Top Ten Creepiest Things You Imagine Your Grandma Doing

The Top Ten

1 Taking a shower

Have seen nana in the shower... It' a lasting impression I can tell you that! Haha! Yes... - Britgirl

2 Kissing your boyfriend

I think it's something I'd rather NOT imagine (no offense dear nana) I also think it's something HE'D rather not imagine either.
Great list by the way, anonymous, yes indeed! - Britgirl

3 Sitting on you
4 Giving you a wet willy

Will someone - anyone - please explain what this is please? I have absolutely no idea. - Britgirl

A wet willy is when someone licks there finger and jams it into your ear. - Alpha101

Thanks Alpha101. That's pretty disgusting. The first - and last - time I want to imagine this. Eww! - Britgirl

5 Taking over the world
6 Hugging Justin Bieber
7 Kissing your teacher
8 Dancing with One Direction
9 Having sex with your grandpa

Trust me their is nothing scarier or creepier than imagining old people having sex. - egnomac

Got that right, Egnomac. *shudders*

Ugh! This one makes me sick!

10 Wearing polka dot underwear

The Contenders

11 Being on TV
12 Twerking

I've seems a nana twerking and I don't want to see it again.

13 Dying

More sad than creepy. - Cyri

14 Taking out her teeth and then using them try and take over the bingo parlor
15 Watching you all the time
16 "Doing" the mailman
17 Wearing a thong
18 Taxidermy
19 Rocking with a radio
20 Driving clear across California and not knowing why
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