Top Ten CRM Software (Database Management Systems) for Recruitment Agencies In UK

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and database management systems have now become one of the necessities in order to ensure successful and profitable business. But being attached with a recruitment agency I found it very difficult to manage the recruitment process because for this purpose many document management software were required but nothing was like we were looking for. The market is full of CRM vendors who have deployed their CRM products with varying features and capabilities but many of them are not of what a recruitment agency needs. Here is the list of top 10 CRM vendors that you can see around in the digital market, rendering their CRM services to businesses.
The Top Ten
1 ZOHO Recruit

ZOHO Recruit is an online recruitment software and Applicant Tracking System for recruitment agencies around the globe. The system automates the business processes of recruitment agencies, making it both time and cost-efficient.

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2 Tempworks Software

Tempworks has been providing recruitment solutions for 20 years. It has launched front-to-back cloud technology services to securely and efficiently manage documentation, employee and client portals, and the like.

A well-thought-out system to support temp and perm recruitment.

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3 Recruit Serve

RecruitServe is among the leading products of SenServe Limited. It has been deployed in most of the recruitment firms in Newcastle, UK. There are no contracts and no technology lock-ins. It's a flexible, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution for recruitment agencies. We are currently using this for our recruitment processes. For more details, check Any class of business can engage with them, as it can be customized for small, medium, and large businesses. Moreover, the pricing is flexible and can accommodate everyone.

4 Recruit Studio

It is a multi-user recruitment software that combines a database and a CV search engine. The system is designed for both temporary and permanent recruitment. Recruit Studio offers flexibility in solutions with complete functionality at a reasonable cost.

5 Mercury xRM

Mercury xRM is recruitment software built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The system helps recruitment companies fill vacancies in business organizations sooner and with the best-suited candidates.

6 Arithon

Arithon is among the innovators of cloud-based recruitment software. It comes with several handy features, such as social media integration and synchronization with external systems. The system saves time and operational costs by providing advanced search and match facilities.

7 Concord Software

Concord has been delivering quality recruitment solutions since 2009. The staff at Concord Software has plenty of experience and expertise in devising high-quality recruitment software that offers powerful features in a cost-effective manner.

8 eBoss Solutions

EBoss recruitment software allows you to organize your placements elegantly. The CRM comes with intuitive features and a complete API. You are privileged to receive full and instant support regarding the software whenever you require assistance.

Great system - their Semantic Search is pretty smart technology that we haven't seen before. Worth a look.

9 FireFish Recruitment Software

FireFish is predictive recruitment software that helps to achieve the maximum number of placement opportunities. It engages your database to the fullest, consequently increasing the productivity and efficiency of business routines.

Love the team and the software! The key feature is that it keeps your database up to date, so my recruiters can reach more candidates quicker.

10 Eclipse

Eclipse Recruitment software is designed by professionals who have expertise in dealing with the business routines of recruitment agencies. It is a completely configurable recruitment software equipped with fast searching, tracking, and scheduling features.

The Contenders
11 JobAdder

It's the number one solution in Australia and is now available in Europe and the US.

12 1Click CRM

Built-in integrations have taken large actions and turned them into simple clicks: Outlook, LinkedIn, job boards, and my website.

13 OfficeKit
14 Jobsoid
15 PrimePRO Software
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