Top Ten Creepiest Things You Imagine Your Grandma Doing

The Top Ten

1 Taking a shower

Have seen nana in the shower... It' a lasting impression I can tell you that! Haha! Yes... - Britgirl

2 Kissing your boyfriend

I think it's something I'd rather NOT imagine (no offense dear nana) I also think it's something HE'D rather not imagine either.
Great list by the way, anonymous, yes indeed! - Britgirl

3 Sitting on you
4 Giving you a wet willy

Will someone - anyone - please explain what this is please? I have absolutely no idea. - Britgirl

A wet willy is when someone licks there finger and jams it into your ear. - Alpha101

Thanks Alpha101. That's pretty disgusting. The first - and last - time I want to imagine this. Eww! - Britgirl

5 Taking over the world
6 Hugging Justin Bieber
7 Kissing your teacher
8 Dancing with One Direction
9 Having sex with your grandpa

Trust me their is nothing scarier or creepier than imagining old people having sex. - egnomac

Got that right, Egnomac. *shudders*

Ugh! This one makes me sick!

10 Dying

More sad than creepy. - Cyri

The Contenders

11 Wearing polka dot underwear
12 Being on TV
13 Twerking

I've seems a nana twerking and I don't want to see it again.

14 Taking out her teeth and then using them try and take over the bingo parlor
15 Watching you all the time
16 "Doing" the mailman
17 Wearing a thong
18 Taxidermy
19 Rocking with a radio
20 Driving clear across California and not knowing why
21 Looking at online guro hentai
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