts.

Home of the Basketball hall of fame, and other good things. - CoolCat999

It has Six Flags New England

16 Stamford, Connecticut
17 North Conway, New Hampshire
18 East Conway, New Hampshire
19 Worcester, Massachusetts

Great city

20 New Milford, Connecticut
21 Newport, Rhode Island
22 Mystic, Connecticut
23 New Bedford, Massachusetts
24 Swansea, Massachusetts
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1. Boston, Massachusetts
2. Providence, Rhode Island
3. Portland, Maine
1. Boston, Massachusetts
2. Providence, Rhode Island
3. Hartford, Connecticut
1. Boston, Massachusetts
2. New Haven, Connecticut
3. Poland, Maine

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