Top Ten Creepiest Spongebob Episodes

Spongebobs for kids right? WRONG! There are some things in spongebob that are just creepy. So here it is.

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1 Graveyard Shift

Not only is it the creepiest SpongeBob aired episode it's also the best. I can watch this episode 1000,000 times and never get sick of it. The way squidward tells the hash slinging slasher story and all the thing that will happen when he arrives is like of a horror movie I also love the ending with the very creepy Nosferatu smiling at the kiddies.

This scares me so much I am 13 and I literally still get scared on tuesday night that the hash singing slasher will come. I love spongebob but I try to avoid this episode and also the one where the gorilla takes sandy and Patrick.

I ran away from the T.V. when I was little during this one.

I was scared of Nosferatu as a kid - SapphireDragon95

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2 Squids Visit

Just when you thought Scooby Doo, Where Are You and Rocko's Modern Life were disturbing enough for you then check this out this episode of SpongeBob will not only disturb you, it will give you nightmares with Squidward getting tortured, Sexual imagery, and a hellish scene where Squidward goes crazy, its crazy.

This one is unbelievably creepy, if you think about it. Hoe does SpongeBob even know all of the tiny little details about squidwards house? Even if he visited his house he wouldn't notice all of those things. :/ When did SpongeBob have the time to look at them?

That one scene where Squidward is sitting at a table with his vacuum in the dark is pretty disturbing. - Powerfulgirl10

How did spongebob not realize he was crossing a line - blackflower

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3 Squidward In Clarinetland

This episode is just creepy like the part where Squidward is in the mirror room

This is the creepiest most disturbing episode in all of spongebob! How is this not #1?!

Have you ever watched this at night? I check behind me.

The first time I watched this, I didn't know what to think.

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4 SpongeHenge

This episode is unintentionally disturbing. Since it's not supposed to be creepy, Spongehenge deserves to be Number 1 (Even if it is kinda a guilty pleasure to me)

Oh god. Not this episode. This episode is the scariest episode in a bad way, the fact that spongebob was in the cave for a decade. Or the aliens at the end. - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

My brother told me this one was weird and I always believed him. The sun and moon with real faces and the aliens always bothered me when I was younger. - Chikinan

The laughing at the end though...what the hell?

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5 Rock Bottom

The music alone... Also the monsters, as a kid, I almost cried after this episode...

I liked this episode a lot as a kid and it is still one of my favorite episodes.

I remember the red light creeping me out a bit. Just a bit. - Chikinan

I think this one is more humorous rather than creepy. - PackFan2005

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6 Squidbob Tenticalepants

The reason why its the creepiest is because the fusions of squidward and spongebob are just disturbing. But that's not all. The worst one is the ending. UGH ITS NASTY! And that's why this episode is morbidly disturbing.

Typically, you'll see creepy scenes in modern SpongeBob, but this beats The Splinter. I mean, we all got splinters. But we never united into one body. - redhawk766

It 's the 10th creepiest episode of any cartoon... ever! Also, I'd rank it 8 or 9 on my worst Spongebob episode's list. Like, the ending was gross.

This episode is not bad, but it was disturbing to see spongebob and squidward mutate into each other.And the ending was horrible, "It all started when I was born ew.

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7 Are You Happy Now?

This is my second favorite after Valentines Day and before I Was A Teenage Gary. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Squidward torture to the max. Small wonder why squidward went psycho.

I didn't like this one it was boring - Spongebobipod

This episode has a suicide joke in it. But it's not creepy. - Powerfulgirl10

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8 Face Freeze

SpongeBob characters made weird faces before. (funny ones, not creepy) So Nick decided to dedicate a whole episode about it, thus creeping us out.

This episode was horrible! Those faces were so ugly.

How's this even allowed on a kids show?! Those faces were disgusting! - Powerfulgirl10

This nightmare fuel, episode.

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9 Jellyfish Hunter

The phone scene is a reference to when a stranger calls

The breathing part is scary - notetoselfidoe

The whole house of horror was creppy it was creppy - notetoselfidoe

This epsoide is disturbing and creppy - Spongebobipod

10 A Pal for Gary A Pal for Gary

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? SpongeBob, You're Fired! SpongeBob, You're Fired!
? Stuck in the Wringer

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11 Demolishin Doofus

This isn't creepy its just borderline sadistic. - Gods-Judgement

Because it shows ms. Puff wanting spongebob to be killed for good.

