Top 10 Commonly Illegal Things that Should Be Legal

The Top Ten Commonly Illegal Things that Should Be Legal

1 Feeding the homeless

Since when was it illegal lol - Luckys

How is this illegal? - MarioMaster101

It's not illegal - BorisRule

This is not illegal. - RobertWisdom

2 Gambling

All 50 states should have Legal Concealed Carry firearm Laws for non felons...Crime Will Go Down... Join the NRA...

Should be legal - Luckys

Should not be legal.

3 Dueling

What? Lol. Like Pokemon dueling? - RobertWisdom

4 Breastfeeding in public

I find it ironic that breastfeeding in public is considered antisocial but wearing revealing clothes is considered normal - JazzPunk

So women can be topless in public but can't breastfeed

No! Whoever posted this is a idiot.

5 Undocumented immigration

Should NEVER be legal! - RobertWisdom

Yes Illegal immigration should be legal -_- - Luckys

You mean "Illegal" Immigration.

6 Public displays of affection

If people are in love, let them show it

7 Lying to authorities
8 Deriving material from other peoples' creative work

Plagiarism should not be legal.

9 Biological incest (marrying a biological relative)

That's just weird. - Luckys

That's just sick! - RobertWisdom

10 Marijuana

The Contenders

11 Adoptive incest (marrying an adoptive relative)

This is not real incest so it should be legal

12 Stealing
13 Beating up members of hate groups

Not a good idea. Plus, people have their own opinions that they should keep to themselves.

14 Graffiti
15 Buying Guns for People who Can't Buy Guns

This would be such a disaster! Lol. - RobertWisdom

16 Being naked

I mean it's your natural state, you were born naked

17 Copyright Infringement
18 Bigamy

This is for Bisexuals. - Interrogator

19 Drugs
20 Piracy
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