Top Ten Most Common Rules at School

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1 Raise your hand before you speak

In the regular, general and semi-honor sections, they always follow this rule so they could rise to the honors section.

They just don't know the number of crazy and downright insane rule-breakers the honor class would usually contain.

If you just shout out without raising your hand that would be so rude for the teacher and you might get in trouble.

This is the best rule. It means that the teacher has the opportunity to hear what the quiet kids want to say.

that is a good manner. teacher always says that I will only listen the answer of those kids who will raise hand. So I always.

2 No eating in class

When I am really hungry I eat some chips. So Put the bag in the bench and out the chips fast in your mouth without the teach notice and chew with your saliva. That what I do and I never got caught

I still eat in class without getting caught. Its easy just chew slowly so it looks like your not eating and have your food in your lap so no one sees. It works for me at least.

There's a teacher who let me eat in class I didn't get yelled at he was nice the science teacher and the other students were eating too!

My crush does this in 4th period all the time. It's a good thing the teacher in that class is nice and she allows him.

3 Be on task

Nice people making friends ask a get number do ask you did is she talk the be Hi Say

Task! My class even can fight my teachers back

I always zone out, and I miss all the directions.

This is just expected for every school

4 Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Yea I gotta vote for this one, 2 boys in maths class, one got the other one to turn his head then got his hand on his hand and almost kissed and the teacher saw it and said: don't do that.
by the way everyone were doing work while I noticed something near me and yep, they kissed in accident, it was the persons fault

I was told this... then someone was literally fighting me and all the teachers are like, "why didn't you defend yourself? " I was literally told not too.

Should we cut them off or you will change the rules

Unless someone is physically harming you!

5 Get to school on time

My friends always late to come to school but the teachers didn't even know that they had come in.

Get to school on time helps not missing out classes and being there on time gets you into a routine

At my school for most teachers they count you late even if you miss the bell by a second

Our class gets in trouble when one person is late for class or disturbs the class

6 All assignments must be done on time

Would you rather do your homework or be scolded by the teacher/call parents

This doesn't happen at my school we get to have 10 extra minutes

Complete all the assignments at time

I get extra time on assignments

7 Be respectful to other students

I'm in seventh grade and my mom said that my private school is like a big family and I got bullied by all the girls in my class. So what if I hate them?

Could they teach that to my classmates? Because they don't know the definition of respectful.

CartoonsGirl we must go to the same school or something I have yet to be told something nice by anyone at my school.

Sometimes teachers are disrespectful to the students as well

8 No talking when the teacher is talking

Talking when the teacher is talking is very rude, my class is the type that talks and talks for fun, I try my best to listen but there r dumbasses who won't shut their damn mouths!

Teacher: Why are you talking when I'm teaching?
Me: Why are you teaching when I'm talking?

You should never talk when the teacher is talking because you might miss something important

It is right that we should not talk while our teacher is talking. My class seems a little talkative

9 Pay attention

To the guy that said if you don't pay attention you don't get your work done. TEACHER'S PET!

I pay attention to the dreams I have in class does that count?

If you don't pay attention you don't get work done.

My friends even sleep in the class during lessons

10 No running

This rule is bad I can't gut up 3 levels open my locker gat all the way down go across the field and get to class in 5 minuets without running. I can barely do it with running.

What if there is a fire or explosion. You have to run in situations like that.

People always will get yelled at while running even though its not really a issue

When you run you might buck up in something and you also might be in a concussion

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11 Stay focused

That is the same as #10

... What if there is a fire...

12 Don't vandalize school property

If you want your name displayed in school, work hard and get a plaque and not graffiti it on to the lockers.

This is a actual law in the real world so of course you can't do it in school.

It is true if u want your name to remain in the school do something good

It's not vandalizing. It's called art. We learn it in school

13 Always use the bathroom at break and lunchtime

Ikr! I am a woman, which means I don't choose when stuff comes out of me. So... you'll just have to get a bloody chair then... oh well...

If I gotta go I gotta go. I once nearly gave the teacher some fudge because of this

I can go when I have to go if I have permission

So we have to pee our pants, then...

14 Always remain in your seat

As someone who suffers from ADHD, I'm always getting out of my seat. And when I do stay in my seat, I'm not paying any attention at all.

Same I have ADHD and I can NOT sit still and I never get into trouble

Teachers move around why can't we

So should we pee on the chair

15 Do not shout in the class

One kid was looking at someones dick and that person shouted "MISS He's LOOKING AT MY DICK!", what happened? They both went to the office for well inappropriate behaviour and shouting, the person looking done nothing but went :(

I have loudest schoolmates possible. they are so annoying and talk with the teacher about irrelevant stuff and the teacher doesn't care just shut up.

I agree cause if we shout we could disturb the other class that could be paying attention

Yet teachers shout at us all the time

16 Don't use foul language

I use foul language at school sometimes, it was awesome. Plus, this goes the same to all of my friends who are at school and other students.

Yeah theres not much to say, it's a fare rule to be honest unless your a collage student or in like senior year or something.

If only others would follow that rule

How come some teachers can do it

17 Be nice

What if we don't like that person was not going to be nice

Only to people who are nice to you!

Be nice if they deserve it

Not to a bully

18 Be kind

If you want to go to recess you should be kind and respectful

I like trains

Words fron Ellen D.

19 Don't chew gum

My homeroom teacher came into class one day and she was chewing gum... so if the teachers are breaking this rule, it's kind of pointless. My classmates always chew gum. I don't chew it but I don't like it

I disagree because it is not changing anything in your education

This one makes sense bcs of the lazy students who stick the finished gum anywhere and everywhere

Gum actually helps it strengthens your teeth so yeah

20 Respect your teachers

But some teachers don't respect the students

As a good student you are to respect your teachers because they are the ones impacting knowledge in your brains and if you want to achieve your dreams you must be respcetful

This list should be named "Most disobeyed school rules" - Animefan12
You deserve to be a god animefan12

21 No racism

I personally think that racism is stupid, mainly because we're all people, we all have feelings, and no one wants to be left out or bullied because they are black or white, etc. Deep down underneath a human's skintone or color, we are all (well almost), good people. So stop judging and start fighting against it!

My high school special ed teacher hates me and I'm Asian. I'm the only Asian in the class and I constantly get in trouble for no reason.

This one is the most sensible. Stop hating on blacks, asians or pacific islanders!

Glad there is no racism at my school.

22 Obey the rules


23 No phones in class

This is a dumb rule. Unless, you are on your phone and not paying attention at all phones are harmless. Music while I work is pretty much a MUST but that can't be allowed because of this rule that has no real structure on why its enforced.

This goes out to my friends, phones! Dude in language! They get their phones out (almost everyone except me and 3 other boys), got in troublr while we just talk to each other

My classmates secretly bring phones to school. The teachers know that but they don't care.

My school has to put our phone on the Teacher's table and we can't play our phones

24 No fighting

So one day I was in school and I saw two of my best friends fighting with other two of my best I told them to stop fighting and one of my best friends said:

We'll have to fight with them, UNTIL DEATH!

I was like:*super facepalm* How are you gonna fight with them when you're an adult? You don't even know where they are!

But it was too late they already left and started fighting with the other best friends, I was gonna start to tell those people that help us,but they said "oH tHeY wIlL pRoBaBlY sToP"

But they didn't, I quit and started playing with other friends

This happened too much at my school. Bullies asked for it.

I love fighting so if you say no fight I will

This happens at my school all the time

25 Your pencil should be talking not your mouth

It means that the teacher wants you to be quiet and do your work

The hell is this

Sooo kids can't do that got it..


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