What? Why isn't Spongehenge in the top ten?

The part that is creepy in this episode is when Mrs. Puff wants SpongeBob “dead”. The other creepy part is that he enters the demolition derby and Mrs. Puff enters the demolition derby so that way she could kill her own student. The good thing is that SpongeBob lives.

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12 Bummer Vacation

, in my opinion this is the scariest episode ever especially when spongebob went crazy, looks like he got iNSaNiTY. Ok I'll stop, I love that vocaloid song but I think it fits this episode. This episode gave me nightmares.

, This is the scariest episode ever!

That one scene

The part the creeped me out the most was when Spongebob went crazy. - shiftaltkey

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13 Gone

This freaked me out when I was younger because I watched Spongebob freak out and slowly go insane due to loneliness

I like how everyone spells it as creppy - TeamRocket747

Man this epsoides scary gone freaks me out - notetoselfidoe


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14 Code Yellow

That nose close up though! - Tyler730

15 One Course Meal

This is whack. The way they handle suicide issues, that Krabs didn't get comeuppance for his vices, and that plankton was tormented too much despite him trying petty schemes for theivery, all make Krabs look unfair, TOO GREEDY TO THE POINT OF MURDER, and this episode could've been a lot better.

Not only is this the worst spongebob episode, this is also one of the most sickening cartoon episodes I've ever seen. Jokes about suicide were never funny and never will be funny, especially on a show for kids.

This is the number one worst, not number nine. Believe me, seeing Plankton tortured for no reason is the last thing I'd expect in SpongeBob. - redhawk766

Mr krabs went too far - blackflower

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16 Not Normal

This ones creppy - notetoselfidoe

Hi how are ya

17 Mermaid Man vs SpongeBob

This epsoide freaks me out - Forgetspongeloud

18 Don't Look Now

The fishermen was spooky

Yeah this epsoides a little creppy

19 Krabby Patty Creature Feature

Just watched this episode and Teacher's Pests today. I liked the episode overall, though the faces at the beginning of the episode were a bit too unnecessary and appalling for my tastes. However, the real Nightmare Fuel comes with all the Body Horror in this episode. While we already saw a bit of how Mr. Krabs and Sandy transformed into Krabby Patty zombies, the transformations for the other Bikini Bottomites almost make me feel like I won't sleep good tonight. Seriously, A guy who was wise not to eat the lab patty fell victim to a horrific transformation just by being fed flesh from the zombies! And one scene that scared me the most was when two people were merged together into one single patty! Reminds me a lot of all the body horror from Slither and The Thing. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Creepiest episode to date. The way they turned into those patty mutants and went after spongebob, and infect everyone was like the Spongebob version of The Walking Dead

Sooo creepy! The way the bikini bottom citizens all turned into zombie hamburger mutants and the way patrick popped out of nowhere at the end and took his eye out was so creepy! It was like the Walking Dead - tomdadondon

I think it was creepy

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20 Earworm

Ear worms supper scary

I didn't like this one - Spongebobipod

Why isn't this on the list it was creppy - Spongebobipod

Dude, the crawling into his house was terrified d too😭

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21 I Was a Teenage Gary

This isn't scary at all! It is actually funny! - RalphBob


Spongebob turning into a snail wasn't very creepy - Datguyisweird666

The snail part scares me

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22 Wormy

I got scared and always covered my eyes at the part of the close up butterfly.

I like the butterfly. I don't know why everyone's scared by it. It's cute.

I think this was a good episode but the horsefly scene scared me so much as a child. I would always run out of the room when it came on.

Wasn't that creepy, but the bug close up freaked me out a bit. - shiftaltkey

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23 Procrastination

The whole nightmare sequence is horrifying. Certainly one of the scariest episodes of the original three seasons.

This wasn't creepy at first, but it built up to the point where it was borderline psychotic. - shiftaltkey

That chair was so creepy! The whole episode...time's up spongebob

This episode scarred me for life needs to be banned

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24 Clams

The last samwitch...

25 Toy Store of Doom

Why would the sponge bob writers in fact any one in there right mind think was a good idea to picture a toy story, something wonderful and filled with happy and turn it in to a dark disturbing crooked layer. In fact I think that the old sponge bob episodes were indeed better than this weird depressing show.

