Top Ten Creepiest Spongebob Episodes

Spongebobs for kids right? WRONG! There are some things in spongebob that are just creepy. So here it is.

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1 Graveyard Shift

I had nightmares about Nosferatu after hearing about this episode.

Not only is it the creepiest SpongeBob aired episode it's also the best. I can watch this episode 1000,000 times and never get sick of it. The way squidward tells the hash slinging slasher story and all the thing that will happen when he arrives is like of a horror movie I also love the ending with the very creepy Nosferatu smiling at the kiddies.

The lights will flicker on and off.
The phone will ring and there will be no one there.
The Hash Slinging Slasher will arrive in the ghost of the bus that ran him over.


I ran away from the T.V. when I was little during this one.

2 Squidward In Clarinetland

He was in another world when he saw his reflection and it laughed at him.

First time I felt anxiety was when I watched that episode... *shiver*

That episode was really trippy and nobody else seems to remember it

This is episode is just weird. But it is my favorite episode from season 7

3 Squidbob Tenticalepants

What was Stephen Hillenburg thinking? This is a terrible episode! And disturbing

To me, it honestly reminds me of CatDog. But that ending is creepy and reminds me of the climax of AKIRA.

The reason why its the creepiest is because the fusions of squidward and spongebob are just disturbing. But that's not all. The worst one is the ending. UGH ITS NASTY! And that's why this episode is morbidly disturbing.

I cannot watch any season 4 episode again the same way because of this.

4 Squids Visit

Just when you thought Scooby Doo, Where Are You and Rocko's Modern Life were disturbing enough for you then check this out this episode of SpongeBob will not only disturb you, it will give you nightmares with Squidward getting tortured, Sexual imagery, and a hellish scene where Squidward goes crazy, its crazy.

This one is unbelievably creepy, if you think about it. Hoe does SpongeBob even know all of the tiny little details about squidwards house? Even if he visited his house he wouldn't notice all of those things. :/ When did SpongeBob have the time to look at them?

That one scene where Squidward is sitting at a table with his vacuum in the dark is pretty disturbing.

It would have been horrifying if spongebob came behind him and Squidward screamed and it faded into black. - AwesomeJawson

Not to mention Squidward's real house caught on fire in the process

5 Ink Lemonade

This newer episode of Spongebob completely represents the worst aspects of the more recent seasons. There are no redeeming qualities found within our favorite sponge and seastar. First of all, the duo uses ink as a drink for passerbys, ignoring all of the health issues with it. Second, they repeatedly scare Squidward into unwillingly exerting ink. Lastly, they drive Squidward to the point where he is so paranoid that he is afraid to breath, talk, or walk in his OWN home. We never truly liked Squidward, but even the toughest of souls cannot turn a blind eye on the atrocities that he goes through.

I cannot with this episode! I don't watch it anymore

Die Stelle wo Patrick seinen Körper öffnet und Organe zeigt das ist gruselig

6 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

How? Gross? Yes. Creepy? No.

7 SpongeHenge

Didn't scare me. But it is a bad episode, although what might've caused the wind interests me.

This episode was just creepy. I know it's meant to be parodying Army of Darkness, but I didn't know that when I first saw this episode when I was 12.

When I was young I never thought it was scary. But now that I'm older..The Echoing Laughter at the end..Spongebob miserable since the Krusty Krab's been BURIED...So Creepy.

This episode is unintentionally disturbing. Since it's not supposed to be creepy, Spongehenge deserves to be Number 1 (Even if it is kinda a guilty pleasure to me)

8 A Pal for Gary

The Best Episode Ever!
I Love This Dumb SpongeBob and This Cool Monster!
Gary Is A Jerk In This Episode!
It's Not Creepy!

I'm Not Lying...
Not Lying...
Oh Really?

It's so frustrating how Spongebob doesn't realize that Gary's new "friend" is actually a monster. I felt so bad for Gary. It's actually not that scary though.

Why does this episode even exist in the first place? ~ Userguy44

9 Rock Bottom

This episode induces fear of isolation and darkness towards younger audiences

The music alone... Also the monsters, as a kid, I almost cried after this episode...

I liked this episode a lot as a kid and it is still one of my favorite episodes.

I remember the red light creeping me out a bit. Just a bit.

10 The Night Patty

The Contenders

11 One Course Meal

How horrifying this episode! This goes to show that Mr. Krabs is a huge hypocrite by refusing to let go of his hatred for Plankton in that he tries to drive him (Sheldon) to suicide. The hell with that crab!

If anyone asks me, Plankton should retaliate at Eugene and get rewarded for it instead of punished.

