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1 Raise your hand before you speak

This list should be named "Most disobeyed school rules" - Animefan12

I think you should raise your hand before you speak so everyone knows your going to talk so they will listen

We had a presentation about this a couple of years ago in order to obey what we present and nobody change

Yeah there's a kid who says whatevever he wants whenever he damn well pleases and it's really funny. He got expelled.

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2 Be on task

Task! My class even can fight my teachers back

The rule that nobody obeys.

Tasks are the worst thing when we are at school.It was a torture for me

umm no

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3 No eating in class

I still eat in class without getting caught. Its easy just chew slowly so it looks like your not eating and have your food in your lap so no one sees. It works for me at least. - cosmo

When I am really hungry I eat some chips. So Put the bag in the bench and out the chips fast in your mouth without the teach notice and chew with your saliva. That what I do and I never got caught - TheTopTenVoter

I wish you could. A few years ago, I had lunch at 1:00 every day, and I was starving from 11-1 every day. It was torture. - Minecraftcrazy530

There's a teacher who let me eat in class I didn't get yelled at he was nice the science teacher and the other students were eating too! - Lordvader3500

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4 Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Should we cut them off or you will change the rules

The most disobeyed one

What does it mean

Unless someone is physically harming you!

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5 No talking when the teacher is talking

Teacher: Why are you talking when I'm teaching?
Me: Why are you teaching when I'm talking? - Pegasister12

You should never talk when the teacher is talking because you might miss something important

It is right that we should not talk while our teacher is talking. My class seems a little talkative

Good rules

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6 Be respectful to other students

Could they teach that to my classmates? Because they don't know the definition of respectful. - CartoonsGirl

Oviously the kids at my school don't know the meaning of respecting opinions. - cosmo

My Friends are retarded I mean they are weirdo

My class does not know what 'respectful' mean.

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7 Get to school on time

My friends always late and they didn't say anything

My friends always late to come to school but the teachers didn't even know that they had come in.

Our class gets in trouble when one person is late for class or disturbs the class

My opinion is some people need to be on time in class because u have too

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8 Pay attention

I pay attention to the dreams I have in class does that count?

If you don't pay attention you don't get work done.

Yea... I hardly ever do that. - Minecraftcrazy530

I'm too poor to afford it lol - styLIShT

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9 Always remain in your seat

Teachers move around why can't we

So should we pee on the chair

Fair point though...

Nope! - Sugarcubecorner

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10 Do not shout in the class

I agree cause if we shout we could disturb the other class that could be paying attention

I really like this among all

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? Must keep pants on
? Be Responsible

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11 No running

What if there is a fire or explosion. You have to run in situations like that. - cosmo

I've had a sprinting race with my best friend before! - Nateawesomeness

Ugh. This one is annoying. - floridiancat

When you run you might buck up in something and you also might be in a concussion

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12 Don't chew gum

I disagree because it is not changing anything in your education

Gum actually helps it strengthens your teeth so yeah

My fiend always get caught chewing gum

We get after school detention for this

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13 All assignments must be done on time

That's lit brat

Complete all the assignments at time


14 Stay focused

That is the same as #10 - Animefan12

... What if there is a fire... - DapperPickle

15 No racism

This one is the most sensible. Stop hating on blacks, asians or pacific islanders! - MChkflaguard_Yt

That is true

That should be a law smh

16 Always use the bathroom at break and lunchtime

That is wrong

Ikr! I am a woman, which means I don't choose when stuff comes out of me. So... you'll just have to get a bloody chair then... oh well... - HyenaLover

So we have to pee our pants, then...

17 Don't vandalize school property

U shall not!

18 No fighting

Firstly this should be thought to the ALWAYS BULLYING people!

I want to beat people up sometimes

I love fighting so if you say no fight I will

your late

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19 Stay focused on school work

I get detention for this

of course

20 Use the correct uniform

In India, if it is any student's birthday, they are allowed to wear their favourite dresses. Dunno whether it is applied in other countries. - Animefan12

I hate school uniform I don't want to wear the same things as every one else I was made unique so let me look unique at school as well as at home

Not every school has uniform. My school dose not wear uniform

21 Don't talk to each other

Say what now... now I will say nothing when the teacher says converse in your group. She asks why, I show her this page.

22 Your pencil should be talking not your mouth
23 No loud talking in class
24 No taking off shirt and whipping others

haha wut

25 Follow the dress code

I don't know

More common

26 Be nice

Only to people who are nice to you!




27 No drugs

They will make you see tripy colors and distract you in the middle of class

There should be


28 Allow everyone to play with you

Was always told this in school, and it also ties in with if someone wants to sit with you you must let them

Eepvertone should have someone to play with.


I am an introvert. :( - MChkflaguard_Yt

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29 Keep class room neat and clean, and well decorated


30 No phones in class

My school has to put our phone on the Teacher's table and we can't play our phones

My classmates secretly bring phones to school. The teachers know that but they don't care. - TheFourthWorld

31 No shirts with signs

Teens that wear shirts like that may get in trouble even if they are not bad.

I can't respect the confederate side of amerikey

32 No foul language

What if we're learning about female dogs and I have a question about it?

33 Always be in line
34 Wash your hands

Because you want your hands clean

Why Should I wash my hands

The moment you realise there are 10,000 different pathogens on your finger - MChkflaguard_Yt

35 Respect your teachers

As a good student you are to respect your teachers because they are the ones impacting knowledge in your brains and if you want to achieve your dreams you must be respcetful

But some teachers don't respect the students

This list should be named "Most disobeyed school rules" - Animefan12
You deserve to be a god animefan12

36 No pencil throwing

Pencil throwing is mean and harsh

37 Don't use foul language
38 No spitting
39 No sound claps
40 Stand in a proper line when going to assemblies or laboratories
41 Be kind to the children who are in lower classes and respect the students who are in your class or in higher grades
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1. Raise your hand before you speak
2. No eating in class
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1. Get to school on time
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3. Raise your hand before you speak
1. Raise your hand before you speak
2. Be on task
3. No eating in class


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