I've never seen this one, but I have a feeling that I'm lucky. The description creeps me out, so enough said

That explains why a lot of kids don't play with toys that much.

Those scary toys... "They want... to get us..."

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26 House Fancy House Fancy

ALL BECAUSE OF THE TOE NAIL SCENCE! Well that's it I hope you vote and if I made any spelling errors. Please don't complain. And the reason why the splinter is not on here is because I don't find this episode that scary. So bye.

One Word:Toenail Scene

Toenail scene... couldn't eat for a while after seeing it. - redhawk766

Before toenail scene: Oh, this episode seems good. Squidward always beats Squilliam!
After toenail scene: *faints*

27 Fear of a Krabby Patty

The huge Krabby Patties freaked me out as a kid. I never wanted to watch this episode! By far the creepiest in SpongeBob history. - Alien51

Gotta admit. The big talking burgers freaked me out as a little kid. - shiftaltkey

People say that Mr. Krabs almost made SpongeBob kill himself, but I don't think that's true. He just goes insane, doesn't reference it at all, and SpongeBob literally says "I want to live! "

Really? This one's not even creepy! - Powerfulgirl10

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28 SB-129

The episode is so scary with Squidward being stuck in a freezer for 2000 years with no one noticing him. Squidward gets trapped in a lonely void leading to insanity and when he gets back to the present the other Squidward is still there

This at one scene when squidward gets lost in this place where there is literally nothing and it has no end. And what are those voices he hears? This is one of the creepiest episodes and one of the best - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

The Purgatory/Limbo scene was terrifying, It creeps me out to this day.

Alooonnee Alooonneee Alone

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29 Fungus Among Us

This episode should honestly be in the top ten the way he came into the Krusty Krab in the bubble still us terrifying to me to be honest

If there's one episode that takes up an entire page, just leave it off; it's the last episode on this list, anyway.

This episode is just all in all disgusting

I love this epsoide the music is scary but

30 Gary Takes a Bath

It is not scary, but the part where SpongeBob is like,"I will blow your mind..." It shows a photo of that creepy lady that laughs. I mean look at that! Her face is creepy!

I was crying from the subliminal message lady's face and creepy laugh when I was ELEVEN! That's saying something!

Subliminal Message Girl. Enough said. - Turkeyasylum

This ones werd - notetoselfidoe

31 I Had An Accident

The fact that the gorilla was animated pushed me off the brink. I firmly believe getting a guy in a gorilla suit to beat down on three of our most beloved cartoon characters of all time was too much. Not to mention the all-too frightening close-ups of the gorilla's face. What were ya THINKIN', Hillenberg!?

I always had nightmares about this episode. I vaguely remember when I was about 2 years old my dad talking to my mom about his time in Hofstra university while I was watching this episode and the gorilla came on. I saw this episode about 9 years later and I stopped being afraid of it. The worst part was I did not remember the name of the episode.

Good episode with good funny parts, but that gorilla killed it horrible

This gorilla gave me 8 nightmares up to 14 years old. (I counted) - DLG

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32 Planet of the Jellyfish

This was such a good, hilarious, and creepy episodes. One of my favorites

This was a reference to the movie alien

I had some nightmares

So eerie - blackflower

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33 Squid's Day Off

How is this 25#? This episode terrified me as a kid! Squidwards face when going insane scared me so much!

His face scard me

Although Squid’s Visit scared me more, I voted for this one because it terrified me as a kid.

34 The Inside Job

I like this episode, but it's for reasons I might get in trouble for. - Chikinan

35 Ghost Host

He tried to scare Sponge so much! I hated that part where he kept transforming. I think the episode was banned because I haven't seen reruns for it in a while

Ugh! This episode is pretty creepy! I haven't seen any reruns of in a while! (I think it might be banned. )

Yes I hate this episode an won't let my son watch it either it's the scariest episode ever!

How could this episode get banned. It isn't even scary. My 3rd favorite spongebob episode. - Alien51

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36 Nasty Patty

I can't believe no one found this scary! After SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs thought that they murdered someone, they actually attempted to bury the body. It was disturbing if anything.

I'm surprised this isn't in the Top Ten. - DLG

This one is about a health inspector being murdured isn't it?