The fact that it's a suicide in a kids' show isn't bad, but how they handled it is awful. They treat it as a joke & expect the audience to be rooting for Krabs, but in reality it caused many to hate him.

The nightmare scene was written by vore fetishists. I just know it.

This is whack. The way they handle suicide issues, that Krabs didn't get comeuppance for his vices, and that plankton was tormented too much despite him trying petty schemes for theivery, all make Krabs look unfair, TOO GREEDY TO THE POINT OF MURDER, and this episode could've been a lot better.

12 The Splinter

This episode is about SpongeBob splintering his hand at the Krusty Krab. What could go wrong, right? SpongeBob's splinter is a massive, swollen, red, and disturbing splinter with green ooze coming out. It definitely is disturbing.

Very disturbing and disgusting. How is this even legal on a kids show?

This episode isn't creepy, it's disgusting.

I like this episode now. Let's just say it's because I think it's... phallic.

13 I Was a Teenage Gary

The Squidward deleted scene is fake! Vincent Waller claimed it was never in the storyboard!

This isn't scary at all! It is actually funny!


Spongebob turning into a snail wasn't very creepy

14 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
15 Gone

This freaked me out when I was younger because I watched Spongebob freak out and slowly go insane due to loneliness

I like how everyone spells it as creppy

Man this epsoides scary gone freaks me out


16 Jellyfish Hunter

The phone scene is a reference to when a stranger calls

The breathing part is scary

The whole house of horror was creppy it was creppy

This epsoide is disturbing and creppy

17 InSPONGEiac

This is terrifying for kids especially

18 Planet of the Jellyfish

A little parody of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, gives me the chills every time I watch this episode.

This episode was like an out-of-body experience. I hate mayonnaise

This was such a good, hilarious, and creepy episodes. One of my favorites

This was a reference to the movie alien

19 Krabby Patty Creature Feature

Just watched this episode and Teacher's Pests today. I liked the episode overall, though the faces at the beginning of the episode were a bit too unnecessary and appalling for my tastes. However, the real Nightmare Fuel comes with all the Body Horror in this episode. While we already saw a bit of how Mr. Krabs and Sandy transformed into Krabby Patty zombies, the transformations for the other Bikini Bottomites almost make me feel like I won't sleep good tonight. Seriously, A guy who was wise not to eat the lab patty fell victim to a horrific transformation just by being fed flesh from the zombies! And one scene that scared me the most was when two people were merged together into one single patty! Reminds me a lot of all the body horror from Slither and The Thing.

The only reason this is not number one was because it was added recently and everyone had already voted for graveyard shift. It's easily the creepiest

I saw it a few days ago and almost had to bleach my eyeballs. It was grotesque and disgusting.

This Halloween special is like the most creepiest one ever

but I enjoyed it

20 Not Normal

This ones creppy

Hi how are ya

21 Krusty Katering

I am first

22 Face Freeze

This is # 22? I was hoping this would at least be on the top 5, but 22?! Come on!

I think we should all agree that Squidward had the creepiest face freeze of all. Need I say more?

This episode KILLS me! I'm not creeped out by Squidward's face, it just makes me laugh so HARD!

SpongeBob characters made weird faces before. (funny ones, not creepy) So Nick decided to dedicate a whole episode about it, thus creeping us out.

23 Wormy

That close up of Wormy made my cover my eyes every time when the scene popped up.

I honestly don’t know how it was okay to put a live action close-up of a horsefly on a kids show. I remembered watching that horsefly close up when I was little, and always getting freaked out by it. I do remember getting nightmares from it.

I got scared and always covered my eyes at the part of the close up butterfly.

I like the butterfly. I don't know why everyone's scared by it. It's cute.

24 Bummer Vacation

Spongebob being away from the Krusty Krab makes him go insane. When he says I've been waiting for you Patrick! and laughs like a psycho. O_O

My favourite scene in the whole episode.

, in my opinion this is the scariest episode ever especially when spongebob went crazy, looks like he got iNSaNiTY. Ok I'll stop, I love that vocaloid song but I think it fits this episode. This episode gave me nightmares.

, This is the scariest episode ever!

25 Procrastination

In my opinion, this is the scariest episode ever. His nightmare sequence is scary. And THIS scene. Time's up Spongebob. Jesus Christ.

The whole nightmare sequence is horrifying. Certainly one of the scariest episodes of the original three seasons.

This wasn't creepy at first, but it built up to the point where it was borderline psychotic.

That chair was so creepy! The whole episode...time's up spongebob

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