37 Plankton's Pet

This is disturbing I hate this episode

I don't think plankton's pet is that discusting

It's fine by me. I saw it 3 times and it's OK - redhawk766

This episode is ok

38 Squeaky Boots

The sounds are annoying and kind of creepy. At the part where SpongeBob said to Mr. Krabs, he said that he lost his boots and went to the kitchen and layed his face on the grill, this is the creepiest part. The customer said that he wants a squeak for 2 times. It was doing that for about like 25 seconds. Very creepy sounds and how does Mr. Krabs acts like. Look at him. He chopped is legs off...

The squeak really annoys me, but beside that I really like this episode, so I'm watching it more so that I'll get used to the squeak and enjoy the episode more

I can still hear the squeak ringing in my years forever

It seems old Mr krabs is on drugs

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39 The Splinter

This episode is about SpongeBob splintering his hand at the Krusty Krab. What could go wrong, right? SpongeBob's splinter is a massive, swollen, red, and disturbing splinter with green ooze coming out. It definitely is disturbing.

Very disturbing and disgusting. How is this even legal on a kids show? - Powerfulgirl10

This episode isn't creepy, it's disgusting.

No, really. I had my eyes covered all the time I spent watching this. When SpongeBob gets that splinter pulled out, it oozes with pus. How is this legal?! - redhawk766

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40 FrankenDoodle

This episode scared me, I don't know why but it gave me horrible nightmares:/

Why is this not higher? That thing was awful

This episode terrified me as a kid.

Creepy. The way his drawing had no emotion and was crazy and spazzy made it scary because it was like Outlast - tomdadondon

41 Night Light

The floating head is just disturbing.

The freezer scene scared my sister - Pieclone

I kind of agree on night light

42 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

Is this the one with 'that face'? Because if so, this should be higher than 24.

The part where he runs away from those creepy things, possibly cannibals, at night combined with the music made that part of the episode scary.

1 word: that face

This epsoide a funny and creppy hi

43 Nature Pants

So scary! Patrick goes COMPLETELY insane after SpongeBob decides to move away into the wilderness.
Patrick has a mental breakdown and cries hysterically before eventually deciding to track down spongebob and shove him into a jar so he can never leave and will be his friend forever. SpongeBob has to hide from Patrick in fear of dying or getting permanantly stuck in a jar with limited air supply and is so terrified.
This episode still scares me.

Man, Did that episode scare me, I mean Patrick going insane, SpongeBob getting Stung by jellyfish & getting visited by poison sea urchins, its crazy.

It is a good episode, but the music background when patrick was telling SpongeBob what he was going to do with him scared the hell out of me as well as the entire Patrick trying to catch SpongeBob ordeal but nonetheless a good episode

I don't blame you one bit

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44 The Camping Episode The Camping Episode
45 The Lost Mattress

It's quite disturbing to see Mr Krabs on a hospital bed like that in the first place. Also, notice how creepy the hospital is... and think about, how this hospital only appeared in this one episode, and it never appeared again...


46 To Love a Patty

Spongebob needs a waifu (Anime girl)

Wow. Absolutely NO comments here(before this one). You'd think it'd be common sense for this one to be in the top ten, probably even top five.


47 Squid Baby Squid Baby

This deserves to be high on this list because it not shows Squidward as a baby but also SpongeBob and Patrick treating him like one. Now that's downright disturbing because of how it portrays my favorite male character in SpongeBob SquarePants. If I see the writes who did that, I'll be pretty nasty to them.

Squidward hits his head and becomes a baby. It's just very weird. - Powerfulgirl10

SpongeBob and Patrick take care of an adult in a diaper. - Garythesnail

Doesn't this episode mock head trauma? - redhawk766

48 Boating Buddies

This deserves to be high on the list because of how much SpongeBob creeps Squidward out. Boy, would I like to see that octopus kill that sponge and all of his (Squidward's) haters?

Ugh that creepy face SpongeBob makes

Ugh that creepy face sponge on makes

38? only 38? this must be 1

49 The Two Faces of Squidward

This epsoides so scary I would put this on 7 I hate the hospital music it's scary and at the end it's werd

This epsoides creppy when it shows spongebob clip his toenails - notetoselfidoe

50 Once Bitten

This one scared me as a kid - Gangem

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